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1-Gracias a @ConsulMexNuy por los 2 días intensos de visita de #ProtecciónConsular realizada esta semana.

Gracias a @Jorge_IslasLo por las facilidades otorgadas, a @RitaVar50099472 por presidir las reuniones en calidad de Cónsul Encargada y a @VanessaYOrtega por la coordinación.
2a-Iniciamos la visita con una reunión virtual con funcionarios y agentes de @ICEgov, quienes expusieron los protocolos de sanidad y seguridad de las personas detenidas y sobre su procesamiento durante la pandemia por #COVID19.
2b-Durante el encuentro con Ken Genalo, Sonia Thomas, D. Williams y Bill Joyce, reaseguramos el acceso consular vía virtual o telefónica, atendiendo los lineamientos internos que no permiten aún las visitas presenciales a los centros de detención migratoria.
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Good morning from Louisiana. #Ida Image
How #Walmart treats its customers when their communities need them most... Image
How Target treats its customers when they need them the most... Image
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#Nicholas made landfall along the middle Texas coast overnight as hurricane, unleashing wind gusts up to 95 mph, a surge over 4 ft, and 14" of rain in Galveston. 500K lost power. Now a tropical storm, it's a serious rain threat for Louisiana. (1/x)
The problem? The storm is forecast to slow to crawl, unloading widespread 5-10" of rain in waterlogged southern Louisiana, just ravaged by #Ida. Rain could linger for 36 hours and isolated totals to 20" poss. (2/x)
A rare "high risk" of flooding/excessive rain in Beamont-Port Arthur to Lake Charles area, which was socked by two hurricanes last year while a moderate risk extends into New Orleans. (3/x)
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Storms coming tonight in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast due to cold front. Yes, they will come one week after #Ida but they will *not* be as widespread or severe in most cases. (1/x)
First around DC, most likely timing of showers and storms 5 to 10p although newer data leans toward 8-10p or even a bit later for a more widespread line of storms. Isolated severe possible...but heavier action probably to our north. (2/x)
Rain potential in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast generally 0.5-1", but pockets of 1-2" possible. In E Pa and parts of NJ/NY, they've had up to 600% of normal rain in recent weeks, so won't take much for flash flooding. (3/x)
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NEW: we found a substantial & ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico...

Then spotted a company quietly & feverishly trying to clean up the #TALOSSPILL

THREAD on the collaborative investigation w/ @HirokoTabuchi & @BlackiLi
2/ After #Ida hit, @NOAA published an amazing website of detailed aerial imagery of some impacted areas.

I became curious about the scope of environmental impact & began compiling spills, leaks & slicks, starting with facilities on land.

3/ There were also slicks in the Gulf, south of the heavily-impacted Grand Isle, LA.

@NOAA imagery was limited in that area, so I mostly used @planet labs satellite imagery.

Pretty quickly I found a slick that I named SPILL1 (#TALOSSPILL). I started hunting for an origin.
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Philly is still working on the clean up from #Ida on Friday evening, and I-676 could be open in time for Made in America this weekend.

Here’s what has been happening since the storm struck Thursday. ⬇️
Heavy rain caused the Schuylkill River to overflow and cause a lot of flooding in Philly — including on Boathouse Row.…
Vine Street Expressway essentially turned into a canal Thursday evening, and crews are still pumping out water back into the Schuylkill.

Here’s how the clean up is happening all over Philly.…
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Have read this article and feel that it provides some insight into what happened with the #Ida flooding in NYC. I will sound like a one note horn, but I still feel this is primary a failure of political leadership. 1/x
The weather community is doing its part in looking at communication of the event, what was in the forecast and the warnings and when was it issued, but communication is a two-way street, and senior political leadership in NY/NYC did a stunning job of not listening. 2/x
Even if you are buying what the senior political leadership is selling, i.e., the storm was worse than forecast (Spoiler alert: The forecast and warnings were just fine), there is a level of obliviousness during the event that is simply negligent. 3/x
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5 deaths, 7 tornadoes, record flooding, hundreds of water rescues -- and it’s not quite over. A flood warning remains in effect from Montgomery County to 30th Street in Philadelphia until 3 p.m. Friday. #IdaAftermath
“There’s no words,” said Amy Hylenski, who waded with her two sons through knee-deep floodwaters in their Bridgeport living room to get to a rescue boat outside before dawn Thursday. “It just came too fast. You [could] never be prepared for this.”…
“Everything happened so fast,” Thomas recalled, pointing into a hole in the rubble to show where they hid in their Mullica Hill home. "The house literally fell on top of us. Pipes were bursting. We said we have to get out of here before it explodes.”…
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We have a #ClimateCrisis that demands Action.
@MichaelEMann @GretaThunberg
1/n Thread.
It's not your imagination. Weather and climate disasters have been getting more frequent since the '70s
Region by region, the US is facing compounding disasters from hurricanes, wildfires, floods, heat waves, and drought.
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency

