🧬 7 Essential Supplements for Every High Performance Athlete (THREAD) 🧬

Hint: Cristiano Ronaldo & .@SolBrah use #3
Note: If you aren't taking care of ur sleep, nutrition, light exposure (getting sunlight+protecting from blue light), gut health & fizeek...

Don't even think on getting any supp from the list
Pretty often I get the question "Yo Alli im looking to improve my workouts, which supps you recommend?", "Is this supplement worth it?", "Alejandro this supplement cringe or based?"

So, instead of repeating myself...
Here's Alejandro A.D.'s Approved & Endorsed Supplements for Based Athletes, "The Atlético Stack" 🧬

All were chosen based on biochemistry, scientific evidence & anecdotal experience, to make you a superior athlete.

Note: Always start at lower end and increase dose slowly.
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7. Hydrolized Collagen Peptides

Collagen is a Triple Helix formed by 3 chains of Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline.

The 3 are linked by glycine, creating a strong and flexible enough Helix to provide structure, elasticity & connectivity to your tissues

"Kola" = Glue
Now, these helixes make up the Collagen Fibrilis, which make up the COLLAGEN FIBERS.

Your connective tissues (cartilage, tendon, ligament) are highly make up of these fibers.

Here's the best part:
Several studies [1-7] have shown that HCP Supplementation SUPPRESSES excessive Immune Response against ENDOGENOUS COLLAGEN through Treg & Anti-inflammatory cytokine stimulation.

In other words,

Collagen shields your Joints from Inflammation, thus, preventing Joint Degeneration.
HCP Supplementation ALSO induces CARTILAGE REGENERATION by increasing the synthesis of Collagen, leading to an increase in collagen fibrils, fibroblast diameter, and density [1-7]

Do you realize what this means?
If your Joints got damaged, not only Collagen will regenerate them- it also will protect them from inflammation.

This makes Collagen a no-brainer for any lifter.

Add 15g-30g to your Smoothies/Protein Shakes/Yoghurt. I use this one:
6. ALCAR (1.5g - 3g, 30mins before training, 2-4per week)

ALCAR it’s sinply Carnitine (No, it's not a fad.) + one Acetyl group. This improves ALCAR's gut absorption and blood-brain barrier-crossing.

There's a reason why approx. 90% of Carnitine is stored within your muscle...
Carnitine activates the AKT Pathway - which INHIBITS Muscle Protein Breakdown,

Since it blocks Ubiquitin Protein System (UPS) activity.

The UPS is your body’s Protein Breakdown Mode. AKA Muscle Loss Mode.

Ubiquitins trigger Muscle Cell Degradation (Apoptosis). AKA Muscle loss.
And to gain muscle?

Muscle Protein Synthesis must be higher than Muscle Protein Breakdown.

Carnitine will help change the scale in favor of Muscle Protein Synthesis through inhibition of the UPS and MuRF1+Atrogin-1 (genes that ynthesize Ubiquitins).

But Carnitine not only...
Helps you in getting buff as fuck. It also accelerates fat loss, as its ESSENTIAL for fat burning

Carnitine acts as THE "ferry" for your fat(ty acids).

It transports em into your Mitochondria's inner membrane, where they get used as ENERGY (oxidized)
Without Carnitine?

Your fat can't be used as fuel.

EVEN on patients with NO regulation of nutrition, light exposure, sleep, stress & exercise, Carnitine INDUCED FAT LOSS.

Carnitine REDUCED Lactate, Glucose utilization AND boosts fat utilization during low-intensity exercise (running).

But Carnitine also helps during High intensity exercise - improves Glucose conversion to ATP (energy)!

Will do a thread on Carnitine soon.

5. Creatine Monohydrate

Getting into big names now, Creatine is a MUST for every gym bro - that doesn’t has kidney issues.

It's naturally produced from Glycine & Arginine, by your Liver, Pancreas & Kidney.

- +95% is stored in your muscles
- 70%, as "Phosphocreatine".
Phosphocreatine is released & used during MAX EFFORT training, like sprints.

You see...

For energy to be available during exercise?

A phosphate from Adenosine TRIphosphate (ATP) gets CLEAVED OFF; this releases energy for a muscle contraction.

