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Remember the #Germany's "green" talk ab turning #Ukraine (with her #natgas network) into a "Europe #hydrogen hub"? A UA expert says it's now being framed strictly as [pseudo] compensation for UA's support of the RU #NordStream2 project.
Post in Ukrainian:…
M.Gonchar (a respected #Ukraine #energy & security expert) is also concerned that this #hydrogen payoff is seemingly being promoted by #Siemens (a GER corp notorious for violating sanctions on #Russia) & DTEK (notorious UA electricity monopoly owned by a chameleonic UA oligarch).
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#EnergyCrisis: From last Friday Sept 17th @ukcolumn news, we discussed the record-high energy prices set to hit consumers hard in EU and UK, and what are likely causes of this sudden market chaos - and it's not what the MSM and Gov't are claiming. Watch:
#EnergyCrisis: What are the causes of #EnergyPrices going sky high? Well, you have the 'official' theories, and then you have reality. From last Friday's @ukcolumnnews here:
#EnergyCrisis: The Media's explanation last week of the UK energy price spikes was laughable. #FakeNews, led by the #BBC of course. From Friday's @ukcolumnnews:
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Alles Zufall, @peteraltmaier, @HeikoMaas, @andreasscheuer und Frau #Merkel ...
oder haben Sie uns durch #NordStream2 vielleicht DOCH erpressbar gemacht, den Gaspreis in die Höhe getrieben und den Kreml in eine noch stärkere Position gegenüber Deutschland und der EU manövriert?!
@peteraltmaier @HeikoMaas @andreasscheuer Die Text-Bild-Schere im @handelsblatt (heute!) betrifft übrigens nicht nur die Zeile des Artikels.
Im ganzen Artikel werden ZIG Gründe genannt, warum #Gazprom für den Anstieg der Preise hauptverantwortlich ist.
Aber irgendjemand in der Redaktion wollte es anders haben ...
@peteraltmaier @HeikoMaas @andreasscheuer @handelsblatt Aber man kann die im eigenen Artikel zitierten Zitate und Fakten natürlich auch einfach ignorieren.
Die Frage lautet, warum ...
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🇪🇺 - Europe :

L'#électricité met les politiques Européennes sous tension.

Quelques éléments de réflexion ⤵️
Cela fait maintenant plusieurs semaines que les prix de l'#électricité grimpent de façon soutenue en 🇪🇺 en atteignant ou pulvérisant des records historiques :
Bien que la situation touche toute l'🇪🇺, certains restent plus impactés que d'autres et en premier lieu : le 🇬🇧

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Aplatissement des producteurs de Champagne qui renoncent donc à l’appellation #Champagne en #Russie... la couardise française à son sommet. 🤡🥳…
Les distributeurs de #Champagne français en #Russie troqueront le titre prestigieux de «champagne» contre celui de «vin pétillant» sur la contre-étiquette des bouteilles écrite en cyrillique, réservant la dénomination «champanskoïe» aux producteurs russes...
... il ne manquerait plus que l'on confie la distribution du Champagne en Russie à la compagnie Ribbentrop, négociant en Champagne !👿 Image
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"Les promesses de #Macron , épisode 5".
Photo de #mcflyetcarlito
"Nous construirons une Europe qui développe nos emplois et l'économie" 🤣🤣🤣 Non Manu ❌ ⤵️…
Le plan de relance européen est découpé en subvention et prêt (à rembourser). Dans ce premier item, la France est en réalité contributeur net. Ce plan est sur la période 2021-2026, donc à relativiser encore plus en % PIB.…
Officiellement, le caractère des réformes demandées par l' @UEFrance sont "inclusives". Mais en réalité le PNRR est à l'initiative des États. Deuxièmement il reste toujours dans les critères l'objectif de maîtrise des finances publiques.
Les "réformes" annoncées par #Macron ⤵️
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#BREAKING Russia's Gazprom says Nord Stream 2 pipeline 'fully completed'
#UPDATE Russian energy giant Gazprom announces that construction of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline connecting Russia with Germany has been completed.

