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Meet Mykola Senkovsky, one of the first Ukrainians to study & develop photography business. Born in Pyriatyn, Poltava Obl on Nov 23, 1893. His whereabouts after 1939 is unknown
Spent most of his life researching life and customs of Western #Ukraine.
Mykola Senkovsky, #Ukrainian photographer (!893-1939?).
Ran a photo workshop in Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk Obl, printed postcards with his own photos & took many photographs of local people & villages. He shot landscapes, country and city life, portraits.
Mykola Senkovsky, #Ukrainian photographer (!893-1939?)
In 1931, Senkovsky's photo titled “Old Hutsulka” was awarded Grand Prix at International European Photo Exhibition in Paris
Many of his photographs destroyed by Soviet authorities. His wife Yevheniya arrested by NKVD in 1945
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⭕️ Taliban's @alemara_ar official account of the so-called "Islamic Emirate of #Afghanisthan" claims #Iran has given back to the #Talibans , all the weapons of the Afghan soldiers who escaped crossing the border when their government collapsed ahead of the #TalibanTakeover
نائب وزير الخارجية الأوكراني: اختطاف طائرة إجلاء أوكرانية من #أفغانستان الأسبوع الماضي والتوجه بها إلى #إيران
A #Ukrainian plane that arrived in #Afghanistan to evacuate Ukrainians has been hijacked by unidentified people who flew it into #Iran, Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Yenin has said.
(Incident happened last week).
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Ex-head of his presidential election campaign says that dioxin poisoning of Yushchenko during 2004 elections in #Ukraine was staged with involvement of his close associates, US & UK. Zhvania doesn't provide any corroborating evidence.…
Chief Military Prosecutor after Maidan & ex-head of Security Service of #Ukraine, who leads pro-Maidan party, both stated that investigation determined that there was no Yushchenko poisoning & that he refused during his presidency to provide blood sample.…
His highly publicized dioxin poisoning, which was blamed by Yushchenko, his associates & much of #Ukrainian & Western media on Yanukovych & #Russia, was instrumental in his victory & "Orange Revolution" that followed falsification of election results in favor of Yanukovych.
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😠A drunk fighter of the #Russian hybrid forces killed 5 comrades and then committed suicide in the temporarily occupied territories. The Russian media have exploited the incident to blame #Ukraine. Read on to learn more about this information attack ⬇️
Since June 11, #Russian state-controlled media have been disseminating a fake that 5 soldiers were killed as a result of a #Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group’s attack near the village of Holubivske.
To conceal the real cause of the militants’ deaths, #Russian propagandists have deliberately spread conflicting rumors about the circumstances and the exact location of the incident.
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❗️The #Russian FSB recruited a citizen of #Ukraine to commit a terrorist attack and blow up the car of a military research specialist. The attack was prevented by the counterintelligence agents of the @ServiceSsu. For more details, read this thread:
The perpetrator, the former fighter of the terrorist groups of so-called "LNR", was caught while planting the explosive device in the car of the military specialist.
As the SBU specialists discovered, he had entered the controlled territory of #Ukraine from the #Russian Federation and planned to commit the terrorist attack on the instructions of the special services of the aggressor country.
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🤦#Russia exploits the new opportunity to promote false narratives about #Ukraine: this time, on the sidelines of #EURO2020. Read on to learn more ⤵️ Image
After the new uniform design for #Ukrainian football players was presented with the map of #Ukraine including #Crimea, the #Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its outrage and called the shirt design “a trompe-l'oeil” or a fake.
The shirts will also have slogans “Glory to #Ukraine!” and “Glory to the heroes!” on them, which are traditional patriotic greetings. The #Russian MFA seized this opportunity to portray Ukraine as a “Nazi” state claiming the slogans echoed a German Nazi rallying cry.
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Google searches show no references in Western media to past service in neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion in #Ukraine of #Belarusian opposition blogger, who was arrested by Belarus KGB after it diverted #Irish #Ryanair passenger #plane that was flying over #Belarus
#Ukrainian media reports that #Protasevich served in the press-service of the neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion in #Ukraine during the war in #Donbas: "... украинскую страницу в биографии Протасевича: белорус одно время работал в пресс-службе «Азова»."…
Zelensky bans Ukrainian flights to #Belarus & over Belarus. Ukrainian secret services last year planned to divert Belarusian passenger #plane flying over #Ukraine to Turkey to arrest lured in false flag op #Russian mercenaries, who fought in #Donbas war.…
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☝️Despite #Russia’s announcement of the withdrawal of its troops from the borders with #Ukraine starting from today, there are no grounds to believe the de-escalation is to happen soon (thread) ⤵️…
In fact, only the personnel is to be withdrawn to their permanent bases. All the military equipment is staying near the eastern border with #Ukraine. This means that there is still danger that troops will be quickly pulled back again whenever the #Kremlin decides on it.
These facts confirm that still #RussiaEscalates its aggression against #Ukraine:
◾️#Russia keeps refusing bilateral negotiations with Ukraine on the escalation — #Putin agreed to meet the President of Ukraine but explicitly mentioned that discussing Donbas is out of the question;
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WE ASK: What is the relationship between media consumption & believing disinformation abt protests? Employing #panelsurvey in #Ukraine we examine media consumption among protest participants & non-participants + supporters & non-supporters… @AKaratnycky
TESTING THEORIES: on #AffectivePolarization #SocialMediaEffects & the role of #OldMedia (namely TV) & #StateMedia (namely #Russian owned TV) + #Ukraine context-specific expectations on #ethnolinguistic #identity divides… @EricaChenoweth @civilresistance
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This is a remarkable attempt to undermine academic freedom in #Ireland and on the flimsiest of pretexts

