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🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
The Comic Book about the Energy Charter Treaty!

FREE download here: celinekeller.com/dawn-of-the-ect
Time to #EndFossilFuelProtection

“Either we kill this treaty, or the treaty will kill us!”

@ysaheb #StopISDS #NoECT #ExitECT🧵 Image
"Put it simple, this treaty is a major threat to the EU energy sovereignty, #GreenDeal, and #ClimateJustice goals. This timely comic is of high importance to ensure the French Presidency will end the participation of EU countries to this ecocide treaty.” @ysaheb #ExitECT #NoECT Image
"The Energy Charter Treaty is the arguably the largest and most arcane obstacle to climate action. This comic will help you figure out what is going on through thoroughly researched cases. Read, share and convince your politicians to stop the ECT!" @JKSteinberger #ExitECT Image
"This is the biggest threat to climate policy around the world, and most people don’t even know this shadowy, quasi-legal system exists, let alone how it works. If we have any hope of disarming it, we need folks to be aware of what’s happening!” @amywestervelt #StopISDS #ExitECT Image
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥 the Comic Book celinekeller.com/dawn-of-the-ect would not have been possible without the work of so many before me. THANK YOU! Next tweet I will share a couple big investigations I read and relied on heavily. #EndFossilFuelProtection #StopISDS #ExitECT Image
What did it take to get a compliment from Margaret Thatcher?
Ruud “Shock” Lubbers the mastermind behind the Energy Charter Treaty knew. 
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
#ExitECT #StopISDS #EndFossilFuelProtection Image
“Lubbers Plan” was conceived at the end of the cold war. When it was realized as the #ECT it had 3 objectives. If they had called it “Ruud Shock” Disaster Plan maybe we wouldn’t be stuck in such a mess now?
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
#ExitECT #StopISDS Image
The ”modernisation“ process of the Energy Charter Treaty just keeps this toxic treaty alive! It has been going on and failing for ages. #ExitECT #StopISDS Modernisation of the #ECT is a Global Tragedy at a High Cost for Taxpayers @ysaheb tinyurl.com/26zuzyub
#NoECT Image
"Modernisation"? After 2 years of dialogue, no deadline has emerged to fix #ECT which allows big emitters to sue states for enacting green reforms. @investigate_eu investigate-europe.eu/en/2021/energy… #ExitECT #EndFossilFuelProtection
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
celinekeller.com/dawn-of-the-ect Image
Enabling Putin’s war - The ties between Amsterdam’s financial centre and Gazprom somo.nl/enabling-putin… @SOMO
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
#EndFossilFuelprotection #StopISDS #ExitECT Image
"The Dutch Government’s strange relationship with the Energy Charter Treaty is coming back to bite the Netherlands.🇩🇪 @RWE_AG evoked the #ECT in its lawsuit against 🇳🇱 for implementation of the phase-out of coal power plants." @ysaheb 2021 euractiv.com/section/energy… #ExitECT #NoECT Image
MH17 no obstacle to gas talks with Putin –just had 2b carried out secretly @FTM_eu

“..not uncharacteristic of Dutch political temperament..there was no immediate public uproar abt corporate responsibility in this matter” euobserver.com/opinion/125214 #ExitECT Image
Remember 2014 Ukraine?
‘An outrage’: World leaders react to Malaysian Airlines MH17 globalnews.ca/news/1459290/a… "The Netherlands, a nation of traders, generally doesn’t like to let politics interfere with business. " bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
#EndFossilFuelProtection #StopISDS #ExitECT Image
"Over the past decades, Dutch politicians and CEOs have painstakingly linked the future of the Dutch gas sector with the fate of Gazprom and the Kremlin."

🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
#NoECT #StopISDS #EndFossilFuelProtection #ExitECT Image
....to be continued.
After a long nap, cause I finished it all only yesterday. Big❤️to all sharing!
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
#StopISDS #EndFossilFuelProtection #ExitECT
Shell’s legal weapon to threaten a just energy future @SOMO somo.nl/shells-legal-w… Image
"We don't only need to phase-out coal + fossil fuels. We need to phase out the power these companies still have…over our governments.”

