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This is what an explosion of a "tiny" PFM-1 mine looks like, of which the Russians have dropped hundreds of thousands on Ukrainian forests and fields

In the comments photo

#Ukraine #UkraineWillWin #ukrainian #Russia #RussiaIsLosing #RussiaIsCollapsing
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#Russian sources claimed that #Ukrainian forces intensified attacks in western #Zaporizhia Oblast on June 17.

Russian milbloggers claimed that Ukrainian forces attacked near Pyatykhatky (41km SE of Zaporizhzhia City) and Novopokrovka (16km SE of Orkhiv). Image
2/ A #Kremlin-affiliated milblogger claimed that Ukrainian forces entered Pyatykhatky but retreated to the settlement’s northern outskirts towards the end of the day.
3/ Another Kremlin-affiliated milblogger claimed that Ukrainian forces captured a foothold on the Russian first line of defense south of Mala Tokmachka (9km southeast of #Orikhiv) but were later repelled.
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NEW: #Ukrainian forces continued #counteroffensive actions on at least four sectors of the front on June 17.

Details below and in tonight's update on #Ukraine: ImageImageImageImage
2/ The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) and other Russian sources claimed that Ukrainian forces conducted localized ground attacks west and south of #Kreminna. Image
3/ Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar stated that Ukrainian forces continue counteroffensive operations near #Bakhmut, and Russian sources claimed that Ukrainian forces attacked on the northern and southern outskirts of Bakhmut. Image
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statements by #Putin
- All the problems in #Ukraine began after the bloody coup d'etat in 2014, supported by Western sponsors;

- The West actually withdrew from the peace process in Ukraine, after which the #Russian Federation was forced to recognize the DPR and LPR;🔽
- The #Russian Federation supported the people in the #Donbass after the coup d'état in #Ukraine and for a long time sought to resolve the situation peacefully;
- It was #Kyiv that unleashed the war in Ukraine in 2014, Russia had the right under the UN Charter to help Donbass;
- The food crisis in the world is caused not by a special operation, but by the actions of the West;

- #Russia does not believe that the supply of #Ukrainian grain to world markets solves the problem of hunger;🔽
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The Ukrainians have just published a video ( I won't publish it ) of positions previously held by the Russians on which you can see instruments such as a hammer and a trunk with which the Russians murdered deserters.

#Russia #RussiaIsCollapsing #RussianArmy #ukraine #ukrainian Image
The footage shows the bodies of the deserters, and the dug-out spot in the ground where they were to be buried. The footage is extremely drastic - he does not want to publish it.
Oh well... I forgot about #RussiaIsATerroristState
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#Ukrainian forces continued #counteroffensive actions on at least three sectors of the front on June 16 and reportedly made gains. 

#Russian forces targeted #Kyiv and Kryvyi Rih with cruise missiles and kamikaze drones on June 15-16.

Latest on #Ukraine: ImageImageImageImage
2/ The UKR General Staff stated that UKR forces conducted successful counteroffensive operations 12km SW of #Bakhmut near Stupochky, in western #Donetsk Oblast near #Vuhledar...
3/ the western #Donetsk-eastern #Zaporizhia Oblast border area along the Levadne-Staromaiorske line, and in western #Zaporizhia Oblast along the Novodanlylivka-Robotyne line.
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Russian Occupation Updates:

1/ #Ukrainian officials reported that #Russian occupation authorities continue to forcibly relocate Ukrainian children from #Ukraine to #Russia and repopulate occupied areas of Ukraine with Russian civilians. Image
2/ Russian authorities continue preparing for the September 2023 elections in occupied regions. Image
3/ Russian occupation authorities expanded their patronage networks with Russian regions at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
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#Donetsk Axis:

Both Ukrainian and Russian forces reportedly continued limited ground attacks on the #Avdiivka-Donetsk City line on June 14. Image
2/ The #Ukrainian General Staff reported that #Russian forces conducted unsuccessful offensive actions near #Avdiivka, Marinka (on the southwestern outskirts of #Donetsk City), Krasnohorivka (immediately west of Donetsk City), and Novomykhailivka (11km southwest of Donetsk City).
3/ A #Russian milblogger claimed that #Ukrainian forces conducted ground attacks near Pervomaiske (11km southwest of #Avdiivka) and Opytne (3km southwest of Avdiivka).
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#Ukrainian forces conducted ground attacks near the administrative border of #Donetsk & #Zaporizhia oblasts and made gains as of June 12.