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Here's how to stay safe and handling flooding and damage from #Ida. SAFETY GUIDE FOR IDA FLOODI...Don't touch downed wires. P...If you have to walk into fl...Keep kids out of wet areas....
Disinfect anything splashed...Get information from Philad...
For more safety tips and updates on road closures and public transportation, check here:…
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LIVE UPDATES: Officials in Montgomery and Chester Counties have advised those downstream of the Pickering Creek Dam to evacuate. The Schuylkill is expected to crest at a record of 17.2 feet in the wake of Ida's remnants sweeping across the Philly area.
Road closures and flooding in the region forced several school districts to cancel classes today.…
This all comes in the aftermath of multiple tornadoes and torrential rain spawned by Ida's remnants late yesterday. Forecasters are warning the area could see its worst flooding in a decade today and tomorrow.…
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Cualquier parecido con Pantitlán, es mera coincidencia.

El metro de Nueva York está inundado, a causa de las lluvias provocadas en EU por el huracán Ida.

📽️: @SubwayCreatures.

📽️: @SubwayCreatures.
Las inundaciones son graves en Nueva York. Así está Parke Slope, en Brooklyn tras las tormentas provocadas por Ida.
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Wild scene in the subway tonight #subwaycreatures #ida
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And through it all! @Grubhub delivery still out there bringing your dinner #ida #flooding #brooklyn
Hey @Grubhub @Grubhub_Care if you can help me find this delivery driver I’ll donate anything I get from media requests to him
Update: I haven’t been able to find this man yet. I think his plastic bag is a generic take out often used for Chinese food (photo attached). If anyone has ideas and/or had delivery around 10:10 near roebling/11th st let me know
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Please, Twitter, hire me to edit your draft headlines so you stop embarrassing yourselves concerning hurricanes.

It's not "another" storm. It's the same storm #Ida, after it's been a hurricane but is still a hazard until it is well clear of land.

#HWStormWatch #WxTwitter
There's 3 problems with Twitter's headline.

1. It's absent of punctuation. They use it in other headlines.

2. This causes confusion bc many people don't know how a post-TC is named.

3. Maybe it was deliberate, to generate clicks.
Imma assume it was an innocent mistake on the part of Twitter. Occam's Razor.

If it was deliberate, then it's one of many examples I've seen over the years where potentially saving lives is less important to them than Twitter marketing.
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The NHC explicitly states in their forecast cone it can multiple categories off days out in advance. That’s why the NHC makes the cone for 1-3 days and why it’s called the extended cone days 4 and 5. The 1st forecast explicitly called for a rapidly intensifying hurricane...
The forecast was very clear even 5 days out the potential for a major hurricane was very much increasing in likelihood. The messaging was clear as well along with models indicating a Cat 4 storm was possible. If u can’t understand how the NHC cone works I dont think you should...
be relaying the forecast. If u understood the frequency the NHC forecasts a near Major Hurricane 5 days in advance then it would have been clear a Category 4 was certainly possible. Or if u understood what kind of environment from a meteorological perspective Ida was moving into.
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WCK has expanded meal deliveries in and around New Orleans following Hurricane #Ida today, please share with anyone in need of a fresh meal. #ChefsForLouisiana

