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Week 12 of our "What is Series"🧑‍🎓
What is a DAO???🤔

A #DAO or a Decentralized autonomous organization is governed by code to ensure it's transparent, democratic and not influenced by a central entity.

So how do they work???
DAOs are created using smart contracts, allowing members to vote on initiatives by simply owning tokens of the DAO.

As a result, decisions can be implemented from the ground up, making all transactions transparent and secure once it's broadcast to the blockchain.
So why use a #DAO?

1. Decentralization- Collective decision making
2. Participation - Anyone can join or create proposals
3. Publicity- All votes and transactions are public
4. Community- Working together for a common goal
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1/ Good news, everyone! Two major proposals have already been implemented in the #1inch #DAO Treasury.

✅ [1IP-08]:…

✅ [1IP-09]:…

👉 Create your own proposals here:

#DeFi #crypto Image
2/ From now on, the following tokens are whitelisted for the #1inch treasury collection strategy: $ETH, $WETH, $WBTC, $DAI and $USDT.

💡 This set of tokens won't be exchanged for #USDC before sending to the 1inch #DAO Treasury.
3/ 💰 [1IP-09] proposal aims to purchase $1INCH with treasury revenue when the price is lower than ~$1.50. $0.20 bands are used on either side of this buying point in order to dampen the impact that market volatility could have.
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1/ 👊🦄 #1inchWeeklyRecap #24

🔄 Updates, News and Integrations :

💬 The 1inch Labs invites you to participate in an online interview:…

📱 #Fantom Network is now supported in @DCENTWALLETS built-in SWAP Service powered by #1inch

#DeFi #crypto
2/ 🗓 Events:

💻 @EnormousRage, Backend Team Lead at #1inch, held the workshop ‘Deep dive into 1inch Swap and Limit order API’ at @EthCCHack 2022 on July 23

🇰🇷 @deacix, co-founder of 1inch, will be sharing his insights about finance on #blockchain at the 2022 @kbwofficial
3/ 🏆 Milestones achieved (1/2):

🔥 #1inch hit 8M in total number of swaps on the @0xPolygon network

🧡 1inch entered @BSCNews' top of gainers on #BNBChain in the last 24 hours
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Want to explain #DAO to a family member? A normal friend? A friend who is manifesting a 'DAO for Dummies' book?

Wish no more.

Here's your holy bible:…

1/ Decentralized = Led by the community
Autonomous = Self-governing
Organization = A purpose-led community

=> DAO = A self-governing community working towards a common goal/belief.
2/ Although expanding in categories, there are eight main types of DAOs at the moment: Investment (@Meta_Cartel), Grant (@Ukraine_DAO), Protocol (@AaveAave), Collector (@PleasrDAO), Social (@FWBtweets), Service (@theindiedao), Media (@banklessDAO), and Entertainment (@YieldGuild)
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The #DAO concept has introduced a new paradigm of business organisation.
SEVEN steps to secure your DAO—
Corporations have previously been restricted to some degree by their borders and corporate governance laws.

DAOs propose the notion of a genuinely global and completely decentralised organisation.

#ETH | #crypto
They have a flat structure in the true sense.

And since smart contracts are self-executing, it eliminates the need for human input to a great extent and enables the democratisation of the corporation.

#cryptocurrency | #Web3
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Today I would like to share my thoughts and ideas about the @entropydotxyz project, and its values both for myself personally and for humanity!

Also I have some surprise for you at the End of this tweet!
The @entropydotxyz team is extremely focused on launching the first ever truly win-win protocol for decentralized asset storage. Image
Self-storage should be a pillar of Crypto. Many believed that from the early days of the industry, this vision would always be at the forefront of priorities.
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1/ 12
Great piece from our friends at Messari. They've calculated a 26.7x multiple to our venture investments.

#Meritcircle 🟠was the most suited #Guild (#GamingDAO) they could analyse, because of our transparency and live metrics.

