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Wie ich es mit #Krypto schaffe...die unendlichen Möglichkeiten des Web 4.0!

Viele fragen mich nach dem nächsten Tenbagger - #Shitcoin, dem nächsten Hype-#NFT oder generell...DEM nächsten Ding. Dabei kann jeder es schaffen. Selbstständig. Wie?

Die Möglichkeiten sind praktisch unendlich. Stellt euch das Internet in den 90ern vor. Dies ist die nächste Chance. Jedoch befreit von allen Kontrollen und Zensur, frei vom Einfluss des Kapitals. Freie Ideen und Gedanken in die Blockchain gegossen.

Es ist erst einmal schwer zu glauben: #Adaption ist ein Prozess. Vor 100 Jahren glaubte man nicht, dass man am offenen Herzen operieren, Frauen wählen oder kleine Bildschirme unser Leben bestimmen würden. Und nun sind wir hier.

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1./ Yesterday @loop_finance made an announcement of the NFT LP Bond marketplace for @terra_money. But what exactly are we talking about? Let's dive into it!

2./ Before @OlympusDAO created the biggest innovation #DeFi has ever seen, liquidity providing was like chasing green candles. #Aping into pools with a promising >2000%+ APY, until a blink of an eye later it’s down to <20%. If you can’t beat @anchor_protocol, why bother?
3./ Liquidity Providing used to be time-consuming, research intensive & very risky. How often did you get rugged/rekt? And how many protocols didn’t make it, because we kept selling their #shitcoin until not a single mad man was willing to LP for them?
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👀I noticed that a lot of #FUD in #blockchain #community comes from a lack of #knowledge so here I am to help everyone interested in #technology and #money, not #FUD, accusations and fear.
1. Knowing the #smartcontract address of the token before listing means almost nothing, it's just another contract on the #blockchain without any functionality,

I can make thousands of those every day #shitcoin 😅
2. To make such #smartcontract tradeable it has to be added to decentralized exchange - #DEX which is implementation of #AMM #algorithm, most of dexes are working based on pairs... so we need to have #pair to be tradeable on DEX 🥰
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If I had some time, I would try “A network analysis of a Twitter hashtag.” Then you could see how ridiculous is #shitcoin marketing! First, main accounts start the #XYZ, then so-called genius TAs (famous) promote the new life-changing coin with their charts. SURE it will pump! Image
زمان اضافه‌ای اگر داشتم، با یک مطالعه دقیق ثابت می‌کردم، چطور به صورت سازمان‌ یافته معروف‌ترین اکانت‌های #تکنیکال #شتکوین ی (حتی فارسی زبان) ، سیگنال‌ها رو خودآگاه یا ناخودآگاه، از یک منبع مشترک می‌گیرند. البته که پامپ خواهد شد! اما تاخیر زمانی پیوستن شما به این موج خنده‌دار است
This is a simple article to show how you can study the network…
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Aujourd'hui, j'ai gagné 33€ en $CHSB grâce à mon premier dépôt sur la plateforme @swissborg & #From0To10K

Petite présentation et je vous explique comment obtenir votre carte à gratter qui peut vous permettre de gagner entre 1/100€ et à frais réduit. ⬇️
Pour commencer, sachez que l'offre est valable uniquement pour les personnes qui ne sont pas encore inscrites à la plateforme.

Vous pouvez toujours essayer avec un autre tel et passer le #KYC, peut-être que ça fonctionnera.

Pour moi, ça a fonctionné ! Image
Présentation rapide

@swissborg est une plateforme centralisée et sécurisée un peu comme @NexoFinance qui permet à ses utilisateurs d’investir dans la #crypto.

Il s’agit d’une start-up suisse, avec une application basée sur la blockchain. Image
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Wild #crypto #bull and #bear market idea thread:

There won’t be much bear market anymore like we saw back in 2010-2019; why?

