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America's own #AngelsofDeath are now our Corona Pilots.

▬Dr. Robert Redfield, current Dir. of #CDC.
Both parents were scientists at #NIH.

▬seen here w/Dr. Fauci of NIH.

▬Dr. Birx also has #AIDS background.

1993 panel: Aids-vaccine-treatment
For newer Qubbies, don't cheat yourselves out of the first 1000 drops. They're only paragraphs. Worth it.

Wonder what the CoC is.

Make sure the list of resignations remains updated.
When does big pharma make money?
Curing or containing?
Mind will be blown by chain of command.
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Changing Age Distribution of the #COVID19 Pandemic

So it seems that the #CDC is now stating that younger people are getting sick. Watch out for the 'healthy sick' aka symptomatics and presymptomatics.

This report provides preliminary evidence that younger adults contributed to community transmission of COVID-19 to older adults.…

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How many of you are wearing a mask with perfect protocol because of ‘medical concerns’ vs repping it as a form of etiquette to make sure people think of you as socially responsible and considerate? Be honest. #maskon #maskoff #covid1984
Not that I take the #WHO #CDC etc seriously, but even if you do take a look at their ‘official guidelines’ on mask protocol
Almost 100% of people I know and have seen with my own eyes violate every single one of these points multiple times an hour if not more often.
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It is obvious the @DNC governors of #CA, #OR, and #WA care NOTHING for the #environment. They are #lipservice ONLY. We need #FEDERAL laws that FORCE them to clear brush and cut firebreaks. @DNC are all talk and no do. They #virtuesignal about “SCIENCE” and then trample on it. 1/
@GavinNewsom has been told for THREE years to clear brush and put in firebreaks. He has not done so and now his #AntifaBLMDomesticTerrorists have started so many fires the whole planet is feeling the effects. Same for the @DNC #WA @GovInslee and Gov. @KateBrownForOR. The only 2/
TRUE #environmentalists are found in the @GOP.
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@ColleenHuberNMD @TheRealYoG 3 hrs ago still lying about the Cov 19 deaths. Image
@ColleenHuberNMD @TheRealYoG The #CDC participated in designed pandemic laws that are on the books in every state in the US which arrange for the government to use military to force unknown,untested vaccines, drugs,chemicals,and “medical” treatments on the entire country! #USA #UK…
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#Opioid tapering is "extremely difficult" for people w/ #ChronicPain, "not only in those w/ problematic opioid use."

Kurita: Worsened pain &/or function led more than half of those studied to stop scheduled dose reduction of 10% or 20% per week. /thread…
1b/ Kurita: Altho 40 of 75 didn't complete the taper, researchers found "improvements after opioid treatment stabilization was achieved," suggesting stabilization (whether at a dose or at 0 dose) is a preferable goal to forcing everyone off rx #opioids.

Stopping can be fatal.
2/ Glanz: "Attempts to adhere to prescribing guidelines may lead patients to be exposed to variability in #opioid dosing." Dose variability of 30% or more increases the risk of overdose more than 300%.

Glanz et al. JAMA Network Open. 2019;2(4):e192613.…
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#RogerStone, today on conservative radio, told #Trump to "Call on the Insurrection Act if he loses; use it to arrest #Biden, #Obama, #Clinton & anyone else you think might've committed something illegal" and said, "It's come down to this, unfortunately. Force meets force."
#Trump's friend, #MichaelCaputo, (who was involved w/Trump's 2016 campaign w/#RogerStone & has connections to #Russia) is now the #HHS communication spokesperson bc HHS oversees the #CDC. He took control of what the CDC wrote about #COVID19,
to make it go along w/#Trump's lies, including editing &/or delaying the #CDC from publishing info, like that of CHILDREN who catch #COVID19... bc Trump was saying children were practically immune at the time.
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CDC Mission Now Irrelevant & A Danger to the Nation

Center for “Disease Control” No Longer Fulfills Its Mission

Will Now Target USA Population to “Destroy Values”


@POTUS @freedomcaucus @MarshaBlackburn @Jim_Jordan @realchrisrufo @RealCandaceO @CanariesBlue
#PCRTests = Everyone will test positive unless you’re missing #Chromosome8

CDC No Longer Fulfill Their Mission of Disease Control

They’re Now Testing USA Population W/ #PCRTests & Everyone will test positive unless they’re missing #Chromosome8

#DefundCDC @GOP @FederalistNo78
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1.) “The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers.”

If you do your research properly, you’ll find “a “pattern of the CDC confessing to their corrupt misdeeds... #covid_19@WhiteHouse⁩ ⁦…
2.) They confess, take accountability, and then go right back to participating in the Global Healthcare Corruption...
The CDC should’ve been shutdown a LONG time ago... Image
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#BREAKING:Now we find out that #Trump has not only LIED to the public about the seriousness of #COVID19 since February, he has also used his political appointees to TINKER WITH #CDC reports

#TheResistance #SaturdayThoughts #FBRParty via @politico
On top of that, #Trump KNOWS #COVID19 disproportionately affects Blacks & Browns but that doesn't stop him, probably encourages him, to hold these SUPER-SPREADER maskless rallies

