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The first school in England opened in 1811. At that same time Bharat had 7,32,000 Gurukuls.

Until 1850 these Gurukuls was imparting Education to over 7,50,000 villages in 🇮🇳. Which means almost 1 Gurukul for Each Village.

#SanatanaDharma #HinduRashtra
Gurukuls were 'Higher Learning Institutes' comparatively from KG to PhD.

No King used to decide what was taught nor controlled the Gurukuls. Kings used to only contribute to them. Majority Gurukuls were directly funded by Hindu Temples.
18 subjects were taught. Education was imparted free and it was for real life not theoretical like today.

Gurukuls gave complete life skills so you can go on to become to do anything be it is Vedic studies, Medicine, Engineering, defence, food, entrepreneurship etc.
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ॐ Om: is the root of a complex network. Vibration ?


1: Charaka, says:  “Purushyo’yam loka sannidah” (Man is a miniature universe)

2: Yajurveda says:
the fabric of our universe grows and expands like a brain in addition to being conscious.
A study by a scientist of nature and space has revealed that the galaxy is expanding and evolving in the same pattern as the human brain. The development of complex networks such as the
human brain, the Internet, and the Galaxy follows the same “natural growth dynamics
There are 72,000 nerves in our body. Like these rivers, the system has channels or ways of life. These 72,000 nerves have no physical expression.
In a sense, if you cut off the human body,
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What does 108 mean in Sanatan Dharma!!!Check these meanings!!
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Why is #Kashi so significant to Hindus? Part-3 #Thread

"A Basic Description of the #Kashi Tirtha Yatra"

Even after performing crores of Yajnas one cannot acquire the opulence which one can get at every step while walking in the lanes of Kashi. (Kashi Khanda)
Tirtha "तीर्थ" is a Sanskrit word that means "crossing place, ford", and refers to any place, text or person that is scared. It particularly refers to pilgrimage sites and scared places.
Tirtha originally referred to a fordable river, which was chosen solely for its utility.
Hindus build "Axis Mundi," temporary or permanent representations of a substantial part or the entire cosmos, to maintain a harmonious relationship throughout the universe.
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Why is #Kashi so significant to Hindus? Part -1 #Thread

Varanasi does not receive much attention in Vedic literature, but its glory is strongly eulogized in puranic literature and treatises.
Kashi (The "Luminous"), Avimukta (The "Never-Forsaken" of Shiva, the patron deity), Anandavana (The "Forest of Bliss"), and Rudravasa (The "Dwelling site of Shiva") have all been used to describe the concept of image.
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The Lingam represents Shiv's creative n destructive power. Invoking the Atharva Veda, #SwamiVivekananda characterised #ShivaLinga as the symbol of the Eternal Brahma.

#GyanvapiShivlingExpose Image
Swami Vivekananda gave a lecture at the Paris Congress of the History of Religions in 1900 during which he refuted the statements of some Western scholars that referred to #Shivalinga as phallic worship
"It is a description of the infinite beginning and limitless of the Eternal Brahma, and it has been denied as an imaginary invention," he explained. Image
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Studying the Sri Yantra (also known as the supreme Yantra) and the mantras associated with it are best.
explanation of what the Sri Yantra is, the magic of the geometries used, or the meaning of the mantras chanted.  Instead, they will let them unfold this themselves within their meditation practice with the Sri Yantra itself.
Sri Yantra is formed when meditating . Sri Yantra open the door for you to go even deeper in your meditation and understanding of how this energy is manifested onto the earth plane. Sri Yantra to start opening you to see multidimensionally beyond the simple lines and shapes.
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ट्विटर सुप्रभात


“The mark of swastika is the position of Sapta-Rishis in the orbit round the Pole Star (Dhruv Tara) : In addition to all these”

“arguments, if seen realistically, the swastika mark is related to
astronomy. Swastika is the basic mark in the circular movement of Sapta-Rishi Mandal going round the Pole Star. Before starting any auspicious work, we utter swasti words (Swastivachan).
"स्वस्ति न इंद्र वृद्धश्रवाः स्वस्ति न पूषा विश्ववेदाः।
स्वस्तिनताक्षरयो अरिष्टनेमिः स्वस्ति नो बृहस्पतीर्दधातु।।"
-यजुर्वेद स. 25/16

“This mantra is so popular that the wise men use it while blessing and applying a tilak to someone. Its literal meaning is Indra, of great fame
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ट्विटर सुप्रभात

What is the scientific basis of maintaining a ‘shikha’ (a tuft of hair on head)?

