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Cryptos : #Thread technique et psychologique de la situation actuelle

Le marché a corrigé de 50 % entre le point haut du 12 mai et le point bas de la panique.
J’entends dire que les Cryptos sont en tendance de fond baissière.
C’est faux ❌ pour plusieurs raisons.
1 - la capitalisation totale a corrigé juste 50% de la tendance haussière amorcée en mars 2020.
La MM20 Weekly (bleu) a certes été rompue, mais la MM50 semaines reste intacte.
Les + hauts de 2018 n’ont pas été enfoncés. Si tel était le cas, ça deviendrait inquiétant pour la suite
À CT , le nettoyage des mains faibles entraînant d’énormes mèches baissières, favorise des rebonds techniques, comme dans tout mouvement de panique.
La pression baissière n’est pas oubliée, puisque nous n’avons pas repassé les 50 % et la MM50.
C'est une séquence d’observation
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So a word to the #crypto skeptics and #tether truthers around:

I think it is good to be skeptical and there is literally no person with a brain in the entire industry who truly thinks that $USDT was not used to manipulate prices in 2017 or that it is backed with cash.
Everyone knows it is the biggest tail risk in this space and most people would probably rather it disappears.

However, recently more than before, I notice you guys are taking the high moral ground but you use the exact same “scam” tactics for your own arguments. You repost
articles without fact checking because they fit your bias, then ignore corrections, you don’t care about any use of #crypto because it seems you cannot stand the thought of it not all going to zero. Everything is a scam & everyone a scammer. You may not feel that way,
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A thought on #bitcoin $BTC

Wanted to put out an article but no time. So I’ll try like this. Within my trading methodology we have left Bull market territory and are now in between. I called that consolidation in my trading article (

What does that mean?
It means that consolidations have started to drift downwards instead of up and while a return to new highs is definitely possible, it is now 50/50 that we enter a full Bear market first. We have established an early pattern of a lower high and a lower low as well.
There are strong fundamental headwinds for $BTC to consider now:

1) Inflation is showing up everywhere and the labor market seems okay in the US. New debt issuance will exceed Fed purchases for the first time in a while soon and the Fed is likely to begin looking at a taper.
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I actually dislike these weekly candles. $SPX $SPY Image
Meanwhile 20Y Treasuries on the weekly chart. $TLT $TNX Image
Also, gold doesn't really look so good. $GLD $XAUUSD Image
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A lot of crypto investors talking about the proposed capital gains tax hike, and a ton of misinformation being thrown out.

This is actually something I deal with in my day job, and something I am qualified to speak on. Thread below....

$BTC $vet $eth #vechain #Bitcoin #cryptos
First, and most importantly, unless you have millions of dollars in unrealized capital gains, this likely will not impact your taxes.

This is for people in the highest income bracket(s) and for people who realize more than 1 million in capital gains in a single year.
Second - if you day trade, you are not impacted. You're already paying income tax rates and not capital gains rates. This is only on investments held for longer than 1 year.
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AND IT’S OFFICIAL!! 🤠#Wyoming will recognize #DAOs as a new type of LLC, effective July 1! Thank you legislators & @GovernorGordon for building on Wyoming’s history of inventing the LLC, which all other states followed roughly a decade later. We’re doing it again! A thread👇. 1/
What problem does #Wyoming’s #DAO law solve? It’s the prob of joint-&-several liability for all participants in a DAO, if the DAO were ever deemed by a court to be a general partnership 😱New law handles this by applying LLC liab protections to DAOs that meet the requirements. 2/
KEY is that, unlike regular LLCs, #Wyoming Secretary of State can yank the liability protection from a DAO that commits fraud or engages illegal activities (unlike with a regular LLC). So, only use this law for valid projects & get counsel—it won’t be useful for invalid ones. 3/
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#Bitcoin took another large stride toward mainstream acceptance after Elon Musk’s Tesla revealed it had bought $1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency and would soon accept it as a form of payment for cars, sending the cryptocurrency shooting higher
The announcement of Tesla’s investment, buried in Tesla’s 2020 annual report, follows months of tweets by Musk related to cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, sometimes helping fuel its rally
So what’s all the fuss about?

#Bitcoin has been rallying hard, jumping over 300% in 2020, breezing past its record high
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I want to be extremely clear about it:

#crypto is in a raging bull market because of the Fed. It‘s not because #Defi or $DOGE all of a sudden have any real use. #Yieldfarming is the definition of a pyramid scheme. Just want to disillusion you

