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14 Oct, 58 tweets, 16 min read
and go Dodgers (boo!). Chavez:$60 million generated by the Fresno Fair.Transportation Corridors are cleaned as well leading into the Fair. Homeless:We had sporadic money coming in to triage motel rooms but we are not at that point now. Phase 2 is now to put in permanent homes as
well as tiny homes etc. Homeless are everywhere now and in every district. Karbassi:In august I was asked about Cannabis dispensary while on tv. My thoughts were not City's position. Also Go Giants! Mayor:Poverello trees planted. Top 100 women named. Boxing match at Chuckchansi
was originally set for another State but will be here this Saturday. District 5 @BeautifyFresno will be at Kings Canyon and Clovis @Coldrain76 should be there helping! Tommy Esqueda:Call wait times for 911 will take a larger facility. Also tree damage from winds. 7 days out to
get all the tree debris picked up. Public Comments:Fernando I want to help city with homeless. They don't need shelter they need education. Need to use their money better. We would be better off buying motels rather than renting them. Money will run out eventually. Code Enforce-
ment should be called Code Extortion. I will bring the FBI here. Sam Frank:President of City Employees. Thank you for honoring the Code Enforcement. They were all out doing their jobs so couldn't be here. They had to deal with a lot the past few years. Essential employees during
a pandemic. Glad to hear the word "raise" used here today. We all want to be fairly treated.
Monica Harrison-Snowden:I don't know of any family that has given as much to Fresno. My grandfather helped many people purchase property. Family was always the best investment. I met with Paul Dictos to find out all the family property owned and those that were taken by eminent
domain. I vote the person and not the party. Why were there no parameters for those who paid their rents? Next:Courtney McCle:I am unhoused on Palm/Dakota. We were illegally evicted. We have many in similar situations. (garbled connection)We can't get to services. Laura Garcia:
(couldn't connect): Next: Robert McCloskey I think ban on cigarettes will be used to evict more people. There is just not enough housing. Tiny Home building, trailer villages. Safe Camp like in Sacramento. @LisaYFlores1 District 1 Planning Committee approved a CUP for Tower
Theater. We were not told all the information before we approved. Only 3 parking spaces. Also Adventure Church has child care there and you can't have a alcohol CUP there. Next:@LCJandA Need to keep rent moratorium going on. 136 inquiries made. Why were some referred out ?
Haley White:Disappointment in how City has handled Tower Theater sale. You are allowing an entitled white man flout the law. Protestors are being nationally doxxed, followed home, specific death threats. One Fresno motto is a joke. Cynthia Rocha: Sherman says Consent item on
compassionate medicinal cannabis item, Would like more time to discuss it. Ruth Ann Mill:please pass no smoking in Multiunits apartments. I gasp for air due to this problem. I pray for you all daily. Tirara Munoz:Tobacco Free Collective: we are in favor of this consent item.
We have programs to help people quit smoking. @LovesMercy Trash issue at homeless encampments could be solved if the tools were provided to do it themselves. Threats to their lives in some of the areas where transitional motels are located. They also need to be able to take their
pets. Coding needs to have a place to move homeless. Dez Martinez:Palm/Dakota camp has many waiting for housing. 438 shelter beds in Fresno but need 4000. Hard to find a one bedroom rental in Fresno.46,000 shortage in safe housing units. NIMBYism needs to end. Concludes Public
Comments. Contested Consent now.1-G Approve Title VI Fare Equity Analysis for the Department of Transportation/Fresno Area Express (FAX) New Fare Structure.Maxwell zero fare was in place for certain populations like kids, Vets. Vargas: Any change in service or fares has to go
through Title VI to be sure no discrimination occurring. Only concern was data for veterans. We will ask that data in Spring. Military /Veterans will still ride the bus at reduced fare going forward. Children will also going forward. We are in active discussion with Fresno Uni-
-fied. Tough to do logistics for entire district.Maxwell Motion to Approve. Arias:What is cost for free for all students and not just for under 12? Vargas: we don't know the cost yet. 24% of ridership are students. Especially on Cedar. Esqueda:Trying to get universal access for
all students and for all needs and not just for school. Maxwell: I am willing to invest to make that happen. Approved.
