After 548 days of restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19, Denmark's high vaccination rate has enabled the country to become one of the first European Union nations to lift ALL domestic health measures. More than 85% of the eligible Danish population is fully vaccinated. 🧵
The return to normality has been gradual, but as of October 8th, the digital pass- proof of having been vaccinated- is no longer required when entering nightclubs, making it the LAST virus safeguard to fall. The Danish government NO LONGER considers COVID-19
a socially critical disease. “Denmark is lifting the restrictions because the vaccine rollout has been very successful," said Jens Lundgren, Professor of Viral Diseases, Copenhagen University Hospital. “As a consequence, we have the pandemic under control in this country and can
therefore handle whatever remaining of those who still get infected within the frameworks of our hospital system." In late August, Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said the epidemic was under control but warned the government would act as needed if the situation deteriorated.
Since August 14th, masks on public transportation were no longer mandatory. On September 1st, nightclubs reopened, limits on public gatherings were removed and it was no longer mandatory to show a pass when one wanted to be seated inside restaurants, or go to football games,
fitness centres or hairdressers. Masks or shields are still mandatory at airports and people are advised to wear one when at the doctor's, test centers or hospitals. With the majority of the adult population being fully vaccinated in Denmark and with the advancement of the
vaccine rollout in Europe, the Parliament of Denmark has agreed to ease entry rules and simplify the travel restrictions for those reaching the Scandinavian country as well as Danes traveling abroad. You can read more on this here:… and
here:…. Denmark has reported a total of 365,000 cases and 2,674 deaths since the pandemic began. The country has been averaging just under 600 new cases in the past week. Denmark uses Moderna and Pfizer’s
COVID-19 vaccines and 5-6 week intervals.

Against Infection (Delta)
•Pfizer: 84.6%
•Moderna: 88.9%

Against Hospitalization (Delta)
•Pfizer: 94.4%
•Moderna: 100% (note: this is due to data collection time-point)

See… and…
As of last week, Delta had been detected in more than 96% of samples in Denmark. Sequencing information can be found here: and Denmark’s COVID-19 Dashboard can be found here:…
So, how did Denmark essentially “beat” COVID-19? For one, vaccination rates are high- over 86% of all eligible citizens 12 and older have received at least one dose, and a little over 95% of people 50 and older are fully vaccinated.
For the most part, Danes also avoided blaming and shaming their fellow citizens and had high and stable trust in their health authorities which was a crucial factor in their success. It also encouraged high vaccination rates and successful implementation of key policies.
In addition, Denmark’s parties came to a common understanding and feelings of polarization among citizens waned. The Danish opposition prioritized epidemic control over the potential electoral gains that polarization might offer. You can read more here:…
Correction: All restrictions in Denmark were lifted on September 10th, including the proof for vaccination in nightclubs. The original plan was to lift that restriction this month but it ended up happening earlier. ☺️

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15 Oct
Just HOW effective are the COVID-19 vaccines at protecting you from severe illness and hospitalization even in the face of Delta?

BEFORE Delta variant increase: 95% effective

DURING Delta variant increase: 92% effective


Let’s discuss. 🧵
Real-world data out of King County, WA (which includes Seattle) confirms vaccinated individuals are significantly better protected from illness, hospitalization, AND death due to COVID-19 compared to unvaccinated individuals, even as the Delta variant surges through the state.
Over the PAST 30 days, unvaccinated individuals were:
•9X more likely to test positive for COVID-19 (65% of cases)
•48X more likely to be hospitalized for COVID-19 (77% of hospitalizations)
•69X more likely to die of COVID-19 related illness (74% of deaths) ImageImageImageImage
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14 Oct
This is what we have been waiting for! A study out of NIH shows heterologous COVID-19 booster vaccinations of Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson induce strong humoral immune responses (up to a 76X increase in nAbs) with acceptable reactogenicity profiles. Let’s discuss. 🧵
This particular study involved 458 participants. They were divided into nine groups with roughly around 50 participants in each group. Those who initially got Moderna’s vaccine got either another dose of Moderna, a dose of Pfizer, or a dose of Johnson & Johnson as a booster four
to six months after their primary immunization. Those who got Pfizer’s vaccine got either another dose of Pfizer or a dose of Moderna or a J&J booster. And those who received one dose of J&J initially either got another dose of J&J or a Moderna or Pfizer booster dose.
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12 Oct
An analysis of ~250,000 in Canada found two doses of any of the three COVID-19 vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca) led to strong protection from infection, hospitalization, AND death -even against Delta- REGARDLESS of the vaccination combination and showed NO signs of waning.
Preliminary data from researchers at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) and the Quebec National Institute of Public Health (INSPQ) shows the decision to vaccinate more Canadians sooner by delaying second shots by up to four months saved lives.
The researchers excluded long-term care residents from the data, who are generally at increased risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19, in order to get a better sense of vaccine effectiveness in the general population. Needless to say the results were exceptional.
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10 Oct
Yes, the vaccines ARE effective against the Delta variant. Yes, you will want both doses for maximum protection. Yes, they’re effective against preventing symptomatic infection, severe disease, AND hospitalization. Several studies have proven this now. Stop the misinformation.
Also, yes, this does include Johnson & Johnson. Why are variants unlikely to FULLY evade vaccine-induced immunity?
•Vaccines are polyclonal (Abs)
•CD8+ T-cells covering 52 epitopes across the spike protein
•CD4+ T-cells covering 23 epitopes across the spike protein
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8 Oct
“Breakthrough” infections DO NOT mean vaccines don’t work. Remember, they are preventives, NOT cures. One can still contract COVID once vaccinated. As long as that vaccine is preventing you from facing severe disease and worse, it IS working and doing what it was designed to do.
Regarding the concerns about waning immunity. Please remember, this is likely referring to infection. NOT effectiveness against symptomatic infection, NOT effectiveness against severe illness. While neutralizing antibodies decrease over time (as they ARE supposed to) protective
immunity provided by memory B-cells and T-cells is STILL present. Remember: Immunological memory consists of antibodies, memory B-cells, memory CD8+ T-cells, and memory CD4+ T-cells. These responses give us enduring protection even against newly emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants.
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7 Oct
“The vaccines don’t work- look at Singapore.” Alright, let’s do it.

Cases are at record highs due to Delta, however, OVER 98% of Singapore’s vaccinated cases are MILD or have NO symptoms. In addition, the nation has had VERY FEW deaths despite a surge in cases.

I’m not done.🧵
As of Tuesday, 83% of Singapore’s population is considered to be fully vaccinated. TO NOTE: Singapore recently transitioned away from a Zero COVID approach. The rise in cases upon attempting to reopen was to be expected as part of attempting to “live” with the virus and reopen.
According to their MOH, over the last 28 days, of the 43,610 infected individuals, 98.3% are MILD or have NO symptoms, 1.4% required oxygen supplementation, 0.1% required ICU care, and 0.2% had died.….
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