A fascinating example of narrative, creation and teaching methods all in one. It is quite amazing ->
X : Why so amazing?
Me : It's something @snowded reinforced at Map Camp yesterday. The examples of continuous small efforts in creating momentum to create change in a system. @snowded is always spot on with this stuff.
X : What's that got to do with videos?
Me : It's not really about videos, it's about art (whether videos or video games or whatever) and it's ability to influence societal values and hence power structures.
X : I don't get that map.
Me : You don't need to. All you need to understand is we change society through art.
X : And?
Me : Well, we're going to need to do this in order to mitigate the climate crisis.
X : I'm still not getting your point.
Me : In the past, the power of "art" was held by the powerful i.e. Hollywood, patrons etc. That's not so true today ...
Me : today ... well, the world is changing. See Dynamo Dream - - by @Mrdodobird - patreon.com/IanHubert or look into Sugar Gamers.
Me : It's by many such small efforts we can start to change values and hence change the power structures in society which we will need to do to mitigate the climate crisis.
X : Do you mean like Dominic Cummings Jokers comments?
Me : No. Cummings is using ...
Me : ... Frankfurt school Critical Theory to point out the flaws in the existing system in order to promote him and his mates as holders of the new ideology, a new political system, a new power structure. That just replaces one bunch of jokers with another. Doesn't help.
X : So?
Me : We have the tools, the creative talent out there, the communities to effect change. We just need our Wall Street Bets for "society" itself. That coming together of a large body with singular purpose and no leaders but this time around climate change.
X : This sounds ominous.
Me : Changing society through art? It can be. Let us hope we get our Bob Dylan, the bard of our age that crystallises a movement before anything more unpleasant arises.

• • •

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14 Oct
X : Blah, blah, blah, business leader.
Me : Business leader?
X : Yes, that's what I am.
Me : The ability to lead people that you pay to be lead by you?
X : No, I give direction.
Me : Would anyone follow you if you weren't paying them? I think business manager might be more apt.
X : I am a leader.
Me : In a very loose sense of the word. I could argue that I am beautiful by paying a thousand people to say so ... doesn't make it true. I understand where you're going but I wouldn't go around calling yourself a business leader. What's wrong with manager?
X : I am more than a manager.
Me : So it's not about the role and what you do, it's about ego?
X : No, it's about the simple truth that I lead.
Me : Gosh, nothing simple in this. How many ways can we unpack this. I better not.
X : Why?
Me : I'll cause more harm than good.
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13 Oct
Asked about pipeines in maps ... as simple as I can
You can think of pipelines as categories for many evolving components that we have choice over (i.e. substitution) ... for example, content in entertainment (i.e. films).
X : Isn't power a commodity?
Me : Hell's bells. I'm showing you an example to explain the meaning of a pipeline. Fair point though. Is this clearer?
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12 Oct
X : Do you think UK has done a good job with COVID?
Me :
1) It's not over.
2) It did a better job for a time given the truly awful start -
3) There is still not enough testing and isolation in my view. Should have learned from China.
X : Learn from China?
Me : Yep. We should have clocked that.
X : Masks?
Me : Good idea. I was suckered into the whole droplet view (which was WHO advice last year) ... thank heavens for Masks4All and the work they did.
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10 Oct
This has almost nothing to do with what is beneficial to the economy and almost everything to do with power, status symbols, inertia and vested interests. UK should be encouraging adaptation not trying to recreate the past. Disappointing from a UK Gov figure ->
X : Do you think it really matters?
Me : I wouldn't talk about it if I didn't. We need our corporations to adapt, the new behaviours that are emerging depend upon remote working, distributed communication and access to data.
It's all about future state. As we currently stand, China will be the space fairing nation of 2050 with km wide space stations, the emerging Star Trek -phys.org/news/2021-09-c…

The UK will do a nice line in luxury yacht rental and frozen yoghurt - ft.com/content/351cf2…
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9 Oct
X : Last year you said that China would start to focus on tackling inequality.
Me : Social mobility will become increasingly important for competition around the world. This was obvious years ago but it was clearly signalled that China would make this play a few years back. Why?
X : Common prosperity, tackling tech vendors etc?
Me : Yep. It's all about future competitiveness and exposing the achilles heel of the Western system. Not much we can do about it. We're at the start of the program though, it'll take years for the effect to be seen. Why?
X : This is more than just raising people out of poverty?
Me : Of course. This is all about being seen as successful in economic terms, building that sense of belonging and safety within the collective whilst undermining other collectives as people question ... why?
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9 Oct
X : How do you do strategy?
Me : First, I start by observing the environment (including producing a map). Then I challenge and interrogate the map. Finally, I start scenario planning on the map with scribbles that represent different connections and gameplay. Why?
X : Is there a method?
Me : Rounds of challenge and scenario planning on the map. There are playbooks (I have over 100 patterns I've collected) which you can apply but it's mainly thought plus more interrogation. It's not a perfect or formal exercise.
X : What patterns?
Me : hmmm
Me : This is a list of some basic gameplay. It'll be good enough for you to explore. But, don't bother to do this until you've got mapping and basic principles sorted. If that's not the case then your only strategy is "to stop punching ourselves in the face".
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