#Ethereum #Bitcoin #BTC #Cryptos

Unique view of planetary motion & price

ETH on top, BTC below, showing planets in tropical zodiac signs with color

Weekly visual update Saturdays
Detailed astro & markets Sundays

I combine technicals & timing to understand markets

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Before the usual today I want to explain to beginners that this is the 1st level of astro

Planet in sign

What is really going on - each sign has a ruler which impacts the affairs of that sign; sometimes the planet rules itself

There are also different types of rulership
Then I use the portions of the zodiac called the terms quite a lot

And each term planet is also a type of ruler

And so the 12 colors, or signs, of the zodiac, quickly multiply to a near infinity of combinations

Plus motion, plus aspects ... never the same moment twice
That said for analysis we have to segment as much as possible, then synthesize to form judgment

OK lecture over, here is Saturn on cryptos

Jupiter in Aquarius doing well - big question is what happens with entry into Pisces at the end of the year

It doesn't have to repeat the May to July move, but it could
North Node / NN / Rahu

In Gemini also supporting cryptos, and ending in Dec 2021

Mars in Scorpio is the weakest historically for BTC - but in bull markets, has been about even

My take throughout has been the other positives of Saturn, Jupiter & NN should win

Sun in Scorpio has been weaker, heading into Sag soon

I think setting up well for resuming rally

Venus in Capricorn is slowing in motion and doesn't look like its helping so far

But surely Venus will have a thing for ETH this year :)

Mercury nearly done with Scorpio already

BTC avg 15m % return

By Moon Quarter
Moon Quarter
1 bar 1 quarter, mostly

Current is Q3
Moon Sign
Moon Sign
1 bar 1 pass through, mostly

Cancer worse data with Pluto direct
Leo varies but overall OK
Virgo weaker

• • •

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More from @MarsiliosMM

19 Nov

So why was this past week so different from 2 weeks ago?

Markets have spoken
Only NDX continued up, supporting SPX which was about flat; DJI RUT & others down

Safe haven strength

And cryptos slammed until early Friday

We had the Scorpio stellium - what changed?
Can we say the entire week was Full Moon / eclipse effect?

Well true that Sun within 10' of node is impacted but if that was 1 way then ETH wouldn't be up 7% today

I don't want to credit Full Moon for Tuesday's slide - that's sloppy
Actually this question is so easy with 1 additional technique

Some of you may know about it :)
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19 Nov

(will adjust if Friday's action changes things)

From the sheet

Indexes: "Prefer bearish this week esp 16-Nov & likely 18&19-Nov; but tougher call to make for indexes; more bearish 16-Nov on"

NDX SPX higher on week; DJI RUT NYA ARKK down
Not perfect but not all wrong
Cryptos: "Sliding as of 14-Nov is potential warning; thinking down into 19-Nov to 21-Nov maybe sharp; more bearish from 16-Nov on"


Safe havens: "Expect supported this week; at some point TLT will flip and be sold but more likely 22-Nov on"

VIX up
TLT dip that was bought, about flat on week right now
DXY up a lot
GLD off a bit

2 of 4 safe havens up when 3 is usual max move in concert, 4 very rare

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14 Nov
This week first some astro, bit advanced, then the no-lingo forecast will follow

No major changes in:
Pluto, Neptune, Uranus
Saturn, Jupiter, Nodes

Changes start on the term level with Mars and the faster moving planets from there
Mars in term Venus past few days, into term Mercury 15-Nov after NYSE hours

In recent environment (2020-current, bull market only) Mars in term Mercury has been strong for BTC but less strong yet still + for SPX
In all the term data, the condition of that term ruler planet definitely plays a major role on results

Here Mercury in its own term in Sco but moving into combustion with Sun

And I think the Sun is the story for this week...
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13 Nov
#Ethereum #Bitcoin #BTC #Cryptos

Unique view of planetary motion & price

ETH on top, BTC below, showing planets in tropical zodiac signs with color

Weekly visual update Saturdays
Detailed astro & markets Sundays

I combine technicals & timing to understand markets

Thread >
If not familiar, see color legend to right


Saturn in Aquarius supporting cryptos

Jupiter in Aquarius also supporting cryptos

Will movement into Pisces repeat market action in May? Not necessarily.
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12 Nov

Crypto acts like risk-assets meaning NDX SPX etc, more of the time

But since less buy & hold $, and more leverage, seems more susceptible to negative astro and also sometimes drops on events where stocks rally

Here Sun trine Neptune
Indexes bouncing, cryptos tanking
Other than above not quite sure why this is, but all we can do is track which planet driving up & driving down and then judge whether astro conditions change so the effect may change

Cryptos don't respond to water that well

And some Neptune events in the summer were crashes
This Sun trine Neptune was exactly why I said another low 12-Nov...

But kinda realized later more likely to hit cryptos than stocks
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12 Nov

From the sheet (link in bio)

Indexes: "Pause due esp 10-Nov, but higher highs still likely later Nov or early Dec"

Higher highs yet to be determined, and I've shifted more bearish considering sentiment since last week, but rally stop and drop into 10-Nov...

Cryptos: "Still think drop into 10-Nov likely; weaker assets likely to get hit harder"

I didn't call for rally first, and funny right now 10-Nov stands as high and low

Still major drop on 10-Nov and weaker coins DOGE ADA UNI etc back to swing low areas pretty quick

Safe havens: "Should continue rally move that started last week into 10-Nov at least"

VIX 10-Nov high, multi-week highs
TLT 9-Nov high, multi-week highs
DXY 10-Nov huge rally, still going
GLD 10-Nov high, biggest rally in months

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