When you sign a deal with the devil, there are some house rules.

This thread is about the first rule you must follow...


Pfizer did everything they can to ensure the details of the contract remain hidden from us, the citizens who are being injected with, also known as "Third Party" to the two sides of the contract: our governments and Pfizer.
This is about how and why it is secret.

According to the contract's clause 1.11 “Confidential Information” Includes “all confidential or proprietary information, other than Exempt Information”.

The 1.20 “Exempt Information” definition includes information that “was already generally available and in the public domain at the time of disclosure, or becomes public (other than as a result of breach of this Agreement by the Recipient or its Representatives).”

1) We have the Brazil-Pfizer contract.
2) We have a statement by a Pfizer official that all contracts include the same legal obligations.

Could we claim in court that this should allow our government to show us the information as it is in the public domain?

No, we can't. What I didn't share with you when I showed you the "confidential information" clause was that according to the full clause "Confidential Information includes, WITHOUT LIMITATION, the terms and conditions of this Agreement."
How confidential is this contract? Let us look at article 10.1, "Non-Use and Non-Disclosure".

"Notwithstanding the foregoing, in all cases, (a) Purchaser MAY NOT DISCLOSE any of the financial or INDEMNIFICATION provisions contained in this Agreement".

And while the word "may" might seem to suggest discretion, it is the context of the word in the sentence that matters, as well as it matches the definition of confidential information which a party is not allowed to disclose, as appears in article 1.11.

A government exposure of the contract without Pfizer approval constitutes a violation of the contract, which can lead to a SECRET arbitration process at the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”).


How can our governments commit they will not "make, or permit any person to make, any public announcement concerning the existence, subject matter or terms of this Agreement, the wider transactions contemplated by it, or the relationship between the Parties"?
How can our government commit that "ANY press release regarding this Agreement is subject to Pfizer’s review and prior written approval."?

What happened to the sovereignty of nations?

Our governments agreed that NO ONE is allowed to know anything about the exact scale of the indemnification and the financial commitments THEY made…even though it allows the government (and Pfizer) to escape criticism on this contract.


IS IT NORMAL that our governments (which are supposed to serve us) will make a commitment on OUR behalf , and hide that commitment from us because WE might get very upset if we find out their decision caused us harm and that we cannot sue Pfizer for damages?

While it is totally understood why Pfizer wants to keep the terms of the financial details hidden to allow it to maximize its profit, the extra effort to make sure NO ONE is allowed to talk about the indemnification clauses makes you wonder: what do they know?

Governments have hidden from us the nature of the commitment they made to Pfizer. They have used their power and their influence to create a state of fear, and promised us to take care of us if we give away our freedoms.

When more than 110 governments suddenly decide that they hide the indemnity commitment they made to a foreign entity via a contractual agreement, it is when I wonder if the sovereignty of the nation state still exists or is it part of the UN's #Agenda2030 plan?

According to Pfizer, on the 13th of May 2021 there were 110 countries around the world that signed a contract which had the same obligations Brazil made (which are the source of the snapshots I'm including).

Read the #PfizerLeak contract for yourself.
Lets recap what governments in at least 110 countries were doing:

1) Grab power by taking away our freedoms (e.g. lockdowns).
2) Crash attempts to develop or use an early treatment protocol.
3) Tells us that Gene therapy is "the way out" (via the media).

4) Sign contracts with Pfizer to buy the gene therapy treatment and give them full indemnity.
5) Rush gene therapy approval.
6) Seduce citizens to think compliance to treatment is the way to freedom.
7) Use the gene therapy as an instrument of population control.

What's next? Will our governments sign up contracts with foreign entities to take control over our country and give them indemnification for their operation?

Would they do so for pandemics? for global warming? To control the unvaccinated population?

If our governments can get away with signing confidential contracts with a foreign entity that states it is not required to obey the legislator and the judiciary, what will stop "our" governments from taking that path and expanding it to other "services"?

Pfizer gets HUGE profits and "get out of jail" card; our governments scares us to death then play our saviors. Anyone who objects the narrative is crushed, a state-censored science is promoted and used to take away our freedoms.

A Win-Win situation for both.

The collateral damage of this contract? We. Citizens of countries from all around the world are the "Third Party" whom Pfizer owns nothing, "Third Party" that our government is hiding from the scale of their contractual commitment.

Is that how democracy works?

It is time to expose these contracts in court, to show our fellow citizens that our governments are more concerned to protect Pfizer than protecting our health, and that they colluded with a foreign entity to suppress the pillars of our democracies.

WE HAVE SINNED. We allowed the suspension of our democracies out of fear, and opened up the path for our governments to sign illegal contracts that endanger our democracies.

It is time to surrender to the truth.
It is time to fight back.