4 important asterisks + context to the 🧵👇 Image
2/ 12

Treasury still largely consists of cash. Even most of staked portion = cash.

Cash will primarily be deployed in R&D (Marketplace and Gaming platform), launching native projects (@Edenhorde ) and venture invs. (Tokens & NFTs partners)

Quality deployments take time

The multiple effectively only takes 25%+- of assets into account. Whereas cash has actually been the best performing asset since inception, and will allow us to get better venture deals in the future.

We are maintaining a very selective approach, more selective even.
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La communauté française vient d’être scam par un influenceur français pour plusieurs millions de dollars en cryptomonnaie.

L’influenceur en question est @Crypto_gouv


@czdaomaker @PoliceNationale @Gendarmerie @kucoincom @binance @Economie_Gouv @Uniswap @TornadoCash
Les wallets utilisés sont :


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Aujourd’hui je vais vous parler de ce que l’on appelle la #DeSci ( decentralized science movement).
⬇️ ⬇️
Un nombre croissant de scientifiques et d'entrepreneurs exploitent les outils de la blockchain, notamment les « Smart contract » et les « coins », pour tenter d'améliorer la science moderne. Leur travail est connu sous le nom de decentralized science movement, ou #DeSci.
Encore à ses débuts, #DeSci se situe au milieu de deux tendances plus larges :
1) les efforts déployés au sein de la communauté scientifique pour modifier la manière dont la recherche est financée et dont les connaissances sont partagées
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💥🤯 SBTs for Projects?!!! 🤯💥

You can now earn credentials for projects conducted at Kleoverse. They're stored to @0xPolygon as Soulbound Tokens (SBTs), representing your work and results 🚀

Don’t they look awesome 🤤🤩

Ready for Proof-of-Talent?? 😉👇


#klvrs #SBT #DAO Image
@0xPolygon Traditional credentials fail to create a truthful assessment of your expertise in web3.

Projects you build and results you deliver are the only things properly proving your talent – validating your expertise for a job or a project.

You should be able to showcase them 🥲

@0xPolygon New generation of credentials verify your work and its results on-chain 🔥

Today: Earn credentials for your projects at @kleoverse 🤝

Tomorrow: Issue peer-validated credentials about any relevant achievement 🚀

💥💥 Enter Proof-of-Talent 💥💥

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1/11 It’s time for the 2nd 🧵listing the protocols that are applying for the Phase 1 grant of #Optimism and then maybe potential #Airdrops to #Optimsim users. If you would like to review the 1st thread, link is below:
2/11 @picklefinance : Request to distribute 200k $OP over 200 days, 90% Yes
Pickle Finance was the first yield aggregator to launch on Optimism. They plan to distribute $OP as a dual reward to their existing and new pools. They plan to issue new Jars key related to Uniswap V3.
3/11 @WardenSwap : Request to distribute 300k $OP, 52% Yes
Wardenswap is the real-time best rate #DEX aggregator using AI Power. 55% will be distributed to traders (20%), referral program (10%) and marketing (35%).
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[THREAD] Que sont les #Soulboundtokens, la dernière invention de @VitalikButerin ?

Revenons sur ces #NFT d'un nouveau type, qui pourrait bien devenir une pierre angulaire des sociétés décentralisées.

C'est parti ! 🧵
1. Qu'est-ce qu'un #Soulbound Token (SBT) ?
2. Quelques cas d'utilisations des #SBT
3. Le nouveau paradigme de la société décentralisée (#DeSoc)
4. Les Soulbound Tokens et #ZKproof
1. Qu'est-ce qu'un #Soulboundtoken (SBT) ?

