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You have to think about this. #Ripple has worked with 50 Central Banks. If they launch their CBDCs' on the ledger, that eats through XRP supply, massively, per David Schwartzs' video 9-10 months ago. There would be no reason why he would provide this content if it wasn't coming.
Open your eyes, and keep a myopic view point to a minimal. "When" (Noted in #WEF20: Tharman Shanmugaratnam: "That doesn't necessarily mean the public sector is going to be the provider of the infrastructure OR THE DIGITAL TOKENS."
they launch their #CBDCs' on the #XRP Ledger, they will have "settlement" capabilities of 4 seconds. They will have the ability to settle cross-border payments in 4 seconds, on top of that, they will have the ability for atomic swaps with #InterLedger.
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1/ I realized that my last article about #bitcoin's diminishing returns and volatility was a bit too long. I'll try to make it a bit shorter, in tweet form, here.…
2/ Conclusions of the article:
- #btc grows slower and slower, long-term
- short-term volatility decreases over time
- these trends should continue in the future due to ever higher capital requirements
3/ Diminishing returns implies much lower future #btc prices compared to NON-diminishing returns.
Bitcoin's power-law corridor of growth used diminishing returns. We'll see more evidence for diminishing returns here.…
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1/ A few observations on #bitcoin, #tether and #crypto regarding what happened in the last 30 days or so. $BTC $ETH
2/ Obviously we all saw that, despite the unwillingness of #tether to provide an audit, there now seems to be enough public or non-public information available to the NYAG for them to allege that $USDT were, at least for a time, not backed up with USD.
3/ Furthermore, the cited conversation between Oz and Merlin shows beyond reasonable doubt (to me) that the #bitfinex/#tether complex engaged in market manipulation to avoid what would be a black-swan event for them
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1/ Don't underestimate the strength of the #hodl meme. Until we have market completeness, hodlers will make #cryptoasset prices stickier than anticipated.
2/ Market completeness: "In such a market, the complete set of possible bets on future states-of-the-world can be constructed with existing assets without friction."…
3/ It's no secret the #crypto markets have a strong long bias.

Outside of the top 10 #cryptoassets, shorting is difficult, and even for the top 10, friction remains.
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#Bitcoin's software has been running for 10 years…

⚡87.6K hrs
⚡3.6K days
⚡370m TXs

To mark history, we’re launching our first interactive feature: #BitcoinAt10. The story of bitcoin, told by its builders:

Magic Internet Money Wizard? Rollercoaster guy?

Take the red pill to explore CoinDesk’s list of the decade's best bitcoin #memes. (Or don't. Honey badger don't care...)

READ: #BitcoinAt10

Don’t let the bearwhale get you. HODL to ride out the Flippening...

Can't make sense of the sentence? We list the 12 best #crypto words of the decade. Think of it as yourr #hyperbitcoinization guide.

READ: #BitcoinAt10
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1/ @sweetbridgeinc Sweetbridge Saturday (it'll be a thing--you'll see)! Some key takeaways from today's AMA with @JScottNelson (sweetstorm): #Sweetbridge #crypto
2/ #Sweetbridge will announce Monday (10/29) in joint press releases news regarding a major award relating to the use of their loyalty system. Sweetbridge won out of 316 projects from 54 countries in what was "probably one of the highest-quality competitions in the space." 🏆
3/ #Sweetbridge will also announce on Monday with a press release from the State of #Arizona its approval and acceptance into the Arizona sandbox for the first tokenized asset lending platform to get approval in the US for title loans. 🏦
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"Custody not private key" is a new "blockchain not bitcoin."
Custody solutions repackage bitcoin in a palatable way for big institutions and investors. It implies the asset itself is not worthy.
I understand why they need custody, but in reality, mandatory reliance on custody solutions exposes their regulatory prison and the inadequacy of their model.

