1/ Do you understand what is happening here before your eyes?

Too WEAK to be FELT—til too STRONG to be BROKEN

“China could ban all news media not funded directly by the Communist Party under new rules that will likely further limit freedom of speech.”
2/ The TRUTH…

…Is that the TRUTH will be suppressed—by decree or force.

All stats + information will be authorized from the state.

Everything else will be deemed “misinformation” and censorsed and punished

3/ Lux is Latin for light—shining light on darkness.

You know what Xi + CCP really do not like?
Satellites revealing ground truth.

Lux family co @planet
4/ More shining light + truth from Lux family co @planet
5/ And just TODAY

Luo Changping, a Chinese businessman and former journalist

was arrested after he questioned China’s role in the Korean War

the subject of a recent blockbuster film in the country depicting the US as villains...
6/ As i warned 2.5 years ago…

US movies have NO China villains

We need a great Chinese American hero-protagonist (NOT anti-Asian) in film + TV showing the real struggle against oppressive authoritarian CCP + the savvy information operations already quietly attacking us

• • •

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10 Oct
1/ On ‘cancel culture’

While some say it doesnt exist
or that it’s just people in positions of power upset to lose it to other people—It does exist

“It” is an offended group who weaponize outrage to punish a target

Wit: Close friend wore Tshirt with Arabic word for a place…
2/ Friend speaks @ event—invited in act of service

Audience member objects in private to group that the TShirt was triggering

Organizer privately apologizes to group + condemns Friend

Friend finds out of criticism later from another in audience seeing ‘cancellation’ as wrong…
3/ Cycle of cowtowing (first to audience, then to Friend —after Friend confronts organizer who diplomatically tries to diffuse)

This incident was upsetting and (taking some personal license IMO) compared to others relatively innocuous

Friend did not lose livelihood…
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8 Oct
The good news: the METAVERSE is exciting but NOT for the reasons most people are talking about.

The bad news: odds are the 'Metaverse' will be used by IBM in an add before year-end and further dilute + erode it as buzzword bs that we all grow AVERSE to...
2/ To know the FUTURE of the tech of the metaverse
it starts with the PAST of the sci-fi

the gap between sci-fi x sci-fact ever shrinking

30 yrs ago: Snow Crash
20 yrs ago: Matrix
10 yrs ago: Ready Player One**

**mandatory reading for Zuck inner-circle as playbook for facebook
3/ I use the framework of RECTANGLES...

There are 3 kinds:
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4 Oct
Be daring
Be different
Be impractical
Be anything…

that will assert integrity of purpose + imaginative vision against the play-it-safers
the creatures of the commonplace
the slaves of the ordinary

-(brit photog Cecil Beaton)
2/ A few of my faves

Orson Wells
3/ Audrey Hepburn
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13 Sep
1/ I am a VC––and arguably have EVERY self-serving reason to not share this...

Yet a reputation for being intellectually honest, critical of hype and a lifelong student of human behavior + markets is better than EVER being a huckster promoter misleading followers…
2/ Excellent piece from longtime friend @andykessler—a tech savvy investor who also is a student of markets

(he made a fortune running money during the .com boom + as he once told me “got to keep the money”;)…
Andy notes:

Joby is worth more than Lufthansa, EasyJet and JetBlue.

Tesla is worth more than the next 6 automakers combined.

BYND (made with pea protein) is worth more than the entire market for peas eaten globally.

Yahoo was once $125B + AOL $200B, both 99% less today
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16 Aug
Any situation with disorder + chaos = DISASTER
Right now Afghanistan is disaster

2 waves are rolling
-Regret + anger (“all for what?”) + low military morale foment
-Rebukes of failed approach + coulda/shoulda op-eds + books from think tanks cement US embarassment…
Dometically (+ internationally) politically it is big distraction for Blinken + Biden who are now on and will be on justifying- then apologist- defensive

—when they need to be focused on China.

Biden critics + the videos + images will be amplifyingly unrelenting
3/ China + Russia…will help amplify VERY aggressively
(using US social media accounts)

Russia already smearing Ashraf Ghani saying he filled helicopters with cash + fled (like banana republic dicatator)…
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13 Aug
1/ Have appreciation, emapthy and undersattnding for our VETERANS right now.

The ‘decision’ to “withdraw” from Afghanistan is causing heartwrenching pain suffering, frustration, anger—so many sacrificed SO MUCH (and many sacrificed ALL from limbs to life)…

i have a theory
2/ The US / Pentagon could never admit this overtly

failed state in Afghanistan under Taliban will foment violent extremists as it has
and yet now China = greater U.S. priority
History shows nation fighting two fronts often flails

Crazy 💭Our enemy’s enemy may be our “friend”
3/ CCP may recognize Taliban if Kabul fails

But will Taliban? They need
-Opium trade to China
-there are 1M muslims in concentration camps on Afghanistan border

What if US “decision” was not haphazard but calculated
“Enough—make this China’s problem on the Western front”
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