#TheResistance #SaturdayThoughts #FBRParty

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Still struggling with the wording of this invitation. ‘#COVID-19 has exacerbated the raging #opioid crisis driven by the nation’s more than 50 million #pain suffers......’. I have contacted both @RepJudyChu & @RepWalorski office to express my concern & to 1/ Image
attempt to understand why the blame for the #opioidepidemic seemed to be placed at the feet of those that have #chronicpain. In the past years the # of #opioid pain medication prescriptions have plummeted yet rates of overdose climbed. Many individuals with #chronicpain 2/
who benefitted from treatment from #opioids have been pulled off & abandoned; their #QoL decreasing & suffering increasing. My kids & my husband were/are part of the 50 million that experience/experienced #chronic pain due to #hereditarypancreatitis & #pancreascancer 3/
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Today, I'm seeing a lot of #chronicpain/#intractablepain community members going in on politics, thinking that politicians care one way or the other. Here's the truth about that. Warning: don't read if you don't want to know. #thread
1) Melania recently gave an anti-opioid speech. Here is the link:…
2) Donald Trump's White House has been notoriously anti-opiod for the past four years.
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The entire COVID-19 response is based on apparent ‘case numbers’ and death rates. It is widely established that the tests (PCR / antibody) are wildly inaccurate and result in countless false positives. How is it possible then that we design any response based on such faulty data?
Not just that, deaths are also being miscalculated. Hospitals and doctors being paid to mark more Covid deaths, getting money for declaring more probable and suspected deaths and ignoring many other causes of death while doing so. So why panic about inaccurate data?
Study this document carefully. Consider how they’re labelling confirmed, probable and suspected covid deaths. Tell me if it makes sense to you and if there’s not a MASSIVE margin for error.…
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Le statut de la #Corse au sein de la #Méditerranée est comparativement une véritable #anomalie politique.
Petit tour d'horizon des pays représentés pour ce Med7
#Thread ⤵️
La France au regard des autres pays méditerranéens européens fait figure de quasi-exception : conservatrice, jacobine, centraliste...
#Italie :
Statut spécial de la Vallée d'Aoste.
Art. 1
1) La Vallée d’Aoste est constituée en Région autonome, dotée de la personnalité juridique, dans le cadre de l’unité politique de la République italienne [...]
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#Pain impacts all areas of ones lives. It’s difficult to address. The current climate around those with #chronicpain is full of stigma & biases. The narrative that #opioids are bad & do not assist those w #pain or that there are a plethora of non-opioid 1/
continues to impact those that have #chronicpain negatively. IF you have #chronicpain you are acutely aware that care for those in #pain is poor in the USA. There may be ‘pockets’ where one can access superb care but I believe it is few & far between. We did NOT need the #CDC 2/
guidelines. They were Honecker by an ‘expert’ group whose sole focus was on #SUD NOT the treatment of pain. I believe they took the guidelines and encouraged the misapplication of these guidelines. Instead work should have been done to focus on better treatment options 4 those 3/
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IT'S OVER! by @jonrappoport

"Two recent developments have canceled the need for a #vaccine...

1: The #CDC quietly announced that only 6% of all official #COVID19 deaths have occurred in cases where the virus was the single factor. "

"In all other cases, the patients had several prior medical conditions---meaning, in effect, there was no need to invoke a virus to account for their deaths. We are talking about the forced premature deaths of the elderly.)

2: #NewYorkTimes stated the result of a broad study, which showed up to 90% of #COVID19 cases, based on a positive #pcrtest, were false +s. Non-cases.

Combining these 2 developments, the implication is quite clear: we're in the middle of a less-than-average "flu season."

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Here is my take. #China DID release a virus that killed alot of ppl. Remember all the riots the #CCPChina could not contain? GONE The crematorium seen in space? #Democrats took advantage of this w many other countries following suit to try to instill communism.
Remember, #Birx said on national TV the #flu is gone. Remember #Pompeo said this was a drill. @POTUS mumbled something along the line of thx forvtelling me.. Remember #Gates had a mtg in early November re a pandemic. .
#CDC revised deaths n said 6% of ppl w #COVID19 died w/out underlying disease. Remember #Democrats and #FakeNews are not saying a word re the revised #CDC %. What did #FakeNews #AOC and other ppl say re how to beat @POTUS was to destroy the economy. You isolate or quarantine sick
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This makes me so furious. I don’t know what has to be said to make individuals aware that #opioid #pain meds benefit many. I don’t ever condone violence, ever, yet try to put yourself in inds shoes who have benefitted from #opioids & their QoL has improved. Many of these 1/
Individuals have had medications ripped away due to #CDC, #PROP, the misapplication of #CDC guidelines, anti opioid advocates (that advocate for OTHER opioids). Let’s have a balanced approach. Peoples lives have been harmed. Not just theirs but their families 2/
This is #PainAwarenessMonth & it’s been a struggle seeing so many who do not and will not understand the experience of many with #chronicpain. For those throwing around ‘there are many non opioid options’ no, there are not & most of the time those on opioids have already tried 3/
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The number of #patients with #chronicpain being harmed due to false narratives re #opioid #pain medication continues even while #CDC revisiting guidelines as they know it has been misapplied & manipulated by anti opioid entities 1/
Untreated #pain does harm in so many ways. Imagine a mother having to beg for her child not to have to lie withering in a hospital bed in pain due to #hereditarypancreatitis. Being told to have her daughter use #GuidedImagery to address the horrible pain. This is criminal 2/ Image
Imagine having your children begging to just die due to pain. This has been common for many kids w #pancreatitis due to lack of addressing their #pain. #EssentialOils, #GuidedImagery, #Accupuncture will NOT work in the middle of a flare. It is criminal that this still occurs 3/
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To date, the #FDA has authorized 242 tests under #EUAs; these include 194 molecular tests, 44 antibody tests, & 4 antigen tests.


They are all unapproved approved products to be used in an ‘emergency.'

Meanwhile, despite the fact that #CDC testing recommendations now are to exclude #asymptomatics, the #FDA is looking to "screen" ... "even if there is no individual reason to suspect infection such as a known exposure."🤔…

#FDA| "Examples of diagnostic testing include ... testing individuals who indicate that they were exposed to an individual with a confirmed or suspected case of #COVID19, and testing all individuals present at an event where an attendee was later confirmed to have #COVID19."

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