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$BETA, the first Alpha Launchpad project, has successfully been listed on @binance recently.

That means, by staking $ALPHA on Alpha Tokenomics now, you receive…


Totaling to 🌟140% APY!🌟

Why so high? 👇
This APY comes from ALPHA (captured from Alpha protocol fees) and Alpha Launchpad tokens, or tokens of high quality projects that have gone through vetting and advising process by the #Alpha team.

Haven’t staked your ALPHA? 👇
Why wait, when you can stake now at a time when the Gas Fee on @Ethereum is low.

A user recently started staking and spent 🌟~22 USD🌟 for the gas fee!

Stake now at:

How does $BETA distribution to $ALPHA stakers work again? 👇
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🍾 Welcome to the 2nd year of Alpha Finance Lab. We have prepared a roadmap and The Perfect Square Strategy that will take Alpha to the next growth stage.

Before that, let’s go down the memory lane to see what Alpha Finance Lab has been doing for the last 365 days.

Look back👇 Image
7 key developments in the Alpha Universe:

1. The First Leverage Yield Farming: The Alpha Homora
2. Alpha Homora V2
3. Alpha Tokenomics and Alpha Tiers
4. Alpha Launchpad: @beta_finance and @pStakeFinance
5. Alpha Metaverse
6. Alpha DAO
7. AlphaX

The Perfect Square Strategy 👇
Now, we are pushing forward with The Perfect Square Strategy to grow #Alpha to the next growth stage.

We are not aiming for a few percentage growth, but at 10x growth from here. It is not a question of whether we will get there, but a question of how soon.

First👇 Image
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How effective are #COVID vaccines against #transmissions?

Key points:

1-Vaccination reduces transmission of #Delta, but by less than #Alpha
2-Alpha: Pfizer 62%, AZ 38% reduction
Delta: Pfizer 37%, AZ 15% reduction (aOR)
3-The impact of vaccination decreased over time 1/
4-Vaccinated people with breakthrough infections were less likely to spread Covid.
5-Vaccination not only reduces the risk of becoming seriously ill from the virus, it also protects those around you. 2/
6-Contacts of vaccinated cases were less likely get Covid than contacts of unvaccinated cases.
7-Most transmission occurred in households, showing that vaccination can protect household members—including kids not yet eligible for vaccination. 3/…
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@SOLBigBrain @0x_fxnction @SolanaSensei @sol_snatcher I fucking did it boys. I fucking did it. 50+ Hours later.
There is a gross amount of spelling errors in the first and last few pages because they were written in the last 3 hours on 3 hours of sleep at 12am. I'll fix em tomorrow <3
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I've been trying to combine daily Israel data with the @IsraelMOH FDA presentation & the booster study from @NEJM. Extending their ideas, I created charts that provide the same valuable real-life information as the study but CONTINUOUSLY in REAL-TIME.
MOH correctly understood even a seemingly modest decrease in vaccine effectiveness results in a significant increase in relative risk for the vaccinated, impacting the pandemic control.
97%>85% = 5-fold increase in relative risk 3%>15% (1:33>1:6.6)
2/… Image
So, to quantify the protective effect of the additional booster dose, it's best to compare rate ratios & calculate x-fold changes in relative risk.
"Protection is given as a fold reduction in risk relative to people who received only two vaccine doses."
3/… Image
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3. Zwischenbericht COVID-Schulen (August 21) ist online. Danke an @sui7_7 fürs Dranbleiben!

Was steht drin? Einige ausgewählte Punkte.
#GebtDieStudieFrei #twlz #Schulen #COVID19
1. Aktuelle Ergebnisse/Empfehlungen:
👉Die Bedeutsamkeit eines regional detaillierten Monitoring der Infektions-/Quarantänezahlen wird hervorgehoben. 2/n
Daten sollten bis Frühjahr 2022 (auf Landkreisebene) weiter erhoben werden. Wie so oft ist es jedoch um die Datenerhebung und -nutzung in D schlecht bestellt. 3/n
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The number #1 cost/benefit #NFT tool right now - @freshdrops_io. I will explain.

