Ummmm... yess but like no
See @nationalpost here's the poignant salient thing...

That much fuel should never be congregated in any setting. In any densely populated setting near critical infrastructure.

@OPSChiefSloly can request that support ready LilyPads...
Here's why?
Leaders lead...
Technically a metric that needs to be thoroughly calculated is... how many litres are "pooled" in the most densley parked areas.

Or newly formed illegal wooden structures. Ottawa is essentially a powder keg... that cannot be ignored
See the aim of this thread is to acknowledge system(s) of governance, are proximal & not independent of. Our confederation is & always has been "decentralized"

If @OPSChiefSloly requests it, they are obliged. There are numerous merits
@JimWatsonOttawa & @ottawacity
de·cen·tral·ized, de·cen·tral·iz·ing. to distribute the administrative powers or functions of (a central authority) over a less concentrated area: to decentralize the national government....

[ to disperse (something) from an area of concentration]
I'm a polisci drop out... btw they'll never teach you guys this.

@JimWatsonOttawa × @OPSChiefSloly
If btwn your offices & @csiscanada assessment on;
- bubble chart proximal radius of congregated fuel. Data must encompass # of residents & protesters.

- than critical infra...
See the other thing these are heavy trucks. One must factor that if the expenses for a city are or have exceeded $800k/day... what is the impact of idle heavy trucks going to have on infrastructure.

O.Reg. 413/05... might not have the addenum to address it but....
hey hey hey Image
A vehicle is subject to a different form of enforcement. Technically @OPSChiefSloly × @JimWatsonOttawa can request that ticketing officers w/ backup ticket en masse those whom are by letter of the law... 😅 illegally parked.

And they can S.75 noise ordinance the honkers
@OPSChiefSloly × @JimWatsonOttawa My consulting fees are 60k.... we can have tea over brunch when the time is right.👨🏿‍🏫

I iterate once more, a vehicle is subject to enforcement. It may have been brought to a protest... and it can also be ticketed..
Lets talk $$$ Image
How much money has been left on the table.

I'm rather heartless when it comes to business. All i care about is data, hard set data & then forth what isnt aggregate to antiquated perspective.

# of vehicles? × tally of infractions?
Per day, each day....
But why?
Simply if its costing @ottawacity $800,000+ per day?
What is @JimWatsonOttawa × @fordnation doing to mitigate costs?

(Dougie to be passive, is to be unattentive, & that is untenable as a leader).

@JohnTory is taking notes on how to lessen excessive fiscal burdens on residents
Also to clarify to all
i'm not a social media influencer. I couldn't influence my way out of a paperbag. I'm too neutral, too boring...

Its just...
we either assume positions of leadership or we pretend to. There is a high fiscal cost to not tickering vehicles 👨🏿‍🏫
My consulting fees for the entirety of this "protest" is $60k..

@JimWatsonOttawa i dont want no ceremony, no plaque, no cameras....
I'm cool w/ signing a NDA

#HappyBlackHistoryMonth ...
When you DM me, you may addess me
As Eddie, (its not as formal as Edward).

Thank you kindly for taking said advice on utilizing the "Five Eye Alliance" strategem to choke point "separatist" funding... 😉 "words matter"

@gofundme × @timcadogan
Seeee... @nationalpost there's a lvl of brevity that must be understood;
Its not whom the organizers have insulated themselves with... it is whom organized it, & the false pretenses on which they purported, thus capitalizing on already contentious subject matter..
i dont use the words;
"Separatist' & "separatism" lightly.
And that's why there's merit for @JimWatsonOttawa & @OPSChiefSloly to requisition support from @dougford & @trudeau to ready lily pads

@OttawaPolice will do the policing w/ the @rcmpgrcpolice & @OPP
🥱 just saying Image
@JimWatsonOttawa Sir, first you ticket, & you ticket, & you ticket some more. And thennn you tow.
Illegally parked vehicles will be towed in.. 72hrs. Ect

End of discussion
Good leadership accross board would then shore up assistance (at all lvls of gov, across all municipalities
I once more remind you all... "if a man intends to declare war"... the intentions of war, during a time in which Canada may literally have to go to war to defend Ukraines sovereignty...

