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The most critical battle of our lives.

Between freedom & serfdom.

#Bitcoin vs. #CBDC.

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2/ Freedom has been in a bear market for decades, but the final death blow is on the horizon.

The end of financial freedom via Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) & social credit.

We must stop CBDCs at all costs.

Keep reading to get up to speed on what's at stake.
3/ CBDCs create a direct relationship between you & central bank [CB].

Currently, CBs work w/ commercial banks, which work w/ ppl.

But CBDCs disintermediate the comm. banking system providing you w/ financial services directly from the CB.

Doesn't sound so bad, does it?
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Digital Currency For Electronic Payment. El Yuan Digital emitido por el Banco Popular de China (PBoC).

¿Qué es? ¿Cuál es su propósito? ¿Qué tanto ha avanzado?
¿Qué tiene de malo o bueno?


[Hilo] 🧵

China venía trabajando bajo perfil en esta moneda desde el 2014, pero fue en el 2020 que oficialmente lanzaron la noticia y que estaría anclada 1:1 con el Renminbi/Yuan.
No es una moneda estable y mucho menos una criptomoneda, si no una Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC.

No es una criptomoneda porque aunque está basada en una combinación de tecnologías digitales con criptografia, es 100% centralizada. Viene siendo algo así como el fracasado #Petro, pero más organizado y sofisticado.
Por cierto, el Petro no es una criptomoneda ni de cerca.

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از #ریال‌دیجیتال که گذشت
اما نقد یک پدیده مستلزم شناخت تامّ آن نیست!

«از أبَر-انسان شما را خبر می‌دهم، او شعله‌‌ی آتشین و اکسیر شیدایی‌ست! سخن #زرتشت تمام نشده بود که فریاد برخاست: به قدر کافی از بند-باز گفتی، بگذار خودش را ببینیم و بند-باز نمایش خود را بر طناب آغازید» (نیچه)
بسیار اتفاق می‌افتد سیّاسانِ سالوس برای دوختن لباس حماقت بر تن ساده‌لوحان به این جمله‌-پاره چنگ می‌زنند که:
«فلان چیز را کامل نمی‌شناسیم، پس نقدش کار ما نیست»

و با این به #خیالِ خودشان استدلال، بسوی هر دهان گشوده شده به نقد، از لجنزار ذهن خود، لجن-پاره‌ای می‌اندازند که..
«آیا از حقیقت آن چیز آگاهی تمام داری که نقد می‌کنی؟»

و کلمات پر طمطراق و مطنطنِ رمینه‌های تخصصی فهم تامّ آن چیز را بر #ویترین زنگار-زده‌‌ی دهان خود می‌چینند تا از یک سو ساده‌لوحان و ابلهان را مدّتی محو تماشای خویش کنند و از سوی دیگر، ناقدان را متهم به بی‌خبری و جهل.
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A look on how Federated Sidechains (XBridge) by @Ripple could possibly increase the #XRPL ecosystem's chance at global #CBDC adoption🧵(1/8)
Let's clarify this first, it's somewhat clear to the general public that governments want centrally controlled payment networks to act as a medium for their CBDCs, regulatory enforcement and policy making. (2/8)
The key problems with creating a brand new payment network dedicated for your own governmental needs and currency, in a centralized environment is on-boarding users and the necessary liquidity needed to stimulate the payment network with real value. (3/8)
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"we'll soon have the technology to remove foreign exchange risk from international trade without relying on an intermediating currency such as the dollar."
"Their central banks will respond by jacking up interest rates to prop up their domestic currencies, but this will choke their economies at a time when they require easier, not tighter, monetary policy. Unemployment will surge and governments will topple."
"the dollar system undermines democracy and diminishes economic sovereignty. The performance of every economy hinges on U.S. Federal Reserve policies."
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1/ This is the most important thread you will read in this bear market. #BTC #XAU #USD #EUR

Are you prepared to preserve & protect your wealth?

This is critical in the next ~12 months.

Ready? Let's dive in. 👇
2/ Here's the macro picture.

Winter is coming, really!

With Russia cutting all gas to Europe, survival mode is about to kick off.

Hard decisions will need to be taken. 👇
3/ Many Europeans will have to choose between food, electricity or heating. This winter!

Which one would you choose?

If you think this will be limited to Europe, I have a surprise for you. 👇
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Tony Blair Institute's Tech Policy Fellowship is apparently developing public policy recommendations for Universal Basic Income based on the Central Bank Digital Currency for some reason.

#CBDC #SocialCredit #UBI #NetZero #BuildBackBetter #GreatReset #DigitalFeudalism #fascism
'New capabilities such as programmability, composability and tokenisation ... can be built on top of #CBDCs, fast payment systems and associated data architectures'

Translation: 'We want the peasants to use money that we can rig and control'

On August 23, 2019, while addressing the Federal Reserve Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming ...…
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🌎 A quick thread 🧵 on real-world usage of countries using the @Algorand blockchain to empower their citizens, lower the cost of verification, and to reach people everywhere. $algo

Expand thread to see why this is much bigger than #FIFA. 🧵👇

#Nigeria has partnered with @koibanx to allow their citizens to copyright IP and receive royalties. This is one of the largest crypto projects in the entire world.