📍Locations also listed below in a thread
4pm @ Cooling Centers:
📍 Treme Rec Center, 900 N Villere St
📍 Gernon Brown Rec Center, 1001 Harrison Ave
📍 Milne Rec Center, 5420 Franklin Ave
📍 Stallings St. Claude Rec Center, 4300 St Claude
📍 Lyons Rec Center, 624 Louisiana Ave
📍 Rosenwald Rec Center, 1120 S. Broad Ave
Community Meal Sites:
📍 New Philippians Church, 5234 N Claiborne Blvd, 1:30pm
📍 Level Up Community Center, 1123 Lamanche St, 5pm
📍 Arthur Monday Center, 1111 Newton St, 1pm
📍 St. Roch Park, 1800 St Roch Ave, 1pm
📍 Harmony Oaks, 2514 Washington Ave, 1:30pm
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Forecast impacts from river flooding due to #Ida rainfall getting more serious. Now forecasting the third highest crest on record on the Schuylkill River at Philadelphia, tying the crest of 14.7 feet set back in 1933.
Perkiomen Creek at Graterford, PA now forecast to set 4th highest crest on record.
Raritan River at Bound Brook, NJ now forecast for 6th highest crest on record.
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I’m going go out on a limb here and say someone in this highlighted area is probably going to get a foot plus of rain tomorrow. Not widespread to be clear but isolated totals 12”+ are definitely reasonable. I’ll explain below👇 #pawx #njwx #ida #rain #flooding
As Ida will be undergoing baroclinic process and transitioning from a tropical depression into a extratropical storm we’ll actually see some similarities to a winter storm. Warm air advection will be playing a part in aiding Frontogenesis tomorrow across the Northeast as…
The contrast in temperature as noted in the pictures will create an enhanced area of lift. Along the edge of those juiciest dewpoints and under the FGEN setup that is where a combination of the best forcing along with moisture content will be aiding in producing anomalous…
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Main impact from #Ida as it moves through will be heavy rainfall, flash flooding and river flooding. Forecast rainfall amounts from local NWS offices. Image
The forecast rainfall from #Ida pushes a number of local creeks and rivers into the moderate flooding category. Here is the Schuylkill River at Norristown. Image
Here is Perkiomen Creek at Graterford, PA. Image
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September always seems to be the month for tropical storms. With the remnants of Hurricane #Ida approaching #Pittsburgh here's a thread on tropical storms that have hit Western PA 👇
Number of tropical storms with measurable rainfall recorded by year 👇
Number of tropical storms with measurable rainfall recorded by decade 👇
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(🧵of 6) #DidYouKnow: The name #Ida has been used 19 times for a tropical cyclone? It’s been used:
Atlantic: 3
West Pacific: 13
SW Indian/AUS/SPac: 3
Here are the storms that were tagged the name Ida in this thread.
1. Hurricane Ida ‘09 (C2)
2. Tropical Storm Ida ‘15
3. Hurricane Ida ‘21 (C4)

Also fun fact: Ida replaced Isabel as a TC name when it got retired. Should Ida get retired, that means all Female “I” names on the Atlantic naming list as been retired twice.

West Pacific:
1. Typhoon Ida ‘45 (C1)
2. Typhoon Ida ‘50 (C1)
3. Super Typhoon Ida ‘54 (C5)
4. Super Typhoon Ida ‘58 (C5)
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[Thread] Le cyclone #Ida a laissé de puissantes marques de destructions de l'écosystème de delta du Mississipi. Des zones humides entières ont disparu du paysage ou sont encore sous les eaux laissant craindre un lourd bilan sur la faune/flore.
#HurricaneIda #HurricaneIdadamage ImageImage
Ces zones humides, bien que fragiles, ont une capacité de résilience (i.e. retour à l'état initial). Il faudra plusieurs années pour que l'écosystème (ici complètement rasé) retrouve un état d'équilibre.

Les espèces survivantes seront mise à rude épreuve ces prochaines mois. ImageImage
Cet écosystème, déjà fragilisé par l'Homme, pourrait se voir complètement modifié si la fréquence/intensité de ces évènements extrêmes s'accélère.

Les conséquences seront même supracontinentales : c'est un important point d'étape pour la migration des oiseaux ! ImageImage
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The road in-out of Port Fourchon and Grand Isle, LA is completely washed out or buckled in many places. The sheriff tells me that this entire 22 mile stretch of Hwy1 from Golden Meadow to the Port is a patchwork of scenes like this. Levees show the signs of a monster surge. #Ida
Might have even inadvertently captured proof that @MesoMax919 surge camera survived 👀 I can’t imagine the footage this thing might have in it!!!
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