How about a #TTRPG adventure that not only helps you immerse in a #Fantasy and #Mythic setting, but helps you bring a bit of this world outside the game?

#TheCaveOfOurPeople introductory adventure for #PrimalQuest does exactly that!

In #TheCaveOfOurPeople, PCs are going through a #RitualOfPassage to become full members of their tribe. They are not necessarily young. They accept people from all sorts, from other people and species, other tribes, exiled ones, and anyone who needs a place for themselves.

They will drink a magical tea prepared by the tribe’s elder and experience vivid dreams that will reveal their destiny and secrets of their people’s past. They will see things that were not there but will be guided by the tribe’s ancestors too. It’s a #DreamCrawl!

With an elegant and utilitarian #Layout, the adventure can be run almost on the spot, as Referees can easily identify everything that’s important with a quick glance. The #BulletPoint text design help keep play fluid and easy for the GM!

#TheCaveOfOurPeople presents challenges of many different types and showcase how the #PrimalQuest engine can handle all sorts of situations with elegance and variety, while not being the solution to all challenges in play. Player ingenuity is still in the center stage!

Players will be encouraged to find solutions that are not as simple as “smash everything that moves” and will be rewarded for that. In this #Weird #StoneAndSorcery #AdventureGame, often making allies will be far more valuable to them! And this will shape gameplay!

And, in the end, PCs will make a #CavePainting to share they adventure and vision to their tribe, and the adventure urges the players to do the same! In a #Multimedia activity, people playing #PrimalQuest can share their adventure with a larger tribe: US!

I hope you can #JoinOurTribe! Play #PrimalQuest! Go through #TheCaveOfOurPeople and share your stories! Imagine a big #CaveWall we will have with the narrative told from people all over the world!

Let’s make this happen! Will you join this tribe?


• • •

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Dec 26, 2020
I really haven’t made a detailed list of everything I did in the #TTRPG sphere this year. But all in all, I think it was a productive year besides all the problems.
I published #LostInTheFantasyWorld, a #Visitation #Fantasy game I developed playing with my 5 year old kid!

I made my first #SoloRPG inspired by @pangalactic #WretchedAndAlone engine, called #LostInTheDeep. It’s pretty much a homage to the last #MinesOfMoria expedition. And I have plans for a few more of these!!!
I’ve also published a few accessories for #LostInTheFantasyWorld, such as a #ColoringBook and a few pamphlets to help Mentors create adventures and scenarios! I got to work with the amazing @devilmonkey77 for this!
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Nov 29, 2020
Time to talk a little bit about #ScreamsAmongstTheStars, my minimalist #Space #Horror #TTRPG that is being funded through Kickstarter right now! It’s built under the #IntoTheOdd engine with some modifications! Read along for more info!

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Let me talk about #TheDeadAreComing, my minimalist #OSR #TTRPG #Zine which is at Kickstarter right now!

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1. #TheDeadAreComing was created inspired by #ElectricBastionland and #Mausritter system and organization, as well as other influences (including #Troika). Character creation is super straightforward and gives you a lot to work with nonetheless!
2. You get details, a background, suggested names and some items that will help you determine who your survivor is and what are they like. Don’t get too attached though, life isn’t easy in a #ZombieApocalypse!
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Oct 1, 2020
It's october and I thought it would be fun to create some #Horror #AdventureHooks for modern and #UrbanFantasy #TTRPG games. I have #DarkStreetsAndDarkerSecrets in mind with these, but they can easily be used with other games, such as #EsotericEnterprises, #NightShift, etc.
#Horror #TTRPG #AdventureHook 01: The ghost of a drag racer is terrorizing the highway in the outskirts of the city, killing drivers in the night. Full of hate, he desires revenge against those that killed him. His former partner sabotaged his car to get away with other crimes. Image
#Horror #TTRPG #AdventureHook 02: In the local university, students bring back an old and banned cult, worshipping a demon of secrets. Sacrifices are made in exchange of knowledge and influence. But someone decides it’s too not enough and now harbor a demon inside them. Image
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May 30, 2020
A #Thread about #Writing and #Creating #TTRPG stuff!
I am kinda proud of my productivity, and although I see a lot of room for improvement, I think it could be useful to share some unpretentious tips.
Bear in mind that this is my process and thing can be different for others.
1. Don’t wait for inspiration or a great idea, just write! I know time is an issue but we all have 24 hours in a day. We can find time in the crannies. Between activities. 10 minutes here, 15 there. Bit by bit we can accumulate a lot of stuff. Use what you have at reach.
I use my cellphone for most of my writing and note taking. Google docs and OneNote are free and very helpful for that. Start small. A NPC, a monster a location, and grow from there. Build on top of what you made before.
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