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1/19 Welcome to this #CME #Tweetorial on #Influenza and #PediatricFlu with @RishiDesaiMD, supported by an educational grant from Genentech.

See full CME info:
#MedTwitter #MedEd Image
2/Let’s begin!
Influenza (flu) can cause severe illness and death. In the US, during the 2019-2020 (pre-pandemic) flu season, 20,000 deaths occurred due to flu-related complications. Image
3/During the pandemic, social distancing, masking, and quarantining significantly reduced flu-related illnesses/deaths. In the US, during the 2021-2022 (pandemic) flu season, 5,000-14,000 deaths occurred due to flu-related complications (down from 20,000!). ImageImage
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🐎 Back in the Saddle Again 🐎

The FDA and its attorneys know that IVM is a safe, Nobel-prize-winning💊given to🧑‍🤝‍🧑around the world. They KNEW it was effective as a cheap, early tx for COVID.

In court, they try to escape blame for the mass☠️they caused with their fraudulent >
medical advice. Advice which was adopted de facto by public health officials, doctors, pharmacies and many institutions because of phony data saying the drugs were ineffective. >
Meanwhile, doctors like Brian Tyson and Zev Zelenko were proving them wrong, successfully treating thousands of COVID patients early, keeping them out of hospitals. >…
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Aller, hop, on profite du foot po faire la synthèse du cahier des charges relatif à la construction automobile en Algérie.

Bon, ça risque de prendre un ou deux jours. Parce qu'il va falloir creuser le nouveau code de l'investissement
C'est partiiiiii !
#Automobile #CDC #Algerie Image
Alors :

"l’exercice de l’activité de construction de véhicules de tourisme et véhicules utilitaires légers est ouvert aux constructeurs propriétaires de marques de véhicules, agissant seul ou en partenariat, par la création d’une société de droit algérien."

#Algerie #automobile
L'activité de production auto n'étant plus soumise aux règles 49/51, rien n'interdit au constructeur d'implanter une filiale de droit algérien dont il sera l'unique actionnaire. Ou alors associé à des équipementiers, des fonds d'investissement... 100% étrangers !
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Bonjour à tous.

Aujourd'hui, vous allez devenir mes amis parce que je vais décortiquer pour vous le nouveau cahier des charges pour l'importation automobile en Algérie.

#Algerie #Automobile #CDC
Bon, bien entendu. Je ne vais pas me presser pour pas écrire de bêtises.

Pour rappel, j'suis ancien journaliste auto, ancien directeur de publication avec un bon paquet d'années d'expérience dans l'automobile, devenu consultant depuis 4 ans. Image
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"The smallest children have been severely afflicted by this year's early Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) spike.

Currently, there are 145 hospitalizations per 100,000 infants aged six months or younger as opposed to 63 per 100,000 for infants aged
...six to twelve months. The Wall Street Journal reports that only 6 out of every 100,000 adults are hospitalized for RSV. #US #Health #RSV #CDC #RespiratorySyncytialVirus
The CDC reported that the percentage of RSV samples that were positive from labs that reported to the CDC utilizing PCR detection reached a high of 18.8% for the week ending Nov. 5th.
Read 4 tweets How to fake your Proof of Reserves Season 1.

(1) Let’s dive in:'s cold wallet – $600М in #SHIB, some #tether, the rest is shit. Shit noone’s ever heard of. That tells us close to nothing.…
(2) “So in a few weeks you think you will have 1:1 reserve to liabilities!” This means you cannot confirm it now, which is generally your job. Not confirming that you have more assets than liabilities makes me consider that you just don’t!

(3) Crypto Dot Kaboom, you call that Proof of Reserves? But hey, they say they will be fine. 😎

Proof of Reserves means you show both sides of the book: assets + liabilities. You showed us all only your assets, and they are not a pretty picture for a stadium-owning company.
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Back again with another thread, on #CDC this time!'s cold wallet - $230m in literal #SHITCOINS #SHIB, $70m in #DOGE, some tether, the rest is also shit I've mostly never heard of. But hey, they will be fine.…
I bet they have done the FTX, borrowed $$$$ against those shitcoins. And now liquidations will be cascading.

I am also curious the extend to which they have borrowed agains CRO. Wait till that starts to dip.
They got 70 mln bag holders and they will dump at some point. How much can they buy back with clients' #SHIB. 😀
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Als bijna niemand dood gaat aan #covid19 kun je nooit bewijzen dat #coronamaatregelen werken of dat #coronavaccins werken. Wel dat die #oversterfte veroorzaken.
Simpel hè ?

