Want to know the secret to getting stuff done quickly? In a recent interview, @stephsmithio shared how she crossed $130K with an ebook, created a course in 20 days, and more.

Here's the TL;DR version.

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Some quick takeaways from the interview:
- Get things done quickly by making Parkinson’s law work in your favor.
- Make the best use of your time by working like a lion (not a cow).
- Clinging too tightly to who you think you are closes doors.
On resisting what would eventually make her profitable:

“It’s funny — I was really resistant to seeing myself as a content creator, even though it was clearly a big part of what I was doing and where I was finding success. Identity is so powerful.”
The question everyone should ask themselves:

“I think it’s important to ask yourself, 'When people ask for my help, what are they usually asking for help with?' The thing people asked me for help with most was content creation. And finally, I leaned into that request.”
On Parkinson’s law:

“...work expands to the time allocated to it. Some very disciplined folks might manage to complete things faster. But I, personally, am not one of those people. That’s why I like to set ambitious timelines. I gave myself 50 days to write the book.”
On delaying her PH launch:

“[If you] launch right when a product is ready... you’re hoping the PH launch will generate your success... In other words... you are relying on the success of a launch, instead of your audience creating the success of your launch.”
On letting people help her sell her book:

“Make it as easy as possible for people to help you. Have shareable assets within your book, whether it’s highlighted quotes or infographics. The quotes that I featured in my book were tweeted about much more widely than other parts...”
On pricing her book:

“One of the things that has been commented on the most, is my tiered pricing strategy, which meant the price went up as more people bought. This triggered scarcity and also helped me find the right price point/discounting mechanisms later.”
On creating a course in 20 days:

“Once I commit to a timeline, I go all in. It’s almost like I’m cramming for a test. The ambitious timeline meant several 3AM nights, but after the goal was reached, I could completely relax.”
On working “like a lion”:

“I’ve worked like this since I can remember, but I found @naval’s analogy a wonderful way of framing this: Lions rest for most of the day, but sprint when they need to, chasing after nutrient-dense meat... while cows graze on low-quality food.”
On narrowing your path to feedback:

“This book started as a tweet where I asked people if they would pay for it. It turned out in this case, the answer was yes. Sometimes it’s no! But this helps you get feedback quickly to ensure you’re on the right path.”
On keeping her day job:

“When I started creating things, there was this ambition to be completely financially stable through my products. But interestingly enough, I’m at that point and I still really enjoy working my day job, and I also just really enjoy my side projects.”
On being “too late” in the tech space:

“Everyone says, “I’m starting too late. I missed the bus,” but that’s misplaced. It’s true for a fad, but technology is not a fad. There is always room for people to replace the existing with something even just 1% better.”
On taking responsibility for creating a life she loves:

“Not taking responsibility for your life hurts one person most. And that person is you. I think taking that responsibility...even though you might be frustrated with the world, is the best thing you can do for yourself.”
On what’s next:

“I hope to continue chasing my curiosities! For now, I’m really excited about continuing to grow my podcast The Shit You Don’t Learn in School and possibly build a Google Sheets game. Yes, a game. 😀”
For tons of tips, new trends, and more on @stephsmithio’s journey, check out the interview 💪


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