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What is a #DAO and what are the predictions that will impact lawyers (aka opportunities and growth!) - a thread. #legal #lawyers #law #crypto #blockchain #legaltech Complete research briefing at
DAO - decentralized autonomous organization. This is a new type of company type (e.g. LLC), in which there is no leading member of the organization that has a majority rule and no human-based active decision making.
DAOs - operate through a series of smart contracts with extremely limited human interaction. This means the business can run without a traditional business structure.
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Today, we announced that ShapeShift is decentralizing.

Unorthodox, but it is the only way to maintain fidelity to the most important principles of crypto; specifically, self-sovereignty over money.

Without that principle upheld, we’re all just LARP’ing.

A thread…
ShapeShift has been a centralized company for 7 years.

We pioneered the self-custody revolution, enabling people to trade assets without counter-party risk.

It has always been our goal to protect users, while making self-custody easy and fun.
We have investors, a board, an exec team, corporate entities, bank accounts, an HR department, a beautiful office overlooking the mountains to the west, paid “our taxes,” and like proper conformists we even followed all OSHA workplace signage requirements in our break room.
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1/ Issue 11: Decentralized Insurance: From Babylon to Web3 ⚖️🖥️

In this issue, we briefly explore the history of insurance to contextualize the progression to #Web3 parametric and mutual insurance models as exemplified by @etherisc and @NexusMutual.

2/ Here is a link to the full piece:…
3/ Two major themes to highlight:

⚖️ Historically, insurance was driven by community (e.g. benevolent societies of Greece). The #Web3 era is seeing a return to the community model.
⚖️ When insurance companies are gutted in favor of programmatic smart contracts, costs decline.
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🙏 great questions @jespow May I use artist feedback for #DAO #CryptoArt #HackMoney2021 idea?
#NFTCommunity @NFTCollector @jespow ✨ feedback welcomed, in fact appreciated ✨

Imagine, 180-shift. Artist governed DAO. Creators deterministically setting criteria for curatorial
essays, interviews, publications, irl and metaverse exhibits, art experiences/interactions.

If crypto will be first global ruled based monetary system; a store of value controlled by none. We are free to imagine a decentralized creator, collector, art services DAO colony.
Creators governing art management and curation of art portfolios. Collectors, investors, individuals as allies, sharing crypto values, aligned in furthering education and global reach of #CryptoArt and #CryptoArtists.
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What is a DAO LLC? Your Complete Guide to DAOs

One technology that looks set to revolutionize the way we buy, share, and even hold money is blockchain. A relatively new concept to the world of business, based on this idea, is a DAO LLC. Image
The internet has revolutionized our world and the world of business. Thirty years ago, we could not simply Google our problems, buy things online, or even send a text message. Today, all that is possible, and new technologies are rising.
One technology that looks set to revolutionize the way we buy, share, and even hold money is blockchain.
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The future is #DeFi, and the future is #DAO 🏗️

$DPI (DeFi Pulse Index) was created to be a passive investment vehicle for broad exposure to the DeFi Sector. 💰

Updated allocations for the index are below, as of 6/7/2021.

📰News you probably already know: A thread.

1/ 👇🧵 Image
3/ @AaveAave

$Aave will be implementing the first wave of exploring new scalability frontiers with @0xPolygon…
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1/ When I started researching DAOs ppl said, "they're just Discords and shared wallets." I wanted to know more. What were the mechanics? How do you join a DAO? What's the tech stack? @jackgecawich kindly invited me to @prtyDAO. Here's how joining @prtyDAO works 👇
2/ PartyDAO initially minted a fixed # tokens, $PARTY. You need 10 $PARTY tokens to access the member-only Discord channels. In the member channels people vote on investment decisions, like bidding on NFTS, and team decisions, like hiring.
3/ I didn't have any $PARTY tokens, so @jackgecawich gave me 5 of his and got a friend to give me 5. He sent them to my MetaMask wallet. I needed to add a contract address as a custom token to see the tokens (it doesn't just show up like when someone sends you ETH)
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1/ Issue 5: @indexcoop - The #Crypto BlackRock 🦉🏦

#DAOs are transparent, accessible, and democratic.

This piece is a case study looking at one of the most successful DAO communities to date: @indexcoop.

Their mission: create a decentralized BlackRock for the digital era.

