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You missed #Ordinals

If You missed the #BRC20

Well don't miss out the next big thing on the $BTC

In this thread we'll explore the world of .sats #Domains , the process of acquiring and registering them and how to make the most of this opportunity🧵 Image
What are the .sats domains?

#Sats names are decentralized #domain name system built on the #bitcoin familiar to #ENS

170k names have been inscribed to this day with 40 000+ holders already

We are still very early and potential here is very big 👀 🚀 Image
Direct sending and Receiving BRC-20 Funds to .sats names etc

How do .sats domains differ from #ENS?

They are absolutely free to register; you just need to be the first one 🚀

There is no expiration date. Once you register a sats name it will live forever on the blockchain 🥰 Image
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#比特币域名系列 002


#BRC20 #BTC #ordi #ordinals #域名 #sats
A Thread🧵
👇(0a/10) Image
既然遵循first is first原则,那为何有些域名还有大量重复?


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A Thread👇
(1/n) Image


参考单一成交额曾一度达到480ETH的paradigm.eth域名,BTC域名前途不可估量。 ImageImage
②遵循“first is first”原则,先到先得!
⑥没有“非 ASCII 字符不能使用”这一限制!
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Congratulations to
who arrived in Musk City first and wins 50,000 #Bitcoin #Sats! Congratulations to our other winners too and thank you for playing!
@Streetsoja042 #RacetoMars Heres is our final snapshot of the top 10
@Streetsoja042 #RacetoMars Here are the Tunnel times for todays race!
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[1/7] I was curious why no one had raised this question sooner. 🧐

The reason for this high figure is that additional #XRP were generated out of thin air.

The reasons are as follows: 🧵👇
[2/7] ❗️ What you're seeing is a "drop".

1 #XRP is represented as 1,000,000 drops in #XRPL terms or technical contexts such as the #rippled #APIs response we received from the reporting server.
[3/7] Think about "drops" in the same manner that you think of #SATs.

It is, in reality, the smallest technical unit utilized for exact measurements.

⚠️ As an example:
1 #Satoshi (#SATs) = 0.00000001 #Bitcoin
1 #Drop (#drop of XRP) = 0.000001 #XRP
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Spent more time in the garden today. Insect populations are booming! A bit of sunshine really helps to lift the spirits.
#Hoverfly Image
Had a run of 3 good days, but just tried doing *some* of the things my lungs had allowed me to do over the weekend & over-did it by fixing the ball-cock in the toilet cistern! Lowered my guard; lungs are tight again (first time in 10 days) & I'm lightheaded. #PulmonaryEmbolism
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1) #Bitcoin is literally the only asset you can bring with you to the other side, and restore your wallet in your next life. Here's a thread 🧵on how to "death proof" your #sats:
2) First of all, you need to remember your seed words like your own name. Make a list with illustrations of each word next to the word, and make this your mantra to repeat many times a day...
3) When you suddenly find yourself out of the body at death, don't panic and focus on your mantra. In the "life review" that follows, take a mental snapshot of the seed word sheet just in case...
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Many people feel frustrated as the markets have been moving down for close to three months now but only if they knew to wait a few more months before the last ever cheap #crypto buys.

Yes after this cycle low, there won't be any more cheap buys. So endure it.
We are still currently below 5% of the world's participation in the #crypto industry.

Big enough to know it's here to stay but small enough to present insanely cheap buys.

Everyone that's gonna mean something in the next decades will make be a buyer during this cycle low
Not many realize where we are in the adoption cycle so it seems. So swallow the frustration of the past months and get working, get learning
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Here is a hard question for #bitcoin maxis (and plebs):

Why will we end up with 21 million coins in the end?

You think this is easy? Let's see... 🧵 of 21 👇
1. We all know the easy answer: because in its first halving cycle, #bitcoin created 10.5 million coins (50 block subsidy coins * 210,000 blocks), and half that in the next, etc. After a number of cycles, we will have close to 21 million coins.

But I'm asking why, not how.
2. Let's dig in. #Satoshi was (partly) a coder, so he was obsessed with the powers of 2. Many generations of computers have been built on these powers: 8 / 16 / 32 and 64-bit computing and operating systems - to mention just the most obvious.
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The PLAN C 📚

This is the most important thread I have written so far

It will set you on the right path going forward and help you realize what YOU want 🧐

▪️ What is PLAN C?
▪️ Why is it so important?
▪️ Realization
▪️ Risks vs Benefits
▪️ Mistakes
▪️ Having a PLAN C

▪️ What is PLAN C?

The Plan C is to realize why you are here, what is your goal & to HELP YOU follow it at all times going forward.

Once you do it will remove the stress from your trading/investing in a big way.

Must for beginners, great for PROs.

▪️ Why is it so important?

Cause most of you are just running around trying to chase quick riches, jumping from fear to greed without any plan and that's why you struggle so much

This thread will guide you to set a plan and stick to it. Now let's get to it.

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This project exists to help drive the adoption of #Bitcoin and the #LightningNetwork in #SouthAfrica and #Africa.

