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#Nuggets @ #Magic

I have way more to type here than Twitter can fit so please do listen to the pod tomorrow, but the quick version is that Cole Anthony makes Orlando quite a bit better.
Various injuries and just the general hot and cold spells of the season have moved Franz Wagner back into a startable position of late, though we also know a cooldown drops him back into that 160 range. Feel free to stream while he's hot if you can catch the right wave.
I'm probably leaving Gary Harris alone. He hasn't wanted to rebound or pass much in about the last 5 years, so unless he can keep up a mondo steal rate I don't see how this is worth using...
The Nuggets got decent games from a few guys. Monte Morris seems a lot more fun than he is. He's outside the top-150 despite pretty large mins the last 2 weeks. I'm not into it until he proves he wants to actually have some usage every game.
Campazzo is streamable for steals, assists and 3's but also not really a guy I trust for roto games cap.

And then Aaron Gordon. Sigh.

Too many times I've been teased by his athleticism and this year his FG% is obscenely high. Could it stay up there? Sure, Jokic gets his ...
teammates far better looks than what Gordon was getting with Orlando. But doesn't it seem more likely that he'll hit a cold spell? He's in that 75 range the last couple weeks so if you have the stones you can do it. I just can't bring myself to hit that plus button.
It's almost a gut feel thing with him, which is decidedly not how I want to operate in fantasy, but for some reason that's how I sit with AG.
#Hawks @ #Pacers

The usual suspects for Atlanta with a small side shout-out for Gallinari and his 29 mins. He's more of a FT% stream guy that didn't get any FTs so probably best not to dabble, there. Huerter is in great shape as long as Bogi and Reddish remain out.
The Pacers are a bit more nuanced. TJ McConnell had moved into a weird spot where he was the fill-in starter seemingly regardless of which other regular was out, but now he, himself, is out.

I think that probably makes him droppable since the rest of the guys are healthy.
Maybe I should choose my words more carefully. Not so much a drop (unless this wrist thing is bad) as he is more of a streamer level guy that can very quickly pop back into must-start zone if any of Brogdon, LeVert, Duarte or apparently even Myles Turner get hurt.
#Wolves @ #Wizards

Washington is way better at home and we should remember that for betting.

The bigger news in this game was that KAT hurt his back. X-rays were negative but any lingering pain there might cause him to miss a few games. Naz Reid is definitely on the list.
He's a per-minute monster, Naz.

Yes, they'll probably go smaller for long stretches, but even 20mpg for Reid probably pushes him right to the brink of 12-team land, and anything over that almost guarantees he's in the money.
But let's be thorough, here. KAT's absence would open up shots for everyone. More for Ant, more for D'Lo, more for Vanderbilt, so forth.

You guys hammered basically all analysts with questions about a drop. I have no idea what everyone was saying but I do know that in our premium chat I said to BUY as loudly as possible and he's a 1st rounder the last week.
That won't last, of course, but you're starting to see why we were so high on him and he made the DBOMS too.

He's probably not someone you can sell for proper value so just enjoy it.
Other notes on the Wiz: we probably need to reset expectations with Beal to more of a late 2nd as opposed to a top-15. He'll be better, but his shots/game are down on top of the poor shooting.

Harrell got hot but had been trending down. Dinwiddie has been down for a while.
Beal, Gafford are the must-start guys, and then KCP has crept one click above streamer of late. Might as well roll with it, I guess, though it's not a super exciting fantasy story as a successful 3-and-D type. But he'll fill out the back of a roster just fine.
#Cavaliers @ #Heat

