What is GENUINE DESIRE... from a girl’s perspective?

It’s not just sex.

And while this thread isn’t meant to be comprehensive, it should give you an idea of what it looks like from the girl’s side.
•Does she text you back quickly, every time?
•Does she answer your calls? All of them?

It takes 2 seconds for her to text, “can’t talk now, give me X minutes.”

•Does she call or text back when she says she will?
A girl who has GENUINE DESIRE for you is *dying* for you to text or call her.

She’s going to respond as fast as humanly possible.

You’re giving her attention, after all, and that is what all us girls want.

Especially from the “right” man.

Is “I’m busy now” a legitimate excuse?
Yes and no.
Us girls do have a lot going on (work, school, family obligations, etc), so we may ACTUALLY BE IN A MEETING when we say we are.
A girl with GENUINE DESIRE is going to FIND time for you.
At the expense of EVERYTHING else.
Which leads me to say that if a girl GENUINELY DESIRES you, she will *literally give up sleep* if you want to talk to her at 2am.

Even if you’re talking about nothing important.

You’re giving her attention, right?
A girl with GENUINE DESIRE for you is going to ask a million questions, all the time.
She wants to know what you like, what you’re doing (and with whom), and every detail possible.

(She’ll then spend hours hamstering & analyzing every word... this is a good thing.)
She will use information she’s gathered to dress to get your attention.
You casually mentioned you like a long braid?
Guess what?!?
Her hair is now *always* perfectly braided.
Same for colors, dress styles, perfume, jewelry, etc.
A girl with GENUINE DESIRE for you will be available for sex with you *anytime* you want it.

Any. Time.

She will also be touching you, even non-sexually, any time you’re in her presence.

She grabs your arm to emphasize a point in your conversation?

Genuine desire.
A girl with GENUINE DESIRE for you will do *whatever* you want in bed.

Whether she likes it or not.

She will also OFFER YOU whatever you want, whenever you want, as often as possible.

And she will work hard to earn your orgasm.
A girl with GENUINE DESIRE for you will always want your attention, in all the ways.

She will respect you, in public and in private. She’ll be responsive in communicating and responsive to your desires.

And she’ll work to earn your respect... and especially your attention.

• • •

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3 Jul
I’m endlessly amused by trolls who accuse me of being a “doormat” because I’m a submissive woman.

I’m not a doormat.


My Owner wouldn’t want me if I were, in fact, a doormat.

A doormat personality type is submissive to EVERYONE.

I am submissive to only ONE MAN, my Owner.

Everyone else can fork themselves right off.
I have no trouble saying “no” to anything I don’t want to do for others.

In fact, my work *requires* me both to say no to clients often but also to command their respect.
For which I get paid.

A doormat could never do the work that I do.
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24 Jun
Your man has a very important meeting later. But, he says/does something to upset you.

Which girl earns his commitment?

A: Immediately reacts, causing long involved discussion.

B: Says nothing, makes breakfast, irons his shirt, & waits after meeting to raise issue.
The first girl is now adding stress to an already stressful day for her man.

She is most definitely not being supportive.

And she’s demonstrating a lack of trust in the relationship that it will continue to exist past his meeting.

She is telegraphing her needs come first.
The second girl is showing him the opposite:
•she wants to reduce his stress level
•she is supportive
•she trusts in the strength of the relationship

His needs, particularly in this important moment, come first.
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6 Jan
What’s it like to be submissive?

(Besides, awesome.)

Submission creates peace.

It amplifies the natural harmony between masculine and feminine.
I am in my most feminine when He is leading and I am following.

The more He leads, the more deeply masculine He becomes.

And the easier it is for me to submit to Him.

A very real, positive reinforcement cycle.

While I may be more of an over thinker than most girls (hamsters), all have fifty different things going on in their brain at any given time.
Issues with to-do lists, work, housekeeping, makeup, relationships, etc.

All of these tangled thoughts generate a level of anxiety.
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2 Jan
The neat thing about being His “main” (well, one of the neat things) is that because I’m secure in my place, I’m only actually ‘competing’ with myself.

As in, how can I continue to improve myself to make His life better/easier/more fun?
I’m not worried about getting replaced.

I am completely secure and at peace, whether He is with me or with someone else.

Not because I have Him “under control,” or wrapped around my finger but rather, it is entirely on ME whether I am serving Him to the best of my ability.
I know that what I control is my own behavior.

There is always room for improvement, but I have set the bar high... for myself.

On purpose.

I knew from the outset that I would not do well as a #2, and I told Him exactly that.
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14 Jul 20
How to be Supportive to your Man

I’ve posted quite a bit about the fact that a feminine woman should be ‘willing to support her man’ as part of the equation to reach high value status.

It’s a vague concept, and it seems like specific examples would be useful...

First, a high value man with a strong frame is not going to ask for your support.

He should *never* have to do that.

(Besides, you’ll *both* hate where that ends up, as it kills attraction.)
Let’s start with some easy ways to support Him:

•Maximize your looks at all times.

If you’re in public, you’ll subtly increase His natural confidence by being His arm candy.

At home, you’ll increase His desire for you, which is a total win-win.
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12 Jul 20
Why Should Women Be Submissive To Men?

Short answer:
Because it works.

Men and women have different strengths and abilities.
The root of nearly all intersexual problems occurs when one (or both) attempt to be something they aren’t.
A masculine woman will *always* be unhappy in a relationship.
So will a feminine man.
And they won’t understand why.
Femininity and submissiveness are essentially equivalent.

Submissive women create the feelings of protectiveness and provisioning in men that are so craved by *every* woman.

Submission, when done correctly, is NOT manipulative.

It is simply the natural state of a woman.

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