Than the "Alberta North Convoy" [PK] organizer amounts to high treason (three times more)
R.S.C. 1985 c. C-46 is the law infered.

The article of law if applied to behaviours of a seditious nature would stick

I think this thread would make a great case study. (peep whole thread)

@NCCU @howardlawschool
@BLSAMcGill @UofTNews
@Harvard_Law @HarvardBiz
See i'm neutral... the scales must balance public safety w/ the safety of protesters... & the safety of supply chains.

Where & when politics becomes a science is by navigating the layers of complexity... not as they happen, but before they happen.

Explaining further
@ottawacity commerce as a whole has been shuttered. The ripple of it being an "unpeaceful" assembly is when it defies the principalities of peace.

That much congregated fuel is not peaceful... it is hazardously obscene, as an unlawful assembly "tumultulously" is in part...
A continuous thing & the utilization of commercial grade airhorns outside the compliance of S.75 ordinances at decibel deafening lvls is what deems the assembly as unlawful.

Liiike @vicecanada lets keep it thriving... the noise is like the "havana syndrome" but u can locate it
The thing is in city corridors noise amplifies. It doesn't dissipate into the lateral... the 130dB-150dB's horn blasts is why some protesters are getting egged mercillesly

@cnnbrk × @economics

Sleep deprivation is a torture technique popularized in the Afghan wars Image
Also... @OPSChiefSloly this was and always a well metriculated insulating w/ willful ignorants to "escort"... whom? To where?
(Haiti 2.0)

Materialized by a gas lighting of epic puportions. The #flutruxklan represents aprox. 5% of industry or aprox. 1.983Bn of moved goods. 👨🏿‍🏫
Also i'm aware i'm using matriculation out of context. This is specific to a school of thought, the under current of whats sybiled.

So to be 100% on why 286,000 truckers are vaccinated... its because 2Bn represents a $7k increase per annum per driver
@bankofcanada @StatCan_eng
@Harvard_Press @OmarAlghabra

@Reuters @snopes @AP_Politics
Please audit this thread

the #omnicronvoy is at risk of being automated, or replaced... by better paid new hires & investments in automation

5% of any industry has never has the leverage 🧑🏾‍🏫🇨🇦

@PulitzerPrizes 😉 hey
"There's a grain of truth hidden in every joke"...

The #flutruxklan started out as a joke...

but it gained traction as a way to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the kkk's arrival in Canada

It was the yr "they" first rode north
@HistoryTVCanada @elonmusk
@joerogan @Spotify Image
@Neilyoung × @NeilYoungNYA

This is one of those things spotify doesn't get.... @joerogan support of the #flutruxklan truckers protest is why @Spotify could see a reversal to the $156 dollar mark.

@YahooFinance @BloombergCA
Peep thread
It may seem unfair to lump @joerogan & @elonmusk into this thread
Although shortages of drivers benefits Tesla, we cant trust his numerous product recalls (817k) like yesterday
Tesla will downtrend on the week

We re-examine a great business that offers no "right to repair"
And i think by extension even $elon branded products in the crypto space will likely take a harsh dip from present pricing on the day...

For the economist with an enthusiasm for data that far exceeds mine. the variables to cost at scale has to include self inflicted
Cost being defined to overall attributable loss of stock value
Business, income(s) & commerce (macro view)

So for the @OttawaPolice not to ticket @OPSChiefSloly × @JimWatsonOttawa it only adds to potential police budget cutbacks

"No backbone, no budget"
budgets must be balanced
@fordnation presently you have a province not within its means amid constraining times.

