Yes. Through eating:

- Refined Sugar
- Anti nutrient rich foods
- Toxic Seed Oils
- And exposing to Artificial Light

You induce:

- Mitochondrial Dysfunction
- Gut Dysbiosis
- Screwed NAD+/NADH Ratio
- B5, B1, Mg, Potassium, Zinc depletion


Specially Poor Gut Health (Dysbiosis) induces Neuroinflammation.

The Gut is constantly producing Serotonin, Dopamine & BDNF (neurogenesis) - all IMPERATIVE for proper cognitive function.

Without a Healthy Gut?

Your brain is FUCKED ImageImage
A poor gut also disturbs Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability, allowing toxins & pathogens enter your brain easily - Not Good!

While a healthy gut, strengthens that barrier.

Do you realize how you’re avoiding neurodegeneration just by eating for a healthy & diverse gut biome?
Gut dysbiosis also induces a UNNECESSARY increase of NF-kB in the brain - the master inflammatory transcription factor

It induces the expression of genes involved in the immune & pro-inflammatory response.

Neuroinflammation = Neurodegeneration Image
The Microbiota–Gut–Brain Axis and Alzheimer’s Disease: Neuroinflammation Is to Blame?

All disease begins in the gut…
So, if your brain is inflamed…

Do you think ideas & creativity will flow effortlessly?

Do you think Flow State will be easy (or possible) to achieve?

Do you think you’ll be motivated to go through mountains of work?

Of course not.

• • •

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Just ONE night of sleep deprivation reduced Muscle Protein Synthesis BY 18%!

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