1./ I just found out that when you use @prism_protocol and you deposit 1 $LUNA as collateral it is staked behind the scenes. You get $yLUNA and $pLUNA, once you stake your $yLUNA you'll receive the staking rewards of the staked $LUNA...
2./ ... but if you don't stake your $yLUNA the staking rewards will be converted to $PRISM and distributed to $xPRISM stakers.

The real #Alpha my friends:
3./ Every $LUNA deposited at @prism_protocol will be staked. Do you understand what this mean to the liquid supply?

$LUNA liquid supply going down, $LUNA use cases going up.
4./ The next months are going to be full of excitement my friends. #WGMI


• • •

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26 Oct
1./ You're bullish for @prism_protocol? You should be. If you're wondering what they will bring to #DeFi you should check my previous threads about them. For now, I assume we all know.
2./ The real alpha for @prism_protocol is that they're not only focussing on splitting just $LUNA but all PoS assets. Think about $ATOM, $SOL, $ETH and $DOT. This combined with the fact that $PRISM is the base token in the liquidity pools is mind blowing. Why? I'll explain.
3./ Once a PoS asset is deposited in @prism_protocol the token deposited is the collateral and is used to mint a yield bearing asset and a principal asset. The collateral token doesn't disappear but is staked by the protocol.
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24 Oct
1./ I think @staderlabs is not getting the attention it deserves yet. Staking is one of the most important things in crypto but is not capital efficient in most cases. #Stader is going to change that.
2./ Built on #Terra, #Stader is going to disrupt the staking business. They have a lot of things they're planning to do and I'd love to tell you guys everything about it but today I'll be focussing on the thing I'm most excited about: Liquid tokens.
3./ Nowadays most of the times when you stake a token you're done. That's it, the token is staked. Not liquid anymore, but you're earning yield. It's not bad, but it could be better. What if you get a token in return?
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19 Oct
1./ We can use the vaults of @ApolloDAO for a while now and in my opinion everything is working fine. Why should we excited for their token? What does it add to the protocol?

A small thread:
2./ In DeFi we're familiar with auto compounders. Their services are great, but why would you want to hold their tokens? Not that much utility most of the times. But not for @ApolloDAO. Their auto compounding is great, but what you really should be excited about is the Warchest.
3./ 99% of the protocol's revenue will be redirected to the Warchest with the other 1% redirected to @angelprotocol. With these funds initially $LUNA, $bETH and $aUST will be bought (future allocation to be decided by the DAO).
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4 Oct
1./ If you noticed, @prism_protocol just released a sneak peak of their platform and it looks wonderful.

Lately I made some threads about them because I think what they're building is revolutionary and is going to chance the whole #DeFi game.
2./ However, despite my threads not everyone seems to get it yet. And to be honest, I can imagine. It's not easy to understand, but when you get it... I think you're going to be just as bullish as me.

So let's make another thread about @prism_protocol:
3./ What is @prism_protocol?

Quote: "PRISM is a revolutionary derivatives protocol that introduces new asset classes in DeFi, allowing
users to manage the risks associated with volatile prices and unstable yields in a simple and
capital-efficient manner...
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30 Sep
1./ Now Col-5 has launched it's time to look forward. Let me take you straight to September 2022.

It's been a rough year. All the centralised stable coins suffered from the actions of the regulators, but their was one stable coin they couldn't get their hands on: $UST!
2./ Because of this, combined with the ongoing mainstream adoption of crypto currencies $UST now has a marketcap of more than $USDC, $USDT and $UST combined one year ago. Of course this means $LUNA went parabolic and now is the most wanted asset around
3./ The few other stable coins that are still being used are mostly deposited into @orion_money where also the users of other chains receive an APY of around 20% because @anchor_protocol keeps delivering, helped by @neptune_finance.
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27 Sep
1./ Just imagine a collaboration between @prism_protocol and @ApolloDAO. All mAssets, $LUNA, $ANC, $MIR, $MINE and way more tokens split into yield bearing tokens and principal tokens, all pooled against $PRISM and made available in auto compounding vaults on @ApolloDAO
2./ The only thing you have to do is deposit $UST at @ApolloDAO and everything else will be taken care of behind the scenes. This would be so user friendly and create so much value for $PRISM at the same time...
3./ Keeping in mind that they're also planning to integrate other cross chain assets like $SOL, $ATOM and $ETH, @prism_protocol is going to attract an unbelievable amount of value. It's literally a #BlackHole.
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