#AFPgraphics on Nord Stream 2: winners and losers
#UPDATE Moscow on Friday announced the completion of the controversial #NordStream2 gas pipeline, which critics say will increase Europe's dependence on Russian gas and bypasses a key EU ally, Ukraine
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#Klimaschutz - aber sozial? Wie Olaf #Scholz weder das eine noch das andere (ge)macht (hat), zeigt seine Bilanz nach vier Jahren als Finanzminister und Vizekanzler. Ein Thread in 8 Akten.

#Bundestag #Klimakrise #Klimakanzlerin #Baerbock #Laschet #btw21
1. Scholz will #Kohleausstieg erst ab 2038. Er trägt einen Milliarden-Deal mit Konzernen wie #RWE auf Kosten der Steuerzahlenden. Laut #IPCC Bericht haben wir dann schon längst eine Erderwärmung von +1,5°. Für "Tempo" beim Klimaschutz ist es dann zu spät.…
2. Selbst Bundesrechungshof & Automobilhersteller werfen Scholz Untätigkeit vor: So entgehen dem Bundeshaushalt jährlich 7 Milliarden € durch klimaschädliche #Diesel-Subventionen von denen Besserverdienende besonders profitieren…
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Gerade ist die #AkademikTscherski, eines der Verlegeschiffe für #NordStream2, in #Kiel eingelaufen. Wie weit sind die Arbeiten an Europas größtem fossilen Projekt wirklich? 1/5 Image
Das zweite Verlegeschiff, die #Fortuna, ist laut @MarineTraffic noch auf hoher See und offenbar weiter mit Arbeiten an der Pipeline beschäftigt. Die #Fortuna bewegt sich in Richtung deutscher Küste, wo noch ein Abschnitt fehlt. 2/x Image
Nach dem Besuch von #Merkel bei #Putin hatte @NordStream2 am Freitag über #TASS dementiert, dass die Pipeline fertig sei. 3/x
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Early this morning, Sen. Ted Cruz said he would continue his holds on State Department nominees until Biden stops appeasing Putin with the #NordStream2 pipeline.

“I will place holds on these nominees unless & until [Biden] follows the law and stops this pipeline" - Cruz
Sen. Cruz kept his hold on Larry Andre, Jr, Biden’s nominee to be Ambassador to Somalia.

"The Biden administration decided to waive those sanctions [on NS2]. Waiving those sanctions, I believe, will prove to be a generational, geopolitical mistake."
Sen. Cruz kept his hold on Biden nominee Elizabeth Aubin to be ambassador to Algeria.

