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Good morning Twitter! I'm back! Profile and DMs are fully restored. Now to share with you the images that seem to have got be banned (when Tweeted in a thread including a right wing Ukrainian journalist at the Kiev Post who had blocked me for tweeting our wsws article on Ukraine)
The jorno took offence to my characterization of Ukrainian nationalism as being dependent upon world #imperialism. But facts are facts. Here's a primary source - from the WWII report of the Vice US Consul to #Poland about the tight relationship between #OUN-M and the #Nazis. ImageImageImage
Next, a declassifed 1946 #CIA secret history of the #Ukrainian #Nationalists since #WWI, used to brief the OSS in 1946 about possible recruitment of #Ukrainian ex-Nazis into the OSS, later the #CIA. #OUN was subordinate to #German #military #intelligence since the early 1920s. ImageImage
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➡️The #Russian airbase “Engels-2” has been hit.🔥
➡️The explosion could be the result of the new #Ukrainian drone, sabotage of just Russian incompetence.
➡️Read the 🧵below for more information. ⤵️
➡️More information will follow.

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine
Additional information from the explosion:

➡️Another video from a different angle.
➡️Reportedly, there would be 2 TU-95s damaged.
➡️Russian channels claim it was a drone strike.

#Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar️ #UkraineWillWin #UkraineWarNews #ukrainecounteroffensive
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#Ukrainian officials have indicated that Ukrainian forces will continue counteroffensive operations over the upcoming winter. Read today’s update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar. 1/4… Image
#Russian sources reported that Ukrainian forces continued counteroffensive operations in the directions of #Kreminna and #Svatove. 2/4 Image
#Russian forces continued to conduct offensive operations around #Bakhmut and #Avdiivka. 3/4 Image
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#Ukrainian officials have indicated that Ukrainian forces plan to continue offensive operations over the coming winter to capitalize on recent battlefield successes and prevent #Russian forces from regaining the battlefield initiative. ImageImageImageImage
2/ Spokesperson of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Eastern Group Serhii Cherevatyi stated on December 4 that frozen ground enables heavy wheeled and tracked vehicles to advance and that Ukrainian forces are preparing such vehicles for winter operations.
3/ Cherevatyi also stated that low-quality mobilized recruits and Wagner Group personnel recruited from Russian prisoners are unprepared for combat in the winter.
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SitRep - 03/12 - The offensive continues..

An overview of daily events in the war between #Russia and #Ukraine. There seems to be progress again in the eastern offensive where a lot happened around Kreminna. In Bakhmut, the AFU was significantly reinforced with new units.

1/X Image
As usual we start with #Russian losses reported by the #Ukrainian General Staff. Also we include damaged and/or captured Russian equipment.

+510 men
+1 tank
+3 APCs
+8 UAVs

At this rate we will see 100.000 before christmas. Image
A BMP and Tank were captured in the east.
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How #Ukrainian people see the victory, what they are doing to achieve it, do they understand the limits of the possible in war, how do they see #Ukraine’s dependence on partners and allies.
A 🧵based on results of the several polls conducted by @dem_initiatives in 2022:
1. Nation is united than ever before to complete the mission of survival.
Amid heavy fighting in Donetsk region, before successful offensives in Kharkiv and Kherson region majoritu of Ukrainians expressed strong faith in victory (beginning of August 2022)
2. Russian missile attacks cannot break this faith.
The poll in #Mykolaiv (late August -early September) after five months of daily bombardments most residents showed confidence that #UkrainianArmy will liberate #Kherson
So, we can suggest that 🇷🇺 missile attacks won't succeed
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1/12 Lessons from @rusi_org #Finland. The overall military doctrine of #Finland is correct against the expected adversary. As situation, particularly in long-distance precision fires is better than #Ukraine, the results can be expected faster.
2/12 The area defence doctrine can be expected to blunt, wear out and destroy an invading force, possibly in space of days or couple of weeks if the supply chain can be destroyed. The #Ukraine fighting resembled closely #Finland doctrine.
3/12 The mobilization plan of #Finland cannot be blocked by #Russia entirely, but dispersal must take place, and the first stages of mobilization must be ordered early enough. The mobilization of the remaining force must take place in short time.
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1/17 Own conclusions on @RUSI_org report: #Russia set out to conquer and annex all of #Ukraine and to commit #genocide by murdering #Ukraine government and all those who would resist #russification.
2/17 The plan was based on mistaken assumptions of opinions of #Ukraine population and military, in particular a faulty perception that the majority would not resist a #Russia invasion
3/17 #Ukraine intelligence estimated that instead of the overambitious actual plan the #Russia main effort would be a general attack in #Donbas. While dispersal was mostly done in time, redeployment started too late.
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@TheStudyofWar released its daily (11/30) assessment:

"Disruptions associated with partial #mobilization and Russian setbacks on the battlefield likely contributed to increasing war weariness among #Russian public, as reflected in the polling."