1-I Bredefled: Why Dell laptops? Staff:Most reliable. Our technicians are trained in them. Apple is a different animal. Approved
1-L Actions pertaining to the 2019 Supporting Victims of Gang Violence grant program:
1. Authorize and approve Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between the City of Fresno through the PARCS Department and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) with
Care Fresno, Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (FEOC) Hospital Based Violence of Intervention Program (HBVIP) and Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (FEOC)Tattoo Removal Program (TRP) changing the lead agency from the Fresno Police Department to the City of Fresno
Arias :what is progress? Staff: We are developing Street Outreach Coalition. Urban Peace is nationally known. Care Fresno:subrecipient of federal grant.They provided wifi, computers for low income students during pandemic so they could keep up with school. Arias:Measure P will
be helpful for prevention part. Esqueda:We need data to know if we are being effective. Shot spotter, stabbings etc.
1-Y BILL - (For introduction) Adding section 10-1119 to the Fresno Municipal Code, titled the “Compassionate Medicinal Cannabis Use Act,” protecting the rights of medicinal cannabis users in the City of Fresno.
Maxwell:people can still smoke outside. Most leases don't allow
smoking indoors. What we passed today was only to give Code Enforcement ability to be part if landlord can't or won't enforce it. Different ways to ingest cannabis besides smoking it. Some don't want cannabis dispensary 800 feet from elementary school but ok w/ allowing cannabis
to permeate apartment unit walls. Karbassi: Ingesting cannabis doesn't work for some patients. I don't want to get between doctor and patient. Can't smoke cannabis outdoors. Sloan:can with landlord's permission.Karbassi:Motion to approve. Arias:this would allow cannabis smoking
indoors? A:yes with doctor's permission. I haven't spoke to Apartment Association about this. They are a special interest group and I am more concerned with patient's rights. Arias: there are a few pieces missing so I am not ready to vote for this.Karbassi:some patients cannot
easily leave their apartment to smoke. Esparza:for kids and families who can't escape second hand smoke but the patients do have carve out to smoke outside.Bredefeld:not all lease agreements ban smoking. I don't like smoking. But at a private residence it is different. Why not
ban it at private homes too? Arias:we don't let people run a meth lab at their house. We often put rules on private dwellings. Karbassi:i just don't want to get between patients and doctors. Soria:We need a balanced policy between kids getting second hand smoke and medicinal
smoking. Item fails with Soria and Arias abstaining and two NO votes in Maxwell and Esparza.
They will be back at 1:30 for the two workshops and rest of items.
They are back 1:35 pm. Karbassi states he spoke to Soria about the last item and apologizes he should took up her point on delaying the item.
3-A on Airport will be continued until another meeting. Arias :would like it soon as we will be rudderless soon at head of airport.
3-B WORKSHOP – Code Enforcement/ASET Report
Christina Roberson with Workshop:Overseeing all Mobilehome Parks were taken over by City as of July 1st.There are some nice Mobile Parks too but some need receivership.
Commercial Vacant Buildings being worked on. On eviction Protection Program:Some were referred to outside counsel as they may live outside Fresno, or not facing an eviction yet but may be in future. Tenants sometimes become unresponsive once referred to counsel or negotiate on
their own with their landlords.What is an illegal eviction asks Bredefeld? Sloan:all kinds of reasons like landlord locking tenant out, 30 day notice and not the 60 day required. Rental Housing:16 open cases.
Proactive Inspections done. 1700 done virtually too.Non-transient motel inspections. Arias:motels were not inspected by city for decades even though it was known to be used for permanent housing and not transient. We are still playing catch up.
114 abatements occurred. High risk like vacant lots (fire hazards) and tires. They also have ability to zoom on license plates of illegal dumpers. Arias:we have caught contractors who finish demoing a project by pulling over and dumping toilets , couches etc on side of the road.
Sloan:These things don't get down in isolation. We work with PD and Fire Department as well as Public Works cleaning up and supplying power to cameras.Bredefeld:I would like the media to write up about these successes. Arias:we have given a lot to Code Enforcement and they have
always stepped up. We will be giving them even more in the future too. Staff:Mobile Parks will inspect 5% a year which is only 2 a year. We hope to do more than that as we go onwards. We have 27 total. Arias:How much would it cost to inspect all 27? For another meeting.