Sen. Cruz: “We have yet to see Democratic members of this body willing to stand up as vigorously to their own party's president, who is actively and eagerly facilitating the building of [NS2]"
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British military group: Ship reportedly attacked off #Oman | Jul 30
- The incident comes amid heightened tensions over Iran’s tattered nuclear deal and as negotiations over restoring the accord have stalled in Vienna.…
UK Maritime Trade Authority Reports Ship Attacked Off Oman Coast
- "#UKMTO has received reports of a vessel being attacked in position .... approx 152 NM NE DUQM, #Oman [175 miles off Port of Duqm], at approximately 1800 UTC [18:00 GMT] on 29 Jul 2021",…
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#NordStream2: The US-Germany agreement was signed. Here is my take on it: 1) The agreement is a compilation of aspects ranging from insecurities related to Russia to the general climate crisis and energy modernization of Ukraine. 2) From the beginning, it is obvious that both⤵️
the US and Germany want to reassure Ukraine by adding all the security concerns regarding Russia (Russian aggression, evil influence, Minsk Agreements, Normandy format). 3) However, the conventional security problems related to Russia seem slightly disconnected from the energy⤵️
aspects that remain in the agreement. 4) The disconnect is felt with the paragraph on joint efforts between the US and Germany to combat climate change. It separates the paragraph on Russia and the conventional insecurities and energy threats related to Russia.⤵️
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The text of the US-Germany statement on #Nordstream2 has been published! This is still far from a done deal as it is still contingent on Ukraine's consent and it doesn't look good (more below). Key points of and few thoughts on the announced framework:…
The discussion on NS2 is embedded in a much broader framework, incl. security concerns and climate change, than it was originally discussed. It starts with a strong emphasis on security element: "to push back against Russian aggression and malign activities in Ukraine & beyond."
Both US and Germany are ready to resort to new sanctions if Russia attempt to use energy as a weapon or commit further aggressive acts against Ukraine. Curbing Russian export capabilities to Europe in the energy sector isn't limited to gas and could include other relevant sectors
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#NordStream2: After all, the US and Germany were expected to find a common language. The agreement between the two that is about to be published offers some ideas on how to make almost everyone happy, but not Ukraine. Here are some thoughts that on this issue: ⤵️
1) The US and Germany have their own strategic interests that they don't want to give up. Although Ukraine is not abandoned, its interests are not replacing the national interests of the US and Germany. That is the crude geopolitical reality that we have to take into account.⤵️
2) The agreement between the US & Germany speaks of billions of investments in the green economy, aimed at reducing Ukraine's largely inefficient energy sector. More efficiency would mean less dependence on the energy field. That makes sense, but the problem is not pure energy⤵️
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#NordStream2: What the German government will sell as a diplomatic success is a compromise at the expense of Ukraine & the climate. It starts with the fact that negotiations were conducted over the heads of Ukraine, against whom the project is aimed. /1…
Ukraine, Poland and other European critics of #NordStream2 are left to accept a fait accompli. The #Ukraine will be resigned to non-binding declarations of intent and financial consolations. /2
#NordStream2 was a geopolitical project from the start. It gives the Kremlin a free hand to increase political and military pressure on #Ukraine without jeopardizing the gas deal with the EU. The deal with Washington leaves this flank completely open. /3
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#NordStream2: Was die Bundesregierung als Erfolg feiert, ist ein "Kompromiss" zu Lasten der Ukraine und des Klimas. Es fängt damit an, dass über die Köpfe der Ukraine hinweg verhandelt wurde, gegen die das Projekt zielt. Das ist mieser Stil. /1…
Der Ukraine, Polen und den anderen europäischen Kritikern von #NordStream2 bleibt nur noch, ein fait accompli zu akzeptieren. Die #Ukraine wird mit unverbindlichen Absichtserklärungen und finanziellen Trostpflastern abgefunden. /2
Die Gasversorgung der #Ukraine soll gesichert, darüber hinaus in Energieeffizienz + erneuerbare Energien investiert werden. Die Summen sind überschaubar. Für die angestrebte Fortsetzung des russischen Gastransits durch Ukraine + Polen gibt es weder Garantien noch Bedarf. /3
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The U.S. will drop its longstanding opposition to Nord Stream 2 under a deal that German officials see as a diplomatic victory, but which is likely to displease some western allies… via @WSJ
German officials rejected a U.S. demand to include a so-called kill-switch for NordStream2 that would've enabled halting gas flows. German negotiators argued that such state interference in a privately owned project could be the target of a legal challenge…
The deal was delayed to avoid eclipsing Merkel’s farewell visit to the WhiteHouse, according to officials close to the negotiations. Merkel has made the completion of the pipeline a signal achievement marking the close of her political career…
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➡️ Folowing the ECJ's decision, it'll be difficult for Nord Stream & #NordStream2 to be ran at full capacity, simultaneously.
The combined capacity of OPAL, EUGAL & NEL is not sufficient to allow NS1 & NS2 to operate at full capacity #ONGT
That would hamper larger diversion +
from Ukraine and Yamal routes as up to 28 bcm might not be shipped via NS1 and NS2.
It's a decision that could potentially impact the pattern of Gazprom's supplies to Europe : not only regarding the utilization/choice of routes, but also the delivery points , which could be +
at the start of NS2, EUGAL and OPAL, in order to allow access to third parties

