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For SpaceX and Musk fanboys:

I can engage in decent discours with genuinely interested people, which usually you folks aren't.

But if you come at me like a smartass, I'll serve you in kind.

Also, I don't work for you, and I don't have to prove anything.
Ok. No more discussions with Starship/Musk fanboys or smartasses.

I'll block without warning.

One genius thought we're not planning for rocket engines for the spaceplanes. How the fuck else would we go to "space" dumbass? Read my fucking analysis.

Our analysis (which includes an analysis of #Starship and SpaceX on-orbit refueling shortcomings):

Much Safer than #Rockets: Titans Spaceplanes…
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#OTD in 1946
Chesley Bonestell (1888-1986) “Trip to the Moon: Artist Paints Journey by Rocket.”
Life, 4 March 1946
‘The idea of a trip to the moon, an irresistible combination of high adventure and escape . . . has always fascinated the people of the earth . . . In this...’ Illustration as reprinted in Bonestell & Ley, The Conquest o
century . . . men have seriously thought of getting to the moon by rocket. Shown here is the scientifically realistic rocket journey conceived by [Bonestell], a Hollywood special-effects artist and amateur astronomer whose paintings of Saturn's moons [were] published in [1944].
'STARTING FOR THE MOON, the rocket climbs 200 miles above the US east coast. Inside the earth's shallow flies like an ordinary airplane at a comparatively low speed. ...Long Island. ...New York City. ...the Great Lakes.' image from
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#Palestinian Authority: #IOF #Jenin raid 'organized #crime and a #massacre' | 12:54
- IOF raided the Jenin camp in Occupied Palestine's #WestBank on Thursday morning, leaving residents and popular resistance groups with no choice but to defend themselves
#Israeli forces #martyr another #Palestinian in occupied #WestBank | Jan 27
- The official Palestinian news agency #Wafa said he was shot in clashes which erupted during a protest against the killings of nine Palestinians during a raid in #Jenin.…
#Israel and #Gaza militans exchange #missiles following deadly raid in the #WestBank | Jan 27
- as tensions soared following an Israeli #raid killed nine #Palestinians, including at least seven militants and a 61-year-old woman.…
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John Wall says he told Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr: "This sh*t y'all getting away with here (with the #Rockets), if you go to any other teams, you would be out of the ****ing league. You wouldn't play. I'm trying to explain it to them because they think it's sweet."
John Wall called his tenure with the #Rockets "beyond trash" and wasn't happy with how James Harden handled it when he arrived in Houston.
John Wall explains his side of his exit in Houston. He says Stephen Silas called him and asked how he'd feel coming off the bench, explaining that Kevin Porter Jr. being the starting point guard was what the #Rockets front office wanted. "This is what the GM wants."
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#UPDATE #Rockets #Thread

Late yesterday, @isro said that the CE20 cryogenic engine indigenously developed for #LVM3 (#GSLVMk3) has been successfully hot-tested “at an uprated thrust level of 21.8 t for the first time”. 1/n Image
“This will enhance #LVM3 payload capability up to 450kg with additional propellant loading. Major modifications carried out on this test article compared to previous engines was introduction of Thrust Control Valve (TCV) for thrust control,” Isro said. 2/n
Additionally, the space agency said a 3D-printed LOX (liquid oxygen) and LH2 (liquid hydrogen) turbine exhaust casings were inducted in the engine for the first time. 3/n
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8 Islamic jihad terrorists eliminated in the #Gaza strip.
2 were on the way to carry a terrorist attack on the Gaza fence.
#PIJ Palestinian Islamic Jihad has been preparing to carry terrorist attacks and making threats. The @IDF carried targeted strikes against the terrorists who ordered this escalation.
The Average #Gazan is being used as a human shield for building terror infrastructure & terrorism
The @IDF conducted a targeted neutralization strike against a senior commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group in Gaza. Tayseer Jabari.
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- Grand Assembly of the #Ulema of Afghanistan is now the official name of the TB's gathering in Kabul.
- There are rumors that Amir ul-Mu'minin will appear in the gathering.
- Some similar events in the Loya Jirga tent in the past were targeted by ISKP (rockets, Suicide Attacks).
- The Grand Assembly of Ulema will be #chaired by Sheikh Mawlawi Habibullah Haqqani.
- According to the State-run Bakhtar News Agency, about 3500 people are invited to participate in the Ulema's gathering in Kabul City.
- Acting Prime Minister, Mullah M. #Hassan_Akhund, as the 1st speaker, offered his speech:
"People who have ruined our nation& our country in the past two decades& moved to foreign countries, still create problems for our people even though we do not make any troubles for them."
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Kyle Kuzma led the @WashWizards to victory on the road in Philly! #DCAboveAll

Kyle Kuzma: 24 PTS, 7 REB, 4 3PM
Joel Embiid: 27 PTS, 14 REB, 6 AST
Wendell Carter Jr. snatched a career-high 18 boards on his way to a HUGE double-double and the @OrlandoMagic win!

