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In order to capture shadow of blackhole at center of M-87, we need baseline of Earth diameter scale and wavelength of 1.3mm. So EHT was used. (2/n) Image
The EHT (Event Horizon Telescope) is a telescope that uses very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) to directly measure the "visibilities" of radio sources. The telescope has a network of many small telescopes around the world that work together to create a virtual telescope (3/n
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In this thread, I'll introduce the brilliant work of Dr. Edward Dowdye.
Credible Challenges to General & Special Relativity, Doppler Shift Theory & more.
If Einstein were alive today, he would concede to Dr. Dowdye's scientific evidence and mathematical proofs.
#BlackHistory ImageImageImageImage
The brilliant work of Dr. Edward Dowdye…

Why Should We Question Relativity? (FAQs)…

Optics, Electrodynamics & Gravitation based from Re-Worked classic physics/ Galilean Transformations under Euclidean Space…
16 Peer Reviewed Papers by Dr. Dowdye.
Hosted by NASA and Harvard:…

Propagation and Re-Emission of Light:…

Natural Philosophy Bio:…

More background for Dr. Dowdye:…
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#NASA released an audio clip of a #BlackHole, and it's pretty spooky…
#NASA recently revealed that black holes emit noises that sound like ghostly alien moans and wails.

Listen to the clip below, where NASA captured the eerie sounds of #blackhole pressure rippling through the Perseus galaxy cluster.

"The misconception that there is no sound in space originates because most space is a ~vacuum, providing no way for sound waves to travel. A galaxy cluster has so much gas that we've picked up actual sound," the @NASA account tweeted.

#NASA #BlackHole
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"We, with the rest of nature, have it within us to evolve through crisis, but we need to change how we see the world and...act in it. We need to think creatively and inclusively-our values and behaviours, not laws, will decide our future." @JeannetWeurman…
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"One thing I learned early how many people with large audiences are just bullshitting in a confident tone of voice. It's very easy to make a name for yourself that way. The path of integrity takes more work, and not many take it." -- @caitoz…
Crop harvests for direct food use insufficient to meet the UN’s food security goal…
#GlobalFoodSystem, #FoodSecurity, #UnitedNationsGoals, #HarvestCalories, #DirectFood
Life Cycle of Strawberry Plants: The Definitive Guide (Updated 2022)…
#LifeCycle, #StrawberryPlants, #DefinitiveGuide
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Something is coming!? (Countdown: 1/7)

#BigBang #Gravity #Newton #Blackhole #Genesis Image
Why are we joining (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, Medium, 6th-Dimension, etc) in order to follow one Token's news? (Countdown: 2/7)

#Absurd #Clutter #Mess Image
Getting bored talking to Non-Crypto people (Countdown: 3/7)

#HODL #BTFD #Shill #Rekt #FUD #Whale #WhenLambo #DYOR Image
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1./ Just imagine a collaboration between @prism_protocol and @ApolloDAO. All mAssets, $LUNA, $ANC, $MIR, $MINE and way more tokens split into yield bearing tokens and principal tokens, all pooled against $PRISM and made available in auto compounding vaults on @ApolloDAO
2./ The only thing you have to do is deposit $UST at @ApolloDAO and everything else will be taken care of behind the scenes. This would be so user friendly and create so much value for $PRISM at the same time...
3./ Keeping in mind that they're also planning to integrate other cross chain assets like $SOL, $ATOM and $ETH, @prism_protocol is going to attract an unbelievable amount of value. It's literally a #BlackHole.
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#Cosmos #blackhole ♠️ : Que verrait-on en tombant dans un Trou Noir ? 🤩
1 chouette vidéo accessible et pédagogique : via @ScienceClic #trounoir Image
#Cosmos : Les ondes gravitationnelles qui font vibrer l’espace-temps prouvent-elles telles que les trous noirs existent en tant qu’objets ?
Et bien non ! Seul l’horizon des événements et la dissipation d’énergie sont établis à ce jour… 🥸…
#cosmologie et Trous Noirs : Alors on peut les voir ou pas ? 😎🤪
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A #BlackHole warped space-time so much that astronomers saw flashes of light from its far side

#discovery #space @KIPAC1… Image
@KIPAC1 For the first time, scientists have seen the light behind a black hole.

Because no light can pass through a #BlackHole and come out the other side, the discovery further confirms #AlbertEinstein's theory that massive objects, like black holes and neutron stars, warp space.
@KIPAC1 This particular black hole, 800 million light-years away, was distorting space so much that astronomers could see X-ray explosions flashing behind it.