@JustinTrudeau will sign off on approval for @CanadianArmy × @CFOperations
to assist in towing of excess heavy commercial vehicles... back to jurisdiction of the owner, at the owners expense
@SCC_eng hasn't weighed in... many involved just aren't aware fully of Canadian laws.

A profession is occupied by a person
Personhood is not granted to an occupation
"The Great Resignation - You are not your job"
Property by extension is neither granted personhood. (✍ pen dat)
"This an egg... and i am a shell of a man without it".... police will do the policing not the military. People will defend lower taxes by anymeans possible

Canada is a polite nation, but we're also a pretty petty nation.

A carton of eggs is still cheaper than a gallon of gas... ImageImage
Thats the thing ppl neglect to acknowledge... if the police aren't defending the people from the #flutruxklan ....

Than we must hope that this doesn't turn into a potato smattering & egging.
Insurance wont cover personal property damages... vandalism raises premiums.
@WSJ my apologies for not including youu & @donlemon to the thread earlier. Not a shill, just the thrill of politics. The #Omnicronvoy is about to meet....

... Colonial × Planetary
can't make this shit up

@Trevornoah × @OPSChiefSloly Image
@csiscanada has all five eyes @CERTNZ @CyberGovAU @NCSC @DHSgov parsing the "tabernac" out of @gofundme donor country of (origin) to cross reference amongst each nation.

@CanRevAgency × @Canada
Will request data as well to cross reference E.I. or disability recipients...
Austerity... politicians adhere to the ppl en mass. Not the 5%, & not under these pretenses of assembly. Police didnt ticket at first intentionally.... that was the best anti-riot chess move i've seen in a while.

They did it out of unpreparedness... but now here's why its a win
Its a win because monday morning a new motion(s) will pass... @OttawaCouncil
@SteveKanellakos @JimWatsonOttawa
New Law:
¡) heavy commercial class 8 bylaw
$613 per day, w/ interest to be tacked
Payed by or before expiry of license.... 🤣😂

Who's laughing now....or cry later ✊🏾
@JimWatsonOttawa × @ottawacity @OPSChiefSloly to be leaders amongst their peers they must be innovative.

$613... i was joking. That much noise, & fuel is not tolerable. Its a loud powderkeg.

@ $2452/day per 1000 unlawful vehicles equates to $2.542M recovered daily
@ottawacity doesn't even know what a #poap is 😭 ... ouuu i'm upping things, i request in addition to my $60k fees for "consulting". 😉 and don't hesitate to tip either
🫂 luv luv you too

a commemorative NFT, & a #poap would be cool

@ $2452 per day per 1000 = 12.26M
People tend to think the "get back" or civic retribution is a thing of immediacy.
Its like that time in UFC when Alvarez called out @TheNotoriousMMA for being on the dole...

Alberta can't afford the super spreader coming its way @albertateachers
@cityofcalgary @MBGov @CBCSask Image
Its the decentralized shuffle, feint jab,counterweight straight to perry. Its fencing... its beautiful....

In a dectralized confederation.... a [new] law over the coming year will require tickets be cross jurisdictional 🤔 huh...

Transport vehicles are subject to Federal law
Facts are if @jkenney & @doug_schweitzer both know no one is above the blockchain. Such data will be made interprovincial as @Canada federal law, new said law, would bar individual from issuance of new license until fines levied are paid
In the land of sweet maple syrup & aubrey grahm jams... we have all year to go & then some to recover...

Fine plus interest... if they dont pay

no new renewal or license. @jkenney
Will risk not having oil to sell to the @OPECSecretariat × @JimWatsonOttawa
Exercise all options
@YourAlberta doesnt really have the option to refuse. @jkenney

CALGARY -- The year 2020 marked the first time since the 1960s that Alberta received more money from Ottawa in federal funding than was raised in revenue, according to the latest data from Statistics Canada. Image
What all of @Canada must understand
is that what happens in any province, where significant debts & hardships occur, their is an obligation for federal support to alleviate said economic ineptitude

I am skilled to assist all lvls of government. No body wants to pay higher taxes
Nobody wants to pay higher taxes, but taxation is the interim solution to aiding ottawa...