A new wallet is coming @AlkeWallet.
200 million citizens.…

#Philippines creating a wallet on @Algorand that is fully insured by the central bank. Mobile banking meets crypto! Fully integrated with thousands of businesses, withdraw cash at ATMs all over the country.

Read more & follow @aidtechnology
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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology MARKET CRASH 2022
The Case For September
Satanic #BloodRitual 20th
Satanic #FeastDay and #FallEquinox 22nd
#NewMoon Cycle 23rd/28th
End of #ShemitahYear2022 25th
Thursday 29th Moon T🟥#SaturnSquareUranus
#USAPlutoReturn #FateOfEmpires
+1 ImageImage
#PreistKings are old world dark pagans who practice #Goetia - in Latin refers to evocating demons/evil spirits to do the bidding of the user. They "harmonize" with the material world using lunations, solar events and planetary alignments in an effort to maximize their agenda. Image
Make no mistake, our current manufactured timeline is governed by these forces of nature by individuals who control and manipulate the wealth of nations on a global scale. There is no nation outside this system.
Example of their breadth of reach.
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ele disse acreditar que os cartões de crédito deixarão de existir em breve devido ao crescimento do sistema financeiro aberto. Nesse ecossistema, os clientes autorizam o compartilhamento de dados financeiros com diferentes instituições.
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#cbdc #brasil
'Regulação vai unir Bitcoin e criptomoedas com PIX, Open Banking e Real digital', diz Presidente do Banco Central do Brasil… via @BrCointelegraph
Sobre o Real Digital o presidente do BC voltou a falar que ele será emitido pelo BC, mas que os bancos poderão criar stablecoins atreladas ao Real Digital e que poderão ser usadas em sistemas de dinheiro programável e contratos inteligentes dentro da instituição.
Este sistema vem sendo chamado pelo BC como "depósitos tokenizados'.
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#cbdc #brasil
Real Digital será lançado em 2023 e quer ser a moeda digital da Web3, afirma Banco Central… via @BrCointelegraph
"Estamos na primeira fase de testes onde chamamos os participantes do mercado financeiro para explicar a ideia de construir uma plataforma de programabilidade para meios de pagamento usando alguns tipos de protocolos que definimos, como protocolos de finanças decentralizadas(...)
protocolos de pagamento contra entrega, protocolos de pagamento contra pagamento, aplicações para internet das coisas, entre outras. Todas essas aplicações têm a programabilidade com elemento comum", revelou.
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2022 Q2 update on the Global monetary base. Only money supply that economically compares with bitcoins. Current price keeps #Bitcoin ranked #8 vs. fiat currencies, #10 if including gold & silver. This is quarterly update #17. Four year anniversary of this reporting. 🎉
2/ This research covers the globe's top 50 fiat currencies, sourced directly from their central banks. You won't find this info anywhere else. Also we look at historical basic money stocks (i.e. gold & silver). Layer in BTC and we cover it all.
3/ It's important to keep track of apples-to-apples comparative data like this, which follows the money to the core of the system. Many like to say central banks run the printing presses into the ground. But how much do they… really? What does it all mean?
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'New capabilities such as programmability, composability and tokenisation ... can be built on top of #CBDCs, fast payment systems and associated data architectures'

Translation: 'We want the peasants to use money that we can rig and control'

Agustín Carstens, General Manager of the BIS:
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Quels sont les pays qui ont lancés leur #crypto gouvernementale ?

Quels sont les risques des CBDC et que veulent nos gouvernements ?

Les détails 👇
La valeur des #bitcoins ou de certains #NFT peut diminuer, mais les #cryptomonnaies gagnent en popularité. C'est d'ailleurs dans l'optique de garder le contrôle sur ce nouveau marché que les banques centrales lancent leurs propres monnaies.
Les monnaies numériques des banques centrales sont contrôlées par les gouvernements comme le sont les monnaies traditionnelles et représentent donc le contraire de l'idée du #bitcoin décentralisé et anonyme.
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(1/4) Credo che ci sia un gran bisogno delle #CBDC, ovvero le #CentralBankDigitalCurrencies.
Detto in modo semplice si tratta di #cryptovalute basate su una #blockchain gestista da uno Stato. Gli scambi di denaro potranno avvenire tra “conti”, senza passare dalle banche.
(2/4) Qual è, a mio parere, il lato positivo?
Che incredibilmente i #cryptofan sono entusiasti delle #CBDC. Perché c‘è la #blockchain di mezzo. E loro berrebbero anche latte avariato purché sia basato sulla blockchain.
(3/4) Quindi quello sarà il #CavallodiTroia per far digerire il passaggio dall’#illegalità distribuita alla #regolamentazione diffusa.
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Connecting the dots:

Dutch minister Christianne van der Wal is in charge of slashing a large part of Dutch agriculture to reduce nitrogen emissions.