#BlackHole #discovery #space @KIPAC1 Image
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#YearInReview: Here are some of our most popular Twitter stories of 2020! (No particular order)

First up: the highest resolution image of the sun’s surface EVER taken—produced NSF’s Inouye Solar Telescope

#Bye2020 Image
Back in June, the Senate unanimously confirmed Sethuraman Panchanathan as the new @NSF Director—and the rest is history!

Meet our Director:

#YearInReview Image
#YearInReview continues: NSF's @LIGO & @ego_virgo scientists witnessed the merger of a black hole with 23 times the mass of our sun & a mystery object 2.6 times the mass of the sun.

Too small for a #blackhole, too large for a neutron star – what is it? Image
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New #Milkyway Map Show #Earth 2,000 Light Years Closer to Massive #BlackHole Than Previously Thought…

By- @MrigDixit

(📸: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC/Caltech))
A new cosmic map has suggested that the #Earth is spiralling 2,000 light-years closer to the #BlackHole located at the centre of our #MilkyWay galaxy.Dont worry,our planet is not plunging into the black hole soon as it is still thousands of light-years away from the black hole.
The new map constructed by the #astronomers from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) is developed using data collected over the past 15 years. It places #Earth just 25,800 light-years away from the centre of the galaxy where the #BlackHole resides.
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#NobelPrize | This year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded jointly to Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton and Charles M. Rice
for the discovery of Hepatitis-C virus.

#2020NobelPrize @NobelPrize #NobelPrize2020 Image
Harvey J Alter, Michael Houghton, and Charles M Rice jointly win the 2020 #NobelPrize in Medicine for the discovery of Hepatitis C virus… Image
@NobelPrize #NobelPrize | This year's Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded with one half to Roger Penrose and the other half jointly to Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez.

#2020NobelPrize @NobelPrize #NobelPrize2020 Image
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Astronomers Spot Six Galaxies Trapped Around Supermassive #BlackHole in Spider Web-Like Structure - by @MrigDixit…

(📸: ESO/L. Calçada)
Nothing can escape the powerful cosmic monster black holes—not even light—due to its strong gravitational pull that attracts nearly everything around the region.

But for the first time, astronomers have spotted six galaxies trapped around a supermassive black hole, appearing to form a spider web-like structure.

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A collision in #space revealed a #blackhole that physicists thought could never exist. The observatory that detected it cracked a 100-year-old mystery posed by #Einstein.…
Seven billion years ago, two black holes crashed into each other and merged into one enormous #blackhole with the mass of 142 suns.
The collision reverberated through space and time, and these ripples — a phenomenon called gravitational waves first predicted by #AlbertEinstein — traveled 16.5 billion light-years through the universe, reaching #Earth in May 2019.
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A year ago today, we unveiled the M87 #BlackHole image by @ehtelescope! We were so proud to finally share our hard work (by 300+ scientists & engineers) with the rest of the world! Let me tell you a little bit about the crazy journey to get here
#OTD #BlackHole1year 🥳
@ehtelescope uses the technique of very long baseline interferometry to achieve the resolution necessary to see a black hole 55 million light-years away! We synchronized 📡📡 around the world, and synthesized a virtual telescope the size of Earth!
cr. @TheNRAO
The possibility to see the shadow of a black hole with VLBI was first put forward by my advisor, @hfalcke, back in 2000. At just the right radio wavelength, the gas flow around the black hole would be thin enough to peer down into the darkness!

cr. Falcke, Melia, Agol 2000
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1. The idea of ​​this thread is inspired by a very amiable dialogue with @bfeinner

This will be a thread about #blackhole. That a black hole is actually not what we are used to imagining and discussing.
2. Have you ever wondered why artists depict a black hole in the form of a black sphere? Moreover, exactly spherical black holes are considered by well serious researchers in the models.
This is a stereotype transferred from another familiar celestial bodies: stars and planets. Image
3. Stars and planets have a spherical shape because they are in hydrostatic balance between the compressive gravity and the repulsion force of the substance they are composed.
However, the black hole is not in balance: its gravitational force exceeds all repulsive forces.
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Here's a collection of threads from our scientists:

1. @aini1905 , a Primatologist. Read about her introduction to her research here!

