15 one-liners that give you hope, when you have lost it all 👇

A thread
1. You are just ONE thought away from a happy mood.
Just one thought.
2. The ones that hurt you the most, don't do it purposefully.

They just don't know better.
3. Even if they do it purposefully, is it worth your happiness to give it up for them?
4. It's okay to move out if your environment is toxic.

However, nothing moves much unless you move out of your own old habits.
5. A happy life is mostly about:
- Sacrificing
- Not craving credit
- Loving yourself as much you expect others to love you
6. What's less spoken of, is that a happy life is also about being okay when nothing is okay.

Give up on ANYTHING but not your happiness.
7. You are just one conversation away from a good mood.

If people cannot give you that, run into books and YouTube videos.
8. Motivation works wonders, for those who take action on it.
9. The world is anyway designed to make you feel inadequate.

Why would you also want to do that to yourself?
10. A gentle reminder whenever you lose hope:
You can do better, because you have done better :)
11. If only you saw yourself through the eyes of others, you will astound yourself.
12. If only you saw others as kids making mistakes, you will astound your empathy levels.
13. Everything will belong to you, once you accept that nothing belongs to you.
14. Keep doing good and keep doing good.

But, do that good to yourself as well.
15. You become a monk not by changing clothes, you become a monk by changing your thoughts.
And now, here is the lie you want me to tell:

Being happy takes efforts.
Getting hopeful takes time.
Loving yourself is a lifelong process.

All of this is a LIE.
The biggest truth is, just like your stomach is full once you eat a meal, your hope and happiness is full, once you fill yourself up.

With the right people
With the right wisdom
With the right YouTube videos
The best moment of your life would be when you accept this biggest truth

Because that will be the day when you will start taking control of your hope.

Nothing, NOTHING is more powerful than this.
And here we come to the beginning of hope, just like at the end of it :)


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