🧵#NamamiJagadgurum Series 007

The 12th Sringeri Jagadguru #SriSri Vidyaranya Mahaswamigal was a great sage, prolific writer, statesman, spiritual leader of a throne that lasted for more than two centuries, and preceptor of that Vijayanagara empire’s first three sovereigns.

HH’s works constituted the greatest treatises in post-Shankara Advaitic literature. HH’s marvellous interpretative skills reconciled many apparent differences in philosophic texts.

The South provided a stronghold for Vedic dharma, which had suffered under Muslim rule in the

North. The resurgence of Vedic practices was evident in all areas, including politics and socio-religious activities.Sri Vidyaranya played a significant role in the formation of a Hindu empire, and HH also helped to restore worship in several temples that had been suspended.

#Vijayanagar emperors and their vassals also undertook extensive renovations of hundreds of temples. courtesy ahambrahmaasmi.org

Prior to Sri Vidyaranya, the Jagadgurus of the Sringeri Sharada Peetha focused primarily on imparting Brahmavidya and training spiritual

aspirants. However, under his guidance, they also began to oversee the proper modes of divine services in temples and to guide the socio-religious activities of millions of disciples. Despite serving as head of the Sringeri Mutt for only six years, Sri Vidyaranya left an

indelible mark on the spiritual life of his times due to his association with Jagadguru Sri Bharati Tirtha for over five decades. The Vidyashankara-Bharati Tirtha-Vidyaranya epoch marked the rise of the Sharada Peetham to the highest of eminence and led to the emergence of

the spiritual institution as the torchbearer in sustaining #SanatanaDharma. HH is rightly considered one of the brightest jewels in the illustrious line of Sringeri Guru Parampara.

There will be a thread on each of the numerous ‘Vidya’ he had mastery over, today let us

take a brief look at HH’s contribution to Classical Music courtesy prekshaa.in/madhava-vidyar… @prekshaajournal HH’s well-rounded education, which included exposure to both classical and folk music, helped him appreciate the magical ability of the fine arts. HH was an expert

It is now well-established that Sri Vidyaranya authored Sangitasara, a work on music. One can read the #Natakadeepa section of the #Panchadashi to appreciate the interest that Sri Vidyaranya had towards dance and dramatics in general. This section is probably the only work

that shows a beautiful, natural and effective use of nataka terminology in explaining Vedantic topics.

“The classical musical acumen of Sri Vidyaranya is truly awe-inspiring. It is a rare achievement that the foundational musical concept of grama, followed faithfully for

thousands of years,was revamped by HH. The propounding of the mela concept as its replacement that has endured for over six centuries is another testimony to HH’s ability. It is therefore only just that the name of Sri Vidyaranya be added to the hall of fame of Indian music

comprising greats such as #Bharata, #Matanga, #Abhinavagupta and #Sharngadeva. The credit of formulating lakshanas of extant ragas for the first time, seven hundred years ago, must therefore go to him.” Dr R Satyanarayana

If Sri #Purandaradasa can be called #Karnataka

#Sangita Pitamaha, it would only be right to honour Sri Vidyaranya with the sobriquet Karnataka Sangita Prapitamaha (The great-grandfather of #Carnatic Music).


#sanatandharma #Prekshaa #Sringeri #Shankaracharya #Jagadguru #Saints #Sages #Hinduism #Kannada

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🧵#NamamiJagadgurum 006

Sri Sacchidananda Shivabhinava #Narasimha Bharathi #Mahaswamiji the 33rd #Sringeri #Jagadguru

"There was no branch of knowledge which Sri Jagadguru did not know and that too Sastraically."

HH was grand in simplicity.People would give anything and

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everything to get HH’s blessings. All comforts that love or money could secure were at HH’s beck and call. Still HH was perfectly indifferent to them. HH never cared for them. Not only did HH not care for them, but HH actually did not know the value of them as it is

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सुखं मे सर्वदा भूयात् दुखं मा भूत् कदाचन |
इति ईच्छा सर्व-सामान्या ज्ञानादेव तत् सिद्ध्यते ||

May I be happy all the time, may I never have unhappiness.

These two desires are basic and universal. How to fulfill these desires? - those two desires are fulfilled through Gnyānam or knowledge.

We will be surprised because we never think that knowledge is the one which will fulfill these two desires but this verse says they

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(From 1981 When Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji was Sannidhanam): The past history of the Sringeri Math proves that its Pontiffs are chosen by the will of the Divine Mother and that this pre-ordainment is no accident. Otherwise, why

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At a meeting in Calcutta he said

with characteristic humility "when I joined His Holiness, I had no thought in mind except to learn the sastras according to ancient Hindu tradition and leave the future to itself. But by the Grace of the Goddess I have been entrusted with great responsibility". And how

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