A thread🧵👇
What is @freshdrops_io? A tool made for revealing NFT metadata faster than @opensea. OS usually takes about 30min-1h to reload the metadata. This tool can do it in about 5 min.
What it can do? It shows literally EVERYTHING about NFTs you want to know. The buy now sort function coming in day/two, the chrome extension coming in two weeks. And MORE, I am so excited about the functions this project is going to provide and already providing.
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[Thread] Projet @polychainmon

Préparez le café et les gâteaux, mettez vous à l'aise et prenez le temps car le #thread est assez long.

Nous allons aborder dans un premier temps le projet sous forme de chiffres et de stats, puis dans un second temps, l'aspect jeu & #PlayToEarn
On commence par les investisseurs derrière le projet qui sont @MoonrockCapital (@polkastarter) & @Morningstar_vc

Ils ont permis de réaliser une levée de fonds de 740 000 $.

Ce qui permet à une équipe de travailler sereinement pendant plusieurs mois sans soucis financiers.
On peut penser que si des fonds d'investissements pousse le projet @polychainmon, c'est qu'ils pensent faire de l'#argent et qu'ils croient au projet.

On est donc (en théorie) loin du #rugpull avec la team anonyme sans aucune références.
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1/4. Nederlandse #COVID-#Lockdowns.
-niet de regionale maatregelen of algemene adviezen-
uitgedrukt in #Gemiddeld aantal #Dagen/#Inwoner
tot sept 2021:
1e #Lockdown:

Aantal dagen/inwoner: 78
2/4. 2e #Lockdown+#Avondklok:

+#3eGolf met #Britse #Alpha-#Variant mutatie.

Aantal Lockdown dagen/inwoner: 270
3/4. Ouderen & Kwetsbaren veilig in verpleeghuizen & wooncentra OPGESLOTEN.

15-03-2020 - 16-04-2021.
233.000 mensen.

400 dagen
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This thread caused quite a stir. Though I can't confirm these numbers (the US doesn't have accessible national data), it's an important idea. If we are indeed all supposed to "get" infected by #SARS2 sooner or later, it would be very useful to know what outcomes we are facing.
Once again, I turn to the country that had multiple significant outbreaks, since the beginning collects & now releases in real-time raw data separated by the vaccination status: #Israel.
So, let's compare case fatality rates & case severe hospitalization rates.
These are #Israel's totals of cases, new severe patients & deaths. I have to stress that Israel tests a lot & includes antigen tests. Their level of healthcare is among the best in the world. And importantly, they reacted swiftly & blunted the impact of both #Alpha & #Delta.
3/ Image
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Thursday #covid19ab brief:
• 1522 new cases (-12 to previous days)
• 7 day trend is now 1247
• +359 active cases to 15,977
• +32 hospitalizations
• 9 new deaths
The daily case numbers rise back up for Wednesday numbers restoring the day over day rising trend post Labour Day.
764 additional variant cases in Alberta:
• 1 B.1.117 #alpha
• 762 B.1.617 #delta
• 1 P.1 #gamma
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I have to again remind people to read the Galveston study of the P681R mutation. #Delta is NOT the fittest variant possible. In fact, they found out that Delta has A LOT of space for improvement. Mutations outside of Spike actually decreased Delta's fitness for viral replication.
Updated version is out.
"P681R substitution clearly augments spike processing & is likely the main driver of the fitness advantage observed in #Delta variant...
Recent study showed that mutation P681H alone did not enhance viral fitness or transmission."…
"...breakthrough infections by the #DeltaVariant in vaccinated individuals DO NOT REFLECT IMMUNE ESCAPE. Instead, the increased breakthrough infection is likely due to enhanced viral replication fitness of the #Delta variant through augmented spike processing."
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Belated Wed. #covid19ab brief:
• 1229 new cases (-63 to previous days)
• 7 day trend is now 1293
• +132 active cases to 15,618
• +45 hospitalizations to 647 (+16 to previous days)
• 18 new deaths
And the daily adjustment chart with net 63 cases being removed between October 25th, 2020 and September 6th, 2021.
The 30 day waterfall chart for the trend in #covid19ab cases with whiskers for actual daily cases reported.
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Tuesday #covid19ab brief (Fri-Mon #s):
• 1336, 1457, 825, 1309 new cases (-6, -7, -5, -6 to prev days)
• 7 day trend is now 1484
• +87 hospitalizations from Fri (515 to 602)
• +1,991 active cases to 15,486
• 17 new deaths
30 day waterfall chart of #covid19ab trends, and whiskers for actual daily cases. And as indicated last Friday the recalculation removed the flattening once the entire week's data was available. Image
1786 additional variant cases in Alberta:
• 1 B.1.117 #alpha
• 1785 B.1.617 #delta ImageImage
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1/8 Launching #AlphaBuyWall, a smart contract that allows bidders to bid for NFT & sellers to access liquidity without slippage!

