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Everything Polievre does is bad faith. He is the most unfit opposition leader in Canadian history, Even more than the other astoundingly unfit choices like Scheer. He represents the dangerous & malicious degradation of the political right & its threat to democracy. #cdnpoli ImageImage
@CTVNews’ promotion of #NevrePoilievre was on full display last night immediately following the Oscars, where PP was featured off the top implying Trudeau is responsible for airport delays 🤦‍♀️. The framing of political hit job stories in #cdnmedia isn’t news & it’s concerning.
A couple of things about this absolutely toxic tweet. What ‘law breaking’? None. #NevrePoilievre has manufactured “broken laws” & “treason”. This is such reckless toxic rhetoric. It is fascistic. Notice his constant nonstop data mining off his lies as well. #WomenAgainstPoilievre Image
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1. Pulling together my recent🧵s on this latest #Cdnmedia China saga that has much broader implications re #CdnNatSec, political operatives, breaking the law to leak to journalists with political motives.

Remember who #RobertFife is.
Fife implied China had the ability to choose 🇨🇦’s government right down to whether majority or minority. Utterly reckless nonsense. Of course, Fife offered not one single shred of factual evidence. #Cdnpoli #CdnMediaFailed
3. The reporting on this story is off & there is so much that is suspect. Resurfacing allegations that are not new. Why? Why now? By whom?#POECreport #FluTruxKlan #ChristineAnderson #Cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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I very much agree with this important point from Stephanie Carvin. Something is off here. Also, what’s behind resurfacing a nearly 3.5 year old allegation? This doesn’t pass the smell test for me. #cdnpoli #CdnNatSec #cdnmedia @csiscanada
Dong defeated current #CPC comms director, Sarah Fisher, in the 2019 election in question. You may know Fischer from her vocal support of the #FluTruxKlan destabilization operation that cost 🇨🇦 billions & provided a-bombs of disinformation to the political right, including 🇷🇺&🇨🇳.
Another thing, as @dadinthe6 pointed out. This alleged “help” by PRC, came 8 months after 🇨🇳 vowed retaliation against 🇨🇦’s Liberal gov’t for the detention of Meng Wenzhou?…
The Trump admin requested the detention of MZ, 🇨🇦’s then AG, JWR, complied #cdnpoli
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#ChristineAnderson prt 3. Ok, strap in. The meat of what’s in Anderson’s 🇨🇦 tour. Whoa boy, it touches on global Christo-fascism & its intersection with anti-vax mass disinformation & the use of that disinfo as a tool of radicalization. Thanks @ConvoyTwitty for finding the video.
The Anderson Whitby Ontario event began with a video (produced by whom? Paid for by?) where far right Canadian “convoy” figures, including #TamaraLich, said words of welcome to Anderson. Then, in true fascist propaganda fashion inverting truth, they played the national anthem.
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More on Christine Anderson. Why is this German neo-Nazi on a money making tour of 🇨🇦 & why are children being used in her malignant grift operation? #cdnpoli #CdnNatSec #cdnmedia #DemocracyUnderThreat
Children were also used/abused in the #FluTruxKlan op. The use of children in the schemes is repugnant. #cdnpoli
One of the sponsors of Christine Anderson’s Christo-fascist grift tour, has set up a GiveSendGo to pay for their sponsorship?? It hasn’t made any money, so where’s the money coming from? Hotels, dinners, venue fees, flights. Have enough people been buying the $200 - $325 tickets?
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Why is far right German member of European Parliament & Russian asset, Christine Anderson, posting pictures of herself with Tamara Lich & #JCCF’s Keith Wilson yesterday?