Some interesting crypto uses today:
#bitcoin is indeed becoming a highly volatile investment product that institutions are looking at due to the abundance of liquidity. It remains to be seen what is left when the Fed ends QE. Also, $BTC can act as money in unfree societies which is really cool...
...#ethereum, with all its scalability issues (if you think using a network with $150 per tx will become mainstream once the Fed stops printing buy the proverbial bridge), is showing how #crypto can replace clearing houses, how applications can run decentrally, how tokenizing...
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Why #Nigeria is #Africa’s biggest #Crypto market
#Cryptos are fast becoming more popular for #payment transactions around the world and #Nigeria has emerged #Africa’s biggest market
#Nigerians are fast adopting the world’s most popular crypto – #Bitcoin
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#Cryptos that will likely earn you #money in 2021
One of such picks is decentralized financial (#DeFi) protocols (YFI) and Aave.
Valid reasons experts picked (YFI) and #Aave, taking into consideration that #Circle is offering high yield digital dollar corporate accounts with 8.5% to 10.75% annual percentage yields, using both Yearn and Aave
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Our CEO discovered #Bitcoin in 2009 on @HackerNews and became quickly fascinated by it through his interests in peer-to-peer technologies and finance. He started trading #Bitcoins in 2010 and implemented his own #Bitcoin client not much later to understand the protocol in detail
Since then, he has been following it for more than 10-years through three distinct periods he calls; “Ealy stages (2009–2013)”, “Becoming Mainstream (2014–2017)”, and “#Altcoin Explosion (2018 -2020)”
Although the value of #Bitcoin and other #Cryptos have increased, they did not become as successful as he thought they could...
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$BTC finally broke out above the 2020 resistance levels filling the gap from August 2019 and banging into the Yearly R1 which marks the high for 2020 creating a Head and Shoulders pattern with a target around 9500. 10k is the fighting line in the sand. #Bitcoin $BTC #OOTT Image
$BTC clearly working the 10k level but from above verses below as it did most of 2020. H&S target still below at 9500. #BTC #Bitcoin Image
$BTC_F traders solidly defended the 10k area and the bottom of the February gap preventing the H&S 9500 target hit. Price is moving to retest the neckline from the underside which in my opinion negates the H&S play as not meeting its target. $BTC #Bitcoin Image
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1) 🧠 How to strengthen #crypto #BTC #ETH #BEP #BNB

One weakness of the market is driven by its LOW LIQUIDITY, and it's imperative that we aim for growth of a decentralized liquidity network, allowing for ALL #BTC #ETH #BNB #BEP hodlers to participate as automated market makers.
2) Allowing them to earn on their hodlings -- which currently centralized exchanges do not support.

If we can people to aggregate the dormant #BTC #ETH #BNB #BEP tokens sitting on cold storage devices into decentralized liquidity networks, perhaps we can develop more strength.
3) It would strengthen #cryptos against whale manipulation / over-leveraged traders (which causes price swings, which leads to panic and irrational trades).
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@azucenau Hola Azucena, en el mundo de las #cryptos y #blockchain el Amero es conocida como una probable estafa, ya que al proyecto es bastante opaco en cuanto los activos que tiene. Dentro de la comunidad, Alfonso Jiménez tiene muy mala reputación.
@azucenau Alfonso Jiménez debería probar que el Amero en realidad pudiera ser equivalente a los 130 millones de dólares que piden por el avión presidencial, y bien los podría cambiar por Bitcoins o USD para hacer la transacción.
@azucenau Toda la tecnología en la que se basa #Bitcoin (#blockchain) está orientada y pensada para poder comprobar que se tienen el valor que dices tener. Para poder hacer operaciones con seguridad. Con Amero, no se tiene ni siquiera la seguridad que en realidad su tasa de cambio es 6 USD
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A thread about how well #China is playing the international game to become the most prominent economy in this decade, by @swardley.
@swardley Some key points about #China's long-run #strategy:

- For the #CPC (Communist Party of China) the #market is only a tool to leverage the power of the Chinese people, culture, and state, and not the holy sacred truth, as most western liberals believe. See @swardley's explanation.
@swardley - #China, through its CPC, acts as the #world's #biggest #buyer of goods & services, and hence, is able to impose its conditions (read law, prices, access to intellectual property, etc) to all multinationals that want to access the Chinese market, no matter how big they are.
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Perpetual Swaps are expensive to trade!

We compared Futures & Perpetual Swaps to see which is better for #trading
Futures outperformed Swaps in 13 out of 16 months. Irrespective of #bitcoin performance.
GREEN: $BTC monthly returns were +ve
RED: $BTC yielded -ve monthly returns
In DOWN months, i.e. where $BTC monthly returns were negative shorting via Futures would've yielded higher returns

This underperformance makes Perp. Swaps poor instrument for hedging

“Hedging Bitcoin balance by shorting 1x Perpetual Swap” would've cost you roughly 2% per month
For UP months ( where $BTC monthly returns were positive) a levered Long in Futures would have given higher returns.

Funding eats away from the returns of a trade!
#cryptocurrency #cryptos
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1/ Get ready for a predictable #crypto pattern: in the coming months, we will see an increasing number of #Bitcoin maximalists tormenting “altcoin investors” for straying from the mother ship.
2/ The maximalist drum will get louder as we go deeper into the bear market, with #bitcoin falling less than most other coins, and its dominance index growing.…
3/ #Bitcoin is the benchmark after all, the market beta of crypto, with most everything oscillating at a higher amplitude than $BTC.
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1/ An $ICX $ICON thread outlining my thoughts / views about the current state of $ICX as well as some (very) simple explanations relating to regular questions that come up within the $ICX community.
2/ Decentralization: Currently $ICX is centralized and this is normal as the team is still working through the token swap, staking and incentive program and implementing their AI governance model. @minhokim has stated that over time they will gradually become more decentralized.
3/ TheLoop & ICON: TheLoop is the private branch that helps institutions / organizations setup their own Blockchain networks. ICON is the public branch which will allow for interoperability between these Blockchains as well as other #cryptos.

TheLoop = Intranet
ICON = Internet
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@CryptoMedicated, thank you for providing a quick analysis on $TEL - #telcoin. Much respect sir. The community appreciates it, but I respectfully disagree with your analysis, and let me tell you why. I'll address all 9 of your points with a rebuttal. Check out the thread.
1) Bearish on $TEL prospect: @CryptoMedicated
I disagree, and please check the stats, and even that's too low. The thing is that #telcoin doesn't operate like every crypto, as a matter of fact the manner in which they operate will allow them to thrive.
2a) $TEL locked out of the US: @CryptoMedicated
Permanently?!!! You should note that #telcoin is a GSMA member, which isn't an easy feat. Did you know that Sprint, ATT, Verizon, and TMobile are members as well.
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