Geolocated footage shows Ukrainian forces advanced to positions west of Novodonetske (11km SE of Velyka Novosilka). ImageImageImage
2/ #Ukrainian sources confirmed on June 12 that Ukrainian forces liberated areas south and SW of Velyka Novosilka, including Levadne (20km SW), Novodarivka (15km SW), Neskuchne (immediately south), Storozheve (3km south), Blahodatne (3km south), and Makarivka (5km south).
3/ These statements refute Russian claims that the 127th Motorized Rifle Division (5th Combined Arms Army, Eastern Military District) recaptured Makarivka as well as claims that Novodarivka is still contested as of June 12.
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#Putin Asks #Erdogan For Help

Yesterday, #Russian President Vladimir Putin had several telephone conversations, including with #Turkish President Recep Erdogan. During his conversation with Erdogan, Putin lamented the West's misunderstanding of his (Putin's) position.
1/5 Image
The #Russian president tried to convey to the #Turkish president that freezing the conflict in #Ukraine on current positions is the best thing that can happen today. #Erdogan explained to #Putin that the current Ukrainian leadership did not find this "scenario" acceptable...
2/5 Image
and would not do so under any circumstances. #Putin told his counterpart that he did not consider Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky an independent figure and was not interested in the position of the #Ukrainian side. He believed it was necessary to negotiate with...
3/5 Image
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Pro-Russian sources have reported a significant #Ukrainian attack in the Zaporizhzhya region, including ground attacks against a series of villages situated south and southwest of Orikhiv - such as Lobkove Image
The pro-Russian sources are reporting several offensive axes in this area, claiming these attacks were repelled (as they always do).

Let's wait until there is actual evidence, but this area has a lot of strategic value.
#Breaking RIA Novosti now confirms the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to advance in the Zaporizhzhya region, claiming that Ukraine is sending large amount of forces and military equipment in this sector of the front.
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1/ Damage to the #Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (KHPP) dam in the early hours of June 6 caused massive flooding of the #Dnipro River delta, river wetlands, estuaries, and shoreline settlements in #Kherson Oblast.

Our latest: ImageImageImageImage
2/ The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and #Ukrainian officials stated that the drop in the water level at the #Kakhovka Reservoir should not affect the safety of the #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP).
3/ #Ukrainian officials stated that #Russian forces intentionally destroyed the KHPP dam and suggested that the Russian military did not prepare for subsequent flooding.
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#Wagner Group financier Yevgeny #Prigozhin claimed on June 4 that Ukrainian forces may have regained positions in SW #Bakhmut, supporting repeated Ukrainian reports that Ukrainian forces maintain positions on the southwestern outskirts of the city. ImageImage
2/ #Prigozhin claimed that some unspecified reports suggest that #Ukrainian forces established observation posts in the southwestern outskirts of #Bakhmut and recommended that the #Russian forces in the city take action if these reports are true.
3/ Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar and other Ukrainian officials have continuously reported that Ukrainian forces maintain positions in the southwestern outskirts of #Bakhmut since May 20, when #Prigozhin claimed that #Wagner forces seized the entirety of the city.
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NEW: Elements of the all-Russian pro-Ukrainian Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and Freedom of Russia Legion (LSR) conducted another limited raid into #Belgorod Oblast, #Russia on June 4 and are reportedly continuing to operate in a Russian border settlement. ImageImageImageImage
2/ Geolocated footage published on June 4 shows LSR and RDK personnel advancing towards Novaya Tavolzhanka (3.5km from the #Ukrainian border).
3/ #Belgorod Oblast Governor Vyacheslav #Gladkov confirmed that there was fighting within Novaya Tavolzhanka, although the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) claimed that units of the Western Military District and the Russian Border Guard Service...
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#Donetsk Axis: #Bakhmut

Regular #Russian forces have likely largely relieved #WagnerGroup forces in Bakhmut amid a low offensive tempo in the area as of June 3.

#Prigozhin claimed on June 2 that 99 percent of his #Wagner units have left Bakhmut. ImageImageImage
2/ The UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) reported that degraded Russian Airborne Forces (VDV) elements, including those of the 76th VDV Division, 106th VDV Division, and two unspecified brigades have deployed to the #Bakhmut area and are increasing their role in the area. Image
3/ A #Russian milblogger claimed that Russian and #Ukrainian forces are conducting positional engagements on the northern and southern flanks of #Bakhmut. Image
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NEW: #Ukrainian officials continue to signal that Ukrainian forces are prepared to start counteroffensive operations.

#Wagner Group financier Yevgeny #Prigozhin escalated his feud with the #Russian Ministry of Defense.