The policy is 100% model based (no measurements) and has been contested by highly reputable scientists.

This is the reason for this week's protests of farmers who stand to lose their livelihoods, often built up over generations.

Minister Christianne van der Wal, is the sister-in-law of Bouke van der Wal, owner of Finci, which is the family holding of Dutch supermarket chain Boni, (one of the supermarkets whose distribution centers were barricaded by the farmers this week).

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#CBDC wonks:

There are two main reasons why your monetary pipe dream of a panopticon won’t materialize anytime soon, if ever.

Short 🧵
Firstly, the reigning “retail” tool of the central bank—physical banknotes—are more prevalent than you can imagine, vital to low income trade, and issuance grows much faster than global population.

CBDCs cannot compete with this trend: $9.2 trillion equivalent, and flying…
There’s nowhere else to look to find the CBDC “addressable market.” This is that. Right here.

This is the global stock of all central bank physical currency (CBPC 😱) in the world.

CBDCs must complement—compete—with their own CBPC stock to be any kind “meaningful.”
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1/ #Stablecoins have become inseparable part of #DeFi and gained immense popularity in early 2022. After the disaster of $UST and $LUNA, demand of stable medium of #exchange never dissipated.

#Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #visualguide Image
2/ #Stablecoins are stable-price digital assets. These coins are 'pegged' against reserved assets. Unlike digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are volatile, stablecoins value remain relatively stable. Image
3/ Digital assets such as Bitcoin and Altcoin are subject to high volatility in the market, making them hard as store of value and medium of exchange. #Stablecoins designed to provide stable value of asset. Image
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In the last half a decade, dozens of countries have announced plans to launch a #CBDC of their own.

Indeed, according to @AtlanticCouncil, a staggering 105 countries are now exploring CBDCs, including 19 countries in the G20.

Out of the G7 economies, the UK and the US are the furthest behind in terms of CBDC development, whereas a total of 10 countries worldwide have already launched their CBDC (including the Bahamas, Jamaica, Nigeria, and several countries in the Caribbean.)

With the potential to improve financial inclusion, reduce counterfeiting, cut down cross-border transaction fees and times, and improve transparency in the money supply, CBDCs could demonstrate the viability of blockchain technology for major financial use cases.

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☄️Gateway to Interoperability🔥

A long overdue $QNT focused summary revolved around
+ more

🪄This will be a great refresher for those long term OG's & an even better introduction for those new here

🧵Let's get started🎬
To start off

$QNT provides a broad solution, interoperability🎩

🔌Simply put, it means the ability for systems & softwares to communicate together

But theres TONS of projects solving this issue & using this buzzword such as $DOT $ATOM $LINK etc

🤔What makes $QNT unique?
$QNT allows ANY:ANY interoperability

⛓️While 99% of projects solve interoperability, its only blockchain:blockchain

$QNT does so thru their core product Overledger & API Gateways overtop of the blockchain layer for common language🌉

(Diff Networks Diff Languages)🌏 Overledger capabilitiesInteroperability Example
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The Bank for International Settlement #BIS's annual economic report (june22 of 138 pages) proves every single word in the #Bitcoin white paper ⚡️…

If you think the fiat world is ugly now.
It's only getting uglier.


🧵My views👇🏽
The number of times these words were mentioned (order per #) within 138 pages.
#Web3 1
#binance 6
#leverage 6
#Coinbase 10
#ethereum 12
#Tether 15
#luna 27
#bitcoin 28
#decentralised 30
#terra 37
#centralised 53
#DeFi 63
#stablecoin 71
#cbdc 110
#crypto 214
OK info about this report:
+ Highlighted some of the risks within the shitcoinery world (stable coins, crypto, Defi)
+ Confirmed that all shitcoins are copying #Bitcoin and following its behavior
+ Attacking lack of regulations leading to rug pulls like Terra Luna
+ USDT risk
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🀄️ رمز ريال و بانك مركزي ارز ديجيتال

پيشرو در استقبال از #تكنولوژي


#كودتاي_نرم بر عليه #آزادي هاي انسان

رشته توييت


اگر به آمارهاي موجود مبني بر آشنايي تنها حدود ٧ درصد(!) از كل جمعيت ايران با حوزه ارزهاي ديجيتال استناد كنيم، کاملا روشن است که بيش از ٧٥ ميليون نفر از مردم، با قابليتهاي ارزهاي ديجيتال آشنا نيستند.

حال آنكه با راه اندازي "بانك مركزي ارز ديجيتال" و #رمزریال ، شكل زندگي/

../آنان مي تواند دچار تغييرات #بنيادين گردد.

حقیقت زمانی تلخ¬تر می شود که بدانیم رمزریال اساسا ارز دیجیتال به معنای رایج آن نمی باشد و به همین دلیل بسیاری از افرادی هم که با #ارزهای_دیجیتال آشنا هستند در معرض بدفهمیِ این موضوع می باشند./
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