In this thread I want to deep dive into the COVID-19 vaccine trial and some questions I have, specifically:

Does the COVID-19 vaccine lead to less illness as claimed here?


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As we know from the RCT trials, there was not difference in all-cause deaths.
Pfizer reported 29 deaths of which 15 occured in the vaccine arm and 14 in the placebo arm. Within normal range.

There was a total of 3 covid deaths - 2 in the placebo arm.

Moderna reported no covid deaths, and a total of 13 deaths, 6 in the vaccine arm and 7 in the placebo arm. Also within normal range.
So we can see that the RCT's could not prove that they reduce all-cause deaths, or covid deaths.

So what is the 95% efficacy based on?

It is based on an illness PLUS a positive PCR test, as defined below in the Pfizer doc:
So vaccines appear to reduce the incidence of illness AND a positive PCR test for SARS-CoV-2.
But what about overall illness? That data was not published!!

If COVID is the driver of excess deaths, then there should be more illness. Hence the vaccine should reduce illness. (A)
I called this above scenario A.

But what if the Corona like illness is actually not reduced, and stays exactly the same? (Scenario B)
We simply don't know. Neither Pfizer nor Moderna have published this data - which begs the question, why not?

Which scenario do you think is likely?
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Sheet and data for the charts:…

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14 Nov
Currently the narrative of German politicians and media is that the unvaccinated are the main spreader and driver of the #Covid19 pandemic.

Let's look at the facts!

Thread 1/n ⬇️⬇️⬇️

#Covid #Covid19 #Corona #Coronavirus Image
From the large Swedish population study published in The Lancet (preprint), we know that Vaccine Efficacy (VE) against symptomatic infection wanes fast!

We can use this information, to calculate how man of the fully vaccinated in Germany are currently actually protected.
Vaccination was spread out from 12/2020 until now.
We know that VE reaches zero at month 8.
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14 Nov
The European CovPass app has a built in feature to check for boosters.

It will query the following endpoint:

Currently there are 5 Booster Notifications, including the one below.

This is proof, that the government can reject certificates at ANY time!
It reads:
"For security reasons, all certificates from the pharmacy you have visited must be reissued. Your certificate will be blocked on November 15, 2021."

This means the government can revoke certificates at ANY point in time.

Welcome to 1984!
Without those certificates one can currently not have a normal life in Germany and many other EU countries.
Entry into bars, clubs, restaurants, theaters, trains (France, Italy), depends on this certificate.
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12 Nov
California and Florida both see the same amount of excess deaths since Pandemic start!

Florida respects individual freedoms and basic rights
California's governor @GavinNewsom
terrorizes his citizens with school closures, vaxx/mask mandates, ...
#Covid #Covid19
I also made a CNN version.
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12 Nov
The German Government has apparently listened to the wrong experts. They only listened to "no-covid" experts, disregarded the Swedish way from the start.

In german there's a saying:
Wer nicht hören will, muss fühlen.
Those who refuse to listen, will feel it.

#Covid #Covid19
Same in Austria
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11 Nov
US seniors saw +69% increase in all-cause excess mortality over the last 13 weeks (vs 2020).

That puts the excess deaths for the 3 months period at a record level of 101 thousand people.

Despite about 98%+ of US seniors vaccinated.

#Covid #Covid19 #Corona #Coronavirus
Count in natural immunity this group should be 100% protected. But it's not working... Or people are not actually dying from the virus...
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2 Nov
Great presentation by Dr. Scot Youngblood, MD about #Covid19 vaccine facts & mandates!
#Corona #Coronavirus #Covid
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