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Something that's been on my list to research for a while is @TeamKujira $KUJI. Below is a summary of my research and analysis of it.

#CosmosEcosystem #Altcoin #Kuji #Kujira #Dex #Terra #Liquidation #Analysis #DYOR Image
Firstly, a disclaimer. After compiling what I needed to see, I bought a small high-risk-high-return $Kuji bag a few days ago as mostly a long term hold. This isn't a shill, it's me "placing my money where my mouth is". Maybe your assessment of the situation will be different.
1. #Kujira is a project that has migrated to its own chain after the #Terra collapse. It's now a sovereign chain, splitting #DeFi offerings into into #dApps which provide order-book, liquidation and staking/governance capabilities.
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0/🧵Comparison of #Sui vs. #Aptos, other #Layer1 #blockchain projects given excitement from fundraises at unicorn+ valuations. Discussion on #technology, #tokenomics, #ecosystem

Deep dive:…

TLDR below ⬇️🧵⬇️

#altcoin #cryptocurrencies #venturecapital
1/ @Mysten_Labs was formed by ex-Novi Research team at Meta, similar to @AptosLabs. Team has launched a high performance L1 PoS chain, Sui centred around scaling composable and dynamic NFTs for broad metaverse applications incl. gaming, social, commerce, etc.
2/ Like Aptos, the tech stack has made significant progress from Diem, which was originally designed to handle light payments traffic between a small number of custodial wallets (10s to 100s). Diem’s original architecture would not have been able to support mass adoption.
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6 Simple Reasons that #GRT (The Graph) Is Criminally Underrated!

Infrastructure in the #cryptocurrency world plays are slow burn investments. It takes time for B2B adoption. #TheGraphHhad a recent surge in adoption! #altcoin #altcoins #cryptomarket
thread 🧵 👇
1: Queries performed by The Graph have exploded. They are up 5X since May.

2: Fees generated for Queries are now ranging from 8K to 10k GRT daily

3: 100 Million new $GRT have been staked since April. Bringing the total close to 1.8 Billion.

4: Token utility is built in to $GRT as it used to pay fees and for staking to be an indexer.

5: Almost 50% of GRT has been held for over 1 year. This demonstrates a committed community in a bear market IMO

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I get quite a lot of questions about #Bitcoin dominance ( $BTCD ).

So, I thought, why not make a short thread/guide on it, as it's a crucial thing to understand when you're into #crypto.

So, here goes. Please like/retweet if you enjoyed reading it/learned something!

Bitcoin Dominance ( $BTCD ) is one of the most important tools for keeping an eye on the market. It helps you to maximize your #BTC holdings. But how does it work? How is the % share of BTC in the total Crypto market cap helpful for trading in the market?
What is Bitcoin Dominance?

In one line, BTCD is the % of share of Bitcoin in the total crypto market cap i.e.

Bitcoin Dominance is used to show the dominance and strength of BTC as compared to the other crypto in the market.
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Le moral des consommateurs américains est en chute libre, mais les détenteurs de crypto-monnaies sont optimistes

Pourquoi ? Les détails 👇
Le sentiment des consommateurs envers les #cryptos a atteint un nouveau record à la baisse, avec une chute de 13,5 % depuis la mi-janvier. La confiance des propriétaires #crypto n'a elle baissé que de 8,1 % sur la même période.
Les propriétaires de #cryptomonnaies sont plus optimistes que le consommateur américain moyen en ce qui concerne leurs finances personnelles. 44,4 % des propriétaires de crypto-monnaies ont déclaré s'attendre à ce que leurs finances s'améliorent au cours des 12 prochains mois.
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0/ 🧵@AptosLabs, an exciting L1 blockchain and how it stacks up vs. other top chains

Full deep dive here:…
TLDR below⬇️🧵⬇️

Leveraged materials by @TheBlock__ @Andrew_Cahill_ @PontemNetwork - much thanks!🙏