The point of ‘shikha’ on head has brahma-randhra (main brain) (10th door). A man dies instantly if this point is agitated. The Vedic science directs that one should keep a shikha
of the shape of a cow’s hoof for the safety of the tenth door. It is required that the”

“shikha should be knotted (just as the door has to be shut), so that the spiritual energies gained through religious practices are not wasted. Shikha acts as an antenna to keep in touch with
God (Parabrahma Parmatma). Electrical studies have a principle that pointed objects pierce through electrical energy. So knotting is a process based on scientific principles.”

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Baba #Kedarnath doli reaching #kedarnathdham
The Aastha, the Devotion,
the Eternal #SanatanaDharma
Jai Baba #Kedarnath
Tomorrow, May 6, #Kedarnath Mandir Kapaats will be opened at 6•25am for the devotees.
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Please share wid your friends.⬇️⤵️Namaskarams!!
We all remember and instantly tell our year of birth based on English calendar. But we struggle to remember the Samvatsar based on Bharatiya Hindu Panchanga. Given below is the Samvatsar in which year you were born.

Some wise person has prepared this to help us know and remember which Bharatiya year we were born. Please preserve this and regularly use it.

( 1867, 1927,1987,): Prabhava
(1868,1928,1988): Vibhava
(1869,1929,1989): Shukla
(1870,1930,1990): Pramodoota

(1871,1931, 1991): Prajotpatti
(1872,1932,1992) : Angeerasa
(1873,1933,1993) : Shreemukha
(1874,1934,1994) : Bhaava
(1875,1935,1995) : Yuva
(1876,1936,1996) : Dhata
(1877,1937,1997) : Ishwara (1878,1938,1998) : Bahudhanya
(1879,1939,1999) : Pramadi
(1880,1940,2000) : Vikrama

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Avadhūta-Gītā: The 24 Gurus

On hearing this Question, Dattātreya-jī was Pleased.
He asked.
श्रीब्राह्मण उवाच:

सन्ति मे गुरवो राजन् बहवो बुद्ध्युपाश्रिता:।
यतो बुद्धिमुपादाय मुक्तोऽटामीह तान् श‍ृणु॥


"O King, I had many Gurus & I learned from all of them according to my Understanding”

He did Not egoistically say, “I learned it all.”
He said, “They are all my Gurus.
They taught me everything.”

Actually, the Truth was that he had kept learning from all of them.
Only one who keeps learning from his experiences is Truly intelligent.

We all want our bank balances to increase, do we Not?
Do you know that there is also a bank of Knowledge?
It is a bank where our balance always keeps Increasing.
Everything we Learn from our experiences
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Pranay Kumar, a journalist with the Organiser magazine visited a few cities like New Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, Islampur, Malda Town, Murshidabad etc., villages and towns situated adjacent to them, where he noticed a terrible imbalance in the demographics in these villages.
As a result, local Hindus migrate to other cities or safer locations, to escape from the organised and sponsored violence. As a result, Hindu migrants are selling their homes, farms, businesses, and other assets.
Following their escape, some Muslims share their land, take gardens, and care for their homes with great care and skill. They then obtain ownership rights to those lands at rock-bottom prices, have them registered in their names by demonstrating a fear of losing possession of the
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Nandi Theertha Mandir, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru. There is a mystery behind discovery of this 7000 year old Mandir.
Sri Dakshina Mukha Nandi Theertha Kalyani Kshetra also known as Nandi Theertha. This mandir is located opp. Gangamma Mandir and diagonally opposite
Kadu Malleshwara Mandir. In 1997, construction began on an empty land diagonally opp. to Kadu Malleshwara Mandir, during evacuation of a mound for construction the workers discovered the spire of a Mandir. They dug deeper & found there was a large Mandir.
ASI team then completed the excavation & found a perfectly preserved central pool of water surrounded by granite steps & pillared mantapas. The Mandir houses a Shivling continuously abhishekam with water dripping from the mouth of a Nandi moorthy.
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Bhagavān Śrī Kṛṣṇa said :
तस्मात्सर्वेषु कालेषु मामनुस्मर युध्य च।

'Therefore at all times, constantly remember Me & Fight.
With the Mind & Intellect absorbed in Me,
You shall doubtless come to Me.'