Les #Soulbound Tokens sont des jetons intégrants une notion de non-transférabilité.
Par conséquent, le détenteur d'un jeton #SBT ne peut pas le transférer vers une autre adresse.
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Congrats to all the $SKL bounty winners at #ETHNewYork, and thank you to all 35 teams who built on #SKALE (and took home a piece of the prize pool)! Check out the thread below for the full list of winners. 🧵👇
#SKALEverse #Hackathon #Blockchain
1/ 🥇Grand prize (tie): HE(ART)

HE(ART) is a gamified, #DAO governed collective to enable artists and users to take part in the creation and funding of public social good projects.
2/ 🥇Grand prize (tie): Ozen Web 3.0 Music Player

A #Web3 Spotify-disruptor where artists get paid directly in real time with no third-party intermediaries, all on the #blockchain.
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Web3 dünyasında kurulmuş popüler #DAO türlerini ve örneklerini inceledik 🧵👇 Görsel: https://www.alchemy...
Tek başınıza asla sahip olamayacağınız bir NFT'ye yatırım yapmak, bir NBA takımına hissedar olmak ya da özel bir topluluğun parçası olmak kulağa nasıl geliyor?

Tüm bu hayalleri gerçekleştirmek için yola çıkmış DAO'ları, türlerine göre inceledik.
DAO’lar, ortak bir hedef için bir araya gelen kişiler tarafından kurulur. Her topluluğun bir araya gelme amacı farklıdır. Bu nedenle; topluluğun, hedeflerine ulaşmasını sağlayacak en uygun yapı inşa edilmelidir.

Yaygın olarak 8 farklı türde DAO’lar kurulduğunu görüyoruz.
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@CelsiusNetwork - A look forward:

- They come up w/ a plan to return $$ over time to anyone that wants to withdraw (highly likely IMO since they are illiquid, not insolvent)
- They stabilize the business (albeit smaller) while the market bounces back pre-election US

- $CEL continues to trend 🆙due to #CelShortSqueeze, slow release f/ App, higher trading volume, yield from cxCEL deployment, and more utility
- They uncover/prove coordinated FUD campaign & market manipulation that regains some of the trust lost (perhaps some $$ too)


- Launch free @Visa Signature credit card w/ $CEL benefits (Jul-Aug)
- Roll out on/off ramps in most US states (Jul-Aug) and abroad (Q4)
- Expand free #swaps (minimal spreads) to more countries (Q3)
- Create a #DAO to self-insure against counter-party risk (Q1 '23)

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硬核到爆炸📌此系列推文整理了或是华语圈最高水准且全面的 #Web3 系列专题,每个专题均精选了各类深度优质文章,相信是你的穿越寒冬&长期学习必备手册。

2⃣Web3 身份赛道研究
4⃣DAO 研究与治理
5⃣X To Earn 生态研究

2/【 Web3Caff 精选专题 丨加密资产安全与防骗指南】#ScamAlert

区块链黑暗力量遍布,如何守护加密资产安全?此专题收录了包括区块链黑暗森林自救手册、#Web3 防骗指南、NFT 防盗指南、钓鱼手法分析等系列优质文章,目前共计 8 篇,速览收藏喔。

3/【Web3Caff 精选专题 丨Web3 身份系统赛道研究专题】

#Web3 原生身份协议应该是什么样的?目前有哪些生态应用?此专题收录了从 Web3 去中心化身份管理系统的历史、现状、展望到构建分析、生态应用盘点等系列 8 篇(截止目前)优质文章。

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ICYMI: Why is everyone still talking about Trinity and the Wilder Genesis Rewards Program? 🧵
This is NFT rewards done the Wilder way: bold in concept and never been done before! Creating the Program took months of industry research, observation, and strategizing to get just right for our greatest supporters. It will be rolled out over the remainder of 2022 and beyond.
There are three core components of the Program: Industry Rewards, Platform Rewards, and Trinity Rewards. Before diving into each, let’s take time to understand what an industry is and why they’re essential to our metaverse ecosystem.
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Zerion supports tracking thousands of protocols and dapps and the list keeps growing.