Staff:We can do receivership over mobile home parks like we do single family homes. Arias:cameras have been very helpful especially as we hit more rural areas in Kearney Area.Sloan:We are looking at solar cameras too. Also Code shutting down illegal cannabis dispensaries
possible coming before Council in February. 4-A RESOLUTION – To create a designated account to accept donations for the City’s Animal Center (Subject to Mayor's Veto).
Sponsors: Office of Mayor & City Manager, Councilmember Bredefeld, President Chavez, Councilmember Karbassi
Esqueda:We are trying to make it as easy for people to donate as well adopt an animal. Bredefeld:I think we can open it up July 1st. This is a no kill shelter. Arias:We have not had an update in awhile. Esqueda:December/January we should be able to present to Council.
Soria: we haven't even voted on Shelter but we have an account already.We need to be transparent as to who is donating. Chavez:can they remain anonymous? Soria:some difference if a councilmember or Mayor asks someone to donate v anonymously.Arias:Currently City Manager can accept
up to $25,000. We don't want someone to donate but then get a contract on the back end.Bredefeld:we need to respect those who want to donate but not looking for the limelight like 6 others up here on the dais.Approved
Council will go to CLOSED SESSION NOW. 3-C on downtown Baseball Stadium will have to wait until the related Closed Session item is discussed.
Property: Grizzlies Stadium Negotiating Parties:
5-B CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL – ANTICIPATED LITIGATION, Government Code Section 54956.9, subdivision (d)(2)
Significant Exposure to Litigation: National Railroad Passenger Corporation dba Amtrak, BNSF Railway Company, et al v. City of Fresno, Risk Management
5-C ID 21-23570 CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL – ANTICIPATED LITIGATION, Government Code Section 54956.9, subdivision (d)(2)
Significant Exposure to Litigation: CMG Construction Management, Inc. v. City of Fresno, Risk Management Claim No. 2021042466
Sponsors: City Attorney's
5-E CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL-POTENTIAL LITIGATION - Government Code Section 54956.9, subdivision (d)(2)
Yvonne Spence v. City of Fresno
Sponsors: City Attorney's Office
5-F EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION – Government Code Section 54957(b): consider the appointment, employment, evaluation of performance, discipline, or dismissal of a public employee.
Title: City Clerk
Sponsors: City Attorney's Office
5-G 21-23601 CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATOR – Government Code Section 54956.8 Property: 468-400-54T Negotiating Parties: City Manager, Fresno Sports and Events, LLC., Prosperous Terra, LLC (Ruelas, Inc.) Under negotiations: Terms of Potential Lease
Sponsors: Arias
I am unsure when the council will report out on 3-C. OCTOBER 21, 2021 – NO MEETING
OCTOBER 28, 2021– 9:00 A.M. MEETING

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Fresno County Board of Supervisors September 21, 2021! Among the items are naming David Luchini to the position of Director of the Department of Public Health;Supervisors will give every employee $500 for proof of Covid vaccination; 7,000 acres generally located north of the
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as well as yearly . PLA is approved 6-1 with Bredefeld voting No.
Council has a timed item at 3 pm (It is 2:40 pm) so they will go to some Closed Session items until then.
3-A Ratify Fourth Amendment to contract with UCSF for COVID-19 testing, tracing, quarantine, and vaccination support.
Sponsors: Office of Mayor & City Manager
Back at 3:52 pm Arias would like amendment of $600,000 for those employees who want to be vaccinated.
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16 Sep
September 16th, 2021 Fresno City Council meeting! Among the items include a Special Meeting to override Mayor Dyer’s Veto regarding PLA (Project labor Agreement); City Council Public Accountability Act (keeping Zoom available permanently to allow public to remotely participate)
SAFER Grant;Amending Historic Preservation Ordinance;Amending the Resolution of the Transparency In City Government Act to prohibit the payment of severance to Unit 2 (Non-represented Management and Confidential employees) if the employee is convicted of any felony;@fresnoland
Among the CONSENT CALENDAR items include the following:
1-F *Actions pertaining to the proposed renewable natural gas pipeline at the Regional Wastewater Reclamation Facility (Council District
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