🔥 by @DrAliceVirgil1 in @PsychToday. She argues indoor school meals are not only dangerous during COVID, but further destabilize a sense of truth and reality among gaslit students.

Short 🧵 from article + links on lunchtime risk
(ht @kprather88)
2/ "The term gaslighting comes from the 1944 film Gaslight ... invalidating her reality and understanding of her experiences."

"Trust in the person or entity doing the gaslighting is essential for it to be an effective tool to undermine a person’s entire perception of reality." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaslight_(1944_film)#/media/Fi
3/ "Yet, every day in countless lunchrooms across America, as both the New York and Chicago school districts have noted, children are eating and talking loudly, unmasked, in crowded indoor spaces without proper ventilation."
4/ "In the case of crowded school lunchrooms, deliberate ignorance of how the virus spreads is communicated by remaining silent about this everyday lunchroom event, while incongruent actions and false assurances are provided elsewhere, such as ..."
5/ "...emphasizing mask compliance in the classrooms and signs posted to keep physical distance. Students' reality of being in a physical space known to be unsafe—a maskless, crowded lunchroom—is denied by the institution by not providing protections or help."
6/ "If we are going to continue to have students eat in their lunchrooms at school in the midst of high community transmission rates, we need to face some uncomfortable truths."
7/ 🔥 "As in the film Gaslight, [schools silent about lunchroom risk undermine] students’ sense of truth about how the virus spreads. No wonder our kids are depressed, anxious, and traumatized. They’ve been gaslit by the institutions charged with their safety.": @DrAliceVirgil1
8/ Here's are several threads I wrote motivating awareness & action wrt indoor meal risk in schools.

Start of thread:
It's not just about going outside, layering airborne mitigations inside are critical too:

9/ I share the sense of urgency with @DrAliceVirgil1 who wrote the article above. I'm frustrated with frequent tweets back that say eating outside during cold winters can't be done. Maybe. But let's focus on the urgent risk first and let that one come.

• • •

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16 Sep
Article w/ tips on childrens' masks, by @BetsyMorris2. (🧵 & info, 1/x)

My quotes didn’t make article cut, but I agree w/ many others who have said priority order is:
1) Wearability (quality irrelevant if kid won’t wear)
2) Tight fit
3) Filtration quality
2/ In the context of kid masks, it’s worth following @masknerd and looking through great contributions he has made to provide test data & evaluations of various adult and kid masks:

3/ The article also mentions an open Google doc put together by @ajprussin & @linseymarr on various kid masks, which is a useful resource:
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11 Sep
Important #CDC update yesterday improves guidance on mask quality & fit; now recommends #N95 respirators as one option for #BetterMasks. (1/x)

Updates like this don't just happen. People like @kprather88 & @linseymarr have been pushing behind scenes. 🙏
2/ Also important: N95s are not limited due to a supply chain shortage. True for months and why the CDC finally updated their guidance yesterday.
@projectn95 is a non-profit that provides a marketplace for vetted masks at low price:
3/ Any mask is better than no mask, but given the highly contagious Delta variant that now dominates, you should wear the best mask you can. See this great interview clip with @mtosterholm motivating the use of upgraded masks:

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9 Sep
So glad to see growing national push to #EatOutside & increase #school lunch safety. Anytime masks come off indoors, COVID risk increases.

@HeidiNBC 👇: "Does this cost money?"
Principal: “Money?! No, we just used our brains!”

Full 🧵 of links & info. #DrFauci up next ... (1/x)
2/ Parents here realized that if adults need to be very careful w/ indoor dining when masks are off, so do school kids during lunch.
@HeidiNBC: "Here's what they do. It's not hard. They open these doors, the kids come out."

h/t @SmartRestartAPS
3/ #DrFauci today" "You have pretty good prevention measures at the time you’re in the class or working, and then you let your guard down when you get a lunchbreak and you take your mask off, b/c you have to take your mask off to eat."
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7 Sep
ICYMI, @By_CJewett did an excellent job last week on #ScienceFriday w/ @iraflatow. Worth a 14-min listen on key points about air cleaners for school & elsewhere.

Here are some additional thoughts & links on in-room air cleaners as a 🧵 (1/x)
2/ I think this bit from @By_CJewett takes it home:
"Your HEPA filter is kind of like a pair of kaki pants or a garden hose. It's not on-patent, it's not expensive, it's not that hard to find, and there's not a salesforce for it."
3/ "But what you do see is the more electronic air cleaners. Those are the companies going to the school boards, talking about ionization ... they sound spectacular"
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6 Sep
A great episode of #NOVANow by @AlokPatelMD on back-to-school concerns (Sept. 2).

First 18 min. @linseymarr does an excellent summary of the basics of airborne spread & most important areas for #schools to focus.

"My biggest concern is lunchtime." (1/x)
2/ (14:40) "My biggest concern is lunchtime. Eating in a cafeteria is my pandemic nightmare scenario. In order to eat you have to remove your mask. There are hundreds of kids in there together. They're seated closely together at these long tables. Everyone's trying to talk ..."
3/ "... and be heard. That's kind of the worst possible situation. Crowding. Close together. Loud talking. You release aerosols and droplets when you talk, and the louder you talk the more you release. ..."
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27 Aug
Report on a #Delta outbreak in elementary #school

80% of kids in front 2 rows infected!

- Can we pls take school precautions seriously?
- Kids <12 yrs unvaxxed & vulnerable
- Don't take off your mask (to read aloud)!
- Wear a (good) mask **correctly** 👇
2/ This MMWR report ⬆️ seems scary & catches attention. Good. We need to pay attention.

- Delta is very contagious & kids get sick
- Vax is critical for everyone possible
- But vax isn't silver bullet alone. Even vaxxed can transmit
The good news next ...
3/ #Schools can help w/ layers:
- Good, tight masks reduce room risk & at inhale
- Also distance, good ventilation, room filtration, outside meals

Risky w/ unvaxxed kids in schools at all -- but no question if schools & teachers don't take this seriously
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