Interesting to note, Lich helped start #WEXIT. The global far right is Putin’s ace in the hole. #cdnpoli
But here’s ADF’s Christine Anderson with another man. A Quebec resident named Kim Tsoj. He posts about Christine Anderson a lot. #FreeDumbConvoy #cdnpoli #CdnFarRight
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“Rebel News” is funded by #DarkMoney, in spite of always crying poor. A key source of this dark money? Well, ask yourselves: why is Rebel a constant source of Kremlin propaganda? Not just recently. Remember this from 2018?… #Cdnmedia #CdnDisinfo #cdnpoli
Fast forward to before & since, #RussianInvasionOfUkraine. So-called “Rebel” so-called “News” has become a constant vector of 🇷🇺disinfo & propaganda. Including the role both played in #FluTruxKlan op. #cdnpoli
Since Russia’s attack on #Ukraine️, “Rebel News” has at times been brazen in amplifying Kremlin propaganda. #cdnmedia #cdnpoli #PutinWarCriminal
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As 2022 comes to a close, here’s a brief #cdnpoli year in review. In January/22 we saw the launch of a destabilization op (that just *happened* to coincide with the lead up to Putin’s attack on #Ukraine). #FreeDumbConvoy #FluTruxKlan
#FluTruxKlan #FreeDumbConvoy was pushed hard by multiple malign players & boosted by inauthentic activity, including by foreign threat actors. #Cdnpoli #CdnpoliYearInReview #goodbye2022
Feb/22 #NevrePoilievre officially launched his “prime minister” bid using #FluTruxKlan op, even though we’d just had an election months earlier & O’Toole was still #CPCldr.

#Cdnpoli #CdnpoliYearInReview #goodbye2022
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I gave testimony to the Ottawa People’s Commission (@ottpeoplescomm), which is examining the impacts of the horrid (anti-)#FreedomConvoy that terrorized our neighbourhood last winter. I also listened to other testimonies. Some takeaways.
(A thread)
#FreeDumbConvoy #FluTruxKlan
I shared the story of my near-death experience at the hands of a red-light-running “F*ck Trudeau” trucker, and the debilitating impacts on my wife’s anxiety of the senseless honking. I am humbled by the messages of sympathy I received afterwards, many had similar experiences.
The executive director of a local community health centre, situated in the middle of the area of the illegal occupation last winter, told heartbreaking stories from their clients who were desperately needing services...
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NO NO NO. The reason the #EmergenciesAct was invoked was because things WERE NOT resolving. They were becoming entrenched. Children and Ottawa residents were increasingly at risk. #EmergencyActInquiry
The political right & malign actors, including adversaries like 🇷🇺& 🇨🇳, used public health measures as a means to sow toxicdisinformation & weaponize the public via social media manipulation in order to destabilize democracies. This was not a “protest”. #EmergencyActInquiry #POEC
If the #CPC opposition weren’t such manifestly bad faith actors, that were participants in #FluTruxKlan destabilization operation, then perhaps things wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand. Provincial & fed #Conservatives WANTED this destructive chaos. #EmergencyActInquiry #POEC
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1. Something that repeatedly struck me listening to #EmergenciesActInquiry testimony. References kept being made about the huge followings the convoy organizers had on social media. There are many ways foreign adversaries & “foreign actors” can give in-kind ‘donations’ #CdnNatSec
2. “Backing” is one way of giving covert assistance to operations like #FluTruxKlan. Troll factory operations of threat actors can “back” social media accounts, boosting their megaphone & exploiting algorithms so that many people view these accounts as important. @POECommission
3. 1,000s of 🤖 can be used to bridge groups together, creating complex networks that appear organic, but are not. Once these networks are formed, an echo-chamber follows. Disinformation is then fed into the network. This is a malign “donation” that ultimately translates into💰.
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This report from @OttawaPolice is not an intelligence report. It is a propaganda report. Shocking in its bias, faulty information, logically fallacious, willful blindness & a rank inability to assess the situation. #EmergenciesActInquiry #CdnNatSec… ImageImage
A word or two about Srgt Chris Kiez who has since deleted/cleaned up his LinkedIn & social media. Even the Reddit post about him has been removed. Thankfully @CyKoore saved a bunch. #EmergenciesActInquiry #OttawaOccupation #OttawaPolice #FluTruxKlan ImageImage
Some screenshots of Sgt Chris Kiez’s posts from @Leenintome2. #EmergenciesActInquiry @OttawaPolice #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
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I continue to make my way through #POEC #EmergencyActInquiry.
