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super-excited to learn today that my book #99Erics just won the Publishing Triangle's Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction! to celebrate, in this THREAD, I will share excerpts from my silly, surreal, sex-positive book...… #LGBTQ #queer #bisexual #books
...first, all of these excerpts, plus book reviews (like the one from Publishing Triangle below), as well as virtual book readings, FREE downloads of the first 5 chapters, & links to purchase, can be found on the #99Erics webpage: #LGBTQ #queer #bisexual Image
...the chapter "Ethical Slut vs. Confused Slut" is about the absurdity of dating straight men after you've spent time immersed in queer women's communities (5 minute read, no-paywall!):… #LGBTQ #queer #feminist #bisexual #books #novels #humor
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Loss of Friendship
(thread written by my husband)

#loss #friends #amwriting #writing #movingon
Friendships are built on the trust, loyalty, & humility of one’s character. Friendship, to me, is a sacred bond that individuals learn how to build, & during this process pain is acquired as you seek the relationships that are healthy & will propel you in moments of adversity.
In friendships, we yearn & look for transparency so the friendship can germinate & grow.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/23/2021…
I Have Read Thousands of Résumés, and I Have Some Advice…

#résumés #writing
Everything You Know About Passwords Is Wrong…

#passwords #security
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Let's talk about a glorious double standard women have, which also pertains to female MC's for authors, #writingcommunity. This will be a rather long thread but one that needs to be talked about. Also, the word "bitch" will be used for discussion purposes. 1/?
So a fellow author I recently met told me how she was banging her head on the wall trying to make her female MC less of a "prick" (her words, not mine). I offered to read her first chapter to see if I could help. I did so. Now, all her beta readers female and male alike said 2/?
they thought her MC was a "bitch". Upon my own reading, while I thought a few things over the top, I realized her MC was hit by a less talked about double standard.

So, it's scientifically proven that a man sending an email with this: Good morning.

Would just be viewed as 3/?
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#Writing thought... tone is a vastly underrated aspect of storytelling. People often seem to think of tone as something superficial, literally on the surface of the story—but tone tells us what to expect. Like, "everyone in this story is garbage." Or, "people are basically kind."
Tone isn't just "funny," or "dark," or "scary," or "grim."

The tone of a story presents a theory of human nature, and the state of the world, and the sort of things that are likely to happen therein. A satirical tone can accomodate a lot more horrendous behavior, for example.
I can never get a consistent tone in my first draft (or usually, my second.) The tone will keep coming in and out of focus, and I'll try different tones on for size. I might have an idea in my head of what the tone should be, but making it materialize is another matter entirely.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/17/2021…
Covid-19’s harm reduction lesson: Ask people to be careful, not perfect - Vox…

#reduction #COVID19
Understanding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

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I've heard @JordanPeele give some of this advice in visits to my UCLA Black Horror class - and all of this is GOLDEN.

#screenwriting #writing
I especially remember Peele telling my class that EVERY critique has merit. If the note is "It's too violent," that doesn't mean make it less violent. Find a way to make the violence pay off emotionally so it won't SEEM too violent.
PLEASE NOTE: this outstanding graphic/tips is from @outscreenplays - and there are others!
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🏚️The Great Woke ClubHouse Coup o 2021🤯

😯Anti-racist activists on Clubhouse put Bret Weinstein through a struggle session🔥🤦… #politics #joerogan @joerogan @joeroganhq @TuckFFAK #Clubhouse #jimmypesto @sullydish @ggreenwald @BlueBoxDave @stillgray
🗞️Reporter @mtracey launched an intelligent room around race issue on Clubhouse🏚️

then invited a lady named Brooklyn as mod
& all heck broke loose!🔥

#racism @PolitiBunny @miltimore79 @Grummz @redsteeze @NoahCRothman @neontaster @BlackDGamer1 @xan_desanctis @YellowFlashGuy
👁‍🗨Club House mods then kicked almost all white folks out of the room, including Tracey🦵

& dared Bret Weinstein to challenge & disprove he is a racist

to their surprise, he accepted💪… @thehoffather @DavidAFrench @brad_polumbo @bdomenech @baseballcrank
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Want to become a better writer in just 30 days?