@aini1905 Here is a thread on her thoughts on being a wildlife conservationist:
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So frustrating to #know the answer to the question of how to formulate that #TheoryOfEverything #scientists say is the biggest unsolved problem in #physics, yet they don't even want to look at it:…

Wave-particle duality a #mystery?
What I've found is rather astonishing:

The #mathematics used by #Maxwell are inconsistent.

He left the magnetic vector potential field [A] undefined and decoupled from the #medium thus creating #MaxwellsHole, which introduced an unwarrented #gauge #freedom in the model...
It is this #gauge #freedom thst led to the #hack known as #Quantum #Madness.

Really, it doesn't take a PhD to figure out that when you believe particles can exist at two places at the same time, you have a mental problem.…
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@godless_mom Heaven is just a fairy story for those afraid of the LIGHT
#TheoreticalPhysicists prefer to believe in the heavenly fairy tales they can concoct themselves.
#cosmology #Heaven #GOD #Truth #StephenHawking #NeildeGrasseTyson
@godless_mom Don’t know if they buried #StephenHawking in a black hole, like most people, but he said: "If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up. There’s a way out."… #Hawking #BlackHoles #MythMath #cosmology #NeildeGrasseTyson #atheist
@godless_mom Imagine there’s no #BlackHole heaven.
#StephenHawking didn't know what to believe about the NOTHING of #BlackHoles.… #atheists #cosmology
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Burnout 2 : Point of Impact
Nintendo GameCube (2003)
Un jeu de course où l’on roule à grande vitesse sur des axes urbains en évitant le plus grand nombre de véhicules.
Si vous voulez une anecdote personnelle concernant ce jeu, ça se passe sur Instagram : Image
VR Ping Pong
PlayStation 4 (2017)
Un jeu de simulation de Ping Pong en réalité virtuelle proposant 4 modes : Pratique, Solo, Tournament et Arcade.
#1Jour1Jeu #PlayStation #VR #VRPingPong #PingPong #PSVR Image
Darkest Dungeon : Ancestral Edition
Nintendo Switch (2018)
Un mix de RPG et dungeon crawler dans un univers dark fantasy très sombre et à la difficulté élevée, où l’on doit gérer le niveau de stress des héros, leur mort étant définitive.
#1Jour1Jeu #Switch Image
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Se hizo viral en #RRSS (como si fuera del fin de semana) un video de @jguaido que en realidad es de 2015. Probable objetivo: mostrar al Presidente (e) 🇻🇪 como OTRO político poco sensible, que baila mientras el país está en emergencia humanitaria

Abrimos #Hilo de #FakeNews
Otro ejemplo reciente de #FakeNews 👉🏻 el "científico venezolano" que formó parte del equipo que fotografió el #AgujeroNegro #BlackHole

Realidad: la foto es de un actor porno de España 🙈

Posible objetivo: desmotivarte cuando te enteres de que es mentira
Objetivos de las #FakeNews (noticias falsas)

1⃣Confundir, indignar, dividir y desmovilizar políticamente a la gente
2⃣Generar 💰 a portales de dudosa credibilidad a través de clics en noticias llamativas. No le des clic, los monetizas 👉🏻
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4379: Katie Bouman, Black Holes, and Emotional Processing - Nonverbal & Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)
#BlackHole #FirstPictureOfBlackHole #KatieBouman #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #SincereSmile #EmotionalProcessing
1/ Katherine Bouman has become the public persona for the first-ever imaging of a Black Hole.
2/ She's an American imaging scientist and an incoming assistant professor of computing and mathematical sciences at CalTech. Her Ph.D. thesis was titled, "Extreme imaging via physical model inversion: seeing around corners and imaging black holes".
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1/3. On the left the photo from nasa of the #BlackHole. On the right, my photo of the black hole. ⁦@NASA⁩ says it was really hard and took millions years and millions in equipment to Capture. Mine took ten minutes. Image
2/3The photo before we got it right. Image
3/3 the first photo before we added the orange light. I am on to you @NASA, you can do better than a photo of a blurry donut. I am beginning to wonder now about the moon walk. :) Image
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We at @MIT_CSAIL are so proud of the role our alum Dr. Katie Bouman played in the development of the first-ever picture of a black hole. She's been psyched about all the #blackhole interest & just wanted to clarify a few things. (1/7)
In our first tweet about this, we linked to a 2016 story about an algorithm she led the development of while at CSAIL. That algorithm was intended to take a picture of a black hole, but didn’t create the final image. (cont.)(2/7)
It inspired image validation procedures in the final paper, and the EHT team together developed new methods that were used in reconstructing the black hole image.(3/7)
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