The Cavs Bigs went to work. Kevin Love will try to seduce you but just go with the streamer mentality there. He's top-60 over the last 2 weeks, and we can't ignore that, but he's in that 125 range overall.
One thing that's been sliding under the radar is Ricky Rubio's fall-off. He can't throw a stone in the ocean. He's probably getting ready for a little warm run but it's also possible he's more of a top-100 type (or worse) and is no longer a must-start guy. I'm still holding.
Need to make mention - Jarrett Allen is #37 now. Wow!
The guy I think everyone wants to talk about, though, is Dewayne Dedmon, who @Adamking91 and I highlighted on a BREAKING NEWS edition of Fantasy NBA Today earlier this afternoon...
I'll say this: this might be his best game filling in for Bam, or certainly in the top-3. The Cavs are huge so he got bonus run, but at the same time he's also their only truly competent center so he almost has to get 20 mins except in extreme circumstances.
When Butler comes back he'll handle some of the rebounding, but at the very least you have Dedmon, a high-floor center who has a 1-1-1 season back in Atlanta under his wing. He's very much worth an add with 6 weeks of runway to see what takes off.
Otherwise the Heat were dog doo, so we won't parse that data too much.
#Sixers @ #Celtics

Some throwback era basketball. Post-ups and ugly offense! No big story-lines here. We're keeping an eye on Matisse Thybulle and while his mins are indeed trending down he's still a HOLD for me. He's been top-60 in about 25mpg so if that tapers off by...
2 mpg or so, I think he can still hang out inside the top-85. No reason to make that preemptive drop and who knows if Danny Green stays healthy, or really anyone in the NBA at this point.
Boston is an open book at this point in fantasy. Tatum is ripe for a BUY, still. Brown is not someone I want to deal with with that chronic injury stuff, and then everything else falls into place with Schroder moving from streamer to start if anybody misses time.
#Hornets @ #Bucks

The Hornets are playing some truly insane, zero-defense basketball and it's great for fantasy.

The usuals did stuff with PJ Washington getting nice run without Mason Plumlee around (still). Ride it until he's back and then we'll re-survey.
Somehow Kelly Oubre is just on a wild heater. I'm confident in saying that his lack of rebounds and assists will probably come back to bite him when the shots stop falling, but right now his usage is big so just go with it. It'll be obvious if/when the shine comes off.
Grayson Allen finally had a good game after about 7 clunkers. That ratio isn't good enough and even in this one he still only got 9 shots (5th most on the team). That's not a sustainable model, and neither are the 7 boards. I don't regret dropping and won't unless he starts...
...taking 10+ shots per game again. Which probably won't happen.

Jrue, meanwhile, is a top-35 guy the last 5 games, so that's nice to see him settling in and Pat Connaughton has been on a terrific bench run, so feel free to stream away there, too, though he's not going to... a colossal difference-maker. Just deserved a little hat tip.
#Rockets @ #Thunder

Jae'Sean Tate, last man on Earth edition. With Wood and Porter Jr. going down early, Tate got to run the asylum and did he ever! Go ahead and add if dropped.

I'm pretty pissed, really, because we held onto Tate longer than almost anyone and then ...
... after I finally said to drop last week, everyone on the team gets hurt simultaneously except the Tater.

We'll wait and see on KPJ and Wood's health and make some calls, then, but Garrison Mathews should continue to be a VERY solid fill-in in all formats.
You couldn't pay me enough to get me to do something with Eric Gordon, though if we find out Armoni Brooks is going to start or something he would be a decent grab, then, as well.
The Thunder are generally kinda gross. SGA and Dort are starts, and then Robinson-Earl is sniffing value, but he's still not quite there. Plus, his mins keep getting yanked around. Makes more sense as a H2H guy where you don't "waste" a games cap on a bad night.
And if JRE shows steady improvement, then you're already sitting on him.

That's the magic of a H2H luxury stash where in roto it's just a dead roster spot.

Settings matter!
#Mavericks @ #Pelicans

Yeesh. Luka and KP smashed skulls and Brunson looked much better than his first game back. Cool cool cool cool cool.
If you had a Pelican, you probably didn't enjoy this. Except Ingram.