Now supports:
1) #Loot @lootproject @dhof
2) #Bloot @beaniemaxi
3) @Pudgy_Penguins
4) @0n1Force
5) @coolcatsnft
6) @BoredApeYC
2/8 How is #AlphaBuyWall unique and useful for the community?

1⃣Provide price floor for all #NFTs
2⃣Instant liquidity for NFT sellers
3⃣No slippage
4⃣On-chain orderbook, transparent and fair for all.
5⃣No fee
6⃣No fake NFT
3/8 How to bid on #AlphaBuyWall?

Deposit $ETH, which will be locked on Alpha Buy Wall contract, to bid for floor #NFTs. If matched, you will exchange your ETH with an arbitrary NFT of the given collection.
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1/4 Join us on Twitter #Space today (Sep 3) at 2pm UTC!

What we'll cover
👉 Recap of #Alpha development
👉 Alpha's take on the future of #NFT
👉 Open floor discussion and Q&A Image
Our Twitter Space will help expand the pathway for the #AlphaWolves community to engage with the Alpha Team even further.

Alpha Wolves 🐺community can expect bi-weekly Twitter #Space sessions every month!
See the Alpha Calendar to learn more about community events and calls coming up! 🏃💨…
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Neues aus der Reihe der #NMFG (Nicht-Mathe-Fähigen-Gesellschaften)..
Wieder wird öffentlichkeitswirksam und bei politischen Sitzungen auf das #DGPI Survey verwiesen.. Wieder werden anekdotische Zahlen in den Raum geworfen.
(Thread 🧵➡️)
Im "aktuellen" Update (Stand 29.08.2021) tauchen mal wieder einige Unstimmigkeiten auf, die mich an den Mathekompetenzen der Verantwortlichen zweifeln lassen.…
Zumindest am Kompetenzbereich "Mit symbolischen, formalen und technischen Elementen der Mathematik umgehen", wieder im Bereich "bis zur 6.ten Klasse". (Vgl. "<" vs. ">" im gestrigen Thread)
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C.1.2 Bilgilendirme;
#Delta 'dan sonra yeni bir varyantımız var. Güney Afrika ve bazı ülkelerde görülen varyant C.1.2 olarak isimlendiriliyor. Diğer #coronavirus varyantlarına göre ~2 kat daha hızlı mutasyon geçirdiği gözlemlenmiş, detaylıca ele alalım 1/n…
Güney Afrika menşeli makaleye göre #C12 bilinen tüm #coronavirus varyantlarına oranlar daha hızlı mutasyon geçiriyor.… 2/n
Şu ana kadar en yüksek mutasyon taşıyan varyantın bu olduğu ve Wuhan 'da ortaya çıkan orijinal #sarscov2 'ye en uzak akraba olan varyant olarak gözlemlendiği bildiriliyor. 3/n
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بیشتر از 150 تا کوین مجزا درخواست کردین.
همه رو نگاه میکنم و این پست تا شب آپدیت میشه.
چون که تعداد خیلی بیشتر از انتظارم شد، فقط اونایی رو چارتشونو منتشر میکنم که یه سری شرایط رو داشته باشن. پس اگه کوینی که شما گفتین رو منتشر نکردم، دلیلش یکی از ایناست:
1. خیلی پامپ شده و نقطه
ورود با ریسک به ریوارد مناسب نداشته.( معنیش این نیست که بده، فقط برای خرید الان مناسب نیست)
2. بولیش نبوده و به درد خرید نمیخورده.
3. چارت نداشته یا چارتش سابقه ی خیلی کمی داشته و قابل تحلیل نبوده.
#Alpha #AlphaBTC
یه ترند خوب رو شکسته و داره بهش پولبک میزنه. میشه همین جا خرید و استاپ هم برگشت و تثبیت زیر خط روند صعودی(پایینترین خط سبز) باشه. میشه هم صبر کرد و بعد از شکست ترند بعدی که دقیقا متقارن با میانگین 200 روزه هم هست(دایره قرمز) خرید رو انجام داد که کم ریسک تره.
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What are recent topics for PhD in management or other affiliated subjects?

