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Our open license materials grow!

Motif Toolkit SRD, based on the popular Motif Story Engine & Runs On Motif #indiegames.

Two open source #TTRPG games: The Princess and The Dragon + For Treats! For Glory!

Diceless SRD [Opus Theater] & a Motif SRD dice pool add-on coming soon!
With the Motif Toolkit SRD, you can create your own Motif tools and games!

Wanna add some low prep or #solorpg oracles to your existing indie #TTRPG? You can!

Have an idea for a game completely running on Motif? You can!

Commercial use allowed.…
You're Our Hero. Knight. Legend. Beloved fiance of the Princess.

The Princess is Evil.
You're gay.
The Dragon is your true love.

Set out on a quest to rescue your lover from the wicked Princess & find your happily ever after!
#TTRPG #solorpg…
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I’m going to tweet a playthrough of Park Pale (or part of it - let's see how long it takes!). Park Pale is one of the additional adventures you can get bundled with Solitary Defilement. Here’s the basic plot! So... let's get going! #solorpgplaythough #morkborg #solorpg #solottrpg
Park Pale uses the basic Dungeon Crawl mechanic from Solitary Defilement & adds four unique waypoints ('specials') + three tables of Common Encounters, Rare Encounters, and NPCs.
Obligatory KS link for anyone curious:…
It also includes an alternative room type table, describing different areas you might find yourself in while wandering a country garden (follies, avenues etc), as well as a table of ‘chaotic coruscations’ which certain encounters use.
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Are you a newbie or hope-to-be #TTRPG #indiegame designer? Do you like genre-heavy and player-facing games? Or are you interested in GM-less and #solorpg games? We recently released an open license SRD. And we're willing to take pitches for mentorship!…
The SRD itself has a conversational walkthrough style that cover a variety of build possibilities in way useful for newbies and old hands alike. The mentorship offer comes with no strings attached and no costs. We will consult with you to bring a Motif game to life.
Aside from the SRD conditions, we only ask that you add a given phrase to the Attribution Text acknowledging our mentorship and assistance. Otherwise, the copyright is all yours. You own the result. You owe us no money & no royalties. We just want to help people make Motif games.
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I really haven’t made a detailed list of everything I did in the #TTRPG sphere this year. But all in all, I think it was a productive year besides all the problems.
I published #LostInTheFantasyWorld, a #Visitation #Fantasy game I developed playing with my 5 year old kid!

I made my first #SoloRPG inspired by @pangalactic #WretchedAndAlone engine, called #LostInTheDeep. It’s pretty much a homage to the last #MinesOfMoria expedition. And I have plans for a few more of these!!!
I’ve also published a few accessories for #LostInTheFantasyWorld, such as a #ColoringBook and a few pamphlets to help Mentors create adventures and scenarios! I got to work with the amazing @devilmonkey77 for this!
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#selfpromosaturday for my late night #TTRPG, #PodernFamily, #artists, and #writing lovelies! Drop your hype and links! Share your lovely stuff with us! Like, rt, follow, comment to each other, be excellent. #SelfPromotionSaturday #TRPG #RPG #gamers #fantasy #horror
#Motif Story Engine seamlessly enables #solorpg, #GMless, and #noprep play. Use it with your favorite #TTRPGs, like #DnD or #SavageWorlds. Simple 3d6 system with rich results. Includes patches for twists & turns and running mysteries. #TTRPG #IndieGameDev…
No Angels Live Here, an occult detective agency #TTRPG supporting everything from single player #solorpg mode to classic #GM tables. Player facing system without NPC rolls. Explore a supernatural world and join the fight against the Dark! #IndieGame #Motif…
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Jim is starting his morning. He's going to upload a few things and make announcements. Also a promo thread and a few other things. Most excited for the Like I Give A BLEEP #GMless and #solorpg. It was too much fun to playtest.
My solo test runs were more or less #BackToTheFuture with #RickAndMorty time cops, #DrMephisto (from #SouthPark) in #Heinlein's #NumberOfTheBeast, and #DoctorWho as written by @ChuckTingle. My group run was #DoomPatrol set in a @TimRobbins1 universe written by #AnaisNin. #TTRPG
The solo runs were especially benefited by a rule that says fill in whatever later. Character creation can be done during play. Which is good because there's a lot of bits for a lite system. Plus making things up on the fly to fill in the blanks boosted the mad scientist theme.
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@MALTSCHLITZMANN, @KevinPetker, @rpg_solo We Came In Peace Prelude. A thread. #indiegame #solorpg #horror #alien #whogoesthere #ttrpg #weirdfiction #pulp

You came in peace, just as you did countless times before. You offered relief from pain, a cure for chaos. (1/x)
Through your probes, you heard their cries of anguish and conflict. Your duty compelled you to answer their pleas. Unlike all the times before, something went terribly wrong. You crashed into the unforgiving ice. Most of you was lost in the disaster. (2/8)
The people struggled and fought. You thought your first encounters were your fault. You committed horrible crimes in your confused panic. You struggled to hold yourself together and grasp your identity. You thought your lack of control and broken memories were to blame. (3/8)
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