#GhislaineMaxwell trial, Day 7

Will the defence be able to call Glassman to try and somehow link compensation for assaults by #epstein into proving that GM didn't abuse or traffic anyone?
Of course we know they just want to show survivors as money hungry

In other cases - #AlanDershowitz has been accused of allegedly withholding THOUSANDS of emails regarding #Epstein and others in discovery in the civil defamation case #VirginiaGiuffre brought against him. #Dershowitz
And in case you missed it, #Dersh has said he is really ill.
Matthew from Inner City Press is in the court. Let's follow along with him and other sources and see what the day brings.
Lawyers at each other about Jane talking to a relative about defence questioning.

Assistant US Attorney: Jane told him, The defense lawyer is an expletive.
Menninger: But what else did she tell him?
Judge Nathan: He shouldn't testify until after lunch.

Jane speaks her truth.
Sidebar with lawyers going on now. Jury not in the court. So go watch Matthew's morning intro.

Jury is in.
AUSA Maurene Comey continues direct examination of FBI witness about search of Epstein's Manhattan mansion referring to a photograph seized in the 2019 search.
AUSA Comey: Who do we see in this photograph?
FBI witness: Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.
Oh seems the witness used an Australian word.

Photos being shown of the results of the search of #Epstein's New York mansion in 2019. Look at all that media!
Now the binders come out with images that are sealed from public view.
oh wow. look at the label on there.
The god daughter. The one who was photographed on #Epstein’s lap where he was ‘play acting’ biting her buttocks.
FBI witness agrees that thousands of images were recovered. She had to check to confirm the sheer number of images.
More than 20,000 images.

New witness.
Stephen Flatley, FBI CART coordinator, digital forensic examiner and Quantico instructor.
AUSA: What is this?
Flatley: A hard drive I examined in this case.
So the hard drive is linked to a computer called GMax.

Oh really, Gmax.....

Massage creams. I wonder what date these emails are?

Aha, the previous email "what list is John using".
Remember the lists in the household manual..... and the former house manager at Palm Beach Juan Alessi who both #ghislaineMaxwell and #epstein called John.
Defence said that GM hired a 'Countess' to write the manual.
@innercitypress That was written Oct 14, 2002, on the computer Gmax.

"Jeffrey and Ghislaine have been together, a couple, for the last 11 years. They are, contrary to what many people think, rarely apart — I almost always see them together."
@innercitypress WOAH!
one could say that the person who sat at the Gmax computer and typed away really loved #GhislaineMaxwell and wanted to stoke her ego. Whoever Gmax typer may be.

@innercitypress Now Menninger starts her questioning for the defence. Seems like her stance will be could these files have been changed in any way. How they can prove Ghislaine Maxwell had anything to do with this particular hard drive

@innercitypress Break time.
In my view that was an incredibly gripping. The evidence of the files found in the mansion!
@innercitypress And back.
'Carolyn' is a witness and yes that's a pseudonym.
Carolyn had a partner called Shawn (Sean Shaun?) when she was a teenager. He found out that she was 14 at her birthday party. She had told him she was 17.

It was through this boyfriend she met Virginia (assuming Giuffre).
She was introduced to Maxwell and Epstein. Again another survivor from a disadvantaged background

She couldn't pronounce Ghislaine so called her Maxwell
She was 14

This must be MV5 that defence outed as appearing in a document before the trial started.

She was asked to give #epstein a massage. She states that #GhislaineMaxwell took off her clothing while Carolyn left on her underwear.
Virginia was present for that first massage. After the massage, #Epstein turned over and he and Virginia started having sex in front of Carolyn.

Carolyn was paid $300 and returned more than 100 times before she turned 18 - 2 to 3 times a week.
The power imbalance is central to why so many girls returned.

Maxwell asked Carolyn for her phone number.
Just a reminder. There is at the moment a woman standing there in court being called Carolyn.

But the words coming out are being spoken by that 14yo who was abused "allegedly" as well as groomed and coerced.

Survivors recall and become the age that the trauma happened.
Grooming, gaining trust.

This is what Carolyn is showing the court. The way #GhislaineMaxwell drew out the girls' history.

"I remember telling her that I had been raped and molested by grandfather starting at the age of four."
Nope, not MV5. This is MV4. whoops.

His friends.


Carolyn alleges that it was #GhislaineMaxwell who handed her the money.

