1/ Observed correlation:

The better the trader, the less they care about which specific product/market they're trading.

That doesn't mean they don't have deep knowledge of the market or product. Far from it.

It means they don't *care*.
2/ Conversely, I see a lot of aspiring, new, and frankly bad traders who care a *lot* about the product.

"I trade options," "I trade futures" like it's a religious commitment. It's not. The product you're trading is a means to an end, at least if you care about money.
3/ One of the founders of my former company loved saying something like:

"If they made financial markets illegal tomorrow, we'd probably suffer for a while but we'd eventually be fine. We'll just go find something else to trade."

I think he was right.
4/ Again, I'm not saying you shouldn't try to get incredibly good at understanding the products you're trading. You definitely *should*.

But *starting* with the product is definitely a mistake.

"I want to get into options trading."

5/ To the extent it's because options are cool, or options are hard, or options are what {person I admire} trades, you're just trading off $ so that you can feel a feeling.

That's fine, but don't expect to be the one with all the chips at the end of the night.


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- Why does the data format disseminated by broker X suck so much with this new update?
- How do I optimize my tax footprint?

And a thousand other little annoyances. Plus:

- Am I about to incinerate $ somehow?
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