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📝#MarALago#VirginiaGiuffre mineure a été recrutée pour des massages par Maxwell/Epstein

Entre Roger J. Stone Jr (1) & #MKron le drone VRP (1a), Trump les relie dans son classement, incluant docs et photos

#JeanMichelTrogneux Image
#Компромат на #Макрона

"Les autorités françaises enquêtent sur ce que Trump voulait dire lorsqu'il prétendait connaître des détails juteux sur la vie personnelle du président français Emmanuel Macron"

#Sexpionnage #Sextorsion

#MKron #JeanMichelTrogneux

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The Gov has lodged document 674 which contains the survivor statements - unredacted.
#GhislaineMaxwell's team put them up and redacted certain words that caused them fear or whole statements.
First is "Kate" and you can see that #GhislaineMaxwell's team didn't like her writing rape.
We all know what rape is so I wonder why her team didn't like it ....
The next statement is by #VirginiaGiuffre.
Again #GhislaineMaxwell's team doesn't like the word rape.
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So #GhislaineMaxwell's team has lodged a 68 page objection to survivors speaking, Doc 672, at her sentencing on Monday, June 28.
The document continues to use " " around the word victims to push a narrative that GM hasn't been found guilty.
Spoiler she was found guilty.
#GhislaineMaxwell's team pushes back at these survivors speaking, bringing up doubts about their age or the fact their contact was beyond the scope of the S2 Indictment.
Survivor's credibility is also brought up by #GhislaineMaxwell's team, and brings into the fray Prof Alan Dershowitz, #Epstein's long time friend and lawyer.
#Dershowitz is currently involved in a case of defamation with Virginia Roberts Giuffre.
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US @itvnews correspondent @emmamurphyitv reported on #VirginiaGiuffre's #PrinceAndrew settlement with #AlanDershowitz's lawyer Arthur Aidala.

He was not IDed on video - not his name nor his role as Dersh's lawyer.

He is named in the web piece, but not his Dersh link.

Did Ms Murphy know that Mr Aidala is from Aidala, Bertuna & Kramis, part of #AlanDershowitz's legal team in his ongoing counter suit of defamation against #VirginiaGiuffre?

Ms Giuffre lodged in April 2019. Dersh made a counter claim on Nov 7 2019 after motions to dismiss failed.
Maybe there was an editing error in both the video and the web story filed by @itvnews that removed Mr Aidala's workplace and his prior and ongoing connection to #VirginiaGiuffre

Did Ms Murphy ask about any conflict of interest?

He spoke about the #PrinceAndrew settlement.
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8 Noms !

C'est le nombre de hautes-personnalités qui ont été dénoncé par #VirginiaGiuffre qui n'ont pas été encore dévoilé depuis toutes ces années

En pleine plandémie d'injectés-antenne-relais-5G, y'a un nom qui gacherait les ventes ImageImage
La #RAINSlist ou liste du Dr Joan Coleman

Compile les noms issus des récits d'une victime de crime sexuel satanique #SRA

<< certains affirment qu'il serait un des plus hauts initiés lucifériens >>

Communément appelé
"Le Prince des Ténèbres"

À Paris avec #Eipstein ImageImageImageImage
#GhislaineMaxwell née à Maisons-Laffitte (78) se cachait à Paris avant son arrestation

Certains durant cette période l'auraient vu sortir de l'ambassade d'Israel, tout près de sa cache

Luxueuse propriété !

#JeanLucBrunel vieil ami
logeait Avenue Hoche ImageImageImageImage
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So who is sweating?

#ghislaineMaxwell decides not to fight to keep Does names sealed.

Without her backing, does she hope that the Judge Preska orders names be revealed in the civil case?

Or will the various non party Does be able successful?

Which men/women will be named?
#VirginiaGiuffre wants the Does unsealed.

In a 20 page document she lists why these names should be unsealed.

“Upon review of the objections of those Does, it is apparent that their objections essentially mirror objections to unsealing that this Court has already rejected:”
“As this Court has recognized, generalized aversion to embarrassment and negativity that may come from being associated with Epstein and Maxwell is not enough to warrant continued
sealing of information.”

The unsealing is in the civil case, Giuffre v Maxwell for defamation.
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#PrinceAndrew #VirginiaGiuffre

🔴 Virginia Giuffre’s secret deal with Epstein to be made public today

Follow live updates ⬇️…
🔴 Prince Andrew might have to give up title if he loses lawsuit
🔴 Duke of York asked to provide evidence that he cannot sweat

Follow live updates ⬇️…

A hearing on Giuffre’s lawsuit against the Duke of York is scheduled for 4 January in New York ⬇️…
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Another day of jury deliberations starts in the #GhislaineMaxwell trial.
Sisters Isabel and Christine are in court. No new yet on what colour Isabel's beret is today.