➡️ Equally important for the pattern of Gazprom's supplies to Europe, and potentially for its operation model will be the judgement on the ongoing litigation of Nord Stream 2 AG in relation with +
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In opening comment, @POTUS offers condolences to #Germany for the deadly flooding.
Covered a wide range of issues in today's discussions with Chancellor Merkel, says @POTUS.
We'll speak up when we see #China or any other country working to undermine democratic societies, says @POTUS, also mentioning the sovereignty of #Ukraine and "Russian aggression."
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📌 In the midst of Germany-US negotiations on NS2 , and ahead of : i) Merkel's meeting with Biden ; ii)announcement of imminent completion of pipeline (late August)

➡️How could #NordStream2 be leveraged in the context of low gas inventories ? #ONGT… + Image
A view from Deutsche Welle
"Either grant an operating license for Nord Stream 2 (...) or face major gas supply problems during the winters".

And a view from Russia's state news agency Novosti, quoted by DW ⬇️

"Russia withholds its supplies (...) to accustom Western partners + Image
to the obvious idea : guaranteeing their own security of supply is only possible in close partnership with Russia"

➡️ Meanwhile, Ukraine considers that "the only acceptable option" to compensate it for the launch of NS2 is a new gas transit contract +…
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Je mehr sein Rückhalt in #Russland schwindet, desto mehr setzt #Putin auf Konfrontation mit dem Westen und eine aggressive Haltung gegenüber der Ukraine. Das Regime setzt sich damit unter Zugzwang, den Worten auch Taten folgen zu lassen.
Qed: Putins neuer Namensartikel bestreitet die nationale Eigenständigkeit der Ukraine („nur eine weitere russische Grenzregion“). Er stellt Russland in die Tradition des zaristischen & sowjetischen Imperiums. Das ist eine Drohung. Berlin & Brüssel sollten sie ernst nehmen. /2
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Great @AmbDanFried is a top-notch expert on Central & Eastern Europe so it’s no surprise that he called attention to the “Declaration of Joint European Heritage and Common Values” (the Vilnius Declaration) signed by the FMs🇱🇹🇵🇱🇺🇦(Text here:…) Thread 1/20
2) The Vilnius Declaration goes beyond political symbolism - an act of political homage paid to the republican, democratic, and freedom traditions of the ancient Commonwealth. The signatories see it a driving force of today's political cooperation of 🇱🇹-🇵🇱-🇺🇦. Image
3) It's a revolutionary document, that can be regarded as a symbolic turning point foretelling the end of an ongoing 150 year process of nationalizing the past by Lithuanians, Poles & Ukrainians, an unavoidable phase for any nation&state building process.…
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„Wir brauchen die USA“, sagte Bundeswirtschaftsminister Altmaier (@peteraltmaier, @CDU) vor seinem Treffen mit US-Präsident Biden (@POTUS). Die USA und Europa hätten gemeinsame Interessen und müssten gemeinsame geopolitische Strategien entwickeln, so Altmaier im Deutschlandfunk.
Der Einsatz für Klimaneutralität auf beiden Seiten des Atlantiks dürfe nicht dazu führen, dass wichtige Industrien beispielsweise im Stahlbereich oder in der Chemie in andere Länder verlagert würden, wo die Umweltauflagen lascher seien, so Altmaier.
Das Thema #nordstream2 wolle man bis August gelöst haben. „Dabei geht es um die Vermeidung von Abhängigkeiten und der Sicherung der Energieversorgung“, so Altmaier. Man müsse hier die vitalen Interessen der Ukraine und der Nachbarn Deutschlands und Russlands berücksichtigen.
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1. IMO #NordStream2 is the big issue at G7 and Merkel does not look happy. White House invite may be meant as a peace offering. Biden's embrace of progressive policies including action on climate may give him support with Germany's Greens who are clearly on the rise to power.
2. Germany's Greens and current Democratic policy goals are very much in line: End Coal and end Nord Stream II. Somebody just needs convince @JoeBiden they call themselves the Greens out of solidarity with the Irish. 😎…
3. I think a decision to put #NortdStream2 on hold pending Russia's return to democratic principals would be the right approach. It makes the coming elections in Russia a referendum on Putin and his authoritarian police state. Make him simply steal the election like his
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