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All past recessions have started with one or two key overvalued company stocks suddenly crashing and then that panic making investors cautious, leading to other structural flaws in the market becoming salient. And then there's a big crash.

It's all there in the textbooks.
Surely you're all old enough to remember the months leading up to and after Bear Sterns. Where CEOs on CNBC kept telling us it's all cool and the bull market will continue, while liquidating their own stocks under various excuses like tax payments.
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#Bitcoin supply last active 1+ years ago is at all an all time high in both absolute and percentage terms.

12,402,794 BTC have not moved in over a year, equating to 65.13% of circulating supply. #HODL
Can someone teach me Econ101?

I really would like to understand what happens if the supply of a thing gets more constrained over time...

Imagine if we could quantify these things in real time?
"If bitcoin goes to (insert low price target here), it's likely to never recover."

The people who say these things don't understand that convicted HODLers will simply buy up the entire supply.

These things take time, but there's a reason this asset never dies. 🤔🤔🤔
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Are you connecting the dots?

1/ Last week: Mexican President @lopezobrador_ threatens to cancel his participation in the Summit of the Americas in June, as have done several other Latin-American leaders.…
2/ He did meet, however, with the President of #ElSalvador about a week earlier.…
3/ Few days ago: First unconfirmed information about a large group of developing countries attending a summit in #ElSalvador.
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are there any perps left for $LUNA?
so this is now a spot only market, for this low cap gem Image
slow and steady for this #lowcap #hidden #gem 💎 Image
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@Aquarius_fr @IvanLeFou C'est pourtant simple !
(se lève et dévoile son hoodie #Hodl by CryptoBros, pose sa vaporette Usb Cryptosafe et commence sa diatribe.
"l'Art, c'est avoir chez soi l'œuvre d'un artiste et pouvoir la montrer à des potes, m'Ké. Mais ça c'était AVANT
@Aquarius_fr @IvanLeFou Maintenant, l'Art c'est l'internet 4.0 !
Tu vois ce jpeg d'un Singe dépressif ?
J'ai payé 200 000€ pour ça.
Non, pas pour l'impression ou la propriété intellectuelle.
Pour que quelqu'un qui me dit qu'il est le créateur me promette qu'il a noté sur un post it que c'était à moi.
@Aquarius_fr @IvanLeFou Ce post it est rangé quelque part, dans un placard.
Je n'ai pas accès au placard, je peux pas prendre le post it, je peux pas empêcher un autre internaute de faire des affiches avec mon singe sous paroxetine.
Ah et pour que la lumière reste allumée dans le placard...
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[#THREAD] 𝗧𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝘀𝗮𝘃𝗼𝗶𝗿 𝘀𝘂𝗿 𝗹𝗲𝘀 #stablecoins

Il s'agit d'un type de crypto qui tente d'apporter de la stabilité à ce marché très volatil.

Je vais volontairement simplifier et les classer en 4 grandes familles

Voyons leurs points forts et leurs points faibles🧵⬇
1. Les stablecoins centralisés:
Ce type de stablecoin est le standard. Le concept est simple, pour 1$ sur la blockchain, il est censé y avoir 1$ dans un compte en banque #Fiat #collateralized

Point fort: Robuste
Point faible: Centralisé Censurable⬇
2. Les algorithmiques: $UST $USDD $IRON $USDN
Ils ne reposent pas sur une réserve en fiat mais sur un mécanisme brûlant ou créant des jetons en fonction du besoin.

Point fort: Transparent / "Décentralisé"
Point faible: Instable / Fragile / Risqué / Repose sur la confiance ⬇
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【丢掉恐惧,着眼未来】每到这种时候,都会收到很多私信问:老吴,能抄底了吗?吴总,我觉得还会跌,我要不要再等等?吴老师,#Bitcoin 能跌到什么时候?


第一,老吴说过很多次,加密货币市场变幻莫测,任何妄想预测周期的都是跳大神。历史有N种走法,#Bitcoin 也有N种走法,有各种巧合和关键时刻,也有突然改变整个局势的蝴蝶效应,不可知的因素太多。

要我说 #Bitcoin 跌到1万美元也不奇怪,一个月又再涨到10万更不奇怪。任何经济周期相关的事情,习近平不知道,普金和拜登也不会知道,这里面存在的不确定性,还有文化属性和蝴蝶效应。

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Coinexpert Onchain Sözlüğü:

Arkadaşlar Paylaştığım verilerin anlamlarını olabildiğince sade ve anlaşılır anlatmaya çalıştım. Lütfen bu ne anlama geliyor sorusunu sormadan önce bu flooda göz atınız. Bulamazsanız elbette yardımcı olurum👇👇
1-) #CDD :155 günden uzun süreli #btc hodl yapan yatırımcıların , taşıma hareketlerini göstermektedir.

Veri çok yüksek geldiyse ya #btc miktarı çok yüksektir yada #hodl süresi çok uzundur.