[a carton of eggs is cheaper than a gallon of gasoline]

I used to play shortstop & centrefield... i could turn the double play to home on any pop fly. My fastest pitch speed is a 93mph

I have laid bare numerous solutions for the @ottawacity & @OPSChiefSloly

I think the fact i fell asleep & have woken up to carry on said thread shows i've earned my consulting fee of;
I am asking far beneath my worth.... and have dissolved the disolution of social group responsibility.

[We must work together]

I have basically summoned all individuals named in this thread to realize the plethora of whats available to them? & what must be drafted into law
Municipally, provincially, & federally.
There is room for all parties to offer better governance in this regard

Ps. I'm from Toronto & i hope @JohnTory
is proud of one of his #Torontonians for my innovative solutions to public safety, infrastructure, restoring economic output
@JustinTrudeau if you got any @CrownRoyal i'd be down to have a whiskey on the rocks... & chat

Like i said, the names Ed, you may address me as Eddie instead of Edward or Edward is cool too.

I dont have a record, or political affiliations... & am triple vaxxed. Image
@OttawaPolice has a budget of $346.5M

@JimWatsonOttawa × @OPSChiefSloly
I think i've earned my small ask of $60k
Please have a city official dm me first. I'm also open to a more formal presser... or receiving no credit publically... but i do want that $60k

I know my worth
What i have done here amounts to the work of numerous agencies & the entitites who lead them. I have been fluid & frictionless in finding resolve after resolve.... whilest remaining neutral.

I've never needed a truck to protest
Great things have been accomplished without.... Image
Bullying residents.... without congregating that much fuel & risking public safety... without depriving others of sleep or efficient ambulatory access....

In 14 yrs of studying the radicalization of the north american male. This has been the most frenzied on our soil.
@Travisdhanraj to conlcude,

Ppl of any profession have the inalienable right to freedom of speech & to protest....

However, professions are not ppl
Ppl occupy professions....
& personhood is not granted to physical assets or the profession affixated to them #FluTruxKlan
10 yrs of hockey has taught me... there is a time to skate away & a time to drop the gloves.

@joshnorris10 🫂
I assure you that now all lvls of government are working to resolve disruption to the capital peacefully. And that this attempt at insurrection was quelled
End of thread
@CTV @nytimes @BBCBreaking
@WSJ @nationalpost @AlJazeera

@OttawaHealth wants this super spreader event over with.

@YourAlberta × @PremierScottMoe dont have the nurses for the next wave
🥱 now our problem, is there problem.
#omnicronvoy #newvariant coming soon
@BloombergCA to @CP24 to @globalnews

@JimWatsonOttawa × @OPSChiefSloly
This thread is now pinned to my profile for a better user experience. The overall dialogue will flow better too down.... beginning to end.

@Twitter pls add a thread mode + icon btwn polls & location.
@ottawacity .... i'm sending 🫂's because i don't want to get in trouble for sending eggs 😅

This too shall pass amigos

@Reuters @PolitiFact @snopes
Plz tell me if i have made any errors from data to legislative abilities

👨🏿‍🏫 plz check my work...
@PulitzerPrizes this is rather 1 part of a 4 part essay.... to be consolidated for reading purposes 😇

@mgh_educacion plz dont leave me out the history books. See its #BHM .... & i just had to vocalize that for the ancestors.
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Feb 25
#Russia #Ukraine #crypto
Its in poor taste to shill bags or bitcoin during a crisis... opportunitsts are embarassing.

Bitcoin doesnt stop bullets...…
Literally i've been in groups w/ 15k to 51k listeners... this is the only space where i've heard a "host" shill that pow shitcoin.

Fuck your bitcoin bud
Dude pretending to be legal council of canada.... clearly isnt the legal council of canada... why the fuck does he have a mic presence when ppl are trying to survive in kyiv...