Here's what we added this week 👇
🧱 Sturdy Finance (@SturdyFinance): Sturdy is a new kind of DeFi lending protocol on #Fantom and #Ethereum that enables users to earn high stablecoin yields or take out interest-free loans.
🐳 Phuture Finance (@phuture_finance): a decentralized crypto index platform on #Ethereum that simplifies investments through automated, themed index funds.
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How to use rewards from @NEARProtocol
🧵 👇
@NEARProtocol @NEARProtocol allocates 30% of transaction fees to the #smartcontracts these transactions touched


popular libraries can receive a flow of funds from all the client applications that are using them
@NEARProtocol funds can be kept on the #smartcontract to allow it to allocate more storage space


#DAO managing this application can decide what to do with these funds

third-party can use buy-back & burn mechanics for contracts that have their own token
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Summary #STEPN @Stepnofficial AMA 28/05/2022:
* Last week wrap up
* Third realm
* Mainland China ban
* Next app update
* Energy
* Gems
* Multi-accounting
* Customer support
* Badges
* Strava
* Minting scrolls
* #GMT
* Trailblazer & FOMO
* Panda skins
Last week
- A hectic and emotional week with a mid-week emergency AMA.
- Team focusses on pushing the product out and regrets it got a bit carried away by the FUD.
- Remember that this project is supported by people meeting up IRL as the live events have shown.
Third realm
- Planned to roll out during phase V. #StepN will transform to more of a platform. This with a retail & business end.
- Incremental rollout.
- Few more #GMT use cases before rolling out the realms. Q3-Q4 this year?
- Maybe more than one realm rolled out this year.
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Till date, nobody knows Satoshi Nakamoto. It maybe a code name for a group of people or an individual with a team. No one person does a great thing alone. It's usually a team with wild ideas,which makes them similar to #DAO

TG Announcement Channel: #BTCs
Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as the name goes is a group of people that shares similar idea and has a similar goal and it's made possible through blockchain technology.

NB: #SatoshiBTCs team has unveiled @Coredao_Org as the project's official twitter account.
#CoreDAO will be responsible for development of #Satoshi Ecosystem. It aims to design & develop the Satoshi Plus Consensus, & the Satoshi Chain, prosper #Bitcoin Ecosystem based on Satoshi Plus Consensus, eventually building a worldwide connected #Web3 infrastructure. #Crypto
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We are privileged to be in a position where not only our project is based on the most advanced #Blockchain, but as a #ClubGorgon, we are merging the worlds of physical & digital #Art.
Idea to onboard real life #artists to #ElrondNFTs, connecting them with #DigitalArt collectors through the projects contribution in creators economy & acting in the best interest of our members seems to be working well!
Besides our #Web3/tech goals, such as transitioning into a fully functional #Art #DAO on #ElrondNetwork & ambitious roadmap, we aim to embrace a meritocratic approach in decision making.
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In Part I of the stablecoin long read thread I outlined the conditions that led to the $UST disaster. BUT (!) decentralized stablecoins are a beautiful concept that definitely has a future.

1/ So, the topic for Part II is $USN – @NEARProtocol's native stablecoin.
2/ If you missed the first part, then it is better to start researching the topic with it.

There I described the main prerequisites that led to the collapse of the #UST and options for how this could have been avoided.

3/ #USN by @DcntrlBank is a fully collateralized decentralized stablecoin backed by $NEAR and $USDT with more assets to be added soon. The peg is maintained by on-chain arbitrage and rebalancing of the treasury to ensure stability in any market conditions.
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2022: The Year Of The DAO 🔗

DAO's Play An Integral Role In Crypto & Understanding Them Is Essential 🧵👇
1/ #DAO = Decentralized Autonomous Organization 🤝

Transparent. Fair. Innovative. Necessary.

The role a DAO plays ensures that the community is prioritized and not only the founding members, VCs & early investors
2/ The systemic problem that current corporations face is that a select group of people get to make decisions on behalf of an entire organization.
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