I am continuously struck by the normalization of an act of extremism based on #InfoOps radicalizing those on the right (& some on the left). Taking some legitimate grievances & weaponizing them.
If a large group of non-white people with 400 large rigs, shut down the core of the nation’s capital, continuously blaring deafening air horns, amassing containers of fuel alongside open flames & fireworks, endangering children present, harming residents….
…getting #ConvoyFinancing for their op from foreign extremists like far right Republicans. Shutting down major border crossings costing billions in losses, engaging in conspiracies to, at the very LEAST, sabotage the workings of gov’t, providing fodder to foreign adversaries… ImageImageImageImage
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Absolutely this. The convoy funding was not only coming from crowd funding sites like #GiveSendGo & #GoFundMe. Thinking that this is the entire story regarding funding of this op, will seriously miss the mark. #EmergenciesActInquiry #cdnmedia #cdnpoli #CdnNatSec
Convoy funding came in via etransfer to a variety of encrypted Protonmail addresses in addition to cash & crypto. It would take an entire team of experts to “follow the money” in a forensic analysis. There is no indication from #OPP that they did this. #EmergenciesActInquiry ImageImageImageImage
This was a tweet of mine from back in Jan/22. It was based on what I’d been seeing. This also applies to #ConvoyFinancing. When there’s no one traceable source of💰, forensic analysis clearly becomes more complex. Now add in laundered💰from foreign adversaries = even more complex Image
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Absolutely chilling. Key members of #CPC, esp Pierre Polievre, participated in a destabilization operation against 🇨🇦. Mike Flynn was also part of #FluTruxKlan. This is/was an op meant to undermine the legitimacy of 🇨🇦’s gov’t. This op continues using #PsyOps & #InfoOps. #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
From coordinated behaviour to trend anti-Trudeau hashtags to propaganda offensives in #cdnmedia, to online radicalization in Facebook groups, to targeting religious groups, these coordinated ops are attacks on 🇨🇦. Supporting them should be disqualifying for holding public office. ImageImageImageImage
I’ll also add, it goes without saying this study conducted by Flynn & colleagues, looks like a blueprint for (among other disinfo ops) the election denier movement to convince people Biden isn’t the lawfully elected president. (See import work by Robert Pape & @CPOST_UChicago). ImageImageImageImage
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Unfortunately I didn’t keep a record, but during #FluTruxKlan it became almost overwhelming the number of newly minted fakes that had Elon Musk as a first & sometimes only, followed account. I began to wonder what his involvement was. A possible answer became clear later #cdnpoli
Then it became clearer. It was about manipulating crypto markets for his own personal gain. & now it appears that yet again sociopathic conman Musk is using 🇨🇦 as a tool of manipulation for his own toxic personal greed & power-lust. #NeverVoteConservative
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We’re witnessing a troll tsunami on Twitter right now. #CoupTruxKlan was #InfoOps & IMO the troll networks developed leading up to that operation have been continuously amassing real world anti-vaxxers in order to weaponize them. I also believe there are simultaneous parallel ops
The troll swarming I’ve experienced the past few days, for calling out one of these networks, just underscores for me that @TwitterSafety needs to address this incredibly serious problem. I’m attaching a snapshot of just a fraction of the troll accounts in a couple of networks.
Take this account, for example. It tweets anti-Trudeau propaganda especially the likes of #TrueNorthCentre. The profile was lifted from a soft core site.