#altcoin #cryptocurrencies #venturecapital
1/ Aptos is a L1 PoS chain created by the team from Meta's Diem. NB they are not associated whatsoever. The chain solves the blockchain trilemma: decentralization, security, scalability. If successful, it is well positioned for mass adoption, including enterprises
2.1/ Move programming language: Modern, secure and flexible
- Easy customization of properties for assets
- Important info protected, not copied or accidentally destroyed
- Designed to be chain agnostic and modular
- Overall enhanced DX…
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Ok, so we've had a relief bounce, and a lot of #altcoin's have had some really nice gains. But, let's be realistic. #Bitcoin #BTC $BTC
🧵👇 Image
$BTC still can't even get over the 8EMA on the daily chart. Higher time frames are always king. Image
$ETH, the king of the #altcoin's, has managed to get over the 8EMA, but is already wanting to retest it. You can also see what has happened in all of it's previous attempts to get over this moving average. Image
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#BTC #Altcoin Nikola Tesla “Divine Code 3-6-9”
Nikola Tesla’nın dikkat çektiği bu sihirli rakamlardan ilham alarak keşfettiğim bu teorinin,kurlarda yüzeysel işleyiş biçimini ilk kez sizler ile paylaşacağım.Lütfen daha fazla kişinin istifade etmesi için Retweet ediniz.Sevgiler💐+ ImageImageImageImage
1/İşleyişe başlamadan evvel evrende gördüğünüz canlı cansız tüm desenlerin ve fraktallerin nasıl oluştuğu hakkında kısa bir özet geçelim.Desen,şekil,fraktal oluşumlarının yasaları evrenseldir. Atom altı boyuttan galaksilere kadar her ölçekte/seviyede aynı matematik işler. Image
2/Desenlerin,fraktallerin oluşumunu Leonardo Fibonacci altın oran, Fibonacci Sipirali buluşları ile Benoit Mandelbrot ise Mandelbrot kümesi buluşu ile insanlığa tanıtmıştır.+++ ImageImage
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In the past couple of months, it has been made clear that we are in a bear market, but there's a good chance a bear market helps you more than it hurts you.

Follow this guide, and the next bull market will make you millions.

There is no way around it, there is no 'hack' to invest more than you have.

There needs to be as much money pouring in every month. Starting a business and/or working your ass off for the coming 4 years is necessary.

Every week, start investing as much money as possible in #crypto.

Don't wait for a dip, don't wait for a 'good time to buy'. Buy every Monday. Historically this has been proven to be the best day of the week to invest.
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Whilst it feels like everything is against us right now, I recently posted a thread that helps to identify the criteria needed for alt coins to survive a bear market, and provide a significant return on investment
Let’s pressure test $qrdo on some of the fundamental questions from the thread namely:
•Does it generate revenue?
•What’s in the Protocols Treasury?
•Token Utility & Use Case?
•The Team?
Will They Generate Revenue? Simple answer yes - @QredoNetwork will be revenue generating from 1 July 2022 with fees applicable to a whole host of protocol transactions from Power Swaps to Stable Coin Minting… From Wallet Connect to MMI (and many more).
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Author 👤: Martin Quest

Available on telegram channel. Link below 👇

This book is a 5 in one set that gives the readers deep knowledge about 5 key aspects of the #Crypto space. The contents Include;

👌 The Art of #HODLING: A Beginner’s Guide to #Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing
👌 The #Crypto Mining Mindset
👌 The #ICO Approach: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding #Cryptocurrency #ICO

👌 #Cryptocurrency 101: Your Guide to Understanding How to Trade Bitcoin, #Altcoin, and other Online Currencies
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Have you heard of @Tiamonds by $LCX? 💎

Tiamonds are #NFTs representing the ownership rights of real-world Diamonds. Every #NFT is 1-1 asset backed by certified Diamonds.

🧵Thread 👇

Quick rundown💨

💎Project by @LCX
💎Every @Tiamonds #NFT is 1-1 asset backed by certified Diamonds.
💎Diamonds Certified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
💎 $TIA token currently under 2m$ market-cap
💎Celebrity edition Tiamonds are on the way.
💎"Own to Earn" model
This is not just an NFT, this is an asset-backed NFT.

You can actually redeem the GIA certified Diamond that is directly linked to your Tiamond.

