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Is Pink Floyd supporting the Nazis that are TRYING TO KILL Roger Waters?

Let me open a thread
After nearly 30 years, the "current" lineup of Pink Floyd reunited for a new song “in aid of Ukraine”, the song its mediocre (for Floyd standards), but that’s NOT the point. Image
The issue is: Pink Floyd founder, Roger Waters, is included in an Ukrainian DEATH THREAT LIST (#Myrotvorets). The list of the “the enemies of Ukraine," this Nazi list include their personal data, addresses, etc, so that the victims can be harassed or even eliminated; Image
The UN have demanded the closure of #Myrotvorets, but that was refused by the Ukrainian parliament. The lists includes names like Konstantín Jabenski, Oscar nominee for his film Sobibor (a WW2 extermination camp operated by Ukrainians), and even a 12-year-old girl from Luhansk. Image
Having your name on the list means more than just exposure, several murders occurred within days of victims appearing on #Myrotvorets; Denis Kireyev, assassinated on March 5, Dmitry Demyanenko, assassinated on March 10 because he was “ favorable to an agreement with Russia”. Image
Why Rogers was added to this list?
Because Waters said that the Maidan events, which took place in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in the winter of 2013-2014, “had been orchestrated in Washington.”

But Waters is NOT pro invasion, he's ANTI-WAR, on Mar 09 2022 he wrote: Image
Did Gilmour knew about this before his pro-Ukraine campaign?
If so, his disregard for his ex-Friend is much deeper than anyone thought.
#Myrotvorets is not a secret project, everyone knows about this list in Ukraine, there are even Phone Apps "to help harassing" the victims. Image
And NO, this si NO Putin's propaganda.
This the REAL Ukraine.
That's why Israel not only refused to sell its Iron Dome missile defense system to Ukraine, but it also BLOCKED the U.S. from sending Iron Dome batteries to Kyiv. Image
So maybe this photograph was not a joke, nor a mistake or coincidence, but real Nazism lurking inside his soul.

So sad, I was a big fan of @davidgilmour Image
Some people have asked if this kill list is public.
Yes, it’s public and horrific.
Don’t click this link if you are not ready for some strong images.


Because #Bandera taught his followers to “showcase” their cruelty in order to “scare” their enemies. myrotvorets.center Nazi Kil...

If you want to know more about #Bandera Ukraine (EAST Ukraine), and how a public Kill List like this can exist, check this thread.

But be ready to some STRONG images.


This is hilarious

Henry #Kissinger was just added as a terrorist to the Ukrainian Kill-List #myrotvorets
What’s next?
Nancy Pelosi maybe? Image

This is the Roger Waters profile in #Myrotvorets, the #Ukraine kill list.
From Nuclear stations to rock singers. No target is off limits for the #Nazi government at Kiev.
Yes, this is #Bandera, pure hate. Image

#Myrotvorets, the #Ukrainian🇺🇦 kill-list is hosted by #NATO servers in Brussels, Belgium!

Remember: Many people have been KILLED after their data was included in #Myrotvorets, like the writer Oles Buzina and the parliamentarian Oleg Kalashnikov.

t.me/heilukraine1959 #Myrotvorets web site is ho...#Myrotvorets web site is ho...Image

myrotvorets.center saved to archive.ph/MhOKK


1. Myrotvorets terrorist website assets are being loaded from: natocdn.net
2. @NATO owns the domain https://t.co/aG7IvpMCCo
3. Servers are located in Brussels, Belgium

Yes, they are THAT stupid. myrotvorets.center saved to...myrotvorets.center saved to...myrotvorets.center saved to...myrotvorets.center saved to...

#Myrotvorets is a #TERRORIST website sponsored by Ukraine and NATO.
Some of their victims include:

#AndreaRocchelli Italian journalist, “liquidated” in 2014 - @jupiter_iovis #Myrotvorets is a TERRORIST...

#Myrotvorets is a #TERRORIST website sponsored by Ukraine and NATO.
Some of their victims include:

#FainaSavenkova a 13-year-old child from Luhansk, whose personal data was published on the Mirotvorets - @naomiallen_usa #Myrotvorets is a #TERRORIS...
OBVIOUSLY this is not a definitely proof that NATO owns #Myrotvorets, this is not a forensic analysis
But that's irrelevant, 'cause we ALREADY KNOW that NATO is helping #Ukraine
If NATO is ALSO hosting this criminal site, that's just the cherry on top, the crux of the biscuit Image

MYROTVORETS also has a FB page (Please report): facebook.com/myrotvoretsua/
In that page they answer the Question about NATO:

(Yes) "Zakharova has CONFIRMED IT a long time ago"

Indeed, Maria Zakharova stated that MYROTVORETS was created in cooperation with NATO and US DOS. 🤮 ImageImage

@elonmusk was placed on the Ukrainian government’s kill list #Myrotvorets

But was deleted an hour later, probably because Ukrainian #Nazis need a working Starlink network.

Unfortunately journalists and activists like @rogerwaters, do not have the same leverage. Image

Our dear @TulsiGabbard, also in the #Ukrainian kill-list #Myrotvorets

myrotvorets.center/criminal/gabba… Image

• • •

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The #scofieldbible thread.

“Christ will rule with Israel during a 1000-year earthly reign”

Yes, that's the nonsense that American Evangelical Christians believe.
That's how all the presidents were raised (except Kennedy).
All based on LIES spread just over 100 years ago... Image
What Lies?
"In the early XX century, a “new American Bible” appeared. It was the product of a school of theological thinking known as "Dispensationalism", that scripture, The Scofield Bible, would become the CORE text of the White American Evangelism"
- Donald Harman Akenson Image
Cyrus Ingerson Scofield the author of the Scofield Bible was a drunk, convicted lawyer, Scofield was a Charlatan who called himself “DD” (Doctor of Divinity 🤡).
How did someone like that gain support for the MASSIVE dissemination of “his” Bible?
Zionism sponsored them... Image
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Oct 9, 2023
Did you know that 🇮🇱Israel has NO LEGAL BORDERS?
And that its territory GROWS consistently every year?
The reason?
The Hebrew Bible:

Joshua 1:4
"Your territory will extend from the desert to the River Euphrates..."

Yes, they REALLY plan to grow to Iraq/Turkey at some point.
Because it doesn't matter what YOU believe.
What matters is what some of the most powerful people believe (from the Soros and Rothschild families, to A. Blinken)
So, if you want to understand, you better open that book.
This is the "promised land" that they consider theirs.
👇 Image
Did you know that Israel 🇮🇱 does NO have a State Constitution?
No, they are guided by the Hebrew Bible, which says...

Exodus 23:30-33
“I will deliver the inhabitants of this land into YOUR hand, and YOU shall drive them OUT.”
"You shall make NO covenant with them..." Image
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