Attempts by emissaries of #Georgia and #Ukraine to dictate how we teach/research @DCU have been and will continually to be firmly rebuffed…
In response to @rtenews the Ukrainian embassy dismiss suggestions they tried to attack academic freedom as "emotional" and "groundless"

So let me post some extracts from the letter sent to DCU and Department of Foreign Affairs

Judge for yourself… Image
The individual described as a "well-known Russian propagandist" is Prof Sergey Markedonov, probably the leading authority in Russia on conflicts in the Caucasus

A Visiting Fellow at @CSIS in Washington DC for several years I was delighted Prof Markedonov accepted my invitation Image
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❗️#Russia continues its military build-up in #Crimea and the east of #Ukraine, here’s an update of its latest steps on escalation (thread):
🟥detention of a #Ukrainian diplomat by the #Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) in Saint-Petersburg;
🟥the 15 ships of the Caspian flotilla have been fully transferred to the Black Sea under the guise of military drills;
🟥relocation of Su-25SMZ attack aircraft from the Stavropol region to the airfields of the occupied #Crimea;
🟥transferring the Motorized infantry units of the 58th All-Arms Army of the Southern Military District of Russia to the Opuk firing range in the occupied Crimea;
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However impossible it seems, #Russian rhetoric concerning the escalation in #Ukraine is losing touch with reality even more. 🇷🇺Security Council Secretary says 🇺🇦 may “attack 🇷🇺” by starting military operations against #Crimea and prepare terrorist acts in 🇷🇺 and other countries⤵️
😡But what have the #Russian forces really been doing in the past few days while blaming #Ukraine for the escalation? Not contributing to peace, for sure:
📌moving the 15 Russian ships of the naval forces into the waters of the Black Sea under the guise of military drills;
📌blocking the movement of people across the demarcation line in the #Donetsk region;
📌remote mining of the territory within the humanitarian road corridor next to Mayorske checkpoint with a UAV on April 13, which put the lives of civilians at threat;
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#Navalny is on a hunger strike (lost 16 lbs since the arrival to the colony); has severe back/legs pain. To suppress the protests, the Kremlin cracks down on the opposition & social media. To spark nationalism, #Putin pulled troops to the #Ukrainian border. Europe fears war.
Instead of doctors, the Kremlin sent #MariaButina, reporting for RT (Russian Today.) Yes, that Butina.…
"In the past week, the U.S. military’s European Command raised its watch level from possible crisis to potential imminent crisis — the highest level — in response to the deployment of the additional Russian troops."…
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@Josh731_ Berl Lazar: Indiërs zijn op de goede koers
Euraziërs en joden voor traditionalisme en tegen Oekraïens staatsfascisme…
@Josh731_ It seems to be a Ukrainian ex-nazi who was supported by the US government.
It is huuuge, the #ADL play's a Ukrainian role too 🤓😉
ADL 🇮🇱 and Simon Wiesenthal Center refused to block U.S. funding to neo-#Nazis in #Ukraine…
@Josh731_ Human rights activists are hoping to use the courts to expose Israeli arms exports and security know-how to neo-Nazi militias fighting in Ukraine.…
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Over 90 Witness Testimonies Concerning #Maidan Snipers in #Ukraine - Ivan Katchanovski
(Note to EU/Twitter censors: contains damaging info on NATO narrative 😂🙈)…
Evidence: #Maidan snipers confess they were under orders from Coup leaders to shoot police AND protesters. Sputnik "we have finally identified the snipers, they were Georgian, and their accounts will shock you." #ukraine…
Article is actively blocked by the EU / Twitter Stasi, it must be the truth 😂
"How the Western Press Lied About the 2014 Coup in Ukraine, Pretending a Revolution
The hidden truths about #Ukraine, after 2009, will be documented and proven here."
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Bombshell: Ex-associate of Poroshenko & ex-head of parliament committee says that he returned to #Ukraine in order to testify to government investigators that #Maidan leaders were organized criminal group which staged Maidan massacre & seized power in coup
Zhvania says that he was member of organized criminal group of Maidan leaders & is ready to be jailed in Ukraine. He says that he is ready to testify what happened to downed #MH17 passenger plane & that Strelkov-led separatists in Donbas were allowed to leave Sloviansk for bribe.
The ex-associate of Poroshenko states that if something would happen to him in #Ukraine, his lawyer in Western country would release his testimony & documents in support of his statements. He says that this would make #Maidan government leaders banned from visiting EU countries.
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20th century problems on 21st century #Crimea: Unlike in Soviet times, #watersupply is not any longer a complicated infrastructural, but today a simple financial issue. 1/4
A broad variety of #desalinationtechnologies is today allowing many countries with insufficient #freshwater reserves, e.g. Israel, Saudi Arabia or Iraq, to live on desalinated sea water. Yet, #Moscow is unwilling to invest money into building #Crimean d
#desalination plants. 2/4
Instead, #Kremlinmedia portrays falling #freshwatersupply on Crimea as a #humanitariandisaster caused by #Ukrainian stubbornness. Many brainwashed #Russians may accept this geopolitical rather than financial-technical explanation of #Crimea's principal infrastructural issue. 3/4
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BREAKING: #USSRoosevelt departs the Black Sea heading to the #Mediterranean Sea after completing a successful patrol in support of & with our @NATO Allies & partners in the region 🇺🇦 🇬🇪 🇷🇴 🇹🇷 🇧🇬 !