Get the troll off the mic
"I just started a new hashtage"
Read 6 tweets
Feb 24
Nobody is hiding it.... "hitler" *cough cough* Putin. The comparisons are indeed more than startling.

Thats why any trucker protest that impedes arterial roadways... inhibits a nations preparedness to defend itself.
In Canada mounted units drifted a whole ass horse through some dudes granny. Americans protesting in their own market only serves Putin's interests.

@TorontoPolice upgrade "my little pony" unit... i need that medieval shit... why are officers & his Lt.Clyse Dale naked. Unplated. Image
While Putin is doing his best to play Hitler... The division he has sewn... blockades borders. It causes officers to commit suicide. It becomes the indignity of a nation. He's weaponized his own struggles effectively (2015 trucker protest in russia) Image
Read 9 tweets
Feb 24…

Has been going for 18hrs... updates on developments. Aspects of market

Controversial to opine - but the timing of the trucker protests to overthrow democratically elected governments & radicalization process over the course of 2.5yrs ...

@csiscanada ImageImageImageImage
And just like that Vladimir Putin begins his "Long March" to power. These radicalizing efforts are long incubated & enacted... weaponizing an individual(s) at will. Its creating a sleeper cell event... that is the danger of "domestic extremism"
@SecDef × @BillBlair Image
We may need to let @FinCEN_nUSA & @FINTRAC_Canada probe further into this trucker movement.
@CBCAlerts apologize for nothing.. allow me

@DailyMailUK @FoxNews @nprpolitics

It was the one thing that paralyzed Putin, & he weaponized this method of protest to counter falling mrkt ImageImageImageImage
Read 11 tweets
Feb 24

I'm embarassed to say this, but scrapping a 1.1bn tax rev .... & putting up $250k for an electric battery facility makes little sense...

Imagine the impact on job creation not utilizing 1,000,750bn shortfall sets us back
From education to healthcare... draining pooled resources hurts ppl. Yes saving money is meaningful... i will not argue that.

@fordnation means tell the public he couldn't turn 1bn into 2 bn. He's not the businessman he pretends to be. He has turned his back on us all
@canadanurses @tdsb @ONsafety
@RailCanada @TorontoPolice
1.1bn could be used to;
Supplement a 4 day workweek to invest in Canadian's who code... tech could drive our economy

-more nurses, better curriculums... even transitioning more of our supply chain to railways
Read 7 tweets
Feb 22

The EMA was necessary

@fordnation @JustinTrudeau
@JimWatsonOttawa @JohnTory

Maisonneuve, said her son has been a vocal protestor against COVID-19 vaccines. He was going to lose his job anyway, because he ain’t getting his vaccine,”...

@CBCOttawa ImageImage
@csiscanada @OPP @rcmpgrcpolice
Skills like that aren't acquired over night... & its necessary to find out who/how he was radicalized.

I suspect the teachings of
Patrik Matthews...
@BillBlair × @SecDef ImageImageImageImage
@CPC_HQ Conservatives are voting ×nay unanimously as expected
@BlocQuebecois × nay

@NDP ✅️
@liberal_party ✅️

A few minutes before totals are tallied by the house speaker @HoCChamber
Awaiting electronic votes
Read 5 tweets
Feb 21
courtesy of @OurCommons
"Minister of Public Safety & Emergency"

States that threats were credible...
EMA is backed by intelligence agencies & chief's associations. The freezing of illegal funds is justified
Whoa... he just checked the entire @CPC_HQ "conservative party" failing to live up to their "law & order claim"

for disregarding @fordnation
& for disregarding numerous police agencies across the nation

All of Ontario is wondering?
Why isn't Doug in legislature defending this
To offer a depth of the brevity that the conservatives are contesting....
[4 Men Charged for planning to murder @RCMPAlberta]

@jkenney & conservatives like @BradRedekopp are spitting in the face of law enforcement.

Will Doug rebuke them?
Read 9 tweets

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