The ATP degrades into ADP.
Adenosine DIphosphate. Which needs a Phosphate to become ATP and keep the energy production running. ADP -> ATP.

Without this, there is no energy. And Phosphocreatine?

Acts as THE phosphorus donor for this cycle, to regenerate your ENERGY FASTER.

This is IMPERATIVE if you...
Do HIGH INTENSITY exercise, after all, Phosphocreatine is responsible for MAINTAINING a maximal effort for 1-15seconds

Your maximum anaerobic power DEPENDS on Creatine and ATP REGENERATION

No Creatine = No Max Energy Regeneration = No Max Performance in the Gym/Field

4. WHEY ISOLATE - High bioavailable Protein:

"Biological Value" measures HOW MUCH PROTEIN from X food your body actually absorbs & utilizes.

Whey, Eggs and Milk (KEFIR FTW) are the top protein sources.

Whey Concentrate is 70-80% protein. The rest?
Is fat, lactose, carbs... Not what you want in a protein powder.

Whey Isolate is PURE, isolated protein. This is what you want. Aim to get 45g of Protein from it. This maximizes Muscle Protein Synthesis.

Your Whey Isolate's Ingredient list should look like this:
If it has "Natural"/Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Soy, Soy Lecithin, Maltodextrin, Dextrin, Dextrose, Carrageenan, Milk Protein, Acessulfame Potassium, Colors and tastes like Lucky fucking Charms burn it right now.

These aren’t Whey Isolate. These are Whey Isolate.
3. Electrolyte Powder (Sol Salts ftw, 1 scoop before/during & after training)

Not compensating for the loss of Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium & other electrolytes after a workout, is the leading cause of fatigue, soreness & under performance in athletes
All minerals aren't only lost in YUGE amounts in sweat, but also you need them to work your muscles properly.

When you work a muscle?

Your muscle neurons, signal a Sodium Influx into your Muscle Fibers, so they get FLOODED with Sodium, which also signals Calcium Release.
Na + Ca = Muscle Fiber's Electrical charge Fired up, allowing a muscle contraction

But for this Sodium to get in? POTASSIUM MUST GET OUT

Then MAGNESIUM signals the Reuptake of Calcium from the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum, where is stored.

So all these repetitive contractions waste
A fuck ton of Electrolytes, that MUST be replenished for effective GAINS & recovery.

If you DON'T? You'll experience:

- Mental & Physical Fatigue
- Cramps
- Poor digestion
- Constipation, Low stomach acid
- Headaches
- Dizziness

Sol Salts is the cleanest electrolyte supp
2. Benfotiamine (Vitamin B1)

It’s not only “how much carbohydrates should I eat to fuel my training?”

It’s also “how can I IMPROVE how my body uses carbs for ENERGY?”

Think about it.
When you eat lotta Carbs, they get converted to Glycogen:

A bunch of Glucose molecules linked together by α-1,4-glycosidic & α-1,6-glycosidic bonds.

Glycogen is stored in your muscles and broken down to glucose molecules during exercise to provide quick NRG.
To obtain energy from Glucose, you first convert it into Pyruvate, which is converted into Acetyl-CoA

Acetyl-CoA is the "first step" in the Krebs Cycle

This is where Electrons and Protons are gathered for the Electron Transport Chain (ETC), the last step of energy production.
The ETC is where you release the real NRG from those electrons produced in Glycolysis and Krebs Cycle.

In the end, one Glucose molecule produced 36 MgATP!

But without THIAMINE, which a deficiency is as common as a MAGNESIUM deficiency?
You CAN’T convert Pyruvate to Acetyl-CoA.

The enzyme Pyruvate Dehydrogenase, uses B1 to convert Pyruvate to Hydroxyethyl TPP, which is ultimately converted to Acetyl-CoA.

No Thiamine = PyruvateToAcetylCoA.exe crashes.

Do you realize what this means?
The Krebs Cycle & ETC can't get executed because there's no Acetyl-CoA.

And if pyruvate can't get converted to Acetyl-CoA?

It gets converted to Lactate, making you reach "the burn" FASTER. Not good!
Do you realize how much your Athleticism AND Metabolism is impaired without B1?

