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So glad to see growing national push to #EatOutside & increase #school lunch safety. Anytime masks come off indoors, COVID risk increases.

@HeidiNBC 👇: "Does this cost money?"
Principal: “Money?! No, we just used our brains!”

Full 🧵 of links & info. #DrFauci up next ... (1/x)
2/ Parents here realized that if adults need to be very careful w/ indoor dining when masks are off, so do school kids during lunch.
@HeidiNBC: "Here's what they do. It's not hard. They open these doors, the kids come out."

h/t @SmartRestartAPS
3/ #DrFauci today" "You have pretty good prevention measures at the time you’re in the class or working, and then you let your guard down when you get a lunchbreak and you take your mask off, b/c you have to take your mask off to eat."
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@ericstoltz @MatthewModine @MembershipFirst @ccollinsjr @pattonoswalt @WhoopiGoldberg @vincentdonofrio @StanShaw1 @dbonereckley @RealDBSweeney @SandraBernhard @sagaftra Speaking of health, I'm wondering why other candidate for national president platformed 2 of the most notorious anti #vaccination campaigners of #DisinformationDozen (Mercola & RFK JR on her #COVID19 'information' section of her cancer charity website?… ImageImage
@ericstoltz @MatthewModine @MembershipFirst @ccollinsjr @pattonoswalt @WhoopiGoldberg @vincentdonofrio @StanShaw1 @dbonereckley @RealDBSweeney @SandraBernhard @sagaftra In case you want more info on the #DisinformationDozen, this @Forbes Op-Ed explains their role in creating vaccine hesitancy & vaccine refusal & how we're now facing a Delta variant wave that is affecting work & the economy…
@ericstoltz @MatthewModine @MembershipFirst @ccollinsjr @pattonoswalt @WhoopiGoldberg @vincentdonofrio @StanShaw1 @dbonereckley @RealDBSweeney @SandraBernhard @sagaftra @Forbes Moreover there is newly adopted multi-union Return to Work agreement which allows productions to opt to mandate COVID19 vaccination for all employees (only exemptions granted are for health or religious reasons)
This could make getting work more difficult…
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@blesamerika @JoeBiden @PressSec @SpeakerPelosi @jaketapper @chucktodd @NicolleDWallace @maddow @katiecouric @JudyWoodruff @donlemon @BrookeBaldwin @DanaBashCNN @camanpour @RudyGiuliani @RaheemKassam @TuckerCarlson @RandPaul @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle @MariaBartiromo @TomFitton @csthetruth @benshapiro @HawleyMO @SenRonJohnson @SenTomCotton @RealCandaceO @mtgreenee @tedcruz @RepMattGaetz #COVID19
Joe Biden Marxist Regime wants to Mandate Experimental mRNA Vaccines to save lives, but the data says otherwise. They don’t give a damn about our lives. Wake up this isn’t about the vaccines, it is about Global Genocide! Image
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This tweet thread is about the #Covid_19: Updates from Singapore webinar on 26 Feb 2021

I've been busy so this is ~ a month after

It will be followed by a tweet thread documenting a more recent episode that was last week
#Covid_19 : Updates from Singapore is a webinar organised by @WHOGOARN and @NUSMedicine