Just move along. No valuation changes, which right now is basically:

Ingram, JV, Hart starts
Graham streamer
Everyone else out
#Kings @ #Clippers

The Kings are trying some stuff and I suppose I respect that. Terence Davis got the start with no Harkless and no Barnes and he was terrific. He's someone you probably only consider if we find out he's starting again in the next one.
Davion Mitchell had 20 off the bench and he's an interesting one because he's a solid defender, so if his offense is good they have a lot of reasons to play him. I'm not adding in 12-teamers but he's someone to watch closely all year for his role.
The Clippers were down Batum (still) and resting PG, so this one got weird in a hurry.

Zubac, Morris and Serge all started in a 3-center frontcourt. Kennard saw big run off the bench.. and basically, it was gross all over.
I'd love to tell you to read into this, but don't. PG will be back and folks will re-settle. Keep watch on the frontcourt, though the fact that Morris and Serge look old is good news for Old Nic who somehow wasn't looking that old before his Achilles/COVID zapped his powers.

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1 Dec
Not a ton of games but some interesting TWEETSTORM WORTHY developments.

Lemme see some QTs tonight, eh friends?

Title: The Dwight Game
#Grizzlies @ #Raptors

A few things jump out on the Grizz side beyond just JJJ having a juicy one and Bane continuing to romp without Ja.

Thing 1 - Melton only got 17 mins. He tried to make the most of them with a usage of 35 but 17 mins is gross no matter how it goes.
I'm going to hang tight because while we all know Jenkins likes to yank him around, this is just ... come on. If it happens again, then I guess we just call Tyus Jones the guy who soaks up all the newly found mins and go from there.

On Jones, he played 34 mins and...
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30 Nov

Please do the thing where you help me spread the word with likes/RTs (I ain't too proud to beg)

Tonight's title: Splash Wildebeest
#Magic at #Sixers

Bamba returns! But we weren't worried there, really. The bigger news is Jalen Suggs broke a thumb and that changes things here with Cole Anthony still out.
Oh, the universe says I'm supposed to tag these threads with #FantasyBasketball so we'll just do that here and see how it goes.
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25 Nov
The wife has some patient notes to write, so I suppose I can carve out some time for this JUMBO STYLE TWEETSTORM.

Let's see if I can make it through to the end in one piece. It was a behemoth.

RTs/Likes always appreciated!

Title: Wait, Who Got Hurt?
#Suns @ #Cavaliers

Look at big JaVale. Hah! I have a soft spot for him, and honestly he hasn't been that bad lately. He's a dynamite fill-in if Ayton misses time again down the road. In the interim, he's more of a 14 or 16 teamer. Still fun, though.
Kevin Love is very much in the streamer discussion but not a games cap level guy. Jarrett Allen's FG% is robust. But overall, no particularly earth-shattering fantasy valuation changes.
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24 Nov

"AD's Flu Game, Not Quite"

RTs/Likes appreciated

Again, doing these Sunday through Thursday nights, off Fri and Sat going forward.
#Heat @ #Pistons

Not a ton of thoughts on this game. Miami missed a bunch of FTs or some of the fantasy lines could have been a bit more decent.

Adebayo's assists are near 4 over the last 2 weeks, but his knee continues to concern me. Probably just...
... hold your breath and hope he doesn't miss many more games for it because the other stuff is moving in the direction we wanted/expected.

For the Pistons, I'm enjoying the Cory Joseph stream with Killian Hayes out. Make sure to yank CoJo the moment Killian returns.
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23 Nov

Title: Gobert, Back in the Top 18

Yeah, you know where this is headed.

RTs and Likes, as always, are the steam in my engine.
#Nets @ #Cavaliers

LMA played great again and he's absolutely a must-start guy in games cap formats. Harder to deal with on the rest days in h2h but he's been so good lately he probably hangs on even there. Mills is a nice stream with Harris out.
Markkanen and Allen came back from various illnesses and looked great. Fire 'em up! Kevin Love is somehow hanging onto deep league value but his little baby-sized window to play more is gone. As is Ed Davis. Isaac Okoro needs to show me more consistency before I add there.
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