@RWE_AG @uniper_energy @Fortum 👀
Multi-billion € lawsuits derail climate action @dwnews dw.com/en/energy-char…
#ExitECT Image
May 2021:
Court orders Royal Dutch Shell to cut carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 in landmark case brought by @foeeurope + over 17,000 co-plaintiffs.
December 2021:
Can we still be friends? @Shell sends Dutch PM parting note reuters.com/business/can-w… #ExitECT Image
"2 days after #COP26 talks end in bitter disappointment..gov is now cheering on arrival of @Shell" @StopCambo
theneweuropean.co.uk/shell-move-to-… & theguardian.com/politics/2014/…
👇last sentence 🚨
Always check #ClimateCriminals @DeSmog!💚
#StopISDS Image
@Shell @StopCambo @DeSmog @ysaheb 2021 All TOP 10 emitters “are located in Germany & Poland…🇩🇪 lignite plant Niederaußem, owned by @RWE_AG showed the largest emissions increase from 2020 of a colossal 36%.” @EmberClimate
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
#EndFossilFuelProtection #StopISDS #NoECT Image
“The coal exit can arrive,” @SvenjaSchulze68 rejoiced + "emphasised that the agreement explicitly mentions bringing forward Germany’s coal phase-out to 2035 instead of 2038."
(in exchange for gold-plating @LEAG_de @RWE_AG's stranded assets) euractiv.com/section/energy…
#ExitECT Image
Earlier in 2020:
"Confidential documents on🇩🇪coal phase-out show that @peteraltmaier (CDU),wants to pay an East German energy company billions in compensation FOR PRACTICALLY NOTHING IN RETURN."
"A bloody straddle in injury time." @felixmatthes
#ExitECT Image
Compensation of billions unjustified @GreenpeaceEU greenpeace.de/klimaschutz/en…
"Germany must explain to the Commission why the German lignite companies should receive an undeserved gift of billions from the Federal Ministry of Economics."
#NoECT #StopISDS #ExitECT Image
"@ClientEarth + @fragdenstaat wanted to know what criteria was used to calculate compensation offered to energy firms..Meanwhile...coal power plants are hardly profitable any more." @EURACTIV @spiegelonline
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT💀🔥
celinekeller.com/dawn-of-the-ect Image
@ClientEarth @fragdenstaat @EURACTIV @spiegelonline "However: If you use this formula, you arrive at the sum of around 4.4 billion euros, i.e. the sum that is still current today." @correctiv_org correctiv.org/aktuelles/2021… @susannegoetze @AnnikaJoeres
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT💀🔥
#EndFossilFuelProtection #ExitECT Image
"@BWMK: public discussion abt compensation calculations could "unfavourably influence"🇩🇪's relations with EU!" @badulrichmartha
"Note: It is not the gov with its pseudo-calculations that is to blame..but those who brought it to light." @klimareport klimareporter.de/strom/die-form…
#NoECT Image
“reform is failing, fossil fuel firms are using it to attack climate policies, over a million citizens are calling for it to be scrapped + now highest court of the EU has declared it illegal. Quitting the ECT should be a no-brainer" @climate_trade #ExitECT clientearth.org/latest/press-o… Image
"The mere existence of ISDS is important as it acts as a deterrent.”
🚨CEO of @Chevron🚨
10isdsstories.org/cases/case5/ @TNInstitute @foeeurope @corporateeurope #StopISDS
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
FREE HORROR COMIC about the Energy Charter Treaty
#NoECT #ExitECT Image
“..ambition of France’s much-respected Environment Minister was clearly killed by well-resourced corporate interests that used ISDS as one powerful secret weapon”10isdsstories.org/cases/case5/

@EmmanuelMacron with the Energy Charter Treaty
the Paris Agreeement is impossible #ExitECT Image
Remember that excellent piece @kbennhold interviewing Gerhard Schröder in the @nytimes?
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
The FREE HORROR COMIC about the Energy Charter Treaty of course has to cover Putin, the Ukraine war and #Nordstream2
#EndFossilFuelProtection Image

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Aug 29, 2023
In what comes as absolutely NO SURPRISE ecomodernism NGO Replanet (funded by #TESCREAL billionaire who also set up think tank 2 influence EU govs on climate + floods money into green parties and FFF) now runs a campaign attacking Greenpeace on nuclear sporting a young woman 🧵