And moderated by @profdalefisher, Prof. David Allen, and Dr. Louisa Sun
We are joined tonight by Dr. Peter Karim Ben Embarek
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@PeterHotez 1. Only #DrFauci from the #FormerGuy's Covid team tried to tell the truth from the beginning. Now #BrettGiroir #StephenHahn #RobertKadlec #DeborahBirx & #RobertRedfield are speaking out on @CNN on 3/28. They are a yr & 500+K lives #TooLate!.....
@PeterHotez @CNN 2. Had they cared they would have resigned in protest as soon as they knew what the #FormerGuy & his #BandOfIncompetents were up to! It was their #Duty to inform #Americans; not #Cover for the #Inept! They didn't honor their oath to the #Constiution nor this one: #FirstDoNoHarm!
@PeterHotez @CNN 3. I'll #Boycott any #TellAllBooks written by the #FormerGuysEnablers! Maybe if ALL had spoken up & honored #FirstDoNoHarm we wouldn't have #545273DeadAmericans today! I'm not interested in their excuses!…
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@SteveDeaceShow @RandPaul 1. I believe this guy who actually took the time to FINISH & RECEIVED a BA from classics with a pre-med track.... & an MD from @WeillCornell…
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Not sure about everyone else, but I can feel the case counts rising all around me. Many more people I know are being exposed to #COVID19 or are testing positive themselves. This is probably in part due to changes in the weather in the Northern Hemisphere. This means that if (1/n)
you thought that your actions were keeping you safe before, you have to do more to keep yourself safe now. The case counts are indeed rising, which means that every single interaction that you have now is riskier than it was just a few weeks ago. The pandemic is worse now. (2/n)
Thanks to "Changing Baselines Syndrome" (@voxdotcom:…), we aren't noticing how horrific our situation in the United States is becoming. Everyone is distracted by the presidential transition, the advent of new vaccines, and, just the holiday season. (3/n)
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140,000 new cases of #Covid19 just today. 1300 deaths from COVID-19 just today. The forecast by scientists & medical professionals is grim.We haven’t heard anything from our national leaders. All this Lame Duck administration cares about is futilely fighting to retain power. 1/14 Image
We cannot wait until January 21 to address the most serious health crisis in 100 years.We cannot just let our fellow Americans,our family,friends,co-workers get sick,many seriously and some will die.We cannot just accept this because of norms, when Trump eschews norms daily.2/14 Image
In normal times it would be a real danger to leave an unhinged, bitter, malignant narcissist and sociopath in power for months as we wait patiently for a welcome change. But now, it is deadly. Now, it is unthinkable to follow that process. 3/14
#COVID19 Image
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Fascism is a word so often misused, that it immediately elicits eye rolls from serious ppl.

But it has a meaning: ultranationalist, dictatorial gov’t that deploys fear of the other, both inside & outside the nation, to consolidate power.

Trump is accelerating fascism.

Think about the way Trump talks about #BLM protests as an “anti-American” Force, not out to promote racial equality, but to tear down American “heritage.”

His deployment of CBP paramilitary on the streets in #Portland is a profound escalation acting on that narrative.

Consider the fact that he continues to call #COVID19 the “China virus” and stoked conspiracies that it had been developed in a lab in Wuhan to reinforce the narrative that they are the enemy abroad.

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A thread of @realdonaldtrump quotes about #Coronavirus in chronological order for context the next time he calls #DrFauci "alarmist":

1/30 - "We only have five people. Hopefully, everything’s going to be great."

2/2 - "We pretty much shut it down"
2/10 - "Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away."

2/24 - “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA."

2/26 - “When you have 15 people...that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.”
2/28 - "Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus...And this is their new hoax.”

3/6 - "Anybody that wants a test can get a test."

3/10- "we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away"
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Here's another jam-packed episode of KHN's "What the Health?" covering the latest news in health care and health policy! Host @jrovner is joined by panelists @AliceOllstein, @pw_cunningham, and @eemershon.…
The rundown 👇 Image
Case counts for #COVID19 are rising in nearly every state, yet a major campaign by the Trump administration this past week was an attempt to discredit #DrFauci, a trusted voice in public health. Here's a quote from @AliceOllstein.
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No, scientists & doctors didn't "lie" to you about #masks.

To think so requires a fundamental misunderstanding of science & public health policy.

Scientific knowledge changes. Public health policy changes with it.

Mask policy is an example.

A thread:

Science is not a body of knowledge. It doesn't *say* anything.

Science is a process.

We propose hypotheses about how something works in the world, then use experiments that try to disprove those hypotheses. If we can't disprove them, we assume them to be true--for now.

The novel #Coronavirus is "novel" because it only emerged in humanity at the end of last year. Obviously, that's not a lot of time to study & understand this virus.

When it first emerged, the science community reasonably inferred it would behave like other coronaviruses...

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A THREAD YOU MAY READ, but typically, most of you won’t do much more than “like it,” if you even do that much. But I’m going to say it anyway and hope I’m wrong. Because we’re running out of time. Quickly.

I am just so angry right now. Earlier, I drove by two … 1/25
parks. In each, were several groups of 10 or more children with city counselors playing games. Not one child or counselor was wearing a mask. So I pulled over, and said to one counselor, “Why aren’t you and those children wearing masks?”

She: “Sir, we are … 2/25
outdoors. We don’t need them. The virus can’t spread outdoors.”

Me: “That is absolutely incorrect. Who told you this?”

She: “No one told me, Sir. It’s common knowledge. I watch the news.”

