This UK Govt have chosen not to govern, instead they ruthlessly subcontract to the private sector. Prev public owned companies like water, electricity, gas sold. Next NHS, rubbish collection, roads, Police, Fire depts, prisons as Post Brexit deregulation goes in for the kill.
Conveniently as Covid rips through the UK & Brexit chaos ensues, the Tories will force total privatisation just like the US did in the 80s-90's, just like Friedman/Pinochet did in Chile. Are the UK public just going to sit back and allow history to repeat itself?
Truss's photo ops, her Thatcher military garb, her 'Global network of Liberty' is the final nail in the coffin for those not earning £200,000 per year, she is a far right wing Libertarian, her pals include the very worst disaster capitalists on the planet, Koch, Kolm, Thiel etc.
Brexit was not engineered domestically as everyone should know by now, a 'corporativist' state is the aim for Post Brexit UK. The singular most tumultuous period of British political history requires laws to be rewritten, Parliamentary debate stifled, protest outlawed. Ask why?
The Tories have morphed into a political elite beyond reproach, beyond accountability, they have enough historical examples to capitalize on, the very worst Libertarian think tanks have for decades pushed the notion of private Govt, 'the removal of politics' altogether, why?
A democratic nation state has regulations to prevent stable economies from free market ruin, the far right Tories cannot realise their takeover under democratic laws/oppressive constraints that endanger private wealth accumulation, the transfer of public funds into private hands
Libertarians aren't interested in the mundanity of poorer peoples lives, likes of Mogg, Sunak, Truss, Javid et al have educated themselves on Hayek, Rand, Friedman, Buchanan, Rees-Mogg Snr, Koch, Cato, ATLAS, etc to plan the UK's clean slate, average Brit is not part of that plan
Not much will change if public don't wake up. In order to comprehend what is at stake for the UK's future, public must educate themselves, MSM won't do it. Find out whose pulling the strings and makes those names familiar to every citizen of the UK #GTTO…

• • •

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Jan 18,
After 11 years the Tories have consistently shown the public that they're in permanent campaign mode, promises remain under-delivered, the lies and corruption pile up, Johnson praising, clapping for the NHS only to destroy it in pursuit of privatisation by stealth. #GTTO
Just like the Bush and Trump administrations, the Tories issued contracts secretively without tender to inexperienced pals and industries to shamelessly profit from the pandemic. Their immorality knows no bounds, public outrage elicits a stern Govt rebuke, 'put up or shut up.'
When crisis after crisis impacts on the UK's entire infrastructure the response of Govt is not 'How can we help?' it is 'How do we get a piece of the action?' The Tories recourse will not change it will always be to divide, devour and blame while they get rich in the process.
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Dec 29, 2021
This ERG Govt have instrumented Brexit as a pseudo nationalist Trojan Horse to unleash and destabilize the entire economic infrastructure of the UK. They are implementing a return to feudalism, they are obsessed with property, the Gold Standard and utterly demolishing the state.
Alejandro Chafuen 'For libertarians, removing the state as the final authority to define money might be the most consistent path.' This is about blind faith in free markets and not being accountable to Govt or the rule of law. Extremely dangerous. #libertarian #BrexitReality
Hayek - "If we ever again are going to have sound money, it will not come from Govt... it will be issued by private enterprise." Libertarians, the ERG/Govt have used this as a procedural template for the mess the UK is in as a result of a dark money fueled Brexit. #GTTO
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Dec 27, 2021
Tory Post Brexit Lies from Govt website👉🏻'Any UK freeport model will ensure that the UK’s high standards with respect to security, safety, workers’ rights, and the environment will not be compromised.' #GTTO
Here's why👇🏻…
EU zones can't deviate from SM regs, incl those on employment protections/workers' rights.
UK free ports won't be bound by this rule, so anyone working in them is likely to have less protection at work – not only with the EU but with the rest of the UK as well. #ToryCriminals
Free ports encourage tax avoidance and are likely to become tax havens. That means less money for our NHS and schools. And they may even become hotspots for organised crime such as money laundering and smuggling. #GTTO
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Dec 27, 2021
January 1st 2022 is checkmate for the Tories Brexit, untrammeled deregulation, dark money, Charter Cities, NHS obliterated, public service workers forced into private sector, rights/judiciary all gone, a monetized coup/dictatorship. UK, you were warned 🇪🇺#GeneralStrikeRevolution
History has shown repeatedly what happens when economists/right wing think tanks and Libertarian politicians & would be dictators join forces and destroy stable economies, hyperinflation, welfare state wiped out, free markets take over with juntas disappearing lefties/do-gooders.
PM has backing of Dr Barbara Kolm President of the Hayek Institute, Shankar Singham of US Babson Global & key mastermind of Brexit, plus over 447 right wing Libertarian think tanks. Koch, Norquist, Thiel, Brimen,Illarionov, Elliotts, etc. Decades of planning for the clean slate.
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Nov 22, 2021
Email to my mum, Feb 4th 2021
Sad news, Brexit has now completely stopped sales of my artworks to the UK. Over Xmas I've had to refund customers for orders placed in 2020 and put up a notice on my web shop that I can no longer ship to the UK.
The main reason is that I would have to hire a second accountant in the UK to process UK VAT costs, do accounts on a quarterly basis there, apply for licenses and what not, it’s now totally unfeasible to sell my work to the UK.
Brexit is absolutely on the UK, they voted to put economic sanctions on themselves, the UK government is now trying to blame the EU for something it has done to itself, sheer reckless insanity.
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Oct 30, 2021
On the eve of #COP26 Tory MP John Hayes has been on the take to the tune of £150,000 from oil firm BB Energy. He wants shale fracking to resume in the UK, a practice banned in the UK as earthquakes present a real and present danger 1/1
#ToryScum #ClimateEmergency
Nigel Lawson, a climate change denier, founded Global Warming Policy Forum, a right wing think tank whose stated aims are to challenge what it describes as the “extremely damaging and harmful policies” designed to mitigate climate change.🙄…
Greenpeace accused politicians of being “worryingly cosy” with the fossil fuel industry “How can these powerful people be trusted to seize opportunities of the green industries of the future, when they directly benefit from propping up business as usual?”…
Read 6 tweets

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