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67.01/ Week sixty-seven, Oct. 23-29, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 66 below.
67.02/ Another #NFL Scorigami!

Even sweeter: a final score with a 5, the 2nd best score. #1 is 4 (happened only once, in 1923) #2 is 5, #3 is 2, #4 is 11. The best is a 1, but it's never happened in the NFL.……
67.03/ 1. Sara is absolutely correct: the ketuba is a pre-nup; the husband pledges a sum of money to the wife in event of divorce or death.
2. In addition, as an officiant, I *require* a pre-nup. Specifically the one from the RCA:
67.04/ Barukh Dayan ha-Emet. I first encountered The Chieftains from the typical source: the soundtrack album from Brak/Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

67.05/ After 7 #NFL weeks, I feel a lot better about this #Steelers team. We played terribly in our 3 losses against what turns out to be high quality opponents: CIN 5-2 & current 1 seed, LV 5-2 & 2 seed, GB 6-1 & 3 seed. #HereWeGo
67.06/ Hot #MLB take: the AL East & NL West were the monster divisions. The #Mets NL East was considered pathetic & people cried that LAD should've been the 2 seed etc. No. This year proves why winning the division is still the better and more accurate metric of relative quality.
67.07/ #NFL hot-take: the cheater-vs-cheater battle of who's better, Belichick or Brady, now seems to favor Brady based on how bad the Patriots look since he left. Except NE's kryptonite has always been having just ONE decent team in its division e.g. 2008, 2009 (the Jets!)
67.08/ NJGov declared a state of emergency today. Since #Ida laid waste in my community, I thought people would heed today's warning. Nope. Fragile machismo from the easily conned. Overheard: "Ida was a once-in-a-century storm so we can't have another one"…
67.09/ As a shomer Shabbas kid in public HS I needed to play catch-up on assignments, skip activities & be outright excluded from events/clubs/honors. My kids now have that experience in yeshiva in reverse. But they miss out b/c we follow dina d'malkhuta and believe in science.
67.10/ Barukh Dayan haEmet. Very sad to hear my colleague Rabbi Joyce Newmark passed away. She was fiercely brilliant. Here's some of her Torah:…
And her memorial to Trebek as a former Jeopardy champ:……
67.11/ Dr. Taber is fun to read. Here's a great thread by her about the fragility of armed robot "dogs" filled with details from her experiences and some practical thought experiments about how they could break down. Hamavin-yavin.
67.12/ If I read this article right, this is a real-life D&D "river flowing through a sustained ecosystem" cave right on Earth. Watch out for mimics, trappers and piercers. The flumphs are fine, though.……
67.13/ The "chop" is obviously and laughably racist. Manfred is a bigot and/or a coward to say:
"The Native American community in that region is wholly supportive of the Braves program, including 'The Chop.' For me, that’s kind of the end of the story"…
67.14/ I taught myself this trick many years ago & bequeathed it to my kids who've used it to great effect. Also works for micro-aggressive sarcasm. Basically, any real-life troll who just wants to see you squirm, respond to them straight and they scamper.
67.15/ Re: #Halloween halakha; while it's problematic to go around schnorring for candy - as with most Christian things it's avoda-zara for us, not for them - IMO it's a good idea to give out candy b/c of mishum eiva, darkhei shalom & hakhnasat orchim. cf.…
67.16/ I'm a former UES Asst Rabbi but thank God at @CongregationKJ which was a great place to train. I was lucky. So it's good to see deep dives into fragile state of the profession.……

67.17/ OK, totally missed this Daily Show clip from 2000* about the difficulty of being a Sabbath observing public servant. The rigors of Torah U-Madda fully illustrated, as it were.

(* in my defense, that year I tried saving money by not having a TV)
67.18/ This gives me a hopeful feeling. Keep 'em coming!
67.19/ This stuff is fun. And nostalgic, for some of them.
67.20/ Weird JTwitter kerfuffle sparked by some goofy troll insisting that the 2nd plague, "tzefardeia," means "Spaniards" (see humorous rebuttal below)

Ironically, as I kid, I really did think the word came from "Tzarfat". It made sense: France... frogs.
67.21/ And this is why I love watching "How It's Made" on the Science channel.

67.22/ Enough people told me that Oc*ppy Democrats was a troll account that I finally blocked them.

I'm teaching my kids to internalize the stranger-danger sense that the internet is filled with wolves in sheep's clothing & bestow trust sparingly.

67.23/ This story is stupefying, infuriating and I have no idea truly how these criminals got so far. I also plan to keep this story handy for a million halakhic and hashkafic uses.…
67.24/ A sobering but I think essentially true point by Berger here. We need to change the system to make it more equitable and free. Until then, let's keep using whatever power we have to make life better for as many people as possible.
67.25/ Watching the #BlackWidow movie and it's more James Bond vibe than technicolor punch-fest. And I like both.

Ray Winstone as Dreykov is brilliant casting because he looks and acts like Harvey Weinstein and I hope that was the point.…
67.26/ I agree with this: take whatever we can get. Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good.

67.27/ It's getting creepily uncanny that every new quote I read from Chappelle's latest show is somehow more ugly and cruel than I expected. His hatred is violent. I'll bet, with some digging, we'll find some terrible acts in his past, not only words.
67.27b/ "It's just a joke!"

Yeah? Look who's laughing.
67.28/ This is it! The second medical miracle in a year. True shehechiyanu on being able to protect children. Let's go! #VaccineForKids…
67.29/ Rushing around trying to finish cooking (grilling, yum) for Shabbas before the rain starts. Great news to end the week about the #VaccineForKids. What a bracha. #ShabbatShalom everyone.

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172.01/ Week one-hundred and seventy-two, October 28-November 3, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 171 below.
172.02/ Oh my! Happy Cow Tools Day for all who celebrate!
172.03/ Just came back from a lecture and Q&A with @jeremybob1 and while what he said about the current situation is grim, I'm glad to have learned so much. Also, I'm definitely going to buy his book.
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