1./ Today is the launch of the $APOLLO token from @ApolloDAO.

Why has this token value, why you should be excited and why I'm ready to buy. Not financial advise.

The main things to discuss are the #Warchest and the $zAPOLLO token.

A thread about the #Warchest🧵
2./ So, the #warchest

Liquidity incentives can't last forever and @ApolloDAO is aware of that. Where many protocols face the problem of how to keep incentivising LP providers when all the tokens are distributed, the Apollo team has already solved this before TGE
3./ The #warchest is the solution for this, but what is it?

The community farming event was used to boost the value in the #Warchest. Users were able to deposit mAssets LP tokens, as well as other #Terra governance token LP pairs.
4./ Instead of getting the usual rewards of these pairs, the rewards were used to buy $APOLLO tokens for $0.25. The money raised by the community farming event was placed into the #Warchest.
5./ The money distributed to the #Warchest will initially be used to buy $LUNA, $bETH and $aUST. Later on, the #DAO decides which assets to buy.

The value of the #Warchest is used to back the $APOLLO tokens. Because of this, a price floor is created for the $APOLLO token.
6./ Because the assets bought by the #Warchest are yield bearing assets, the #Warchest has an ongoing revenue stream without being dependant on the protocol fees.
7./ As $APOLLO token rewards decrease over time, there will be an increased percentage of the by the #Warchest generated revenue that goes to Apollo LP providers and Apollo vault users.
8./ This means that in the first years LP providers, stakers and vault users are being rewarded with $APOLLO tokens but as more tokens are being distributed this will slowly be replaced by the #Warchest profits.
9./ As not all the profits will be distributed the #Warchest will be an ever compounding mechanism with the profits to be distributed to platform users getting more and more and more.
10./ So, the value in the #Warchest will grow which means the backing of the $APOLLO token will grow. Because of this, the floor price of the $APOLLO token will also grow.
11./ Because the #Warchest will grow, the profit it's making will also grow so there is more money to be distributed as rewards resulting in an higher APR when using the platform which will like increase the users.
12./ When more users are going to use the platform, more performance fees will be directed to the #Warchest, which will make it grow further, which...

You starting to see it? This #Warchest is a masterpiece and with owning $APOLLO tokens you own a part of it.
13./ Later today I'll post something about $zAPOLLO, but to be honest, I don't think you need that to be excited already. If you're not excited yet. Please read this thread again.

@ApolloDAO LFGGGG 🔥🔥🔥🔥

• • •

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24 Nov
1./ Liked the tweet of the @ApolloDAO #Warchest? Want to know more #Alpha?

Let's talk about $zAPOLLO 🔥

As promised, a thread about $zAPOLLO. What is it? Why is important? 🧵
2./ Like with many protocols, staking a token gives you governance rights. @ApolloDAO will give the same rights to people who stake their $APOLLO LP tokens. So where comes $zAPOLLO into play?
3./ @ApolloDAO will utilise a similar tokenomics model as @CurveFinance where people can stake and lock their tokens in order to get rewards and governance rights.
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22 Nov
1./ One of the projects I'm really excited about although not many people are talking about it is @Minerva_NFT. As the name shows, it's a NFT project. Unlike many of the NFT "projects" that only distribute mostly worthless JPEGs, @Minerva_NFT has a real use case. A thread 🧵
2./ Although @Minerva_NFT is a NFT projects, they don't make use of the default NFT standard. They are going to use the ADOs made available by @AndromedaProt. Another time I'll explain what the difference is, for now, let's focus on @Minerva_NFT
3./ So if it has nothing to do with JPEGs, what is it? @Minerva_NFT is bringing real world assets to the blockchain. What kind of real world assets? Wine people, wine 🍷 So why is this a thing?
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10 Nov
1./ Yesterday @loop_finance made an announcement of the NFT LP Bond marketplace for @terra_money. But what exactly are we talking about? Let's dive into it!

2./ Before @OlympusDAO created the biggest innovation #DeFi has ever seen, liquidity providing was like chasing green candles. #Aping into pools with a promising >2000%+ APY, until a blink of an eye later it’s down to <20%. If you can’t beat @anchor_protocol, why bother?
3./ Liquidity Providing used to be time-consuming, research intensive & very risky. How often did you get rugged/rekt? And how many protocols didn’t make it, because we kept selling their #shitcoin until not a single mad man was willing to LP for them?
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26 Oct
1./ You're bullish for @prism_protocol? You should be. If you're wondering what they will bring to #DeFi you should check my previous threads about them. For now, I assume we all know.
2./ The real alpha for @prism_protocol is that they're not only focussing on splitting just $LUNA but all PoS assets. Think about $ATOM, $SOL, $ETH and $DOT. This combined with the fact that $PRISM is the base token in the liquidity pools is mind blowing. Why? I'll explain.
3./ Once a PoS asset is deposited in @prism_protocol the token deposited is the collateral and is used to mint a yield bearing asset and a principal asset. The collateral token doesn't disappear but is staked by the protocol.
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24 Oct
1./ I think @staderlabs is not getting the attention it deserves yet. Staking is one of the most important things in crypto but is not capital efficient in most cases. #Stader is going to change that.
2./ Built on #Terra, #Stader is going to disrupt the staking business. They have a lot of things they're planning to do and I'd love to tell you guys everything about it but today I'll be focussing on the thing I'm most excited about: Liquid tokens.
3./ Nowadays most of the times when you stake a token you're done. That's it, the token is staked. Not liquid anymore, but you're earning yield. It's not bad, but it could be better. What if you get a token in return?
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19 Oct
1./ We can use the vaults of @ApolloDAO for a while now and in my opinion everything is working fine. Why should we excited for their token? What does it add to the protocol?

A small thread:
2./ In DeFi we're familiar with auto compounders. Their services are great, but why would you want to hold their tokens? Not that much utility most of the times. But not for @ApolloDAO. Their auto compounding is great, but what you really should be excited about is the Warchest.
3./ 99% of the protocol's revenue will be redirected to the Warchest with the other 1% redirected to @angelprotocol. With these funds initially $LUNA, $bETH and $aUST will be bought (future allocation to be decided by the DAO).
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