#ĐGītāUvāca Image
तस्मात् 'therefore';
सर्वेषु कालेषु, at all times;
मामनुस्मर, think of me;
अनु, means Continuously;
मामस्मर, 'think of Me'.
I am the Self behind your own little self,
I am the Infinite One,
I am that Akṣara Puruṣa, that Imperishable Reality hidden within You.
तस्मात्सर्वेषु कालेषु मामनुस्मर युध्य च।
& carry on the battle of Life!'
These two will have to go together. Thinking of the Divine, carrying on the battle of Life.

You are active in Life;
You have got plenty of work to do;
that cannot be an excuse for not remembering Image
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सनत्सुजातीयम्~Sānatsujātiyam : ii
An Unusual Parallel :

A little digression is Worthwhile here.
Sānatsujāta has listed the 6 most fundamental Virtues that any seeker should have,
before even embarking on the Spiritual path Upward.

In the same #Mahābhārata ., there is another context occurring very much earlier in the Chronology of events,
Which lists for Us the 6 most Fundamental Evils one should Avoid.
Đ Scene is in Sabha Parva, (the 2nd one out of 18 Parvas) where Yudhishthira has just been crowned the
prince of Indraprastha.
Đ Divine roving Rṣi Narada appears on the Scene & in his blessings to the Newly crowned prince,
gives pieces of advice in the form of some Rhetorical Questions.
One of these Questions is whether as a King & Adminstrator He has avoided certain 6 Evils.
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Going gaga over Arabian #oud /bakhoor?
Has it replaced #Agarbatti in your Mandir,home?
Did the dessert cult give traditions of Dhoop, Itr,Shringaar?
The largest producer of agarbatti in the world,Indian incense industry declined courtesy,foreign backed anti agarbatti campaign!
#DharmaSimplified #Thread that explains all you Must Know.
1- Mahavishnu Himself incarnated as Bhagwan Dhanvantri, who taught the secret of Medicine to Rishi Sushrut. Charak Samhita (Agnivesha Samhita revised by Charak ) & Sushrut Samhita mention en number of medicinal plants..
2- over 2,000 medicines, minerals
metal substances,herbal compounds,perfumery,alchemy; diseases,surgical techniques
sutures,extracting foreign objects kidney stones etc
An individual can recuperate by establishing,
‘connection between elements of life, food & body’ - #Ayurveda
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ராம் ராம்🙏
இந்த கீச்சின் நோக்கம் யாரையும் குறை சொல்வதற்க்கோ, நம்முள்ளே பொதிந்துள்ள conscious bias அல்லது unconscious bias ஐ வெளிச்சம் போட்டு காட்டுவதற்க்கோ அல்லது, "எனக்கு எவ்வளவு தெரியும் பார்!" என்று அதிமேதாவித்தனத்தை உரைப்பதற்க்கோ அல்ல. 1/n
மாறாக,நம் வேதம் எவ்வளவு ஸனாதனமானது,அது எவ்வளவு சூக்ஷ்மார்த்தங்களை தன்னுள்ளே கொண்டது,போகிற போக்கில் பொருள் சொல்ல முடியா ஞான பொக்கிஷம் என்பதை உணர்த்த..
மன்னிக்கவும்..உணர(என்னையும் சேர்த்துத்தான்🙂)

ஸ்ரீ ருத்ரம்:
விலையுயர்ந்த ரத்னமொன்று நம்மிடமிருந்தால் வீட்டிலே எங்கே வைப்போம்?2/n
வாசலில் வைப்போமா? அல்லது தோட்டத்தில் வைப்போமா? ரொம்பவும் ஜாக்கிரதையாக வீடு மத்தியில் இருக்கிற அறையில் இரும்புப் பெட்டியில் தானே பாதுகாப்பாக வைப்போம்!
அப்படியே, வேதமம் தன் ஜீவரத்னத்தை,அது ரொம்பவும் ஜாக்கிரதைப்படுத்தி வைத்திருக்கிறது. 3/n
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Did you know, Chanting the name of Shri Ram just 3 times is equivalent to chanting the 1000 names of Bhagwan Vishnu.

श्री राम राम रामेति, रमे रामे मनोरमे ।
सहस्रनाम तत्तुल्यं, रामनाम वरानने ॥

This Shloka is recited at the end of the Vishnu Sahasranama, and is said to have been
Told to Mata Parvati by Bhagwan Shiva. Bhagwan Shiva says that chanting the name of Shri Ram just three times is equivalent to reciting the thousand names of Bhagwan Vishnu. This Shloka has a real meaning in itself, both in its effect and literally. In the katapayadi system the
letters Ra and Ma holds the value of 2 & 5 respectively. The multiplier effect of chanting the name of bhagwan rama thrice is equivalent to 1000 numerically.

