I've told a lot of you to sun your genitals. In this thread I explain why

It's not just a massive FU to modern society...

It also is incredibly important for energy levels & rejuvenating your health

#1 Sunlight improves genital function

The sunlight is more than UV rays, it has red / NIR, full color spectrum

Mitochondria present in every cell need Red / NIR for optimal function.

The more you hide a body part from the sun the weaker it will be.
Red light is necessary for ATP production via cytochrome c oxidase

New research around structured water suggests that the water in your cell can capture energy from infrared light, become more gel like, helping to increase ATP production.

This is called EZ water.
#2 Increase in fertility & youth hormone production

This is why red light / NIR have been shown to increase fertility & youth hormone production.

This study showed that getting sun on the chest increased testosterone 120%

But exposing the testes increased it 200%
I'm guessing the same would occur in women's genitals, which produce progesterone.

In this study red light therapy resulted in 20% of severely infertile ladies getting pregnant.

The same is probably true for men given how important ATP production is for fertility.
The genitals are amazing. They're not just for sex, they literally 3d print hormones that make life better

These hormones are the most protective hormones in the body, controlling energy levels, mood, drive, & libido. You cannot live a long, youthful life without them
#3 Increase in (sexual) energy

This is probably part of the reason why the taoists knew that sunlight on the genitals increased overall energy.

This is more woo woo, but they look at the human body like a battery...and the perineum / butthole region is like the solar panel
According to the Taoists: "This gate is extremely important because it controls the flow of sexual energy, guiding it upward to the higher centers, and prevents the organs’ energies from leaking out through the base of the body"
The taoists believe that sexual energy is the key to longevity, and this is why depleting it through excessive masturbation is so harmful.

Sunning genitals is like the anti masturbation, increasing rather than wasting sexual energy.
#4 Vitamin D Production

We all know the importance of vitamin D. The more skin you expose to the sun, the more vitamin D you will produce.
#5 Germicidal

UV rays have disinfectant germicidal qualities. Sunning the genitals helps keep them pristine.
#6 Continuous light is beneficial for every cell in your body

Sunlight is extremely beneficial for every cell of your body -- not just because of the UV rays and colors, but becuase of the continuous bright light.

In this study bright light increased sperm production.
Our current time is characterized by low sexual energy, fertility and vitality.

Sunning genitals & butthole chugging is the cure.

There's a reason why your genitals dance every time you expose them to the sun.

• • •

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14 Nov
The most important work of Ray Peat is around serotonin: serotonin isn't the happiness hormone.

It is a hormone of stress, hibernation & the primary break on all higher function -- everything that makes us human.
It down-regulates energy production, metabolism and higher cognitive function + creativity to help the organism survive.

If you inject it into docile creatures, they turn into angry zombies focused on their own gain above all else.

It tends to be elevated in serial killers
In the 1960s studies showed that people that had low serotonin and high dopamine, didn't follow orders, questioned norms and were highly self sufficient -- this is what LSD did to "hippies"...

Whereas serotonin does the opposite, making people highly servile and "normal"
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Most relationships fail because people enter into them for the wrong reasons: to cure their loneliness, look good to friends, feel more loved, to have more sex...

This isn't a relationship. It is a trade.

When you say, "I love you", you really mean "I am trading you this"...
But transactions like this always end in disappointment.

Real relationships are sacred.

They are the best opportunity for you both to grow into the highest potential of who you can be, free of all your petty concerns and small ideas about yourself, true unconditional love.
If you both agree that this is the purpose of a relationship -- for you both to improve and allow your inner love to pour into the other person -- then that is the ground for something truly special.

When things get tough, you don't breakup -- it's more fuel for growth.
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1 Nov
Birth control has been a disaster for women's health.

Usage is associated with:

gut issues

All for what? Preventing pregnancy which can only occur 5 days out of the month...
Yes you read that right.

Most women are not even told that they can only get pregnant 5 days out of each month and this can be managed totally naturally

But instead, they're prescribed birth control like it's skittles. Most women are never even told about the risks of taking it
This is indicative of a problem with society at large...a distrust for the natural rhythms and intuition of our body and a disconnection from the cosmos around us.

Did you know that most women with a healthy cycle menstruate with the moon?

Birth control severs this connection.
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31 Oct
The one commonality of pretty much all great philosophy and religion is this: the phenomenal world we see is just the tip of the iceberg, a fraction of True reality

At best, it's temporally true, at worst, it's a complete dream like fabrication
Truth and liberation comes from seeing through this illusion.

Taking the red pill and waking up from the Matrix.

Stepping outside of Truman's world.
But I don't think that liberation is going to come from anything external and physical that changes...

I think it comes entirely from going the other way...

Intensely studying your consciousness and figuring out who you really are.
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26 Oct
Pretty much everything you think you know about nutrition is a lie, propagated by big corporations and pseudoscience.

This may be painful for some of you...

1) Dietary fat is not bad for you.

Dietary fat was demonized, largely because it was high omega 6 polyunsaturated fat.

They were right that fat was bad, but wrong about which type

Saturated fat is highly protective in the right quantities. But still, you can eat too much fat
2) Red meat doesn't cause heart disease

Associational studies tend to vilify red meat because people who eat it tend to also have other bad habits.

Randomized controlled trials do not support it, however.
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16 Oct
There is a crisis of masculinity, destroying young boys.

But it's going to hurt high status women just as much.

I believe we're about to go through a marriage apocalypse...and there are about to be a lot of very unhappy, highly successful woman.
When women date, they tend to prefer men who earn more money & are higher status than them.

High status, beautiful women never had a problem with this because the male dominated, masculine work force produced lots of high earning men.
But over the last 10 - 20 years that's changed.

Young adult men today are falling behind.

Right now, 50% more women are slated to graduate from college than men. And then men that do graduate, very often have low testosterone, no purpose, and terrible habits.
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