And there we have it, folks. That is why hundreds of thousands of us are … 3/25
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Yesterday, we got our answer to our thread below during the #COVID19 hearing from #DrFauci. #thread holding a #thread.
We asked @SteveFDA to release the study to prove us wrong. He didn’t because we were not. What we didn’t know was the full use guidance. This is what Dr. Fauci said.
Let’s break down exactly what he has said here. 1: The use guidance- This Drug is for pts that are in hospital w/ lung issues. Meaning, your sick enough to require a ventilator. Once you reach that point, you will get #Remdesivir.
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1/ Little Thread about all The Misleading Medical Information still floating around about #Hydroxychloroquine & #Chloroquine & #Azithromycin & #ZelenkoProtocol - by 1 doctor - @zev_dr & #Remdesivir & more

Despite #TrumpIsNotADoctor has stopped saying "What do you have to lose?".
2/ #TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER

First, why it has been political all the way, suspected from day one:

"Trump had been touting HCQ for weeks, sparking worldwide shortages of HCQ & prompting negotiations with Indian PM Modi to lift export restrictions"…
3/ #Trump2020

Indian PM Modi and Trump held a rally together.

"Mr Trump wanted to show people in the US that he was hugely popular abroad and that he was capable of negotiating good deals out of a country he once described as the king of tariffs"…
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7 Reasons Why @challiance is Giving N-acetylcysteine (#NAC) to #COVID19 + Patients with Early Respiratory Symptoms
@MLaiB Image
1. #NAC is a powerful antioxidant...
NAC=N-acetyl derivative of amino acid L-cysteine, precursor of the body’s primary intracellular antioxidant glutathione (GSH). (Behold the reducing power of thiol -SH groups!)
... antioxidant #NAC scavenges reactive O2 species (ROS) that signal pro-inflammatory molecules that can incite #CytokineStorm

... hope is to prevent body's immune response from overshooting and progressing to cytokine storm and #ARDS
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I don’t usually rant on social media. However, after a week of service in the ICU, I’d like to get a few things off my chest. #COVID19 (1/10)
1) This is a horrible, relentless, nasty disease in its severe form. If the patient is obese and/or has renal failure, the prognosis is extremely grim. They are NOT dying from comorbidities. They are dying from COVID -19. #COVID19 (2/10)
2) When I say relentless; most patients make some improvements initially (days 4-6), but decompensate with a 2nd cytokine storm (as many have described). It is this 2nd decompensation that is deadly and that we need to prevent.… (3/10)
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Dr. Eboni Hilton @UVA! Thank you for saying on @11thHour what NO ONE ELSE has said on @MSNBC so far! Black, brown and poor pp are more likely to die from #COVIDー19, not because they happen to have more Diabetes, Hypertension and Asthma. It’s not genetic. It’s structural. 1/
Black, brown and poor people are not dying more from #Coronavirus because we’re naturally weaker. It’s the highways that cut through our neighborhoods leaving higher densities of particulate matter in the air; causing astronomical rates of asthma. 2/ @MSNBC
What even Dr. Fauci has not said is that Black, brown and poor people are not dying more from #COVIDー19 because of some genetic abnormality. No. We are dying more because of LOCAL ZONING by city councils dubbing our communities Fast-Food zones. 3/ @MSNBC
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“If I get the #coronavirus, I’ll probably be OK.” said #MaxBrooks. “But if I give it to [my father, #MelBrooks], he could give it to #CarlReiner, who could give it to #DickVanDyke, & I’ve wiped out a whole generation of comedic legends."…
Why #PanicMongers like #Newsom, #Cuomo, #Fauci, & false accuser #MaxBrooks are full of ignorant crap when they blame #Trump for delaying mitigation of the spread of #SARSCoV2 virus.…
“The U.S. government relied on the Centers for Disease Control to produce a test; they failed ...
#CDC said they would handle it ...
Leaders at the CDC lied to both the HHS secretary and the president #Trump. And as a result the nation got weeks behind.”…
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“What we need is a massive fed gov program to buy ventilators on unprecedented scale and with unprecedented speed.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci #DrFauci
Dr.Deborah Birx


Should the world get on a war footing and mobilize together to manufacture of mass numbers of ventilators?

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Europe “It accounts for 50% of the world’s tourist arrivals and 37% of global tourism receipts, it is the most visited region in the world.”…
Travel providers are scrambling to deal with the massive number of calls from people triggered by the #TrumpTravelStumble. Nobody told him how many people gateway through Europe or can rebook via UK, Canada or even Gulf carriers.
Like insurgents travelers must now swim like fish tntrough water.…
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