Bu veri borsa satışını göstermez, taşıma hareketlerini gösterir.Takip edilmesi gerekir.
2-) Exchange İnflow #CDD:
Bu veri 155 günden uzun süreli tutulan #btc 'lerin borsaya taşındığını gösterir. Spot borsalara taşıma satış baskısı yaratır.Türev borsalara taşıma ise volatilite yaratır çünkü borsaya giriş yapan #btc'ler Long yada Short yönlü işlem için kullanılabilir
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This is my ULTIMATE guide to managing a #crypto portfolio.

Here I show you EXACTLY how I manage my portfolio. Including how I manage my #alts, my #hodl bags and what I do when I want to go full degen and ape into shitcoins.

Like n retweet if you found this useful!

I split my portfolio into three sub-portfolios

HODL (40%) - I don't touch this much other than to DCA.

Trading (55%) - Where I take most positions I share on CT.

Ape (5%) - More on this later.
2/ -- HODL ---
My HODL portfolio is simple. It currently holds $BTC, $ETH, $SOL, $LUNA n $LTC.

I've taken profit aggressively on SOL and LUNA though.

Even though this is a HODL portfolio I occasionally TP everything that isn't BTC or ETH.
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Why #PulseChain $PLS can do 600X or more shorter than you imagine!

There are numbers of reasons why this might happen sooner than we think. I will just try to list few most important ones.

Feel free to share comment etc... 👇

1/5 #Crypto #Airdrop #Ethereum Image
- Firstly it's not rocket science, there is a good benchmark for us to compare.
- @RichardHeartWin already prove his product $HEX which did 10.000X in 2 years!
- Have one of the strongest community in #crypto #Hexicans

2/5 Image
- When #ETH launched in Jul 2015 there were around 3.8M wallets in #bitcoin and less than 10M users overall on #Blockchain projects. Today we have more than 300M people already have exposure to #crypto.
- Many ppl missed 14,738X gains on #Ethereum

3/5 Image
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🧵Ideas of good investors🧵

Meses después, caídas y el doble de seguidores...

In this thread I will share the main investment idea of some of the best investors I know.

Thank you for your collaboration. 🙏🏼
Disclaimer: None of the ideas are buy or sell recommendations
1️⃣ @SvnCapital - $DINO

My top pick is Dino Polska a fast-growing food retailer in Poland. Check out an overview of the company that I published recently:…
2️⃣ @alex_estebaranz - $NA9

Nagarro - Top Holding in True Value, Special situation, spinoff good company, organic growth+M&A, Insiders 35%.

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1/ Swix #DAO and memetic warfare, a 🧵
2/ Is 2022, memes are crucial for every project, every political campaign, every business.
Sure, we are early, because most businesses or political actors don't do it or do it poorly, which is to our advantage.

In this thread I will tell you what is a meme and why they matter.
3/ First, what is a meme? This is the wiki definition.

“A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme. A meme acts as a unit...
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1/ Let's #RIDE 😎🚗☀️ with some @holoride analysis! 🚗
$RIDE showing bullish momentum for 10 consecutive days and price being ~shockingly~ stable vs. $egld(!) amidst private-sale q1 sell off and FUD from token launch on the DEX. 😲 "Adding Thrill to Every Ride" 🔥
2/ It is noteworthy that the last 10 trading days in a row have been able to close with the MACD growing in strength (blue arrow). MACD quickly closes back together, a bullish signal, price moves on and 10 consecutive days of bullish momentum show off.
3/ Especially considering the FUD with the $ride token launch on Maiar DEX, sellers seem to still be losing strength. The RIDE/EGLD chart has been SURPRISINGLY stable since launch. It feels almost TOO good, so I am skeptical/hesitant to talk bullish, but it's very impressive.
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1/ Most people should be investing long term and not trading. Just DCA and #HODL.

But how?

It's actually easy to DCA in #Crypto, here is a guide.

Pick five, I would day $BTC, $ETH, $LUNA, $SOL and $MATIC or a dinasour like $LTC or $ADA
2/ -- SPLIT --
You need to decide on a split. In my HODL portfolio, I've started focussing on #Bitcoin as my biggest hold. My split is 30% $BTC, 20% $ETH, 20% $LUNA, 20% $SOL and 10% $LTC.

Everyone has their own opinion on what to HODL and what not to and splits. You do you.
3/-- AMOUNT --
Calculate an amount of fiat per month you can contribute to buying crypto. This should be money you can afford to lose. Once you know the amount you can move on to the next step 👇
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1/ Would you like to see more analysis over #ESDT's like $ZPAY? Looks to me like @ZoidPay is in full-on price discovery mode vs. $egld! This is not a battle between zpay & egld; if the underlying asset $egld is performing well, any gains on this chart become "mulitpliers" in $usd
2/ This "early stage" region was basically washing amongst traders. People knew less about $zpay back then. Circled in blue where Support first failed, the mode switched to finding a new floor. "Where will demand meet supply?"
3/ It didn't take long for a new floor to be found. From there, price began riding the middle Bollinger Band and even had several spikes upwards that pushed the extent of the top BB. This is indicative that demand is present!
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A 🧵 about @Moremoneyfi an interest-free loan platform on #Avalanche
An interest-free loan platform allows you to deposit a token as a collateral as guarantee of your solvency. You will then be able to borrow a stablecoin - $MONEY - against that collateral, up to a maximum defined by the Loan-to-Value (LTV)
When you take out a loan you generate a debt - 0.5% in the case of MoreMoney -, which is how the protocol generates revenue to sustain itself.
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The Papermill will open for production right after PLY's Token Genesis (TGE) 🎉

This is a game of patience, endurance and resilience. Will you come out on top with your HODLING skills?