AUSA: Would Ms. Maxwell ever pay you?
Carolyn: Yes. She handed me three $100 bills.
Remember that in the household manual the house manager was required to make sure that each car had $100 notes each day. And that Juan Alessi stole $6300 in CASH from the house.
There was always $$ in the Palm Beach House.
And here we have the Fed Ex package sent from New York to Florida. The package containing lingerie. Was it Victoria Secret?

Carolyn says she brought three other girls after she was asked to bring younger girls to the house to massage #epstein.

"When I bought them I got paid $600 and she got paid $300."
Carolyn admits to buying drugs. She obviously craved an escape from life

AUSA: What did they do?
Carolyn: Sex and oral sex.
AUSA: What did you do with the money they paid you?
Carolyn: I was buying drugs.
[Now, witness is sobbing.]
AUSA: You need to say it into the microphone.
Asked about when she stop, seems she aged out.

Her aging out.

Q: How old were you?
A: 18.
Carolyn spent time in jail for pawning stolen property. She then did rehab and therapy for her drug dependency and trauma.

I wonder if she spent more time in jail than Epstein?

"I take methadone and Xanax. And two others."

In a way she is still in jail created by abuse.
Is this a reference to the State (Florida) ordered compensation that the victims in Palm Beach were involved in during 2009? I could be considering the defence objection.

Getting out her life post Epstein before the defence try and drag her.

Now defence lawyer Jeffrey Pagliuca starts his cross examination of Carolyn.

No doubt it will be brutal.

Pag: Sean was a friend of Virginia Roberts' boyfriend Tony, right? And you all smoked marijuana together and drank alcohol?
Carolyn: We didn't drink any alcohol.
lunch break.

• • •

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More from @ohreallytruly

6 Dec
Day 6 of #GhislaineMaxwell's trial.
Seems that the school girl costumes may be admissible depending on the testimony.

First witness is 'Kate'. Which means no sketch artist as Kate is one of the witnesses testifying without being identified.
Kate works with victims of trauma but before that met #GhislaineMaxwell in Paris through an ex-boyfriend. She was at the time a singer and musicianl.
The next time she saw her was in #GhislaineMaxwell's London townhouse. Where #epstein asked for a massage as the masseuse had cancelled. He was naked.
Asked if JE initiated sex, Kate said: Yes. Then Maxwell said, How did it go? Did you have fun?

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3 Dec
Day 5, US v #GhislaineMaxwell.
Follow along as we hear what is going on in the court thanks to Matthew form @innercitypress and Adam from @KlasfeldReports.
I'll add extra information and links as we 'listen' in.
Before the jury comes in the fighting starts.

This is about the school girl uniform Pomerantz spoke of in her opening statement on Day 1.
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2 Dec
Day 4 #GhislaineMaxwellTrial
Witnesses have included #epstein pilot #LarryVisoski
MinorVictim1 'Jane' 14yo when the alleged abuse started.
Her ex partner 'Matt'
Daniel Besselsen of Interlochen the academy where JE organised a scholarship for 'Jane'
#GhislaineMaxwell's counsel push the line with 'Jane' that $ was a big part of her stepping forward and grilled her about time lines.

"I wish I never received that money in the first place because of what happened," she says.
Names of alleged #epstein associates brought up so far have included #Trump #Clinton #SarahKellen #EvaDubin #EmmyTaylor #PrinceAndrew #MikeWallace and chef #AdamPerryLang

Jane acknowledged that #PrinceAndrew was on a flight with her.
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1 Dec
Day 3 US v #GhislaineMaxwell
Yesterday #Epstein pilot #LarryVisoski offered up information about those who joined JE on the plane - including #BillClinton and #Trump.
He referred to children as being a 'shorter woman' and agreed with GM defence Everdell that MV1 had LARGE BREASTS
That's right #GhislaineMaxwell's legal team referred to a 14yo as having large breasts!
Everdell also said the name of MV1 Jane's sister!
And there has been back and forth on the docket about identifying.
From a letter from #Pagliuca, one of GM's defence team.
These are from the Gov complaining about the 'slip ups'.
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30 Nov
Live feed outside the SDNY #GhislaineMaxwell
NO COMMENT!!! footage by reuters.
#LarryViskowski entres the building. Refuses to answer if he regretted working for #Epstein.
Journalists heard talking about if Larry Big Dawg the pilot was offered immunity. #GhislaineMaxwell
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