@USNavy vessels routinely conduct patrols & training in the #BlackSea.
The ship’s operations in the #BlackSea strengthens interoperability among #NATO allies and partners and demonstrate collective resolve to Black Sea security under #OperationAtlanticResolve.

Full Story here:…
During their time in the #BlackSea, 🇺🇸 #Roosevelt worked with our @NATO Ally 🇧🇬 #Bulgarian naval ships 🇧🇬 BGS Smeli (FFG 11) & 🇧🇬 BGS Tsibat (HMC 32) during a passing exercise on Sept. 28!
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🇺🇦 🇺🇸 working together in the #BlackSea!!

#USA & #Ukrainian Naval forces operated off the coast of Ukraine during a training exercise!

Training operations provide vital readiness opportunities for U.S. forces & demonstrate our capability to integrate platforms with partners!
“Conducting exercises with our #Ukrainian #NATO partners demonstrates the combined strength and capacity that is always resident when our two nation’s navies come together. The 🇺🇸🇺🇦 partnership that has existed for decades has never been stronger.” - CO of #USSRoosevelt
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NEW: @USTreasury sanction 4 #Russia|n-linked actors for #Election2020 meddling

- pro-Russian #Ukrainian MP Andrii Derkach
- Russian nationals & Internet Research Agency trolls Artem Lifshits, Anton Andreyev & Darya Aslanova
"Andrii Derkach & other #Russia|n agents employ manipulation & deceit to attempt to influence elections in the #UnitedStates & elsewhere around the world" per @USTreasury Sec Steven Mnuchin in statement
Per @USTreasury, Derkach "waged a covert influence campaign centered on cultivating false & unsubstantiated narratives concerning US officials in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election, spurring corruption investigations in both Ukraine and the United States"
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Ethnic Cleansing, Genocide or #Ukrainian-#Polish War in #Volhynia?
Ivan Katchanovski, Ph.D.School of Political Studies& Conflict Studies and Human Rights ProgramUniversity of Ottawa in Canada
#Fascism… ImageImageImageImage
Justice4Poland = interesting website 🤓
"Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by #German/#Ukrainian #Nazis and #Jewish #bolsheviks of #SovietUnion on the #Polish nation."

OUN-UPA Genocide of Poles
#Poland… Image
The Vistula miracle in 1920
Among the most momentous events of twentieth-century history is the defeat of the #Communist Red Army in the Battle of #Warsaw in the summer of 1920, “the miracle on the #Vistula”.… ImageImage
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#FightForFreedom #CCP_is_EvilCult ImageImageImageImage
🚨Hawaii Businesswoman Pleads Guilty to Facilitating Back-channel Lobbying Campaign to Drop 1MDB Investigation & Remove a Foreign National to #China🚨

Then DOJ will soon reveal documents 91 & 94, and arrest related Chinese officials e.g. Mr. Xi Jinping… ImageImageImage

POMPEO said a serious of action to the #CCP will be announced in the next few days & weeks.
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