Introducing The Papermill (Part 2) 🧵👇🏻
To celebrate its grand opening, The Papermill will be set to "BRRRRRRRRR" mode in the first few weeks.

$PLY production will in a state of hyper-production
PLY lovers should take note and partake in The Papermill to earn moaaar $PLY in the early days.

Overtime, $PLY production will gradually settle into a steady churn 🦾
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I went through DOZENS of crypto slang guides to distill a Best Of.

99% water down their guides with technical terms and don't explain the memes.

This is the only guide to #crypto slang and #web3 slang you need.

43 Crypto Slang Terms and Memes to understand this space.

1. #HODL

HODL stands for hold on for dear life and expresses the intention to not sell under any circumstances, no matter how bad the volatility gets.

Often used in relation to #BTC. The origin of the expression is said to be here:…
2. Diamond Hands & Paper Hands

Related to HODL

Investors that HODL have diamond hands=not prepared to sell their holdings for any price

Possibly originated during the Gamestop short squeeze

Paper hands=investors who quickly sell their position when facing decreasing prices.
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转POS之后的减产效应,在ETH社区有个称呼为“三重减半”。这是用来对标BTC的减半效果的。BTC大概每四年就会产量减半一次,而以太坊的产出在合并后将减少约 90%。这相当于3个比特币减半同时发生!以太坊将在瞬间经历发行量减少,而比特币网络需要经历12年时间才能达到这样的效果。你们想想吧。。。。
在当前的POW模式下,以太坊每天大约发行 13,500 枚 ETH,每年发行量约占 ETH 总供应量的 4.3%。但是,转POS之后每天的产出模型是根据网络上积极质押的 ETH 数量来确定的。根据目前质押数量来预测,每天大概产出1280-1500之间。当合并发生时,每年的发型率将下降至 0.3% 至 0.4% 之间。
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Do you actively trade your #crypto? Or do you buy and #HODL?

Ever aspired to be a day trader? Or at least be much more active in trading?

Ask anyone though, and they'll tell you "DON'T DO IT!" There are many reasons why that is...

Once upon a time, to day trade stocks, you needed AT LEAST $50k. And the reason is simple math. If you're trading a $6 stock, and intraday gain is only to $6.75, one share only makes you $0.75 profit. So you need a LOT more.

That's out of reach for most.

For traders with smaller bags but bigger dreams, the futures markets were born.

Here, you can trade on leverage. Did you know that for every $1 in price of Crude Oil, a crude oil futures contract is worth $1k?

So if oil goes from $98 to $103, that represents $5k.

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Eski SEC ve JPM mühendislerinin yeni icadı, Satoshi Nakamoto'nun #Bitcoin whitepaper'ında hususi olarak teşekkür ettiği Stuart efendinin çalıştığı proje: #Kadena #Kda hakkındaki düşüncelerim:

Bilgi paylaşıldıkça bereketlenir.
RT+FAV unutmayalım dostlarım.
#Kadena, aynı diğer #avax, #solana, #near gibi bir yeni nesil ekosistemdir. Diğer ekosistemlerin aksine bu ağın yerel tokeni #kda stake edilerek değil madencilik yöntemiyle üretilir. Yani PoW(iş kanıtlı) çalışma prensibinin güvenliğine sahiptir.
Üstelik kadena aşırı hızlıdır. Saniyede 480 bin işlem yapar. Bu #Avax'tan bile hızlıdır.

Şimdi gelelim sorunlara;
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【2022.03.18| 比特吴:比特币长牛理论信仰者】每日分享一些老吴随想,帮助大家更好理解这个神奇的世界,找到更好的投资逻辑

1/ 不缺钱

2/ 长牛会去哪?



3/ 中国股市为何没有长牛?


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Este término se usa en el universo #cripto para referirse a mantener tus activos durante un largo periodo de tiempo, dando igual que el precio suba o baje a corto plazo, porque a la larga subirá.⬇️⬇️
Seguramente cuando empezaste en el mundo de las criptomonedas, leíste esa palabra HODL y pensaste que estaba mal escrita, que era HOLD (en inglés “aguantar”).
Pues tengo que decirte que las dos son correctas.⬇️⬇️
HOLD porque literalmente significa mantener o aguantar y le va perfecta al concepto por el cual se usa, de mantener tus cripto sin vender.⬇️⬇️
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