Wendell Carter Jr.: 19 PTS, 18 REB
Gary Harris: 22 PTS, 5 AST
Marcus Smart scored 22 points as the @celtics get a tough win at Home! #BleedGreen

Marcus Smart: 22 PTS, 6 AST, 4 REB
Josh Richardson: 23 PTS, 6 3PM
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Probably could have started this sooner ... IT'S TWEETSTORM TIME!

Every Sunday through Thursday, Twitter friends!

As always, PLEASE Like/RT to the best of your ability!

From the top!

#Nuggets @ #Magic

I have way more to type here than Twitter can fit so please do listen to the pod tomorrow, but the quick version is that Cole Anthony makes Orlando quite a bit better.
Various injuries and just the general hot and cold spells of the season have moved Franz Wagner back into a startable position of late, though we also know a cooldown drops him back into that 160 range. Feel free to stream while he's hot if you can catch the right wave.
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Please do the thing where you help me spread the word with likes/RTs (I ain't too proud to beg)

Tonight's title: Splash Wildebeest
#Magic at #Sixers

Bamba returns! But we weren't worried there, really. The bigger news is Jalen Suggs broke a thumb and that changes things here with Cole Anthony still out.
Oh, the universe says I'm supposed to tag these threads with #FantasyBasketball so we'll just do that here and see how it goes.
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The wife has some patient notes to write, so I suppose I can carve out some time for this JUMBO STYLE TWEETSTORM.

Let's see if I can make it through to the end in one piece. It was a behemoth.

RTs/Likes always appreciated!

Title: Wait, Who Got Hurt?
#Suns @ #Cavaliers

Look at big JaVale. Hah! I have a soft spot for him, and honestly he hasn't been that bad lately. He's a dynamite fill-in if Ayton misses time again down the road. In the interim, he's more of a 14 or 16 teamer. Still fun, though.
Kevin Love is very much in the streamer discussion but not a games cap level guy. Jarrett Allen's FG% is robust. But overall, no particularly earth-shattering fantasy valuation changes.
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Title: Gobert, Back in the Top 18

Yeah, you know where this is headed.

RTs and Likes, as always, are the steam in my engine.
#Nets @ #Cavaliers

LMA played great again and he's absolutely a must-start guy in games cap formats. Harder to deal with on the rest days in h2h but he's been so good lately he probably hangs on even there. Mills is a nice stream with Harris out.
Markkanen and Allen came back from various illnesses and looked great. Fire 'em up! Kevin Love is somehow hanging onto deep league value but his little baby-sized window to play more is gone. As is Ed Davis. Isaac Okoro needs to show me more consistency before I add there.
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@elonmusk No joke, I put in zero physical labor on but just being a spectator as @SpaceX workers fabricated this engineering marvel was exhausting!

Check out the thread below to see how the most advanced launch mount on the planet was constructed! @StarshipGazer The original image Elon was...
Before we start

#250wordcount sucks. Make sure u check the alt descriptions. This could easily turn into a 200 pager. I plan to do it in phases because there are even more interesting #Starship topics I want to cover. Make sure to follow if u want to see future updates on this
1. I waited 168 days for @SpaceX to finally move this launch table on 7/28/21. When it finally happened I almost called in from work so I could watch @LabPadre all day. Luckily I work from home so that wasn't necessary.

PS...Sorry Brad, we can talk later 😅 Image
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O #Rockets fez um 1º tempo mediano, dava pra render mais. Os 10 turnovers são o que mantém o Pistons na partida.

Ataque estagnado, mas os jogadores estão acertando os chutes. A defesa faz um bom trabalho, apesar de pequenos lapsos nas rotações.

Destaques individuais para Christian Wood (17 PTS em 6-7 FG, 3-4 3P) e Jalen Green (11 PTS em 4-9 FG, 2 REB e 2 AST).

Não a toa, os dois tem o melhor +/- do time entre os jogadores com +5 MIN em quadra: +4 para cada.

Deixam a desejar Kevin Porter Jr. (2-6 FG, 4-8 FT, 2 AST e 3 TO) e Eric Gordon (0 PTS, 0-1 FG, 0 AST, 2 TO).