2/ Before we get started, this tweetstorm is a truncated version of the longer piece. Check out the full piece and subscribe here:…
3/ @ljxie defines a DAO as:

"…a group organized around a mission that coordinates through a shared set of rules enforced on a blockchain."

With the recent DAO bill in the WY legislature (h/t @awrigh01), it's important to understand these entities.…
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1/ The Curation Game in the works at @TheMetaFactory is a fascinating example of decentralized product selection within a #DAO.

If you haven't heard, @TheMetaFactory is a collectively owned & managed producer of digi-physical goods, connecting the #Metaverse with IRL fashion. Image
2/ First a quick look at digi-physical goods.

Clothing purchased from @TheMetaFactory includes embedded microchips that allow verification of authenticity on-chain.

In addition, #NFTs are issued so you can sport your physical item in virtual worlds.

3/ But The Curation Game is where things get interesting.

The $ROBOT token, which is used for governance, will enable a form of curation mining where designers create product ideas and curators stake their $ROBOT tokens on the designs they like.

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1/ ⭐️ @ConsenSysCodefi & @ArmorFi Team Up To Make DeFi Safer ⭐️

The collaboration will create a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the smart contract threat landscape which involves crowdsourcing risk assessment, and plans for a DAO.
2/ The teams will be updating @ConsenSysCodefi's #DeFiScore rating in an effort to invite the community to help build the future of #DeFi safety.
3/ The move is the first step in a larger initiative to create a collaborative "DeFi Defense DAO" to increase safety and transparency for #DeFi through a community-driven product risk history and scoring resource.
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AND IT’S OFFICIAL!! 🤠#Wyoming will recognize #DAOs as a new type of LLC, effective July 1! Thank you legislators & @GovernorGordon for building on Wyoming’s history of inventing the LLC, which all other states followed roughly a decade later. We’re doing it again! A thread👇. 1/
What problem does #Wyoming’s #DAO law solve? It’s the prob of joint-&-several liability for all participants in a DAO, if the DAO were ever deemed by a court to be a general partnership 😱New law handles this by applying LLC liab protections to DAOs that meet the requirements. 2/
KEY is that, unlike regular LLCs, #Wyoming Secretary of State can yank the liability protection from a DAO that commits fraud or engages illegal activities (unlike with a regular LLC). So, only use this law for valid projects & get counsel—it won’t be useful for invalid ones. 3/
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$GLCH is the first ‘for purpose’ #Defi Blockchain
💰$23M Market Cap
🔓Most Private/Seed/Presale Tokens Unlocked
🤝Partners with $ORN #API3 $RAMP $UNN $CELL $ROUTE
🤝@JeffKirdeikis CEO @TrustSwap is a Strategic Advisor
👨‍🔧Project Leads are Public & Visible… ImageImageImage
$GLCH #Blockchain
vs #DeFi Blockchains
$XRP $XLM $ETH $AVAX $SOL (All >$4B Cap)
✅Faster TX finality time
✅Amongst the highest throughput
✅No vulnerability to 51% attacks

⚠️Per image both $SOL and $AVAX have experienced notable bugs that dramatically slowed their networks ImageImage
$GLCH Tokenomics

$23M Market Cap
$45M Fully Diluted Cap
👀FDMC is >100X lower than $AVAX – HUGE Upside
46M Circulating Supply
88,888,888 Max Supply

🔓Just under 3M Private Sales Tokens Left to Unlock linearly over 4 weeks
🔒Liquidity Locked via TrustLock Image
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🙌WHO'S BUILDING ON @0xPolygon in 2021?🙌
(a handy 🖼 put 2gether by @gldnXross)

featuring: @AaveAave @animocabrands's @F1DeltaTime @biconomy @chainlink @graphprotocol @QuickswapDEX @NetworkArkane @PoolTogether_ @decentraland @MUSTCometh and many moar...

👇full list below👇
DeFi blue chip @AaveAave recently deployed on Polygon and TVL is almost to $10M!

These DeFi juggernauts are also building on Polygon:
@Instadapp @EasyfiNetwork @PoolTogether_ @Nord_Finance @mtpelerin.

Gasless #DeFi, secured by Ethereum? Um, yes pls!
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1/ @indexcoop, creators of $DPI, are set to launch a #Metaverse Index on April 7th.

The Metaverse has gained enormous traction as an investment theme in #crypto. Let's review some of the holdings of #MVI to see how this index captures the Metaverse space.

