1) In his brief and excellent speech in Amsterdam, @knutsvanholm touches upon some very interesting Bitcoin ideas. I would like to give my take on some of these ideas in this thread 🧵...
2) Just to prove that I'm not stealing anyone's thunder, I tweeted about a similar idea, albeit briefly in the form of an aphorism, before Knut first wrote about this (as far as I know). It just gives the idea more merit as far as I'm concerned:
3) The idea is that #Bitcoin is teaching, or making humanity rediscover, something that would've been obvious if it weren't for all the layers fiat/fear programming we have been subjected to for so many generations...
4) Bitcoiners help each other for free, because this helps Bitcoin, which again helps everyone who're into Bitcoin, including the person offering the help...
5) In other words, Bitcoiners are acting like they are part of the same "organism", bound together by the Bitcoin network. They act in the best interest of the entire network, because they understand that this also helps them...
6) A more sane and evolved global civilization would obviously act in the same way by default, since we are all nodes in the network of humanity. Mutually Beneficial Cooperation is obviously less dysfunctional than Mutual Assured Destruction...
7) As @JasonPLowery writes about in his thesis, Bitcoin gives us a Mutually Assured Preservation paradigm. This can be seen as "training wheels" towards the Mutually Beneficial Cooperation paradigm we are evolving into on a collective level...
8) The good news is that Bitcoin is universal money, and therefore a universal common denominator uniter. The entire human race benefits from getting into Bitcoin, but most just don't realize it - yet...
9) It's getting more and more obvious by current events though, and #CBDCs will create a fork in the road for humanity soon enough. People will be forced to choose: freedom money or slavery money...
10) Everything that is not Bitcoin is, for all intents and purposes, already a CBDC. That's the stakes the "proof of stake" crowd don't seem to realize at this point: bitcoinmaxinews.com/why-you-should…
11) When push comes to shove, I believe the 100th monkey effect will kick in, and Bitcoin will ‘click’ in the mass consciousness of our species. People will exit the fiat/fear/slavery paradigm, and crawl over each other to get into the Bitcoin freedom paradigm:
13) When a large percentage of humanity has entered the Bitcoin freedom paradigm, the Bitcoin Network Effect as described by Knut in his speech, will become a global phenomena of optimism that more and more people will want to join...
14) This will spark a global renaissance of mutually beneficial cooperation the likes of which is hard to believe at this point. However, it can literally happen at any time in this high-tyranny-pressure climate (perhaps as soon as 2023)...
15) So, #hodl strong and keep the optimism going, cause it's doing a lot more good for humanity than might be apparent at this point. In the spirit of Bitcoin, don't forget to follow me and @Bitcoinmaxinews, and check bitcoinmaxinews.com every day for the latest developments:

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2) The Trump/Q/truth/maga movement was basically an attempted 51% attack on the mass consensus Blockchain network of our mass consciousness...
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1) So, if we compare humanity to a Blockchain, each individual is a node with a certain "stake" (voting influence) on the collective destiny if the network (see . Thread 🧵 follows...
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