Precisam ser mais efetivos. KPJ precisa soltar mais a bola, buscar suas jogadas mais naturalmente e forçando menos. EG tem que deixar de ser um ball handler.

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Silenciosamente, o #Rockets cancelou a 'Travis Scott Night', que aconteceria amanhã, no jogo contra o Pistons.

O rapper enfrenta a maior crise da sua carreira e para entender como e por que, é preciso saber o que aconteceu, em Houston, no último fim de semana.

Segue o fio! 🧵👇
Travis Scott é um dos torcedores mais famosos e fanáticos do #Rockets.

Nos últimos anos, ele foi figurinha carimbada em vários momentos e fez várias parcerias com a franquia.

Nessa thread aqui embaixo, você pode conferir esse histórico em detalhes 👇
Amanhã acontece um dos jogos mais importantes do calendário do #Rockets nesta temporada.

O primeiro duelo na #NBA75 entre Jalen Green e Cade Cunningham, escolhas #2 e #1 do draft, terá transmissão nacional e internacional da ESPN.

Ou seja, muitos olhos estarão em Houston.
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Resultado injusto é pouco pra definir esse placar do 1º tempo. O #Rockets foi o melhor time em quadra nos primeiros 24 minutos, merecia sair ganhando, mas sai atrás por 8 por um evento hiper aleatório (Otto Porter Jr. matar 3 bolas de 3 seguidas).

Excelente 1º tempo do time.
A dupla Jae'Sean Tate e KJ Martin parecem muito mais maduros depois de 1 temporada na NBA. Estão jogando com uma consistência fantástica. São um ponto alto dessa road trip e nesse jogo não foi diferente.

Tate e KJ combinaram para 21 PTS (7-9 FG, 1-1 3P) e 9 REB no 1º tempo.
Alperen Sengun com mais ótimos minutos vindo do banco. 10 PTS (3-3 FG, 1-1 3P, 3-6 FT), 2 REB e 1 AST em 9 minutos. O maior +/- do time, +6.

Entre os veteranos, Daniel Theis (8 PTS em 3-4 FG, 2-2 3P) e David Nwaba (4 PTS, 6 REB) cumprindo bem seus papéis e somando ao Rockets.
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The "launches" to the campus, the monitoring of the improvement efforts & the #redline that must not be crossed in the quality & quantity of armaments: this is how the 🇮🇱Israeli defense deals with the threat of #Hezbollah's precision missiles. 1
This is probably one of the few threats that the Israeli public is not fully aware of. A significant strategic threat, which could lead #Israel to launch a pre-emptive strike, even though the pretext is not nuclear weapons. This is also the hottest issue: #Hezbollah missiles! 2
Immediately after the 2ed Lebanon War, ignoring Security Council Resolution 1701, which imposed a full #embargo on arms transfers to #Hezbollah, Hezbollah embarked on a huge logistical op, with billions of $ in #Iranian funding, equipped with tens of thousands of rockets. 3
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A rocket fan of China stayed at home for half a year coz of the epidemic.
In this period, he designed his own rocket equipped with vector engine, using solid fuel, and recyclable.
Finally, his rocket was launched successfully! (1/3)
#Rockets #Tesla #falcon9 #China
A rocket fan of China stayed at home for half a year coz of the epidemic.
In this period, he designed his own rocket equipped with vector engine, using solid fuel, and recyclable.
Finally, his rocket was launched successfully! (2/3)
#Rockets #Tesla #falcon9 #China
A rocket fan of China stayed at home for half a year coz of the epidemic.
In this period, he designed his own rocket equipped with vector engine, using solid fuel, and recyclable.
Finally, his rocket was launched successfully! (3/3)
#Rockets #Tesla #falcon9 #China
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Today I want to talk about the intersections between Indigenous people and space industry.
First, some definitional stuff. I am not using Indigenous as a simple adjective here - the common meaning is 'originating or occurring naturally in a particular place".
In the context of global history, Indigenous people were the landowners when European invaders arrived in their countries from the 1400s onwards.
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13. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
2. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
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Player Power Rankings for Jan. 12!

As always, these stem from our Rolling Player Ratings tool that adjusts average Game Score over a player's last 10 appearances by the difficulty of the schedule.…
First, a few notes:

1. These are purely objective and look at individual contributions as gleaned from box scores via schedule-adjusted Game Score.

2. Only the last 10 games matter.

3. Players must've suited up within the last week to maintain eligibility.
30. Julius Randle, #DoItBig: 15.93

29. Damian Lillard, #RipCity: 16.03

28. Domantas Sabonis, #Pacers: 16.23

27. DeMar DeRozan, #GoSpursGo: 16.27…
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