1. Too many people know this #digital #asset now; with 1% high net worth will do anything in their power to buy the dip (ask their fin. advisor)
2. #Bitcoin become real reserve in many companies and few small countries now, ok, it can dip down even to 20-30k still in the future with bad news and regulations
3. With 2. if #BTC drawdown a lot from now (45-50k range), #altcoin will take hits too; of course, with bad #shitcoin they will likely drop 40-99%. pick your asset carefully! but the winner will retain value; 20-50% drop may happen; #HODL! if it's good #fundamental!
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-- #Crypto 101 - Beginners guide (Part 2) /2 --

Content in Part 2:
🔹What are STO's ICO's & IEO/IDO's?
🔹Crypto Regulations at a glance
🔹How do i get started buying my first Crypto?
🔹Basic day 1 Crypto investment strategy
🔹Is #BTC/Crypto a Bubble?
🔹Crypto Slang
🔹What next?
-- What are STO's ICO's & IEO/IDO's?? /18--

🔹#STO - Security Token Offering
🔸 An investment contract which is backed by the security token
🔸 Token is asset-backed and represents ownership
🔸 Like a digital certificate much like the real-world stocks and bonds
-- What are STO's ICO's & IEO/IDO's?? Cont'd /19--

🔹#ICO - Initial Coin Offering
🔸 Used to launch a service or product like a new #cryptocurrency token or an app
🔸 Similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering) which is used by a company to raise funds on the stock market
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☢️ Tips for #shitcoin investors (Tips & Tricks)

❗️1. Pay attention to the mint() function, its implementation may allow to print tokens at any time.
$BTC $ETH $ALTS #cryptocurrency #blockchain #gem
❗️2️. Liquidity Locked does not always guarantee security and safty, not all tokens that create liquidity can be locked, pay attention to using #UniCrypt. $UNC $UNCX
❗️3️. Lack of a temporary blockade for private sales, pre sales usually results in quick sales of tokens as soon as they appear on the exchange, read and ask if there is such a blockade.
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I’m starting a new series where I will explore cool BTC project!
We start with a mix of art and community with the Bitcoin Cyber City by @CitadelleVr

🇺🇸 ->
🇫🇷 ->

It’s the occasion to talk about shitcoin and cool BTC artistes!👇
I start off talking about Libra and why it’s just another centralized, regulated piece of mass surveillance. #shitcoin 💩 Image
Then we discuss the amazing French artist @pascalboyart .

It's a french street artiste who make amazing BTC mural in Paris. I quickly analyze one of his work where he asks:

"Dad, What is money ? " Such an important question! 👊 ImageImageImageImage
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Why I'm adding heavily to my long term $MATIC position.
DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. I am not shilling my bags. I don't care if you invest or not. I simply enjoy curating information. I don't make promises, I don't charge money. This is for educational purposes only.
Let's get into it. $MATIC landed on my radar the same way it landed on everyone else's radar. It hit #Binance and pumped to the moon during the IEO Launchpad event. It did a 10x and spent the next 2.5 months retracing.
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🧠 @THORChain_org's Decentralized Liquidity Network creates opportunities for businesses / entrepreneurs / devs

The team is focused on the core swap tech and #ASGARDEX -- but that doesn't mean there isn't opportunity for others elsewhere in the meantime.
2) Any service which aims-to increase network utility via swaps will benefit will increase revenue for #THORNode operators, Liquidity Providers aka stakers -- and ultimately increase the value of $RUNE.
3) An example could be a @venmo style peer-to-peer payment solution, crafted in a way where the service can branch itself out to a variety of integrations, think @Shopify @magento @whmcs @opencart @PrestaShop @drupalcommerce @Ubercart @WordPress @ZenCart
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Organizers said no photos of the Hayes vs Roubini debate so I’ll use this stock photo of Nouriel. #ABS2019 @aba_summit
@CryptoHayes: I don’t even want to call you professsor.
Roubini: He’s just making money off of retail suckers.
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