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#SanatanaDharma #vedicgyaanindia
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Our Dharma believes that a person should follow sixteen sanskaras (sacraments or rituals) in its entire life to mark different stages of a human life cycle. Following these rituals lead to a passage of possessing Ashram (stage of life). Sanskara acts as a turning point,
celebrated like an auspicious occasion. Practicing these sanskaras have turned out to bring great personality with effectiveness. The 16 Sanskars mentioned in our Vedic Dharma have their significance mention below:

1) Garbhadhana (Conception)
2) Pumsavana (Fetus Protection)
3) Simantonnayana (Fulfilling Mother’s Wishes)
4) Jatakarma (Birth Ritual)
5)Namkarana (Name Giving)
6) Nishkramana (Taking Child Outdoors)
7) Annaprashan (giving solid food)
8) Chudakarna or Mundan (Hair Cutting)
9) Karnvedh (ear piercing)
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This is power of #SanatanaDharma

While covering the Kumbh Mela, a BBC Team saw about 400 Sadhus offering their body to Agni Devata before Kumbh Snan. They took a Video of the occasion.
The BBC camera team had to go far away from the flames due to the intense heat generated from burning wood. They were stunned to note that nothing happened to the Sadhus lying on the fire wood. They also tested their clothes to identify for the presence of firefighting chemicals,
but failed to find any. The Sadhus were fully engrossed chanting Mantras. These Sadhus are called Siddha Sadhus. The BBC team later telecast this on their channels.🔥
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Did You Know?
why Kerala State is called "God's Own Country"?
Younger generation will not know & older generation might have forgotten the History behind this.
When India got Independence on 15th August 1947, Travancore Kingdom didn’t join the Indian Union Govt.
@LostTemple7 @davidfrawleyved @csranga @MinOfCultureGoI @tourismgoi @AnuSatheesh5 @eshers @VertigoWarrior @IndiaTales7 @VIBHU_Tweet Diwan of Travancore Kingdom announced in June, 1947 that the Travancore Kingdom will be a separate country by itself.
During that period, the Travancore Kingdom was well developed with Public Transport, Telephone Network, & Heavy Engineering Industries. The King took over all
@LostTemple7 @davidfrawleyved @csranga @MinOfCultureGoI @tourismgoi @AnuSatheesh5 @eshers @VertigoWarrior @IndiaTales7 @VIBHU_Tweet the expenses of the University. Above all, all Hindus were allowed to enter into all the Mandirs, without any bias on the caste, which was prevalent throughout India that point in time. When the talks were on between the Indian representatives & King Chithirai Thirunal
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Do you know how Lakshmana killed Indrajit, S/O Ravana
A fierce battle was going on between Lakshmana & Indrajit. Indrajith power was increasing rapidly & Lakshmana declining, so as per Vibhishan suggestion that Indrajith cannot be killed with any astra at last
Lakshmana started his own hymn/mantra on Sri Rama to create a new astra
धर्मात्मा सत्यसन्धश्च रामो दाशरथिर्यदि || ९०-६-७१
पौरुषे चाप्रतिद्वन्द्वस्तदेनं जहि रावणिम् |

Dharmatma satya sandhasya Ramo daasarathir yadi |
Paurushe cha apratidwandwam sarainam jahi Raavaneem ||
Meaning of this shloka:
Dharmatma - If Sri Rama followed 100% Dharma whole heartedly
Satya Sandhasya - If Sri Rama never lied in his life time
Ramo Daasarathir Yadi - If Sri Rama really born to king Dasaratha
Paurushe - Real warrior
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Fragments of History: (Brāhamnism in MATHURA)

In the Early Historical period, Mathurā was an important centre also of Brāhmanical worship. Vedic sacrifices (Sattras) were performed by the Brāhmanas. According to the Mahābhārata, the Śūrsenas performed yajnas. Vaiśnavism was-
-very popular. A number of sculptural representations of Krishna, Sankarsana and Vishnu are known. Evidence of sculptures suggests Kusāna Mathurā’s familiarity with the doctrine of Vyuha and of incarnations of Vishnu, i.e., Varāha. Śaivism was also known to Kushāna Mathurā.-
-Images of at least 18 Brāhmanical deities have been recovered from Mathurā. They are: Vishnu (from Palikhera), Balarāma, Kāmadeva with Rati (from Yamunabad, Mathurā), Durga, Gajalakshmi (from Palikhera), a goddess (probably Pārvati) (from Palikhera), Mātrkās (divine mother),-
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