The SNP’s relationship with Europe.

A thread.
Let’s travel back to 1975.

When the EEC (as it was then) in/out referendum was held, the SNP wanted Scotland (and Britain) out of the EEC.

Interesting quote from Alex Salmond below.
After being dealt a bloody nose by being blamed for bringing down Callaghan’s Labour Government and ushering in Maggie Thatcher, the SNP struggled in the wilderness during the 1980s.

In 1988 they eventually came up with a new idea:

“Independence in Europe”
2014: The independence referendum.

If Scotland voted Yes we’d be out of the UK and the EU.

Not so said the Nats.

Yet we know this not to be true.

The UK is the member state.
First Minister Alex Salmond did his bit to muddy the waters to try and convince the voters that everything would be fine.…
Before we get to Brexit, a reminder that in 2007 The SNP favoured a vote on the EU Treaty.…
Yet by 2016 and under new management of Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP vigorously supported the Remain campaign.

So much so that they spent less than they did on a Shetland by-election…

Half-hearted? Or not even trying?…
After the Leave EU result, the SNP demanded a new independence referendum.

“We were told a No vote would secure EU membership!”

That was true then.

Also true was that EU membership wasn’t a big issue in the 2014 #indyref 👇
Brexit was bad, said the SNP. They promised to STOP BREXIT.

So much so that when an indicative vote on the Customs Union (good idea?) was put forward in Westminster, the SNP en masse abstained.


Good for Scotland and Remainers?

Think how being in the CU would help now?
Over the last few years the SNP have been involving themselves with Catalonia.

And every now and again a lowly official backs indy Scotland in the EU.

Then guess what happens?

Spain would not entertain it. No sir.…
And of course when Britain left the EU, the SNP disingenuously paid for a light show to make it look like our friends in Brussels were missing us.

Nope. All a stunt paid for by the SNP, who that week were pro EU.…
So finally, without even going near The Copenhagen Criteria (look it up) @BingoDemagogue is a good read,

Could the SNP’s “love affair”with the EU just simply be good old fashioned expedience?

Make your own mind up 👇…

• • •

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The Strange Case of Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon:

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Nicola was born in Irvine, July 1970 and attended Dreghorn Primary & Greenwood Academy.

Note: That’s Ayrshire, not Glasgow 👍
Nicola said she detested Thatcher growing up yet in one of the many incongruous elements in her life, her parents took advantage of that most Thatcherite of working class policies: buy your own council house
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A thread:

Many Scots are in denial over Barnett, GERs figures, HS2, we export more to the UK, Crossrail, Currency, future of mortgages and pensions, Churchill sending tanks to George Square, the 51st being abandoned and many many more myths, lies and conspiracy theories.

To create the narrative that England cheats or steals from us.

This is furthered by unpalatable rhetoric by SNP elected politicians who spout knowing lies about our relationship and situation.

They even can’t accept the fact the UK is a country, a unitary state: our country.
Why is independence supporting parties doing well in our elections in Scotland then if it’s all lies?

Well this is where I suggest Flat Earthers, Moon Landing Conspiracy nuts and my favourite the JFK assassination conspiracy theories are useful.

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It seems to me people are deliberately ignoring the differences between elections and referendums.

Referendums are single issue votes that have seismic impacts. Massive change is enacted if change wins.

That is why they cannot be every few years.

Uncertainty kills economy.
Refusing to accept the results of referendums is undemocratic.

The position of the SNP/Yes re: Brexit is disingenuous.

A Yes vote in 2014 would have seen Scotland out of the EU.

SNP didn’t campaign for Remain EU. They spent more on a by-election than the Remain vote.
The SNP wrote in their white paper it was a once in a generation vote.

Hold them to that.

Or what does their word mean?

Respect The Edinburgh Agreement.

The worst thing for Scotland is to have another referendum before a fair period of time has elapsed. Why?
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Welcome to Natland.

We welcome everyone from every part of the world.

The kettle is always on.
In Natland we always agree with each other.

Our loyal citizens are placid and obedient.
In Natland, The Party is your friend.

The Party will look after you.

Our Dear Leader is infallible.

We know you agree.
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Debunking the myths and lies of the SNP/Yes and how they’ve radicalised Scots.
Scotland subsidises England.…


We spend £81 billion for public sector yet only bring in £65 b.

GERS is collected for the SG and SNP had no issues with it when it suited them.

Can’t have it both ways.
The Scottish Government cannot borrow.


On the ScotGov website it is there but down in the footnotes.

Scotland Act (2016).
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