The latest topics of interest are =>
1.#Behavioural models of #Marketing using experimental economics

2.Role of #Data #Sciences in modelling time-motion studies to measure human efficiency and output on the shop floor.
3.#Reliability Management Process Improvement Controls used in the Value-Added Industries
(Industrial/#engineering management).
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Good morning! I'll be covering the trial, which begins today and is expected to wrap up by Wednesday.

Several Florida families (at least 4 from Tampa Bay) are suing @GovRonDeSantis and state agencies over the ban on mask mandates.

You can watch along with me at the link below.

I will also be live tweeting as much as possible throughout the day, with video whenever I can pull it off!

I will also have reports on @WFLA in this evening's news.

Here is a link to the trial documents so far — the initial complaint from plaintiffs/Florida families, the defendants' (DeSantis et. al.) motion to dismiss—denied last week, hence trial today—and the plaintiffs' memorandum of law in opposition to the MTD…
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Ergänzend zum gestrigen #OktoberImAugust Thread heute noch ein paar weitere Einblicke in #Hospitalisierungen #Kinderdurchseuchung
TLR: #KeineEntkopplung:
Steigt Inzidenz, steigt #Belastung der Krankenhäuser - und der niedergelassenen sowieso.
Ausführlicher im Thread:➡️
Betrachtet man die #Hospitalisierungsinzidenz-en für alle Altersgruppen über den Gesamtzeitraum, sieht erstmal alles #Tutti aus, weniger als KW44/20 bis 23/21.
Aber zu den Werten gehörten auch 90.000 Tote, das wollen wir ja auch nicht wiederholen.
Wie ist der Trend?
Betrachtet man letzte 2 Monate, steigt nicht nur #Hospitalisierung bei #Kinderdurchseuchung, sondern auch bei 80+ sehr deutlich,
ebenfalls 60-79Jahre steigend, ähnliche Höhe wie #Hospitalisierungsinzidenz der 0-4Jährigen.
War das zu erwarten?➡️
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A Belgium study of VE vs. infection & onwards transmission of #COVID19, from Jan-Jun 2021; mostly #Alpha, no #Delta.
"VE vs. infection for a fully vaccinated high-risk contact (HRC) & an unvaccinated index was estimated at 74% for BNT162b2 (Pfizer)..."…
Other vaccines had fewer events.
"...NO SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE between protection by full-dose vaccination & previous infection."
"The VE against onwards transmission was estimated at 62% for BNT162b2... Vaccination with mRNA-vaccines had a SIMILAR EFFECT as previous infection."
It's striking VE vs. onward transmission is lower than vs. infection. Common preconceptions would expect higher, since VE vs. symptomatic #COVID scores better than vs. infection.
This confirms some vaccinated people tested negative but still transmitted further (even pre-#Delta)!
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Will the newly identified sub-lineages of #Delta may initiate a new wave of #Covid19 in India? What impact the increasing prevalence of the Delta-D clade would have on global #COVID burden?

My write-up deliberating on these issues in @TheWireScience 👇…
#Delta variant and its extended family: How much do we need to worry?

During the first few months of the #pandemic, the evolution of the virus was relatively predictable, with substitutions accumulating at a fixed pace: 1 substitution every second week 2/
In contrast, the 2nd year of the #pandemic is punctuated by the emergence of several #variants that bore evidence of dramatic evolution 3/
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