The individuals in these institutions can and will invest some personal money in bitcoin and use a hardware wallet.
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1/ I believe the reason we are not seeing any movement in the price of #bitcoin from today's mega announcement from @NYSE @Starbucks @Microsoft @BCG is because #crypto now values delivery (scarce) over talk (abundant)…
2/ In traditional markets, public announcements are often made only after material results and impact are delivered, whereas in the crypto markets, public announcements have been used as a means to raise money (to start to build, execute, and deliver)
3/ Crypto markets and investors have become so desensitized to public announcements and press releases about the intent to deliver future products and code, that announcements (even ones as significant as this one today) are bucketed into the "huh, that will be cool" category
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A thread on devs + daily active users (DAUs) 👇

- #Ethereum code school CryptoZombies trained 208k+ users and is growing by 30k+/mo
- Truffle has 580k dls, up 56% last 3 mo
- MetaMask has >1m users
- GitHub lists 14k $ETH-based repos and 220k commits
- 1500+ dapps are in dev

- ETH does more tx and active addresses than BTC
- No, batching doesn't make up the dif in tx
- Of the top 100 tokens by MC, 94% are built on Ethereum
- EEA boasts 500+ members
- Brazil, Canada, Zug, Chile, Dubai, and Estonia are experimenting w/ government apps on Ethereum

On the topic of daily act addr (DAA):

Value transfer is a use case and those *transacting value daily* are DAUs you morons.

Fundraising with $ETH = MOE.

By DAA, Ethereum has as many or more users than BTC.

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1/ #Hodling is a lot harder than it looks, as it requires the choice of *no action* in an action-oriented culture.
2/ One of my favorite classes in college was called, "A Life of Contemplation vs Action," and it revealed humans repeatedly choose "action" over "no action," even when statistically "action" has clearly been proven to be the wrong choice.
3/ Take soccer goalies, for example. Statistically, they have better odds of blocking a penalty shot by staying in the middle of the goal (no action) and defending from there. Yet, the majority decide to jump right or left (action), decreasing their odds of success.
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1/Satoshi developed the best weapon to fight banks we've ever seen. Satoshi brought the war on banks to the masses & then passed the baton to us. It's now up to our generation to use/evolve/strengthen this weapon towards the central banking cartel that means to enslave you.
2/We would prefer this transition to be as peaceful as possible. Bitcoin is 100% voluntary, optional, opt-in. You may join, or not. But you cannot run, you cannot hide. Tales of bitcoin's inability to be stopped are already echoing across every gov official's desk.
3/They will fight back but they will lose. We have transparency, technology and sovereignty on our side. If you wish to join the bitcoin movement we'd love to have you. All we ask is that you follow your passion. Do what you love, but do it with bitcoin.
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1/ quick history of bitcoin crashes (spoiler, price goes back up)

August 2012, followed by 5 months of sideways then ATH
2/ April 2013 followed by 4 month bear market, then ATH 2 months later
3/ December 2013 when I bought my first bitcoin (at the top) followed by essentially a 2 year bear market with some fakeout rallies along the way, new ATH not until Feb 2017.
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Bitcoin tax questions I ask myself:

1/ I bought Bitcoin for $1k in April. Now it’s $10k. Did I just make $9,000?

I think you're forgetting something. There's only two things certain in life: death and...
2/ Taxes...what?! Cryptocurrency is beyond the government's control, man!

Government won’t shut down Bitcoin, but US citizens still owe tax on worldwide income. Tax evasion, in extreme cases, leads to imprisonment.
3/ OoF! How much tax do I have to pay on Bitcoin profits?

The top income bracket in the US pays 39.6% short-term capital gains which is $3,564 for you. But if you #hodl for over a year, long-term capital gains is only 15%.
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#NEO1MillionJourney starts Today 29/09/2017.
First investment $DMB at 120sats. 10k $DMB coins.~$50 investment.
not a good start but HODL is the name of the game. $DMB currently 28 sats . this put me on pressure to gain at least 3x on my remaining $50.
1. $DMB 75 sats at loss. Buy 121Sats
2. $XCS 19x . Buy 50 sats, sell half 965sats
Total Balance = $1000
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