You can find more information about the project here👇

I am here to tell you what is coming in the future👇
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Bu grafik #Tether arzını gösteriyor. Son 1 haftada 84 Milyar'dan 74 Milyar'a geldi. Tarihinde böyle bir yakım yok.

Bu ne anlama geliyor?

$usdt #bitcoin #kripto #altcoin
Öncelikle #Tether'in çalışma mantığını kavrayalım. Nasıl basılır, nasıl yakılır?

Kabaca cebindeki dolarları Tether şirketine teslim edersin ve karşılığında sana #Tether basıp verirler. Aynı şekilde Tether'ini götürdüğünde de sana nakitini verip aldığı Tether'leri yakarlar.
Tether şirketi ise her ne kadar topladığı sermayeyi nasıl değerlendirdiğini şeffaf şekilde açıklamasa da %10-20 gibi bir miktarını likit, kalanını ise likit olmayan varlıklarda değerlendirdiği tahmin ediliyor.
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Almost to the day 3 yrs ago here is our chance to get hilariously rich see this article then come back here…

/2 Pulsechain a copy of ethereum is launching and here is how to get in day 1
/3 for us that did not know about this launch you already missed the opportunity because outsiders cant buy on day1 but there is a secret way in
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Quick thread on @CryptoEQ Fundamental Ratings as we get TONS of questions around them.... especially in a bull market when XYZ coin is pumping and outpacing #BTC and #ETH
We list ~50 crypto assets but only have a Fundamental rating on ~30. Why so few?

Because that's all that ACTUALLY matters in the #crypto ecosystem.

And, if we're being honest, probably just 15 but we feel a bit obligated to cover the crap/scam coins in the top 30 as warnings Image
The top ~15 assets make up ~90% of the market cap.
With ~5 of those being #stablecoins and 2 are wrapped assets (#stETH and #WBTC)

So, by and large, we may seem selective but we cover 90%+ of the MC and 99%+ of what is actually legitimate, innovative, or intriguing.
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#Bitcoin ve #Altcoin temel ve teknik analizleri, gündem olmadan bir çok haber akışını anında takip edebileceğiniz,

Faydalı Web Servisleri💻

Web sitelerin işlevini/kullanım amacını açıklama olarak paylaşıyorum⬇️
1-) Kripto para topluluğunun anlık haber akışı sağlayan güçlü bir site. Örnek kripto para piyasasının The Economist'ti Bloomberg'i. Yeni token/coin satışları , on-chain verileri , faydalı blok yazıları için takibe alabilirsiniz..
2-) Kripto varlıkların tüm projelerin/coinlerin sosyal medya hacim ve trendlerini takip edebileceğiniz web site.. Sosyal medyanın gücü fiyatlanmada önemli bir etken takipte fayda var.
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Herkese selam dostlar..

Bu twit serisinin altında bazı #altcoin grafiklerini inceleyip olası dönüş yerleri için elimden geldiğince yorum yapmaya gayret edeceğim..

Umarım işinize yarar.. Başlayalım.. Buyrunn aşağı flood'a.. 👇👇👇👇

İlk ürünümüz Mina.. Zira yakaladığı hype ve proje çok iyi.
Bu üründe 'olası' dönüş olabilecek seviyeler 1.75 $ (küçük ihtimal)

1.70 - 1.60 $ (büyük ihtimal) seviyelerdir.

1.60 $ altı gün kapanışları stoploss seviyemizdir.

++++++ Image

İkinci ürünümüz ise CRV..

1.85 $ altı günlük kapanışlar stoploss seviyemiz olmakla birlikte , muhtemel dönüş olabilecek seviyesi ilk etapta 2.05 $ bandı olacaktır.

İkinci ihtimal ise 1.86 - 1.90 $ aralığı yani alt taralı alanımız olacaktır.

++++++ Image
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Module 1, How To Trade Crypto With a Full Time Job, is now available to help you with #crypto, #bitcoin, & #altcoin trading.


Printer Friendly:…

Head to Telegram to grab the spreadsheet:

Vid drops Wed.
Rather than ramming trading concepts down your throat from the get go in this course, I've tried to take a different approach instead

I hope that you can see that I've first tried to start you off on a good footing by understanding your situation
It's all about being responsible for your situation, so let's get this out of the way first, and then crack on.