⬇️… ImageImageImageImage
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#1. The Feds on the #TBDWG have controlled every recommendation & every sentence of the Report to Congress for 6 years. This #FAC was THE chance for #lyme truth to be disclosed after 40 YEARS but the Feds’ role was to keep the false controversy going. 2/
#TBDWG & other efforts that R actually controlled by the Feds like #lymeX (it IS #HHS,not a non-profit) recommend new #lyme efforts but it’s recommended all those efforts be controlled by the very agencies (& In Turn individuals) that reversed #lymeDisease facts & made test fail.
#lymeDisease medicine will NOT be allowed to progress until the corrupt & FALSE #lyme controversy is exposed. It was known in the 1980s & 90s that lyme was a serious & disabling illness that causes neurological, immune & neuroimmune illness & an antibody test=false negatives. 4/
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Did zoom kill workers?

Not directly, but yes. Hear me out.

Results of a new #CDC @NCHStats study: workers who couldn't work from home were at greatly increased risk of dying from #COVID.

Workers who could work from home were less likely to die. 1/ 🧵
Industries where workers had higher risk dying from #COVID include transportation & warehousing; healthcare & social assistance; waste services; public administration; agriculture, forestry, fishing, & hunting; wholesale trade; accommodation & food services; & manufacturing 2/
These are industries where Black and brown workers are over-represented and have a higher risk of death.

In general, BIPOC workers are more likely to be exposed to workplace hazards than white workers and are at greater risk of injury, illness, & death 3/
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1/ This underscores why I believe that @CDC should be reorganized to be more like @NTSB. A brief 🧵
@cdc @NTSB 2/ "In 1967, Congress consolidated all transportation agencies into a new U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and established the NTSB as an independent agency placed within the DOT for administrative purposes. In creating the NTSB,...…
@cdc @NTSB 3/ "... Congress envisioned that a single organization with a clearly defined mission could more effectively promote a higher level of safety in the transportation system than the individual modal agencies working separately." However, Congress soon recognized that ...
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#CDC director tests #positive for #Covid19 | Oct 22
- #Walensky is “up to date with her #vaccines,” the statement said, and is experiencing mild symptoms. She is isolating at home,
@CDCDirector @RWalensky
@Rob_Roos #MEP; #Pfizer vaccine never tested for #transmission:
Q: [1:04] #Roos: - Was the Pfizer vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the #virus before it entered the market?
A: [1:27] Pfizer director #Small: -'No, ha-ha...
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#Masken funktionieren im echten Leben! Nur #stoehrfall und @welt lesen keine #CDC Veröffentlichungen (Quelle intern) : "Zufällig ausgewählte Bewohner Kaliforniens, die zwischen dem 18.02 & 1.12 2021 ein pos oder neg. Testergebnis für #SARSCoV-2 erhalten hatten wurden untersucht
Die Verwendung von #Opmasken oder #Atemschutzmasken wurde bei 652 Fallteilnehmern (Einwohner, Test+ für SARS-CoV-2) und 1.176 angepassten Kontrollteilnehmern (Einwohner, Test- für SARS-CoV-2) untersucht,...
...die angaben, sich in den 2 Wochen vor dem Test in öffentlichen Gebäuden aufgehalten zu haben, und die angaben, in dieser Zeit keinen bekannten Kontakt zu einer Person mit bestätigter oder vermuteter SARS-CoV-2-Infektion gehabt zu haben.
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My comments today about #tinnitus with #covid #vaccines during the Open Public Hearing at #CDC's #ACIP meeting. A thread 🧵:

Dear Committee,

My name is Robert Edmonds, I am an admin of one of the actually smaller tinnitus adverse event focused support forums for COVID vaccines with nearly 1000 members.

The topic is of course of personal interest to me because I developed chronic tinnitus after my COVID vaccination.

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💔 Only The Good Die Young 💔

An interesting article interviewing different MDs
(finally! thank you @FLSurgeonGen) talking about the my0carditis risks from 💉. Some thoughts:…
Standard Meaningless Mr Magoo Disclaimer:
"A tiny number of deaths have been tentatively linked to vaccine myocarditis around the world"😄
Come out Virginia, don't let me wait

"In June, Portman and his colleagues reported in The Journal of Pediatrics that 11 of 16 patients had LGE about 4 months after their bout of my0carditis...

a CDC team reported that among 151 pts who had follow-up cardiac MRIs after 3 mos
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Rochelle's Baby ~ Let's Make Love
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☔️Here Comes The Rain Again☔️

A signal for cancer following the COVID mRNA sp!ke💉was noticed in 02/2021 with this story: https://intermohttps://www....
National guidelines established by the CDC, had patients delay #mammogram screenings because doctors across the country noticed an uptick in swollen lymph nodes under the arm on the same side the patients had been💉.…
The % of lymphadenopathies went up with each COVID mRNA sp!ke dose, with some swollen lymph nodes existing for weeks.