More in our latest on #Ukraine: ImageImageImageImage
2/ Ukrainian President Volodymyr #Zelensky stated in a June 3 interview with the @WSJ that Ukraine is ready to launch a counteroffensive. Zelensky stated that #Ukraine “would like to have certain things, but … can’t wait for months” to start #counteroffensive operations.
3/ Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar stated on June 3 that “military plans love silence” and that she will “discuss something else” in the meantime...
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Southern #Ukraine Update:

#Russian forces continue to concentrate in southern Ukraine. 1/4 Image
#Ukrainian #Mariupol Mayoral Advisor Petro Andryushchenko reported that #Russian forces are replacing old and worn equipment — including T-72 and T-62 tanks and air defenses — in southern #Ukraine. 2/4
Andryushchenko reported that #Russian forces are moving the equipment towards Manhush (14km southwest of #Mariupol) and Berdyansk out of fear of #Ukrainian strikes on Mariupol. 3/4
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#Kadyrov claimed on May 31 that #Chechen forces received a new order and assumed responsibility over the #Donetsk Oblast frontline. 1/4
#Kadyrov noted that the #Russian military command ordered Russian, Rosgvardia (Russian National Guard), and #Chechen Akhmat forces to begin offensive actions along the frontline in #Zaporizhia and #Kherson oblasts as well. 2/4
#Kadyrov claimed that these units have already begun tactical preparations for these offensive actions and claimed that “Akhmat” units’ offensive operations began before #Ukrainian forces launched a counteroffensive. 3/4
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#ItsDone #SunakBomba N°2.
cc: @ Circonscripti18
#Russian intelligence confirms that the #NATO-#Ukrainian #terrorist regime is preparing to seize the #Zaporizhzhia #NPP by crossing the #Dnieper. This was also announced by the PDT of the "We are with Russia" movement V. #Rogov ImageImageImage
Next #FalseFlag in the #HeavenlyJerusalem - #Zaporizhzhia.
#Satanic #Zionists do not care about the lifes of the #goyims, cuz according to the #Talmud they are comparable to #insects and must be eliminated.

- #AshkeNAZI #Zelensky at #MSC: "#AtomicBomb" Image
Chapter II.
#Christians are to be #Exterminated
- Art. 1. Christians to be Harmed #Indirectly
- Art. 2. Christians to be Harmed #Directly

#mRNA-#WEF-#UkraineWAR-#WW3 Revelation 3 9 Look at thos...The Talmud Unmasked  [The S...
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Any military operation that has been expected for months usually fails because the opponent has had plenty of time to plan a defence. Most successful operations are surprise operations, but not all surprise attacks work against a prepared opponent.

Expected attacks can work if there's overwhelming force. An example is #DesertStorm.

Example of successful surprise operations: #PearlHarbor, The #Incheon Landings in the #KoreanWar, #OperationUranus at #Stalingrad in October 1942 that encircled the #German #SixthArmy.

An example of a failed attack because there was no surprise in it was #OperationCitadel at the #BattleofKursk in June 1943. The expected line of attack was obvious to everyone because of the disposition of troops.

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The recent #Ukrainian attack on the #Russian spy ship Ivan Khurs in the Black Sea has lessons in explosive boat concept. But probably not what you think!

Thread 1/10

At face value the attack was unsuccessful. Of the 3 reported ‘maritime drones’ (USVs), at least one was destroyed, and the ship appears undamaged (or minimally damaged)

Many people are disappointed

So it looks like these boats “don’t work”

But that’s not my thought Ukrainian USV destroyed by ...
But at least one got close enough to hit the ship. Ukraine’s USVs have done that before, with a kalibr cruise missile carrying frigate, and a minesweeper

Common theme is, no real damage Image
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Friday Fact-Check Overview: 26-05-2023

#russian #Disinformation #Ukraine️ Image
#Eksplozja w #Chmielnickim. Brak dowodów na obecność #amunicji ze zubożonym #uranem

#Rosyjska #propaganda po raz kolejny aktywnie próbuje siać #panikę w #Polsce i krajach #Europy. Narracje te są bardzo chętnie powielane przez liczne konta w mediach społecznościowych. [1/3]
Na ten moment nie ma żadnych dowodów na to, by w #Chmielnickim znajdowały się magazyny, w których składowano #amunicję ze #zubożonym #uranem. Nie zaobserwowano wzrostu #promieniowania ani w #ukraińskim mieście, ani w #Polsce. [2/3]
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1/ New details are revealed, in a paper just released by #Ukrainian outlet NV about Ukraine's military intelligence head "the frog" #Budanov, including a story involving him leading a legendary operation in 2016 to destroy a group of #Russian military helicopters that had arrived Image
2/ #Dzhankoi airbase in occupied Crimea.. So on the previous photo it's Budanov's four-man team. They entered the zone by sea (ingress) during this spe op, and they also took out a Russian Vimpel special forces unit in only a two-minute action and killed the commander, Image
3/ a decorated Chechen war vet In retaliation, Russia targeted Budanov with over 10 assassination attempts #Budanov was later wounded three times at the front in Donbas (Reportedly he still has a mine fragment near his heart from one of the spec ops he was involved), and after
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#Ukrainian Orthodox Church (#moscow Patriarchate) - #Disinformation #Overview Image

‘According to #Archbishop #Evstratiy, a spokesman of the #Ukrainian #Orthodox #Church, the statements of #Patriarch #Kirill are #untrue.
Since the #annexation of #Crimea, the #Moscow #Patriarchate has lost most of its #adherents in #Ukraine.
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