🧵Nobel laureate journalist @MariaRessa explains succinctly the existential threat @Facebook poses to democracies around the world:

Facebook is the world's largest distributor of news. Yet how it distributes news is governed by algorithms that amplify anger & hate and divide us.
@mariaressa @Facebook .@MariaRessa: Research shows that lies laced with anger & hate spread faster and further than facts. By spreading lies in this way, @Facebook divides society & radicalizes users.

If you say a lie 1000 times, it becomes a fact. If we don't have facts, we can't have truth.
@mariaressa @Facebook .@MariaRessa: Research shows that lies laced with anger & hate spread faster and further than facts. By spreading lies in this way, @Facebook divides society & radicalizes users.

If you say a lie 1000 times, it becomes a fact. If we don't have facts, we can't have truth.
@mariaressa @Facebook 🔥@MariaRessa on @Facebook, #journalism & #democracy: Without facts or truth, you can't have trust. Without a shared reality, you can't have a democracy, or any kind of meaningful human interaction to solve the existential problems we face—from coronavirus to climate change.
@mariaressa @Facebook Journalists like Maria have been sounding the alarm about @Facebook for years. In 2015 Ukrainians & Russians—incl @Navalny—petitioned Zuckerberg about Kremlin trolls subverting Facebook to silence Putin's critics. They warned the problem would grow more dangerous if unaddressed⬇️

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2 Oct
Of course, Fox: 2 months after he appeared on Foxnews railing against the Russia investigation, Eastman was sitting in the Oval Office with Trump.

The Lawyer Behind the Coup Memo on How Trump Could Stay in Office Despite Losing Election (better headline)
😳“Soon, Mr. Eastman was meeting face to face at Mr. Trump’s urging with the attorney general, William P. Barr, and telling him how Mr. Trump could unilaterally impose limits on birthright citizenship.”

Eastman is just chock full of fringe far-right autocratic ideas, isn’t he?
Shocker: fascist AND racist. Eastman got on the Trump campaign’s radar with a birther-y article he wrote questioning @KamalaHarris’ legitimacy to be POTUS b/c her parents were immigrants. Jenna Ellis—another disbarment waiting to happen—brought it to Trump’s attention in a tweet.
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26 Sep
😳"Moderate" GOP Toomey just pushed Trump's fringe coup theory @CNNSotu, saying "lawless" PA Supreme Court "took powers that belong to the state legislature" & changed 2020 election rules.

Uh NO. PA SCt rejected bad-faith GOP effort to toss millions of votes to overturn DT loss.
@CNNSotu Maybe @PatToomey should go to law school after he retires from the Senate? Because he doesn't understand the branches of govt. OR he's just another GOP partisan throwing democracy under the bus.

Here's what the PA Supreme Court did—properly & thankfully npr.org/sections/biden…
@CNNSotu @PatToomey What PA GOP did in 2020 is outrageous & another prong in their long coup. GOP called 2.5 MILLION votes illegal b/c PA Supreme Court agreed w Dem lawsuit to count mail votes 3 days aft Election Day b/c of slow PO & COVID.

Making legal votes illegal is now GOP strategy everywhere. Image
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25 Sep
Read this. One of the first to recognize the Frankenstein monster in Trump, Kagan chillingly & soberly lays out where we are, and who to pressure to save the country from falling into the fascist abyss.

Our constitutional crisis is already here washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/… ht @maddow
@maddow Kagan: The US is heading into its greatest political & constitutional crisis since the Civil War.…mass violence…breakdown of fed authority

The warning signs…obscured by the distraction of politics, the pandemic, the economy & global crises, and by wishful thinking and denial.
@maddow ⚠️Kagan:
—Trump will be GOP's 2024 nominee
—He'll have massive campaign money
—Republicans are preparing to ensure his victory—by any means necessary
—Charges of fraud in 2020 are now primarily to establish the predicate to challenge future lost elections
—Other Rs will do it too
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15 Sep
‼️#Russia has blocked @googledocs, to prevent voters from accessing the opposition’s “Smart Voting” lists of candidates ahead of this weekend’s parliamentary elections. The system was designed to defeat Putin’s ruling party. It’s what @Navalny was promoting when he was poisoned.
@googledocs @navalny Russian courts blocked @Navalny's Smart Voting website as “extremist” & ordered Google & Yandex not to display search results for “Smart Voting”

Police visited office of Google’s Russian subsidiary to “enforce” the order.

FM spox claims the app’s developers have Pentagon links.
@googledocs @navalny As if that weren't enough to keep people from using Smart Voting in Russia's elections, the Kremlin has a proxy backup threat: a wool dealer registered a “Smart Voting” brand name w/ a logo that resembles the Navalny app icon. So anyone using it can go to jail for 6 years.😨
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12 Sep
Zelensky finally got his WH meeting. And @CNN its interview—2 yrs late. @ZelenskyyUa tells @FareedZakaria his goal was & is for #Ukraine to win, diplomatically saying he didn’t feel pressure—even if Trump intended it. But jokes a dig at Trump? “This wasn’t Robert DeNiro—my idol.”
@CNN @ZelenskyyUa @FareedZakaria ZAKARIA: Are you worried America will abandon Ukraine [aft Afghanistan w/drawal]?
ZELENSKY: You can’t compare Ukraine to Afghanistan. Since Russia's invasion & occupation in 2014, Ukrainian volunteer citizen battalions have been defending their own country. There was no one else.
@CNN @ZelenskyyUa @FareedZakaria Ukrainian President Zelensky: #Ukraine is not Afghanistan. And #Russia is not the Taliban. Despite having one of most powerful armies in the world, Russia has failed to conquer Ukraine.
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4 Sep
Turns out, Republicans aren't really against killing babies. They're kind of for it. Texas leads in child COVID deaths.

Maybe it's time to view anti-abortion activism as another right-wing disinformation campaign, pushing anti-science lies about fetuses, babies & women's bodies.
Seeing the "pro-life" movement as part of the general right-wing strategy—pushing anti-science propaganda, conspiracies & incendiary lies—should free Democrats to fully embrace abortion as a healthcare issue about women's bodies & freedom. "Killing babies" is GOP disinformation.
This is how we need to talk about the anti-abortion movement—as an early right-wing disinformation campaign. Republicans were wildly successful in reframing science into crazy rabid anti-science. GOP's "killing babies" disinformation helped Republicans gain power across America.
Read 6 tweets

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