Here's how to do it. Thread!
1. Create a daily writing routine.

If you want a daily writing habit to stick, you need to bake it into your daily routine.

Pick a consistent time every day and hold yourself to it. It can be 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour—whatever feels most realistic to you.
2. There WILL be days that you either don’t feel like writing or have no clue what to write.

That’s okay, but you need to stick to the routine if you want to become a better writer.

@maneszjt uses a spreadsheet to track his daily writing practice:
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Just finished a conversation with the director of a feature I'm producing, and here's a perspective from it that I've shared before. It might be useful for your genre #writing so I'll share it again for those that might have missed my earlier thread. It returns often in my work.
Often the problem of genre writing, especially in film, is that the stories are DEPENDENT on the genre elements for any dramatic impetus or conflict.

Great genre movies are dramas INTERRUPTED by genre elements, around the first act break. I'll explain.
DIE HARD is a drama about a marriage suffering from the imbalance of success for each partner and the cultural differences in relocation. John could just be in a drama about changing himself to fix his marriage -- but then Hans shows up and we're in an action film.
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Stephen King: "The road to hell is paved with adverbs." #writing
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What skill will be in demand as we grow into remote work more and more?

What skill should you develop, if you want to stay in your hometown but work for big companies?

If you thought "coding" you are wrong.

It would be #writing
We already write emails, slack messages, basecamp threads. In remote working, it is only going to increase.

Here is a simple formula to make you a writing LION.

LION is an acronym. It stands for:


Every writer is a learner. Be willing to learn from wide variety of sources.

I have been using consume-produce-engage model to learn everything I want to learn. You can learn more here:
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1/5 If you are afraid of chaos, avoid this course. We don't grow digital gardens—we grow digital jungles.

Then, we get into our jungle with a machete to find treasures.

#roamcult #writing @hyperlink_a @RoamResearch…
@hyperlink_a @RoamResearch 2/5 «They tell you careless because they are used to the gardens, not the jungle.»__—Jaime Sabines, Como pájaros perdidos
@hyperlink_a @RoamResearch 3/5 «Wind extinguishes a candle and energizes fire. Likewise with randomness, uncertainty, chaos: you want to use them, not hide from them. You want to be the fire and wish for the wind.» —Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile
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1/8 Let's learn together the power of writing in blocks with @RoamResearch using an innovative framework under Taleb's antifragile concept.

The following articles cover some of the basic ideas behind of the course.

#roamcult #writing @hyperlink_a…
@RoamResearch @hyperlink_a 2/8 What is @RoamResearch? No, it's not about the backlinks
@RoamResearch @hyperlink_a 3/8 @RoamResearch as The Tesla of Note-taking Apps. Or what is the difference between a library and a forest
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So a final thread from me as your host today: some top tips on how to write for a popular audience about complicated subjects #space #science #writing #storytelling
The essence of any good communication is simplicity. It’s the same in print, television, radio, online, or attaching notes to carrier pigeon’s legs.
In the sixties, a Granada current affairs show set the template for using a visual medium more effective: it was pioneered by a remarkable fellow called Tim Hewat, a flavour of whose personality is here:…
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So, I got into a LONG!!! talk with a reader/friend of mine about the world of publishing. Now, I'm not an expert, but staring down the release of my 6th book (holy shit, 6th?!), I have to reflect on a few realities of publication & open a dialogue with the #WritingCommunity
A bit of background: I've been writing since 2006. I self-pub'd my first book in 2009, and continued with self-pub ever since. This was just before self-publication became vogue. And it was a conscious choice - and it was also how I learned what I know. The hard way.

My friend said, "Getting an agent is like winning the lottery". This isn't wrong.
I tried to query, and was shot down every. single. time.
This isn't unusual. In fact, every #writer know that when you're #querying, this is par for the course.
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Sometime in the past, read 15 years ago and re-calling on my senior role experience, I was hired to be an interim manager (temporary crisis control manager). In a semi-governmental organisation that needed to deal with austerity measures, policy changes, and non-conforming staff.
They gave me six months to analyse risks, write a proposal, consult on, and implement said proposals. The first few months, because I managed to play 'the being an outsider card', everybody was my friend. The following months, when in the process of writing the proposal different
concerning parties tried to influence me into adding their opinions and trying to secure to their jobs. Which did not always go down well, to an extent that I was berated, bullied and sometimes hated. Even sitting management and board members made their sometimes strong argument.
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Not only experience, which is important, but clinical #research does not parse out the Japanese man or woman from the South Asian man or woman on heart disease risk, epidemiology, treatment.