The account start date is 2012, however (see next tweet) this was an abandoned account taken over & used for disinfo #cdnpoli
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I’ve posted about radicalized current & former members of law enforcement previously, but today’s article from @CBC underscores the seriousness of the problem. Full article here:… #CoupTruxKlan #EmergenciesAct #FluTruxKlan #cdnpoli #RCMP
Once again I highly recommend the entire 3 prt series by @willcarless & Michael Corey. This investigation into radicalized members of 🇺🇸 law enforcement was written in 2019. 2 yrs b4 #January6th.…
Prt 2…
Prt 3…
Remember this clip? The uber friendly @rcmpgrcpolice officer telling Elliott McDavid at the #CouttsBlockade how he supports what they’re doing? Seditious disruption of cross border trade because they ideologically buy into the toxic disinfo of an op?
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I have a message for the #FreedomFighters #FreedomConvoy #FreedomConvoyCanada2022 #FreeDumbConvoy #Freedumbers #FluTruxKlan
I have realized why I'm so angry with you and your inane claims that we are not free in Canada. Because I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO NOT BE FREE. I lived under
the authoritarian Communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu until I was 13. Loss of freedom meant you could not criticize out leader in public, as there were special security agents everywhere. Most people who did criticize Ceausescu disappeared in state jails forever.
In Canada you #FreeDumbConvoy can criticize Justin Trudeau all you want, even threaten him with death, and you are lucky enough to only be charged and get out on bail. You know fuck all about freedom.
Secondly in Romania against the dictator Ceausescu were quashed with gunfire
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This is so good. Want more proof there was no “deal” prior to the #EmergenciesAct being invoked? Take a look at the “evidence” Tamara Lich’s legal adviser & the organization funding her legal bills (#JCCF) is putting out. Now, let’s take a closer look at this “agreement” #cdnpoli
Keith Wilson not only claims a letter to Tamara Lich is an “agreement” (it isn’t - there’s nothing signed by both parties), but even in the letter there’s still nothing about leaving, only moving to a more concentrated location in Ottawa. Then Wilson links to a CTV article, but…
And now comes the pièce de résistance from attorney @MarkBourrie. Wilson is inadvertently strengthening the Crown’s case against Lich! 🔥

#cdnpoli #FluTruxKlan #Freedumbers
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Must read 🧵 debunking yet another pile of disinfo bullshit from propaganda media. There was no potential “breakthrough”. Dean French is a grotesque #DougFord operative. Claiming an “accord” amongst malignant actors, is in any way legitimate, is yet another threat to #democracy.
Thank you to @CanadianOut for these screenshots. Anyone claiming there was a potential “breakthrough” right before the #EmergenciesAct was invoked, is amplifying misinformation, or is deliberately & malignly spreading disinformation. The EA was necessary. #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli ImageImage
Speaking of malicious actors & disinformation, everything in this tweet is a lie. Also, #CoupTruxKlan was never about “mandates”. It was an op that foreign adversaries & ideologically motivated domestic extremists used to try & destabilize 🇨🇦’s gov’t. #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou Image
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A little more #TUPOC (or #TUPC). See embedded attached threads to catch yourself up. Let’s meet another director of “The United People of Canada”, Diane Nolan. She was most definitely a participant of the #FluTruxKlan op, including livestreaming from #OttawaOccupation. #cdnpoli
#TUPOC gaslights routinely about its ties to #FreeDumbConvoy. Yet all of the directors participated in the op in one form or another. The #ChristoFascist element of #FluTruxKlan didn’t get as much attention as some other elements, yet the religious Right was very a factor.
Diane Nolan is also a “Power Ministry” Canadian director. A fundamentalist global religious network. #TUPOC #FluTruxKlan #FreeDumbConvoy #cdnpoli
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When I saw scores of domestic & foreign adversary (including Kremlin linked) troll network accounts pushing #DutchFarmer op, I wondered, like the way #FluTruxKlan used 🇨🇦 as an op launching pad, if Netherlands were being used as a similar launching pad. Now enter this…#CdnNatSec
🧵 from February on this subject. #FluTruxKlan is & has always been an op. It was a destabilization operation that just *happened* to coincide with the lead up to #UkraineInvasion. Not a coincidence. There is a global autocracy project to topple democracy. #cdnNatSec #cdnpoli
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