The most recent poll referenced was conducted by the Federal Protective Service (FSO), a #Kremlin apparatus. Its results show a relatively-unchanged number of respondents are "in favor of peace talks" as compared to a similar poll conduced in October.

The dynamics of the poll—including the precise geography of respondents and their affiliations, and whether incentives were involved—is unclear.

However, there is an observed increase in what may be considered "war weariness" as opposed to direct "anti-war" sentiment.

3/ Results from FSO Opinion Po...
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Key points from @RUSI_org report regarding Russian invasion of Ukraine, period Feb - Jul 2022.
1/x. Russia planned to invade Ukraine over a 10-day period and thereafter occupy the country to enable annexation by August 2022.…
3/x The plan was to murder #Ukraine executive branch (president Zelenskyi and the government) and imprison the parliament. Pro-#Russia parliamentarians would form a "Movement for #Peace".
4/x #Nuclear power plants were planned to function as secure bases, depots and command centres, to control #energy in #Ukraine and to threaten #Europe countries with pollution.
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#Ukraine/Ukrainians should really listen to what @jensstoltenberg is saying:
If u lose, you won't be a NATO member. Ukraine has lost already 100,000 km2, how can #Kyiv ever join NATO? Stoltenberg is revealing that Ukraine is not due to join NATO ever.

Coz no NATO member will send large troops to #Ukraine for fear of a disproportionate reaction from #Russia;
Coz @vonderleyen told us today that Ukraine has lost 100,000 men;
How does NATO expect Ukraine to recover the lost territories? Crimea, Donbas, Kherson, #Zaporizhzhia?
Basically, NATO is asking #Ukraine to continue committing Seppuku/Harakiri without any perspective for the future.

If @ZelenskyyUa is asking for 1 Trillion to reconstruct the country, I fear he will be left alone very soon.
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#Russian forces made marginal gains around #Bakhmut on November 29, but Russian forces remain unlikely to have advanced at the tempo that Russian sources claimed. Read today’s update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar.… 1/4
#Russian forces continued to defend against #Ukrainian counteroffensive operations around Svatove as Ukrainian forces continued counteroffensive operations around #Svatove and #Kreminna. 2/4
Russian forces conducted ground attacks near #Siversk and #Avdiivka, and in western #Donetsk Oblast. 3/4
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Today's @FletcherRussia Eurasia Club luncheon series is led by @shakirov2036, Visiting Scholar @FletcherSchool and a researcher focusing on international cyber policy and arms control issues. #AcademicTwitter
"Since 2014, Ukraine was testing ground for cyber warfare and included multiple forms of attacks. Prominent was the 2015-2016 attack on power grids. This was among a small selection of attacks that disrupted physical systems in Western Ukraine,": @shakirov2036 #RussiaUkraineWar
"In Russia, there was no discussion of cyber security consequences if a war starts. Ukraine faced various attacks including viper attacks, and multiple government websites were defaced. This attack impacted provision of financial & govt services to public,": @shakirov2036
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WHO really owns #Ukraine - Thread

Do you know that the size of the #Ukrainian 🇺🇦 land owned by #American 🇺🇸 companies is much bigger than Crimea?

- Crimea: 2.7 million hectares.
- Land in Ukraine Owned by (mostly) American companies: 3.3 to 6 million hectares.


No, this is not a joke, this is not "Kremlin propaganda"


(Data from LandMatrix, a trusted independent global land monitoring initiative funded by the European Commission)

HOW this is possible?
Because of USAID🇺🇸, they have been pushing laws (and grey legislative areas) to unlock land ownership in Ukraine...

Their colonialist rationale: "If you do not own the land, the risk of cultivating a field for crops or an orchard is immense" 🤡
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1/19 “The most brutal crimes are committed by #Chechens. Inhuman cruelty is not a Russian tradition". The leader of the #Vatican Jorge Mario Bergoglio (aka Francis, aka #Pope of Rome) made a statement shocking in its falsity and abomination.
2/19 In an interview with #America Magazine, the Jesuit announced that, it turns out, "the most brutal crimes in #Ukraine are committed by #Chechens and Buryats, because inhuman cruelty is not a #Russian tradition."
3/19 At the same time, the #Catholic priest explained his unwillingness to directly accuse #Russia of invading #Ukraine by the fact that it is "already clear." And he tries "not to specify, so as not to offend ... It is not necessary that I put the name and surname."
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Swatowo, bez dużych zmian w przebiegu linii frontu. Sił UA odpuściły sobie bezpośrednie ataki na region Swatowa i próbują szczęścia w regionie Kreminnej oraz na północny-zachód od Swatowa. Postępy sił UA są jednak znikome i głównie w okolicy samej Kreminnej. 1/ Image
Coraz więcej jest informacji, które wskazują na pojawienie się w regionie dodatkowych sił UA. W pierwszej połowie grudnia zapowiadane są tutaj mrozy (nocami nawet do -10), co zakończy problem błota i pozwoli efektywnie działać siłom ciężkim. Być może UA się na to szykują. 2/
RUS również przygotowują się na zimę i możliwą lokalną ofensywę UA budując linie obrony na wschód od rzeki Krasna i wokół Swatowa - żółty kolor to mniej więcej strefa budowy umocnień.