#EBM lacking for us then

#MedTwitter #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
And then there is the question of who is white.

Iranian/Persian & Arabs are white on census.
Does the rest of America agree?

Racists & xenophobes tend to use loophole to say being anti-Muslim (whom they consider to all be Arab) is “not racist.”…
Proving again: race is a social construct

Not until 2020 Persians really started to call selves “POC” (for self protection)

Have lots of Persian friends
Urdu culture has Farsi roots

But let’s be honest: Persians have seen selves as superior race, apart…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/22/2021…
‘A Total Failure’: The Proud Boys Now Mock Trump…

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6. வீடும் தோட்டமும்

‘எழுத்தாளர்களில் இரண்டு வகை’ என்கிறார் அமெரிக்க நாவலாசிரியர் ஜார்ஜ் R. R. மார்ட்டின், ‘சிலர் வீடு கட்டுகிறார்கள்; வேறு சிலர் தோட்டம் போடுகிறார்கள்.’ |1
வீடு கட்டுகிற ஒருவருக்கு அந்த வீட்டைப்பற்றி எல்லாம் முன்கூட்டியே தெரிந்திருக்கும்: அறைகள், கூரை, மின் இணைப்புகள், குழாய்கள் என்று அனைத்தையும் கச்சிதமாகத் திட்டமிட்டுவிட்டுதான் அவர் கட்டத் தொடங்குகிறார். |2
தோட்டம் போடுகிறர் அப்படியில்லை. தரையில் ஒரு விதையை ஊன்றித் தண்ணீர் ஊற்றுகிறார். அது என்ன விதை என்று அவருக்குத் தெரியும், ஆனால், அதிலிருந்து வரப்போகும் செடி இப்படிதான் இருக்கும் என்று அவருக்குக் கச்சிதமாகத் தெரியாது, செடி வளர வளர அதைத் தெரிந்துகொள்கிறார். |3
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5. தேநீர்ப் பிரியர்

எழுத்தாளர் ஜார்ஜ் ஆர்வெலுக்குத் தேநீர் என்றால் மிகவும் பிடிக்கும். அதுவும் குறிப்பாக, இந்தியா, இலங்கை நாடுகளைச் சேர்ந்த தேநீர் என்றால் அவ்வளவு பிடிக்கும்! |1
ஆனால், தேநீரில் சர்க்கரை போடுவது அவருக்குப் பிடிக்காது. ‘நீங்கள் உண்மையான தேநீர்ப் பிரியராக இருந்தால், தேநீரில் சர்க்கரையைப் போட்டு அதன் உண்மையான சுவையைக் கெடுக்காதீர்கள்’ என்று எழுதியிருக்கிறார் அவர். |2
‘யாராவது தேநீரில் மிளகுத்தூளைப் போடுவார்களா? உப்பைச் சேர்ப்பார்களா? சர்க்கரையும் அப்படிதான். தேநீர் என்பது கொஞ்சம் கசப்பாகதான் இருக்கவேண்டும், சர்க்கரை சேர்த்து அதை இனிப்பாகிவிட்டீர்களென்றால் நீங்கள் குடிப்பது தேநீரே இல்லை, வெறும் சர்க்கரைக் கரைசல்!’ |3
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I’ve been posting some thoughts for new writers submitting to #literaryagents. Here are some final thoughts on #writing:
1)stories must propel us towards an ending, but the end must feel like a new beginning
2)How a story makes you feel is as important as how it makes you think.
3) make sure there is a surprising phrase, a stand-out sentence, a startling image on every page.
4) Take your characters to the limit. It’s easier to withdraw from the cliff’s edge than keep pushing up a hill.
5) every “minor” character has a “major” role in a story you have not chosen to tell yet.
6)Read your dialogue out loud and act out the parts. They are different voices and you need to hear the sounds you have made.
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