Thanks to my inspiration for this course as always - @CryptoCred, old mate @Tradermayne, and also @EmperorBTC for helping me out back in the day.
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👉 Hoy vamos a destripar una #altcoin que mañana (debería) lanzar su primera moneda estable algorítmica en la red de NEAR, emulando a $LUNA, y ya sabéis que eso suele ser... 🚀

❤️️Deja tu RT y tu LIKE que nos vamos de caza juntos👇
👨‍💻 ¿QUÉ ES #NEAR?

Blockchain de C1. Red descentralizada, construida desde 0.
Buscó crear un ecosist. propio, basado en ofrecer herramientas que permiten a desarrolladores construir y ESCALAR apps sobre su red, dando al usuario final una experiencia intuitiva y unas bajas fees.
1. Usabilidad: Permite a desarrolladores crear apps descentralizadas, incluso si no dominan la blockchain.
2. Escalabilidad: Diseñada para fragmentarse a medida que crece y evitar congestiones.
3. Interoperabilidad: Permite comunicación o transmisión de datos entre su red central
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Top 22 lessons have learnt so far from my 4Years #Crypto Journey 💣

A Thread 🧵:
#DeFi #Alpha #altcoin #alphas
• Learn before you Earn.
• Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
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Yüksek enflasyon + Yüksek faiz'e Stagflasyon denir.
Staglasyon döneminde nasıl yatırım yapılır? Benim izleyeceğim yol nedir?

Buyrun anlatıyorum.👇

RT+FAV yapmayı unutmayın dostlarım.
Enflasyon nedir? Faiz nedir? meselelerine girmeyeceğim. Bu yazıyı olabildiğince kısa tutmak istiyorum.

Şimdi gördüğünüz üzere ABD'de enflasyon 80'li yıllardaki seviyelere yaklaşmış durumda.
Bununla mücade etmeye çalışması gereken fed halen gereksiz gerekçeler sunarak ertelemeye
dolayısıyla balonun daha daha şişmesine müsade etmektedir. Bu da bizi önümüzdeki aylarda hatta önümüzdeki yıllarda stagflasyon ile karşılaşacağımızı gösterir.

Bu ne demektir?
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I believe the market has been correcting for nearly a year.

And that at least one more primary-degree impulse is to come before a cycle-degree correction.

I have several reasons for this thesis and shared each.

Here's a 🧵for those who can't follow past the last tweet.


#BTC 100D MA retest + #altcoin structure parallel + $DXY top, all at the start of a Fed Funds Rate hike cycle

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Etherians some hard truths!
You are not decentralised you are not even democratic.
Vitalik is the defacto dictator.
2 What Vitalik says goes.
Proof the DAO hack he decided to keep the richest etherians happy.That fork decided immutability isnt
3: Proof of stake was proposed in 2017 since then Vitalik has dictated all changes and forks.
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#Altcoin ve genel itibariyle #kripto piyasasında kazanmamı kazanmamı daha önemlisi kaybetmememi sağlayan 5 taktiğim:

1-Uzun zamandır sessiz olan, hacmi eriyen, haberi olmayan tokenler listeleme haberiyle ufak bir ralli yapar. Erken yakalarsam listelenmeden 1-2 saat önce satarım.
Çünkü herkes listelemede ilk mumda tepeden malı vereceğini zanneder. Oysa tepeden alanlar kendileridir.

2-Attığım tweetlere reklam botları pancakeswapta uzuun uzuun yeşil mumlar dikilmiş grafikleri paylaşıp ''bak bu token arşa çıkmış daha da çıkar'' dercesine yorum atıyorlar.
İnsan psikolojik olarak yükselenin daha daha yükseleceğine inanır. Resmen gel gel tepeden malı verelim mesajıdır bu. Bu dolandırıcılıklardan uzak dururum.

3- Hatta genel itibariyle sadece pancakeswapta listeli ürünlerden uzak durmaya çalışırım. Çünkü likiditesinin kilidi ++
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