Something we might expect to see if the sp!ke protein(SP) and the lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) were t0xic and dysregulating genes for cell repair and immunity
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Petit message ce matin du @DrTomFrieden qui fut le 16ème directeur du #CDC 🇺🇸 de 2009 à 2017 :
si les pays investissent dans la prévention et la réponse aux maladies infectieuses, le monde sera plus sûr.
Nous devons stopper le cycle de panique et négligences qui a pesé sur la
sécurité sanitaire pendant des décennies.
Quel saisissant contraste avec les propos tenus par la présidente du #COVARS #BrigitteAutran il y a 2 jours sur les ondes de @franceinter (cf.…).
Donc monsieur le Président @EmmanuelMacron vous qui avez choisi que le terme #prévention soit accolé au nom du ministère de la @Sante_Gouv du @gouvernementFR @Elisabeth_Borne 2 n'est-il pas temps de veiller à ce qu'elle soit enfin active ?
Faire le choix en la personne de
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¡La corte de EE. UU. ordena a los #CDC que publiquen todos los datos de eventos adversos de la falsa VACUNA Covid!

¡Después de 463 días de litigio legal, el CDC hace PÚBLICOS LOS HORRIBLES DATOS OFICIALES!

¡Por fin !
¡Ya nadie puede decir que las Falsas VACUNAS son seguras y efectivas! ¡Se acabó la farsa!
Los CDC confirman que EE. UU. sufrió un aumento de 338 veces en los informes de enfermedades y cánceres asociados con el SIDA en 2021 luego del lanzamiento de la vacuna COVID…
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💉💉💉🧬Please join our vaccine support group for our live broadcast on CHD - Children's Health Defense 🧬💉💉💉
10 am EST
#covidvaccine #canwetalkaboutit #react19 #vaccineinjured #cdc #fda #pharma #vaccinesideeffects #operationtruth #teamhumanity
@JohnBoweActor Hey John can you retweet this? And great job on the film! Yall did an amazing job & and we all appreciate your hard work. I hope you are doing well.
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Consiglio vivamente di guardare con attenzione il report che il #CDC è stato OBBLIGATO (dal tribunale) a emettere sui dati #VSAFE. Penso che questo sia per la prima volta un rapporto corretto tra causa ed effetto.

È ragionevole pensare che queste proporzioni vadano applicate a tutti gli pseudo-dati forniti fino ad oggi sugli #effettiavversi
Diventa chiaro capire perché sian finiti sotto segreto militare.
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#TurckerCarlson divulga pesquisa da #Lancet q constatou problemas #cardíacos #permanentes (#miocardite) em jovens entre 12/29 anos. Cerca d 26% ficaram c/ problemas #irreversíveis e terão q conviver c/ a #inflamação p/ o resto da vida.
Tradução gerada por I.A. Segue o vídeo...
Continuando o Vídeo. #TuckerCarlson expõe propaganda do Hospital Presbiteriano onde se trata com "normalidade" o fato de uma garota saudável ter sido acometida pela Miocardite. Ele vai chamar a atenção p/ o fato de q a pesquisa já identificou q a causa e o experimento. Segue...
A despeito de médicos renomados tentarem avisar ao #CDC que os danos poderiam ser maiores que o esperado, a Agência minimizou os danos dizendo que só 30 ou 40 crianças teriam #Miocardite, enquanto na Europa eles
#baniram a #Moderna. Segue...
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🇺🇬 Ugandas Gesundheitsministerium sagt, dass die Zahl der Todesopfer durch einen Ebola-Ausbruch im Land bisher 11 Menschen getötet hat.
Am Freitag wurden drei weitere Todesfälle gemeldet, da sieben weitere Todesfälle im Zusammenhang mit dem Ausbruch untersucht wurden.
Benachbarte ostafrikanische Länder haben den Ebola-Schutzschirm entlang der Grenze erhöht, um die Ausbreitung zu verhindern.
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