Thread 🦉👇
2/ @enjin - $ENJ - 15.1%

Enjin is an ecosystem of products that make it easy for game industry businesses to develop, trade, monetize, and market with blockchain. With over 20 million users and a robust product suite, Enjin can give businesses a competitive edge in the space.
3/ @decentraland - $MANA - 11%

The first decentralized world, Decentraland is controlled via #DAO, which owns the palatform's smart contracts & assets. Community events, including visits from @3LAU & @RAC, combine with #Web3 tech to create a unique social experience.
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Merhabalar. Bugün sizlere @TheDaoMaker tarafından yapılan #SHO ’lara (Tamamen farklı ama ICO,IEO,Launcpad,IDO,IFO, indirimli token satışı siz hangisini derseniz ya da hangisine benzetirseniz artık) katılımın nasıl yapıldığına yönelik uzun bir flood hazırladım. $DAO #DAO #DAOMaker
Flood sonucu hala aklınızda soru işaretleri varsa bunu hızlıca çözebileceğiniz ilk kanal DAO Maker Resmi Türkiye kanalıdır. İngilizce olarak takip etmek isteyenler için Resmi Global Kanal burasıdır.
Her şey güzel ama DAO Maker daha öncesinde bu satışları da yapmış ama satışını yaptığı projelerin tokenleri nerelere gelmiş/gelebilmiş diye merak edenler için… sitesi sizler için iyi bir kaynak olacaktır. DAO Maker’in resmi token adı $DAO ‘dur.
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This bull market’s top-performing token? It’s @ZapProtocol -a @chainlink $LINK alternative that represents the most decentralized oracle proxy for smart contracts.


#Bitcoin #defi #crypto #eth #ERC20 #oracles #bondingcurves…
$zap is a multifunctional blockchain solution offering full liquidity for many #DeFi use-cases like data monetization, token creation, & creating various #DApps. $zap smart contract templates use #bondingcurves, algorithmic market makers that provide liquidity for the protocol.
In comparison w/ @chainlink, @ZapProtocol allows users to create #decentralized #oracles using #smartcontract templates, and to buy and sell the oracle tokens in an open fully-liquid marketplace.
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Everything a company can do, a #DAO will do better.
While the current reality of #DAOs is a long way from the promise, speed of progress is 👀👀
Wait until the "composability" that is much-touted in #DeFi starts hitting mainstream realization for #DAOs.
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$DCR in beast mode.
For a while, skeptics asked what $DCR's raison d'être was.

Sure, @placeholdervc had put out that "Decred’s killer feature is good governance, and with good governance, you can have any feature you want," but what feature(s) was @decredproject providing the world?
IMO the turning point for people realizing @decredproject's ability to bring valuable services to the world was #DCRDEX, which has seen rapid uptake as a privacy-preserving, hard-money #DEX:
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I started playing DA:O and the first thing this game gets very right is giving me a big, terrifying puppy in the first ten minutes. also, I'm maybe ten second into the game and already two (2) canonical family fathers have died. outstanding content.
I also met a bog witch who didn't dress weather appropriately and got dissed by her mom in front of her new friends which hit very close to home for me
I almost got mad at Morrigan for calling Alistair dim-witted (my templar son bby), but then she went to "get her things" and returned 1. not having changed into a travel outfit and 2. she didn't even grab a bag, and honestly that is the true sexy bog witch behavior I aspire to
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Can't agree more about most #DAO projects are like countries with parliaments but without the relevant executive #government @verbine Would love to incorporate an executive structure to Digital Native Organizations #DNO on #Autonomy Network. Thread here 👇👇👇
For the success of Community owned organizations and Digital companies there is a need for a strong executive team while I also feel a need for a strong governance council. #token #governance models #cryptonetworks
To solve some of the short comings of #DAO models we are proposing a model of Digital Native Organizations(DNO) with

1. Digital Ownership
2. Governance with decentralization as a range rather than a state
3. Token incentives for all stakeholders

#Autonomy Network #crypto #DNO
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The paradox of #decentralization and team #Leadership defines the future of #Crypto ecosystem. Excited to share my perspective on progressive decentralization in this thread
It starts with the purpose of the token. Is the project using the token to enable community ownership or is it predominantly inclined towards crowd funding ? #tokenization #crypto
Tokens inclined towards #Community #Ownership are on the right path towards progressive decentralization
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