Your mitochondria goes offline. Your WHOLE glucose metabolism gets crashed.

So If u r the type of bro that eats 600g of Carbs a day before intense training or else you don't perform

You’re seriously Thiamine Deficient and at this point you’re seriously hurting your Mitochondria, Brain, Longevity & Metabolic Health

You could be performing on 70-120g of Carbs a day if you just MAXXed your B1 levels
Start getting 300-500mg with your last meal before training. This will start reactivating your Mitochondria & Carb metabolism.

Here's a protocol for you to B1 AND Magnesium-MAXX


And speaking about magnesium...
1. Magnesium Chloride (Homage CK & Grimhood)

Magnesium is not only a must for Athletes - but for everyone.

I already explained DEEPLY Magnesium's Critical role for Athletes in this thread, but to summarize...

Magnesium is also a Critical nutrient for your MITOCHONDRIA

The Mitochondrial Membrane Potential (MMP) reflects how EFFECTIVE the mitochondrial processes are;

- The Krebs Cycle
- Beta Oxidation of Fatty Acids
- Oxidative Phosphorylation (OXPHOS) & ETC
In sinple words:

MMP reflects how effective your mitochondria is at creating ENERGY

High MMP means = EFFECTIVE, healthy & functional mitochondria.

This allows them to have a healthy life cycle and to produce a surplus of energy whenever is needed.
But low MMP?

IMPEDES the mitochondria to have a healthy life cycle AND to produce the energy you need to perform as an athlete.

Guess what?

Magnesium deficiency disrupts your MMP - its IMPERATIVE for glycolysis, Krebs cycle and OXPHOS
Glycolytic enzymes, such as:

- Hexokinase
- Phosphofructokinase
- Aldolase
- Phosphoglycerate kinase,
- Pyruvate kinase


Magnesium is necessary for Krebs Cycle's enzyme 2-Oxoglutarate dehydrogenase (OGDH, 2-oxoglutarate → Succinyl-CoA).

OGDH is a Rate-Limiting enzyme: the activity of this enzyme determines the ACTIVITY of the following enzymes.

No Mg = No OGDH = KrebsCycle.exe crashes
Magnesium is needed for F0/F1-ATP synthase activation, which is the "machine" where OXPHOS's last step occurs, where ADP is converted to ATP, where the most energy is produced, where the energy from all accumulated electrons is obtained.

No Magnesium = OXPHOS Crashes.
The very last step of Energy Production where most energy is produced crashes without Magnesium.

Your whole biology is dysfunctional without Magnesium. Essentially Magnesium & Thiamine determines how fast u produce NRG.
In this study, they knocked down "MRS2" - magnesium's transporter to inner mitochondria membrane. This:

1. Decreased speed of the Krebs Cycle
3. Increased Mitochondria sensitivity to stress

3.1. A single infuse of TNF-A disrupted the whole mitochondrial morphology in MRS2-KD mitochondria.
4. Almost a TWO FOLD drop in MMP levels

This shows what happens when you are Magnesium deficient (99.9% probable)

MMP levels drop. Your mitochondria gets weaker & disrupted.
Do you realize how this affects your biology?

This goes beyond athletic performance, fixing a Mg deficiency is necessary and one of the first steps to achieve real health.

MgCl is ideal for magnesium maxing, as its 25% Mg Elemental and you need 5-11mg per LB of BW per day.
Honorable mentions:

Beta Alanine, Chrysin, R-ALA, EGCg, L-Citrulline (avoid malate), Alpha GPC, P5P (B6), Zinc Bisglycinate, Cod Liver Oil, Sol Glycine, Myo-Inositol, L-Theanine & Black Seed Oil (homage you already know), Vitamin B5, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, EAAs, etc
This was just a quick and pretty fucking sinple review of each supp that I consider absofuckinglutely fantastic for athletic performance.

There's way more biochem behind each, which will be reviewed in separate YT videos, IG poasts & threads

This was Alejandro A.D. See ya.

• • •

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But if Homie A sleeps 9hrs…

And Homie B sleeps just 6…

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Only decent results.
Just ONE night of sleep deprivation reduced Muscle Protein Synthesis BY 18%!

MPS is how you grow muscle.

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