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Big #Altcoin thread: How much longer do we have for $ALTS? Will the summer be hard for the #ALT market like it has the last 2 years or will it be different? #Bitcoin $BTC #Crypto
The last 2 years, $ALTS have a normal cycle of a strong pump in end Q4-early Q1, retrace for 1-2 months, and then have a strong springtime pump. Summer retrace follows (last 2 years). Here's my older thread on $ETH market cycles in March:

I typically think that the summers are VERY bad for #altcoins and that we currently have 3-5 weeks left of good times for $ALTS before everything starts to pull back hard. Below are the reasons why in more detail.
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Thread: Where are we in the 2nd #altcoin pump cycle? How much longer do we have to trade $ALTS? What is the typical market history like? As alt traders, we must be aware of the conditions and environment that are strong for trading alts (namely Alt/btc pairs). $ETH $XRP $BTC
I also wrote / charted these charts on the weekend so they may be a few days old. The same principles still apply though IMO. Check out the next two threads before reading this one, I think it'll give better background as to where I'm coming from.
Here's a thread I wrote a few weeks ago. I have many of the same charts w/ some updates:

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The market is more bullish than it ever has been and all these people are selling.. There is a reason why 90% of the market loses.

Here is why bears are wrong and will miss out on the biggest buy opportunity in history...
This is probably the most obvious comparison to make...

#NASDAQ and #Bitcoin show strong similarities. Just like the Nasdaq, we smashed through a long term trend line before we went to new all time highs.

Everyone is panic selling Bitcoin now for the same reasons.
Here is the next comparison that I think most people ignore..

The #Bitcoin bear market followed the #Gold market cycle from 1976-2000. Even though Bitcoin didn't immediately break to new all times, the emotional psychology stays the same.

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Gather 'round my old GPU rigs still $mining scrypt for warmth, ye rekt, ye lambobois, ye $crypto-professionals-on-the-rabbithole's-precipice and ye curious-but-too-busy-doing-real-development-work-to-knowers. I shall regale unto yallz the origin story of our hero @inversebrah.
Once upon a time there was a " $Crypto OG" named @cryptostardust. A skilled position trader of renown, he possessed an even rarer knack for cutting to the core of the social and economic #narratives behind crypto-- or what passed for them, back in 2013-14.
As fallout from a dust-up against shamed pseudoeconomist Nouriel Roubini late last year, @cryptostardust's Twitter account was banned, assumingly from Mr Roubini's disingenuously buttrekt reporting of him. Our community was chagrined.
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0/ Coming in HOT today with a thread devoted to a bunch of #crypto- and #blockchain-related events that took place over the past 24 hours or so. Here we go!
1/ ⛽️ I wasn't joking about that 'hot' thing, for @GetGitcoin have introduced Gas Price Heatmaps (

Assess the price vs. speed tradeoff vis-à-vis @ethereum gas. Super useful!

Built by @FrederikBolding. It's a visual representation of @ETHGasStation data.
2/ 🆕 Asia's top full-suite digital asset trading firm, @QCPCapital, became the first #OTC trading desk to set up a 'Space' on @AirSwap [ $AST ].

Launched last month, Spaces enable unique environments geared to support connections among groups that trade.
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1/ Geçtiğimiz Salıdan sonra iyi haberler vermeyi çok isterdim ama varlıkların çoğunda geri çekilmeler zayıf kaldı. Aşağı yönde daha fazla baskı görmeyi bekleyebiliriz. Önümüzdeki 24-48 saat içinde dikkatli olmanızı öneririm.

#kriptopara #kriptohaber
2/ Bunun tek istisnası $BTC #Bitcoin in 7000 $USD bandını aşması olur. Ama böyle bir gelişme de #altcoin piyasasına illa ki artış getirmeyebilir.
3/ Bazı #altcoin ler zayıf toparlanma emareleri gösterse de uyarım geçerliliğini koruyor. Piyasanın şu anki durumunda dipten almak deneyimli kişilerin alması gereken bir risk.
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#cryptocurrency adalah alat tukar yang menggunakan kriptografi untuk pengamanan transaksi dan penciptaan unit baru.
Untuk bertransaksi dengan #cryptocurrency, pengguna memakai kunci privat yang tersimpan dalam dompet kriptokurensi.
#cryptocurrency diklasifikasikan sebagai subhimpunan mata uang digital, mata uang alternatif, dan mata uang virtual.
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