Thread with more threads on Replanet ecomodernism and what it all has to do with Russian disinfo on nuclear and TECREAL billionaire tech bros:
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Jul 14, 2023
Rutger Bregman: MacAskill's What WE Owe The Future "will mean for the longtermism movement what Peter Singer's 'Animal Liberation' meant for the animal rights movement."
Hero of the supposed to be big moderate majority of Effective Altruism #TESCREAL
Eugenics + pronatalism + 🤮 https://t.co/yyiEcLXmhX

He concluded that in severe cases, such as for children with spina bifida, it might well be morally wrong not to take a baby’s life. For less serious conditions, such as hemophilia, Singer concluded that the decision as to whether or not to kill the infant should depend on whether it would make the parents happy, and whether they intended to “replace” the child with another, non-disabled one: “When the death of a disabled infant will lead to the birth of another infant with better prospects of a happy life, the total amount of happiness will be greater if the disabled infant is killed. The ...
It was devastating when I read this for the first time but it's on a whole new level in 2023, when the racist and eugenicist effective altruist and often called "most influential philosopher of our time" gets a pass as the one warning about longtermism.

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May 26, 2023
Why would an international left-wing mag in 🇩🇪 link #degrowth to a far-right pleasing neoliberal extremist, who has been attacking degrowth since before it was hip? There's an infowar raging pushing fascism into power. Time to reflect on the “self-destruction” on the left?🧵
Long thread on Jacobin from 2018

Disclaimer: I do believe there exist bad-faith actors but also that if your realm has been targeted by such actors, most people involved are not aware of being part of an operation + have disagreements with each other.

Looking into socialist and degrowth critic Matt Huber, who appeared on the Larouche/MAGAcommunist spacecommune pod and now writes for Unherd, I stumbled on something about Jacobin.

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Dec 6, 2022
Mind-blowing that SAI #SRM is taken seriously.
As is deabte about geoengineering #CDR #BECCS #DAC #CCS to "save" 1.5 right now, while mitigation hasn't even been tried to take seriously/started to be acted upon. Reading this report takes me forever because it makes me furious.
White man from Global North:
"Perhaps Brazilians watching recent television footage of dying children in Ethiopia and Sudan would be glad to have their own rainfall reduced to 2000 mm a year when necessary." or geoengineering is a humanitarian endeavor! 🤡
But evironmentalists are like the people who hated anaesthetics because they wanted to punish women in childbirth for their wicked things done, which they did not do with men! is apparently also possible as a white man's argument for geoengineering. heraldscotland.com/news/15540151.…
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Nov 1, 2022
“Solar geoengineering not a humanitarian endeavor: it would constitute massive, potentially dangerous, likely centuries-long intervention into the climate system in order to maintain the economic system at the root of the crisis.”🔥
philanthrocapitalism, ecomodernism, longtermism Image
"There appears to be a faction within climate politics willing to push for extreme..technological interventions to alter the climate system so that we can ultimately change…nothing at all. Or, more accurately, to actively save capitalism from a climate crisis of its own making." Image
Connecting the dots between “cost-effective" IPCC #IAMs and what #SRM has to do with large-scale carbon dioxide removal #CDR. Would add plan includes powering CDR with “green” nuclear to finally make nuclear "economical" 🤡
+ a lot about David Keith / Bill Gates FICER @DoctorVive ImageImage
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Oct 26, 2022
Curiously many Shellenberger nuclear bros & girls claim nuclear is "super safe" but needs deregulation + often appear on climate denial and far right media outlets that propose climate or "energy realism" which just means let's do all we can to help fossil fuels to stay alive.
Guess why for example jobs in renewables in Germany were lost in the last years?
That's right, because the far right gladly supported astro turf anti-wind campaigns while Germany's leading politicians were catering to the demands of Russia's gas lobby and saving coal jobs. 🤡
2021: UK’s most prominent climate science denial group
The Global Warming Policy Foundation #GWPF Rebrands as ‘Net Zero Watch’ promoting nuclear and fracking desmog.com/2021/10/11/cli…
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