Why a #NationalHealthID is neither needed nor desirable. Thread...
1. Indians are already drowning in ID's. Aadhar is already a unique ID.Why do we need another one just for health?Why not use Aadhar? #DigitalHealthMission @mansukhmandviya
2. It is well known that vast majority of people seek medical help within their State or neighbouring State.Someone who is from a village in say, UP,is most unlikely to seek medical assistance outside the State or beyond nearest metro city.Why is a National ID required for this?
3.Less than 5% of Indian healthcare system has Electronic Medical records(EMR). Less than 1% may be actually using it as a point of care system. Digitization of medical records in most hospitals, even corporate ones is limited to typing discharge summaries & storing lab reports
There is no uniformity of data capture and no standard nomenclature used,though such standards are available
4.Govt is yet to mandate use of EMR.There is no legal need for hospitals to digitize patient data. So most hospitals maintain manual case sheets #AyushmanBharat #EMR
5.Implementing EMR systems will face massive resistance as doctors do not see it as a core part of their work. Countries that started decades before India still have issues with effective implementation. In most countries it took at least a decade and that too only after laws
making it mandatory and their Govt offering huge incentives in many cases to roll out EMR nationwide. And all this in countries richer and smaller than India.
6. Data Privacy and confidentially are almost non existent in India. So Patients who are educated will not be happy to
have their most confidential health information on a National database.Potentially the data could be sold to just about anyone &there are zilch safeguards available in India
The right way to go about this wd be
1.Pass a law making EMR systems mandatory within say a 5 yr period
Provide incentives for Hospitals & doctors to change over. After 5 years start to disincentivize &levy fines to ensure compliance
2. Define the updated National EMR standards providing uniform standards to be followed across India. The last set of standards published were only
recommendatory as EMR itself is only optional.
3.Use the Aadhar ID instead of National Health ID Today almost everyone has one &many carry it with them
4.Pass a Data Privacy law with stringent safeguards and punishments for breach
5.There is no need at all for a Central database
Instead let each State have its own database. Some States already have a rudimentary database
6.Define a set of anyonymized data that each State will provide to central database on a near real time basis for analysis &forecasting(Relevant fields are already defined under HIPAA)
7.If a patient seeks treatment outside the State a request is made through the system to the home State for access to the patient record. Accordingly access is given and revoked as needed
8.Take State Governments on board at every stage. Health comes under the States
and without their full cooperation and support this project will be a non starter.
9. Ideally this must be an opt in system and not an opt out one. But at the very least people must have the option to opt out of the system if they choose to.
As one who has worked on some of the largest healthcare IT implementations in India and abroad I believe that this would be the way to go. Even then this is a most challenging project. But in its present form it is likely to be little more than one more PR exercise @MoHFW_INDIA
@SonaliVaid please see this thread

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26 Sep
Life lesson: Never reply to an email or message when you are angry or provoked. In my younger days I would get easily provoked and send angry replies to mails and msgs. A few years ago I learnt to apply a different technique. I would compose the reply but wd save it in drafts.
Then I wd do something else & return to look at the draft at the end of the day or next day when I had cooled down. 99% of those drafts never got sent. I wd not delete those mails from Drafts folder. Every few weeks I look at them and wonder how stupid I wd hv been to send them
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Thread on Justice A.K.Rajan Committee report.
1.Selective usage of Data.
2. Makes several unverifiable assumptions
3.Non exclusion of outlier data
4.Drawing inferences/conclusions without evidence
1. Data on students from Govt schools who got MBBS seats pre and post #NEET is selectively put out.(Everything else is from 2010-2020. This alone is from 2014) . Why?
2. How did Committee decide that 99% of students who qualified through NEET took coaching?
3.Only students from rural areas will go and serve in rural areas.Those from urban areas will not is an assumption here. Evidence for this?
4.2017 the 1st year of NEET is an outlier. All the data that year was way off from subsequent years.Was this data normalized?
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Genius of #Periyar lay in getting a majority of people of TN to identify themselves with what they were not. Normally we identify with who we are by religion/ caste/language etc.Periyar got people to identify themselves as non brahmin,not as who they were,but as who they were not
In no other part of India would you find people referring to themselves as non brahmins. They would always see themselves as being part of their community or social group. In Periyar's days it made sense. Brahmins dominated disproportionately and oppressed other communities
and so the collective angst against them was channelised effectively. Even at that time there were other equally prosperous communities as Brahmins. But as they were socially oppressed by the Brahmins despite their wealth, these privileged classes spearheaded
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31 Jul
Yesterday I was on 2 Tamil TV debates on 27% #Reservation announced for OBC candidates in UG&PG Medical admissions.What struck me more than claims from panelists that it was their party/movement's efforts that forced Central Govt to announce this,was their take against EWS quota
EWS was passed in Parliament with almost all parties incl.Congress,CPM, BSP,SP,TMC etc. supporting it. Yet in TN most Dravidian parties have a problem with it that no one in the rest of India seems to have.(Like for NEET). Mind you EWS does not touch the existing quotas but still
they oppose it. I supported 27% reservation announcement and said it is likely to reach the needy as creamy layer among OBC wd be excluded and those who need help the most wd get the benefits. I also supported the EWS quota. Then I wondered why only Dravidian parties opposed it.
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13 Jun
Welcome announcement of @PKSekarbabu to appoint female priests in temples.This should have been a change brought about by Hindu community itself &not dictated by Government but since this is a reform that is progressive one must welcome it despite fact it is being dictated 1/7
The only constant in the world is change. That applies to religions too.Any religion that is infelxible to societal changes around it is bound to perish. One of the great strengths of Hinduism has been its adaptability to change. Rituals have been modified to suit the norms 2/7
of society&pace of modern life.Practices like Child marriage which were once sanctioned by religion have been abolished. So we need to embrace this change too.Women are already priests in some non agama/village temples.I was told that scriptures do not explicitly3/7
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9 Jun
94 crore people need to be immunized in India as of now. So that's 188 crore doses of #CovidVaccine needed. 28 crore doses already made. Around 160 crore doses needed. 25% of this to Private sector is 40 crore. Assume 3/4th of this 25% get #COVISHIELD and 1/4th get #Covaxin
At ₹600 per dose that's a cool ₹18,000 crore for @SerumInstIndia and at 1200 per dose, ₹12000 crore for @BharatBiotech . Pvt.hospitals get to make approx. ₹6000 crore as service charge.Overall cost to public ₹36,000 crore. @adarpoonawalla has said Covishield got him a small
profit at ₹150/dose and Krishna Ella said one dose of Covaxin wd be cheaper than a bottle of mineral water. Taking them at their word had Govt fixed the price of vaccine even at ₹300 per dose,procured them directly and distributed to Pvt sector the 25% doses they said they wd,
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