Arbitration rules #1:
● laws are as defined by the contract (NY laws).
● Pfizer can demand process to be secretive.
● Countries must obey the decision.
● Court can rule on the subject whether or not a country will decide to appear in front of it …

Arbitration rules #2:
● If a country do not defend it is deemed to have waived its right to object.
● The court itself is ruled by a French law.
● Counties could have negotiated the arbitration location.
● The law that govern the contracts is NY law.
Arbitration rules #3:
When establishing the Facts of the Case, the court decides:
● If to hear witnesses or not.
● If to have expert opinion or not.
● If to rule solely on the court submission if any side did not ask for hearing.

Arbitration rules #4:
Pfizer and government nominate one arbitrator each, these two suppose to select the third arbitrator who act as chair of the tribunal, or the ICC if they cannot agree on time.

● The chair of the tribunal makes the award decision.


• • •

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15 Jan
Do you love living in a democracy? Because if you do, and if your executive branch assures in secrecy that it can dismiss the legislative and judiciary branches decisions, YOU DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY ANYMORE.

This is what #PfizerLeak is all about. It is about the betrayal of our executive branch to their commitment for separation of duties. It used the power that it has taken due to the special situation we are in, the situation IT CREATED, and is doing so by colluding with Pfizer.
This is not about vaccines. The vaccines are just an instrument that allows the government to control us. We are now being told we need to get vaccinated 3 to 4 times a year. Omicron is as deadly as the flu. Did we ever get 3 to 4 flu shots a year, that we MUST TAKE?

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11 Jan
Pfizer Boosterland


Just when you thought Pfizer and our governments couldn't get more immoral than they already are, they come along and show you that there is no limit to the amount of science they can ignore.


#Pfizerleak / #COptiGate
When Pfizer informed the world they are developing booster shots that can be used to prevent severe sickness and deaths against new COVID19 variants, I wondered when someone will raise two simple questions:

1) WHY do we need it?
2) What is in the vaccine?

You see, when the mRNA vaccines came out. we sort of knew what they are suppose to be - a replication of the spike protein of the #SARS_CoV_2 virus. Of course it wasn't, and isn't. I will add references to my writing on the topic (#COptiGate) at the end of this article.
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6 Jan
אני מבטיח לך, ילדה שלי קטנה, שזאת תהיה הזריקה האחרונה.

אני מאמין שמצאתי פגיעות משפטית מכרעת שניתן להשתמש בה כדי לעצור את הניסיון להרוס את הדמוקרטיה שלנו.

מטרת השרשור הזה היא לספק היכרות עם הפגיעות המשפטית הזאת, שתאפשר לכם לקחת בחזרה את החופש שלכם.
לפני שאתחיל, הערה חשובה.
בעבר ניסיתי, ללא הצלחה, לגייס עורכי-דין ישראלים שישתמשו בפגיעות המשפטית שגיליתי וייתקפו את הממשלה בבית המשפט.
זה לא קרה.
כנראה בגלל שעורכי דין הם לא כל כך יצירתיים. אל תאמינו לי, תקשיבו לג'ורדן פיטרסון.

אחרי כמה חודשים שבהם לא ראיתי הצלחה משפטית של אלו שניסו לעצור את קריסת הדמוקרטיה שלנו, החלטתי לשתף איתכם במה שאני חושב שצריכים לעשות.

כמובן שעורכי הדין שדיברתי איתם יחזרו שוב על הטענה שמדינת ישראל זה איזה משהו מיוחד ושמה שאספר לכם לא תקף.

לצערי הם פשוט לא מספיק יצירתיים.
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4 Jan
Is "LONG COVID" a myth?
The possibility it is real is very low, this is according to an updated report dated the 11th of November 2021 by an official body that advise the UK government (NICE), based on reviewing the research that claims #LonGCovid is real.

NICE's analysis of these papers indicated that there is a serious risk of bias when it came to determining whether or not the symptoms found were a result of #LongCovid, and due to to very serious imprecision of the measurements used.


So why our governments, "medical experts", and mainstream media push the narrative you must vaccinate to prevent something which is likely to be a myth?

"More than a million people in the UK are suffering from long Covid"


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4 Jan
The Israeli government (MoH) contracts with Pfizer:

1st gives indemnification to 3rd parties involved in distribution, administration and use of the vaccine.

2nd is because Israel's MoH is involved in the "distribution, administration and use of the vaccine".

#PfizerLeak ImageImage
Since the Israeli government and the Israeli Ministry of Health falls under the definition of a third party from Pfizer perspective (PLUS since the 2nd agreement is a research agreement) the Israeli government & everyone in the MoH are exempt from legal liability.
Since "any other theory" includes criminal law theory, the contract provides anyone who is involved in the vaccine program an indemnification, including from criminal charges.

This is why the Manufacturing and supply contracts are confidential: they are illegal.

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20 Dec 21

What does mythology teach us about powerful beings, and how can we use it to bring back a state of hemostasis into our lives?


(don't forget to use "show replies")

In 1977 a small-budget movie was released and got little attention. In its core, the movie plot was based on old mythological stories that have been enshrouded in our human memory from time immemorial.

The movie included mythological elements that had an important message about the never-ending struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, life's vitality and power. The name of the movie, which I'm sure you have never heard before, was … "Star Wars".

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