And our effort is supported by several others.

This morning I used @Azteco_ for the first time.

To buy as little as R3 ($0.20) worth of Bitcoin. Which is nuts🤯👇
I went to @CheckersSA but could've gone to any of the #SouthAfrican stores listed below.

I requested from the cashier a 1ForYou voucher (she knew exactly what it was) and I bought 4 vouchers (R3 - R5 each) with small change from my back pocket.

Moments later I walked out.
Back at home, I opened my web browser, and navigated to:

And then entered the 16-digit voucher pin number into the four boxes on the @Azteco_ website.
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"What tech stack are you using to build a #Bitcoin economy in a #SouthAfrican #township?"

Well, to be perfectly honest, it's not very technical. Not at all.

We risk embarrassing ourselves by describing it, but fortunately we're all here to learn.

So let's dive in!
🧵 👇
First off, as the co-founder of both this project and it's parent organization, @the_surfer_kids, my #Bitcoin education is pretty much comprised of reading @BitcoinMagazine since mid 2013. But I've never been super technical.

My personal interest has always been human-nature. Image
I run my own full node on an old laptop with @ubuntu and @bitcoincoreorg. I've also played around with a @COLDCARDwallet and setting up full nodes using @getumbrel and @mynodebtc.

But that's it. I'm not a developer. Not at all. And for now, I'm the 'expert-lead' on our team. 🤣
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Hard Reit Portfolio (#REITs + #BTC)
2021 Returns : +60% 🚀

My Holiday Gift to you: a unique portfolio that beats #inflation, outperforms $SPY, and yields a juicy monthly income.

Let me show you this magic portfolio designed to beat inflation and manage volatility...🧵 1/10

The portfolio uses a Barbell Structure (h/t @nntaleb).

80% Long Value #REITs
20% Long #BTC
40% Short $CAD (Leverage)


[53%] #RioCan $REI.UN
[27%] @DreamOfficeREIT $D.UN
[20%] #BTC
[40%] Leverage [Short $CAD]

Income [4.25% Dividend] from the 80% allocation to #REITs services and pays down the 40% leverage with monthly dividend payments.
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Cómo es sabido, el #Bitcoin suele tener ciclos de baja y subida que afectan su valor con respecto a otras divisas, como el dólar.

¿Cómo puedes tener ganancias al hacer el cambio a bitcoin?

Alerta: este hilo no es para traders expertos.
Imagina que vas a trabajar vendiendo huevos por cartón. Dependiendo de la temporada así será el precio. Entonces tú trabajo es encontrar el mejor precio siempre. Vas con tu proveedor y siempre estás preguntando si ya bajó para comprar bastantes cajas y vender.

¿Me captas?
Entonces, llega el momento que tú proveedor te dice: "amigo, hoy amaneció a $2.50 el cartón de huevos, si da 10 X $1 le gana $0.50, y en una caja son $6.00 ."

¿Qué harías? ¿Aceptarías ganar $6.00 o pasas la oportunidad?
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Introducing BitShelf / SatTag (Open-source).

My plan at the #bitcoin 2021 conference was to approach @jack or @sqcrypto to discuss a low mental-cost denomination and product for lightning.

Alas that meeting wasn’t possible — so I’m open-sourcing it. Build it with or without me.
Dollars & Cents V.S. Bits & Sats💰

100 Pennies in a Dollar.

100 Satoshis in a Bit.

Explaining to newcomers that a bitcoin is made of one hundred million sats always invites confusion and dissonance.

1 Million Bits in a #Bitcoin. Image
Anyone who owns a full bitcoin owns a million bits, similar to how it’s rare to be a millionaire in cash.

Many newcomers dislike owning part of a bitcoin and can’t easily grasp sats because of the high mental cost of 100,000,000 per coin… Cheap shitcoins exploit this ignorance. Image
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It's Monday and since I have nothing else to do in life and also because taproot🟩 will probably be implemented, I broke my head for several hours understanding Schnorr Signatures, here's a thread explaining what it is: #Bitcoin
1/ Before getting into what Schnorr signatures, lets first understand what a signature is, when you sign a piece of paper or a check it implies that you're proving the authenticity of intent to: for example, transferring money or settling a divorce with your wife.
2/ We try and make our signatures as hard and shit looking as possible so that people don't copy it. In the world of digital signatures, they are mathematical proof of “knowledge of a number”.
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There is a lot of nuance people are missing in this.

One - @Tesla and Elon still believe heavily in #bitcoin - why? They are Hodling.

Two - this signals they didn’t have a high take up on #tesla purchases with #btc - why ? 1/
Because like @elonmusk and @Tesla most people who have enough to buy a Tesla is #hodling.

Most ppl are actually selling their cars to acquire more #sats.

Three- Uninformed- #GreenTerrorists have been on a massive anti-Tesla campaign since @Tesla purchased #bitcoin 2/
This would have had a negative effect on traditional #model3 and #modelx car sales - as this green army was the backbone of positive pr for Tesla.

With #btc sales not making up the difference in sales - they need to do something to #greenwash their image. 3/
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