Na froncie dochodzi o licznych walk, ale bez większych zdobyczy terenowych ze strony UA. 3/
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Emergency power cuts are introduced today throughout #Ukraine according to Ukrenergo
The current power deficit has reached 27% according to the statement, up from 20% yesterday after repairs were made. It seems this setback is due to higher power consumption, due to the drop in temperatures.
The power deficit before the latest Russian strike was on average 10-15%, but climber to 30% as a result of the strikes.
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NEW | The #Russian military clearly assesses that Ukrainian forces could cross the #Dnipro River and conduct counter-offensive operations in eastern #Kherson Oblast. Read the full update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar:… Image
#Russian forces are fortifying their positions along critical ground lines of communications (GLOCs) in eastern #Kherson Oblast against a possible future #Ukrainian counteroffensive. Image
The #Ukrainian General Staff reported that the Russian forces along the #Svatove-Kreminna line are conducting defensive operations around #Kupyansk and offensive operations west of #Kreminna. Image
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The overall pace of #Russian and #Ukrainian operations along the frontline has slowed in recent days due to deteriorating weather conditions but is likely to increase starting in the next few weeks as temperatures drop and the ground freezes.

Our latest:
2/ Ukrainian and Russian reporting from critical frontline areas throughout eastern and southern Ukraine, including ##Svatove, #Bakhmut, and #Vuhledar, indicates that operations on both sides are currently bogged down by heavy rain and the resulting heavy mud.
3/ Temperatures are forecasted to drop throughout #Ukraine over the next week, which will likely freeze the ground and expedite the pace of fighting as mobility increases for both sides.
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Today is the anniversary of the #Holodomor, a terrible tragedy for the entire #Ukrainian people. During the period 1932-1933 the soviet executioners exterminated more than 4-7 million people - one fifth of the then population of #Ukraine.👇 Image
👆It is very important to understand that the genocide of the Ukrainian people was carried out by the hands of the NKVD (future #KGB), which brought up the bloodiest dictator of our time - #putin. For all these crimes against humanity,👇…
👆no one in russia has ever repented, and the terrible brand of chekist continues to be perceived in #russia as an honorary title.
The Soviet executioners killed and tortured many times more of their fellow citizens than the troops of Nazi Germany during World War II. 👇
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It's not #NAFOmemes, but interesting photos for you 😀👌🏻💙💛 ImageImageImageImage
#Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️ ImageImageImageImage
#NAFOfellas ❤️ ImageImageImageImage
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"In total, based on open sources, the names of more than 9,300 Russian soldiers who died in the war in Ukraine are known. DPR acknowledged the death of 3,846 servicemen... Open sources suggest that the [LPR] death toll could exceed 1,000 people." #Russia…
"The war combines elements of interstate war between Russia and Ukraine, a proxy war between the West and Russia, and a civil war in Ukraine. Interstate war and the proxy war are more dominant than a civil war, which continues since 2014." #Ukraine️war…
Civil war element of #ukrainewar & large casualties among Donetsk & Luhansk separatist forces in #Ukraine are almost completely ignored, denied or omitted by politicians, media & self-proclaimed experts.…
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SitRep - 24/11 - But in the end there will be light

An overview of daily events in the war between #Russia and #Ukraine. As usual, we look at the general events and the front line.

Today I reached 50,000 followers - thank you all so much for following me! 🔥🙏

As usual we start with #Russian losses, reported by the Ukrainian General Staff. We include captured and/or destroyed/damaged equipment caught on tape.

+310 men personnel
+1 tank
+7 APCs
+2 artillery systems
+10 UAVs
+51 cruise missiles
Images emerged from occupied #Kadiivka where the #AFU reportedly hit a #Russian ammunition warehouse.
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#Ukraine/#Russia 🇺🇦🇷🇺:

Since 2014, there have been many vehicle modifications on both sides on the #Ukrainian battlefield. One of the most frequently modified vehicles is the MT-LB, originally intended as an artillery tractor.

@oryxspioenkop @CalibreObscura


1/ Image
Of course, many mass-produced vehicles were built on the MT-LB chassis, such as the 9k35 Strela-10, the 9P149 Shturm-S, or the 2S1 Gvozdika.

2/ Strela-10Shturm-S2S1 Gvozdika
Since the beginning of the war in #Donbas, soldiers have been forced to use the MT-LB for tasks other than those for which it was intended. They used it, and still do, for example as an APC. They immediately began to feel the weakness of the vehicle's firepower and armour.

3/ Image
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