Will this be the day the jury reaches a verdict?
And straight out of the gate, #GhislaineMaxwelll's team is trying to boss Judge Nathan around in regards to yesterday's jury query about flights and Jane.
And Judge Nathan explains instructing the jury to meet until 6pm, an hour longer. Seems covid is a reason.

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Day 13 #GhislaineMaxwellTrial

Judge Nathan will read the charge, then closing arguements by Gov and Defence before the jury retires.

How long will a verdict take? #Weinstein's jury took 26 hours, #BillCosby's took 52 hours.

Will she know by her 60th b'day on Xmas day?
Interesting to see that #MichelleHealy one of #GhislaineMaxwell's witnesses has done some deleting on her FB. Or did the person leaving the comment delete?
And a long list of exhibits will be released to the public.

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There's some paper work going on. Also a UK witness needs to be sorted?

So the proposed 35 witnesses?

How can they manage to get through the remainder by Tuesday, which GM's team has said should be the end?
Was that number of witnesses just a furfy to tie up the Gov?
Will the three names mentioned by #GhislaineMaxwell's team - Eva, Michelle and Kelly - turn up today or was that another diversionary tactic?
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#GhislaineMaxwell trial, Day 7

Will the defence be able to call Glassman to try and somehow link compensation for assaults by #epstein into proving that GM didn't abuse or traffic anyone?
Of course we know they just want to show survivors as money hungry

In other cases - #AlanDershowitz has been accused of allegedly withholding THOUSANDS of emails regarding #Epstein and others in discovery in the civil defamation case #VirginiaGiuffre brought against him. #Dershowitz
And in case you missed it, #Dersh has said he is really ill.
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Day 4 #GhislaineMaxwellTrial
Witnesses have included #epstein pilot #LarryVisoski…
MinorVictim1 'Jane' 14yo when the alleged abuse started.
Her ex partner 'Matt'
Daniel Besselsen of Interlochen the academy where JE organised a scholarship for 'Jane'
#GhislaineMaxwell's counsel push the line with 'Jane' that $ was a big part of her stepping forward and grilled her about time lines.

"I wish I never received that money in the first place because of what happened," she says.
Names of alleged #epstein associates brought up so far have included #Trump #Clinton #SarahKellen #EvaDubin #EmmyTaylor #PrinceAndrew #MikeWallace and chef #AdamPerryLang

Jane acknowledged that #PrinceAndrew was on a flight with her.
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“I am holding Prince Andrew accountable for what he did to me. The powerful & rich are not exempt from being held responsible for their actions." @VRSVirginia

Jeffrey #Epstein accuser, Virginia Giuffre, sues the #DukeOfYork.
#VirginiaGiuffre #PrinceAndrew
#PrinceAndrew asserts he was ‘acting honourably’ in flying all the way to New York in 2010, supposedly to end his friendship with Epstein. But he has yet to regard it as a matter of honour to fly to New York to clear his own name.” @MarinaHyde @guardian…
Tonight on @Channel4News Virginia Giuffre's lawyer David Boise tells @krishgm that #PrinceAndrew & his lawyers "have totally stonewalled", & “He can ignore me & he can ignore, Virginia....but he can't ignore judicial process”

Here’s #Trump in 2015
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If I told you these two photos show exactly the same thing, rape by a prince in the same "trafficking" ring what would you say?

On the left Prince Albert of Monaco.

On the right Prince Andrew. ImageImage
The model on the left was very well known. She said she was raped by Prince Albert of Monaco.

The girl on the right is Virginia Giuffre. She said she was raped by Prince Andrew.

Both victims claimed to have been "sex-slaves" in a trafficking ring that included politicians.
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#PrinceAndrew under immense pressure after Jeffrey #Epstein's chef speaks to FBI - Mirror Online


Hey ⁦@VRSVirginia⁩ YOU and your absolute sincerity made it happen 👏💕

‘Perry Lang volunteered himself to the FBI after #VirginiaGiuffre, 37, who…
claims #Epstein forced her to have sex with #PrinceAndrew on three occasions, wrote to him, saying: “Please don’t be an enabler. Be a hero to me.”

He certainly took his time, didn’t he?!

Boom 💥
Virginia made it happen! People have scoffed at me in the past because they found some of my ideas outlandish but people DO respond to sincerity howsoever big a name they might be.
@VRSVirginia for a human being NOT to respond to you must take a heart of stone tbh 🙏💕
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